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Confirmed Featured Creators for first-ever VidCon Europe in Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM, 02-Nov-2016 — /EPR ENTERTAINMENT NEWS/ — VidCon (vidcon.com), the world’s largest online video conference for fans, creators, and industry professionals, today announced a teaser list of Featured Creators for the first-ever VidCon Europe, which will take place in Amsterdam, April 7-9, 2017, at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre.

The inaugural VidCon Europe will include over 100 international, regional, and local Featured Creators whose content spans numerous online video verticals. During the event, these creators will collaborate to celebrate the industry of online video through connection, content, instruction, and hilarity. Highlights of VidCon Europe will include panels and performances from some of the following confirmed Featured Creators:

Hannah Hart
Mamrie Hart
Gigi Gorgeous
Andrea Russett
Benny & Rafi Fine
Fleur de Force
Freddie Wong
Joey Graceffa
Jon Cozart
– Oli White
Sarah Close
Défano Holwijn
Julian Claßen
Scola Dondo

As guests continue to confirm their attendance at VidCon Europe, the Featured Creators list will regularly update at vidconeurope.com.

The long-awaited VidCon Europe — with its Australian counterpart, VidCon Australia, at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, September 9-10 — will welcome approximately 7,500 fans and creators, with a custom experience designed to celebrate the unique online video ecosystem of those regions.

VidCon programming and tickets follow a three-track format, designed to appeal to everyone from the most passionate fans to the biggest media companies. The Community Track engages attendees interested in experiencing the online video culture through Q&As, discussions, concerts, interviews, movie nights, meetups, signings, and games. The Creator Track serves attendees looking to make better content, grow their online presence, enter the industry, meet fellow creators, and learn the ins-and-outs of online video culture. The Industry Track features keynotes, fireside chats, seminars, and product demonstrations geared toward attendees working in the online video industry.

This three-day celebration in Amsterdam will feature programming exclusive to the Industry track on Friday, shifting focus to Community and Creator activities and entertainment throughout Saturday and Sunday. Similar to the 8th Annual VidCon (in Anaheim, California, June 21-24), VidCon Europe will feature a variety of endemic and non-endemic sponsors and exhibitors. As veteran VidCon fans know well, these events are packed with robust content, performances, and high-energy celebration, and the VidCon team is determined to continue this tradition overseas. Attendees of the first-ever VidCon Europe in Amsterdam should expect an online-video celebration of global proportions.

As part of their expansion into Europe, VidCon will be partnering with VEED Festival (veed.nl), a 3-day event focusing on the Dutch online video community, planned for April 6-8. VidCon and VEED will collaborate to bring international, regional, and local online video creators together for networking and celebration.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

JFK BREAKING NEWS – JFK’S New Evidence Of A Gun Shot Flash Just Released For Nov. 22, 2012

The video that was too hot for the news media is now here. Must see video. The JFK mystery is finally solved, this is a news breaking video.

Mr. Eugene Lofing today announces a gigantic discovery that has been held back for years. Mr Lofing states that this new film evidence will spark a brand new investigation of the Famous Zapruder Film. “This brainteaser which has baffled all the experts till now is finally resolved.” says Mr. Lofing. He also states that this new information will change history, and exonerates Lee Harvey Oswald.

Mr. Lofing says that people can find more detailed information on the web site /http://www.jfksgunflash.com The site includes the video that contains the exclusive information on what really happened on Nov 22 1963. He also states that you can also view this breaking evidence on YouTube and Vimeo video web sites. The quickest way to bring up the exclusive content video is by entering the key word jfksgunflash in the search areas and that will work on both sites. Then select the one with a frame from the Zapruder film.

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Edictive Presents Seminar On Film Production Management – New Cloud Based Film Production Management Application Widely Accepted By Insiders

True Hero Studio steps into the limelight by making a presentation of it’s new Cloud Based Production Management Suite at The Producers Guild. The event was aimed at Producers, Line Producers, Project Managers and Location Managers. It was time to spread the word about this new management tool. One topic discussed was the ability of the Edictive.com application to streamline the way information is disseminated to the people who need it. Edictive gives you secure access to all of your data, no matter where in the world you happen to be. It allows you to manage and display it in any way you need, and disseminate that data to the right people, real time.

With manual processes like email, meetings, and weekly status reports, too much data can fall through the cracks. Edictive centralizes all of that communication seamlessly, which results in a more effective collaboration. This framework will keep you agile and efficient while you grow. It is a strategic business investment that will deliver big returns over the years.

The applications production tracking system integrates into your unique studio work flow to provide visibility at every level of the production process. Now you can more easily provide your clients with a huge pool of talent and resources by unifying your pipeline into a single global network.

Edictive is robust, flexible, and the technology is constantly evolving. It will simply become your information hub for all of your productions. You will centralize the management of tasks, assignments and statuses, for shots and assets, so that the information is available to everyone, at all times. The ability to coordinate a scattered team is central to the concept of the Edictive Model.

It will become a key component in your studio pipeline, that will enable you to scale your operation towards meeting the demanding needs of your clients. An organized simplicity will be maintained, and sanity in tracking and managing your concurrent productions will become a reality.

Edictive will help you to see where you can be more cost effective, aiding your bottom line. If you would like more Green Lights, you have to be able to produce a convincing proposal for your investors and clients. You will be able to archive everything, and recall it for preparation of your Investor Documentation. All Budget Statistics will be more accurate than ever before, ready to be plugged into any new documents. You can now do a Production Health-Check at a Glance, and see how things stack up before making anything public.

This web based application has Casting and Location Modules that are a step ahead of what is currently available anywhere. Now you will be able to: Hire A Crew, Cast Talent and Scout Locations, all through the Tools Interface. Upload and store relevant photos and information logically and simply. When it comes to Budget Planning, you will plan for above and below the line expenditures, and track investor and client contributions with ease.

The real beauty of all this, is that there is nothing to download, install, or configure. It’s all on their Cloud Server Network. All you need is an internet connection, and you are ready to go, as easy as accessing a web page. If you are in any way connected with Film Production Management, you owe it to yourself to stop by their website, and check out their new web based application: edictive.com

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Utah is proud to introduce the “Now and Never Parties”

Many Utahan’s have been looking for opportunities like this for quite some time. The opportunity has come and you’re invited to come and be part of the party! Different entertainment, locations, food, and themes each time: you’ll never be bored with Now or Never Parties. Sometimes it will be more formal dining, other times a more casual experience. Regardless of the party, it will be a night to remember and take advantage of.

In Provo UT. at 6 p.m. on the 13th of April 2012 our readers of our magazine, our fans, and our ticket holders are invited to a one of a kind of exclusive invitation only party. Our Now or Never party. There will be lots of Food, Fun, Gifts, Entertainment and more. Seats are very limited.

The public is invited – Non readers of the magazine, new fans, and current non ticket holders can go to our “Now and Never Party” page below to try to obtain tickets on a first come first serve basis. Tickets are $50.00 plus fees. Good for (2) guests per ticket. Each guest receives a gift bag of up to a $40.00 value.

– Ends –

About the Now or Never Parties
It’s easy for so many of us talk about “One day, I will do….” or “Someday I’m going to….”. We believe in living and enjoying life and in doing it NOW. Chances are, if we don’t take advantage and do what our “Someday” items are NOW, they will NEVER come around. What are your “Somedays?” How bad do you really want to do them? Come party with us and we’ll help you define, realize,enjoy life, and for a lucky few guests, get some of those “Somedays” done. Our parties are hosted by Connect & Eatz Magazine! Go check it out on Facebook!

We give you intimate entertainment in smaller groups at your favorite local restaurants and venues. From music, to featured artists, and sometimes even comedy: we bring you the party you’ve been waiting for! A food enthusiast dream: a night to expand your palate and help shape the restaurant menu. Our guests have the opportunity to try new items and decide which ones your local restaurants should feature.

Keep a look-out on our wall and event page to see when the next parties are coming up and sign up here on our FB page, https://www.facebook.com/NowRNeverParty or on our website. http://www.connectandeatzfb.com

To learn even more about the various parties, sponsor and the magazine itself feel free to visit our new larger site opening this week, and our facebook page at the links below.

http://connectandeatzmag.com Our new up and coming magazine/sponsor web site. Also visit our Magazine Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/connectandeatzmag We are very passionate about living life as you will be able to see.

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Cinema Paradiso Helps Parents Survive the School Holidays

Every parent dreads the cry of ‘I’m Bored!’ Keeping kids entertained during the school holidays can be tricky not to mention expensive, especially if the weather is unkind. One option is to buy some new DVD’s for the kids to watch, but the trouble is that once a film has been watched is quickly gets put on the shelf and forgotten about.

Cinema Paradiso Helps Parents Survive the School Holidays

The solution to this is finding a good quality DVD rental service. This enables you to have access to a massive DVD library containing the very latest releases. Cinema Paradiso is offering a great deal on rental DVDs that is sure to keep kids entertained.

Parents can sign up with Cinema Paradiso and get access to the very latest films on DVD and Blu-Ray. Subscriptions allow differing amounts of simultaneous rentals and range from 2 a month to an unlimited number.

Kids love the surprise of seeing which film arrives in the post. Parents can hire the latest releases such as Up through to classics like Snow White.

Cinema Paradiso knows the fun of renting a great children’s film doesn’t stop when the film ends. There are lots of ways parents can use a good film to encourage creative play. After watching a film children can:

  • Draw or paint a picture of their favourite character.

  • Make a costume and dress up as one of the characters.

  • Act out scenes from the movie.

  • Make models based in the film.

  • Cook food featured in the film. (Who could resist cooking ratatouille after watching the Disney film Ratatouille?)

  • Try drawing their own cartoon characters.

  • Sing the songs from the movie.

For older children films are a sneaky way to introduce them to famous authors such as Dickens, Austen and Shakespeare. Many teenagers find English Literature boring, but watching a great film adaptation can really spark their interest.

Teenagers will enjoy having friend round to watch a blockbuster movie. Cinema Paradiso has an excellent range of Blu-ray and DVDs for the ultimate movie experience.

Cinema Paradiso has much more to offer than just blockbuster films. The whole family can join in with interactive DVDs such as the X Factor DVD game. Parents can also browse through the collection of documentaries. Children with inquisitive minds can learn if chilli powder really repels sharks in ‘Mythbusters: Jaws Special’. Cinema Paradiso’s rental DVDs also include guitar, drumming and dance tutorials. There are also sport and music rental DVDs available.

So sign up for a Cinema Paradiso DVD rentals service today and get ready for the school holidays. Unused DVD rentals roll over to the following month with Cinema Paradiso and there is always a free trial available so you can see how well the service works.

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DVD Rental Companies Cashing In On The Economic Crisis

When times get hard people look for savings and cheaper forms of entertainment. Research shows that television sales and home cinema equipment have bucked the current trends.

As people opt to watch more films rather that go for an expensive night out, DVD rentals companies have stepped up and offer a very cheap way to watch the latest blockbusters.

There are lots of things to bear in mind when choosing a DVD rental company. Primarily you will need to decide on a plan to suit you. Most plans are based on tiered options allowing a maximum allocation of discs per month and the number that can be simultaneously rented at one time.

There are no late fees and you can keep the discs as long as you want to all the while you have a current membership.

Delivery of the discs is usually done by post or courier, and Cinema Paradiso send out their disks by 1st class postage ensuring that there is a minimum of delay between your rentals.

Cinema Paradiso have a massive library of over 65,000 title including the latest and greatest films, including many minority interest, specialist and niche titles. Blu-Ray rentals are also provided and offer a cheap way into the world of high definition entertainment.

A film rental service such as Cinema Paradiso is very easy to use.

Each member (separate family member lists can also be included in your membership) maintains a list of titles to see and the discs are dispatched as soon as they are available in accordance with your membership plan.

Some people may ask what happens if you choose a box set or movie collection. The policy at Cinema Paradiso is to send the discs out in box set order avoiding the problem of watching the discs out of sequence.

Cinema Paradiso have invested a lot of time and effort ensuring their site is easy to use and packed with handy features. Members get to rate and review the films making it even easier to select a great film.

Cinema Paradiso are offering a rollover of unused DVD rental allocations. So if you have a 3 discs per month contract and you only borrow 1 disc, the remaining 2 discs will rollover to the following month allowing you to rent a total of 5 discs. Many people use this to cover school holidays and breaks where they tend to watch more films.

Here are a few comments f r o m happy Cinema Paradiso customers.

“I used to be with Amazon before I changed to you, best thing I ever did!” -Bruce f r o m Grantham

“I am leaving the country sorry but your service was and is fantastic!!!!!” -Robert f r o m Cambridge

I wanted to say a big thank you for your wonderful service,this is such an excellent DVD club. The films barring strikes have always been on time and in excellent quality. I recommend you to all my friends and family and you should be proud of having such a brilliant club.” -Margo f r o m Norwich

Cinema Paradiso are currently offering a free starter trial period for all new members providing a risk free means to see what all of the excitement is about. Visit www.cinemaparadiso.co.uk for more information and to see the DVD/Blu-Ray rental packages on offer.

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In The Sunny Caribbean And In Snowy Quebec – Turn-Key Locations For Film, TV Commercials, Video And Still Photo Shoots

Boutique hotels, beach-side villas, island nature parks or alternatively, frozen lakes, log cabins, snowy trails —  they are all  locations serviced throughout 2009-2010 by Montreal Photography Production.

Turn-Key Locations For Film, TV Commercials, Video And Still Photo Shoots

Beauchemin d’Eze, the umbrella company for Montreal Photography ProductionMontreal Locations ScoutsMontreal PhotographersDominican Republic Locations Scouts, in business since 1984, provides Canadian and international clients with turn-key locations for film, TV commercials, video and still photo “shoots”.

According to Michelle d’Eze, the company’s CEO, “Over the long winter months, the demand for sun destinations is very high. In the Caribbean, the days are longer, and the natural light is ideal for fashion shoots and other outdoor scenarios. That is why we deploy separate teams of professionals: some in the Caribbean and the others to service projects requiring typical winter settings in Quebec.”

The dual-front operation has paid off for the company. To date, it has worked on more than 50 projects including, TV reality shows, catalogues, magazine features, films, video and TV commercials.

The firm offers an extensive range of support services that can be booked individually or as a complete package. These include location scouting, set managing/coordinating, requisitioning and processing of permits, casting, photography, studios rentals, equipment rentals, accommodations, catering, transportation (automobiles, boats, helicopters, Winnebago rentals) and all other production needs. Moreover, the company handles all the “nitty-gritty” tasks that are so time-consuming and bothersome for a producer working abroad – – tasks such as customs, work permits and on-site logistics.

The company is headed by Michelle d’Eze who has more than 25 years experience in multimedia and Serge Beauchemin, an award-winning photographer/photo editor. The Montreal-based team is widely known and highly regarded for exceptional expertise in advertising and editorial as well as in film, television and video production .

In just the last two years, the firm has quadrupled its business volume, with contracts from international clients including Oxelo for Decathlon ( France); W Magazine (Celine Dion photo shoot), Volkswagen (Routan), The DDB Worldwide Advertising Group (Tourism Canada), CQ Magazine (Tourism Montreal) Elle Magazine (USA and Europe),  Grice, Ready-to-wear,Geneva; Young and Rubicam Paris (Kiabi), Garraud-Paris, Oscar de la Renta,  Esperanza for Fleisher Film , Telecom for CNN, Mitsubishi, Bikini Village and other clients of the same caliber.

“Adds Michelle d’Eze, “Our Caribbean office gives us the ability to offer our budget-conscious clients considerable savings on accommodations, transportation and support staff. Furthermore, after three years on the ground, we know our way around permitting, customs and all the little nuances of interacting with local suppliers. In a nutshell, we deliver an international standard of service while at the same time, enabling our clients to benefit from the scenery and relaxed atmosphere of one of the great vacation destinations of the world.”

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Toronto Wedding Services

Welcome To Surround Sound DJ entertainment Toronto’s Exclusive High-Energy Entertainment. If your reading this then you have oready found us. The hard party is over in the next few minutes you will read what we are all about and how we can work together plan, create and execute a perfect celebration for your Wedding so sit back relax and enjoy. At Surround Sound DJ we understand how much planning and preparation goes in to creating a flawless event and is true definition of a disc jockey. Will make sure your Wedding is one you will never forget. Armed with the industry premiere Lighting top sound and lighting gear. What ever you desire we are every step of the way to make sure what you are looking for.

One of the more joyous occasions for anyone in their lives is to celebrate their wedding day in the beautiful season of spring, summer or fall. There are those individuals who elect to have their wedding in the winter, however, if you choose to get married in a city like Toronto and have a wedding in Toronto, then doing it in the dead of winter, i.e. January, February and March, you are going to have a challenge to be able to really get the most of the weather with pictures, travel and many other services for your wedding day celebration.

A wedding in Toronto can be an incredible event. There are many opportunities to have wedding companies provide you with the best in wedding services that will make your wedding day in Toronto a success. Such wedding services include: wedding photography services, wedding DJ services, wedding limousine services, ordering a wedding cake, choosing the perfect banquet hall for your reception and many more. With so many companies to choose from, you have the best chance to make your wedding day in Toronto truly memorable. Some of the key wedding services include, wedding videography, wedding limo services and wedding DJ services.

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Art Exhibition “CONTROL” at SOMArts Cultural Center, San Francisco

The South Bay Area and Peninsula Chapters of the Women’s Caucus for Art in conjunction with SOMArts Cultural Center present an exhibition titled “CONTROL”, curated by Karen Gutfreund, displaying the work of California women artists. The exhibition will be held August 6 – 29, 2009 at SOMArts Cultural Center, San Francisco. The opening reception and opportunity to meet the artists will be held at SOMArts on Thursday, August 6 f r o m 6 – 8 p.m. This event is free and open to the public.

“CONTROL” includes artwork by 79 emerging and professional women artists. The 94 works on display cover a broad range of media, including painting, sculpture, mixed media, photography, and video installation. Organized around the theme of control (or lack of it), the show explores the artists interpretation of all methods of control: internal, external, positive, negative, over life events and over technology, empowering or dehumanizing, politically correct – or not.

This collection of work addresses many issues, including statements on war, politics, ethnicity, gender identity and stereotypes, domestic violence, religion, money and the environment. ”Regardless of the artist’s media, their individual work speaks to the uniqueness and strength of their message on “Control” says Karen Gutfreund, curator.

The exhibition was organized by the South Bay Area and Peninsula chapters of Women’s Caucus for Art, a national organization. The work was juried by members of Guerrilla Girls West, a group of women art activists in gorilla masks, who have been protesting the lack of inclusion for women artists in museum and gallery collections since 1987. The Guerrilla Girls West stated they “chose the work based on artistic quality, perceived relevance to the theme of Control, and relevance as seen by typical exhibition visitors”.

About the Women’s Caucus for Art
Founded in 1972 in connection with the College Art Association (CAA), WCA is a national member organization unique in its multi-disciplinary, multicultural membership of artists, art historians, students /educators, and museum professionals. The mission of the Women’s Caucus for Art is to expand opportunities and recognition for women in the arts.

WCA is committed to education about the contributions of women, opportunities for the exhibition of women’s work, publication of women’s writing about art, inclusion of women in the history of art, professional equity for all, and respect for all individuals without discrimination and support for legislation relevant to our goals. For more information visit: www.nationalwca.org.

About SOMArts Cultural Center
The mission of SOMArts Cultural Center is to promote and nurture art on the community level and foster an appreciation of and respect for all cultures. Established as a nonprofit in 1979, SOMArts was born f r o m the passionate activism of the Neighborhood Arts Movement—a trailblazing initiative in San Francisco that demanded art for and by the people, outside the circles of high culture, and supported financially by the city. In the early years of Neighborhood Arts, the city’s program provided performance space and much-needed technical support such as sound, lighting and poster printing to arts and cultural groups who did not have access elsewhere. For more information visit: www.somarts.org.

About the Guerilla Girls West
Inspired by the Guerrilla Girls in NYC (founded in 1985), the Guerrilla Girls West was founded in 1987. The independent Northern California group, all professional artists and/or art educators, took the name Guerrilla Girls West, continue to wear the gorilla masks for public appearances, and maintain tight security. For several years, when the Chronicle’s Pink Section printed all the calendar listings, artists’ names were tallied and percentages of male and female artists were calculated. The ten best and ten worst galleries (in terms of gender balance) were published and awards (little wind-up gorillas for the good guys, ripe bananas for the bad guys) were personally delivered by a pair in masks.

More information on CONTROL:
The curatorial committee endeavored to create a pertinent and timely exhibition for California women artists with a theme that would stimulate the artists and viewers alike into meaningful dialogue. Control indicates power and strength for some and alternatively a sense of vulnerability and helplessness for others. The work in this exhibition reflects a myriad of interpretations on aspects of control and its significance to the artist.

What does one control? What controls the individual in life, body, temperament, destiny, society, religion, family and addictions/desires? What does a sense of power over ones environment look like and what comes to mind if that power or control is stripped away? How have political, social or economic controls shaped ones life and the lives of others? In what ways does the media and popular culture dictate and control? And how much control does one have to exert or to yield in order to survive?

The artists examine the juxtaposition of internal and external controls placed on our bodies, our minds, our lives and thus how we react and manifest these controls into our psyche and ultimately our art. “Control” talks about these crucial issues in the world and mirrors each artist’s individual experience. In this context, the message matters as much as the medium.

The response to the call for art was extraordinary! We received entries f r o m 171 artists with up to three works each. The work and statements were well thought out, personal and very moving; to me each was a gift that alternatively made me laugh and made me cry. The emotional honesty and strength of the works on themes of gender roles, consumerism, war, ethnicity, religion, body image, political and cultural power, motherhood, domestic abuse and family life, sexual identity and mind control are a testimony to the creative spirit of these artists, says Karen Gutfreund, Curator.

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Multi-Level Marketing Opportunity Bankofadult.com Is Ready To Bail You Out

Roger Vadocz the man who exposed the Paris Hilton Adult Video online and many other celebrity scandals online releases the first only real adult entertainment Multi-level Business opportunity Bridging the gap with mainstream MLM marketing and the hottest selling products online from Adult Entertainment memberships to Adult Sex products and much more.The fact remains that, for a great many people, the alluring prospect of profiting from the multi-billion dollar online adult entertainment industry holds vast appeal. From college co-eds who realize they can earn more money by running an amateur Web Cam Instead of being a waitress, to computer geeks seeking extra income online, to those who just want to make money off the adult entertainment industry; the people involved in this industry represent a broad cross section of modern society.

The bank of Adult system offers 25 adult entertainment Pay sites that you can earn a substantial amount of income from as well as a full 3×9 matrix system

1st) Join the fastest growing Multi Level Adult Entertainment System Online as an Associate VIP Member.
2nd) Profit from your own 22 Adult Turnkey paysites in many niches & fetishes fully loaded with Content.
3rd) You will be able to make money with your own Adult Dating Site with over 30,000,000 Members.
4th) Earn money from your own Adult Sex toy store fully loaded with Adult toys, DVD’s, apparel and novelty items.
5th) You will be able to make money with you own Live Adult Cam girls Site with 1000’s of hot live Performers.

Company President Roger vadocz Says, BankofAdult Is not an Adult Entertainment MLM filled with Hype using other companies Products for its members. We have been in business marketing adult websites for 13 years online and our Adult entertainment Pay sites are proven money makers. BankofAdult is a full Turnkey Adult Entertainment Multi-level Business Opportunity that has branched off from our Full Turnkey Adult Systems like TurnkeyAdultBiz.com and Turn-keyAdult.com which also have a tiered compensation plan. Adding a 3×9 matrix to our already successful systems was just a no brainer which we were planning to do over 3 years ago. There is no other Adult MLM Turnkey Website Business that offers as much as BankofAdult.com nor is there one as affordable. With all the adult turnkey websites you get tools to build adult traffic and all the info on how and where to advertise market and promote your business. Make Money just by referring all your friends and associates to Bank of Adult! It’s just that easy. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to be successful just the right products to sell and the desire to make money. Sex Sells and adult entertainment websites are recession proof.

Traditionally, with an offline network marketing business there is the human factor. You have to have people skills and selling skills and have to go out there and meet with people and try to convince them why your opportunity is good and how they will benefit by joining.

No more! With BankofAdult’s technology at your fingertips you can accomplish the above and more… and get more people in your downline faster.

Obviously you still have to communicate but communicating over the phone or email is much easier and faster. Plus now you have all these amazing networking portals like FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace, message boards, Blogging, Instant messengers like Skype and AIM to name a few.

Bankofadult.com is the first real adult entertainment mlm system which allows you to enjoy unlimited exclusive adult entertainment online as well as amazing discounts on all adult sex products you can possible imagine. While making a substantial amount of income from the privacy of your own home.

This adult MLM Turnkey System was masterminded for the new generation of Surfers, Webmasters, Entrepreneurs and mlm marketers who are looking for an amazing quality product with longevity and appeal. Our revolutionary concept sells itself with Old school experience mixed with a new school twist… That’s what we’re all about!

The Bank of Adult.com system gives you everything you need to start your Journey to becoming independently wealthy today. You will have your opportunity to grab a piece of this multi-billion dollar Online Adult Entertainment industry while working from home or from anywhere in the world. There is no other adult turnkey MLM system like this online.Our team of expert Web designers and programmers are ready to build your custom adult turnkey websites the same day you join and they will be live online within 1 hour or less ready to make you money!

For more information on BankofAdult, or to become a member, visit http://www.BankOfAdult.com.

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The Babylon Productions Wedding Center Will Provide You With The Best Arrangements To Celebrate The Gala Occasion Of Your Life

Wedding is not an occasion with which any individual would like to compromise. The sacred communion of two souls is celebrated at the presence of all the loved ones and friends on this day. Hence almost all the couples wish to do something innovative and unique for the arrangements of this gala occasion. Often it is not at all easy to find a lavish wedding management company within the budget which will contain all the facilities that you are looking for. But there is no need to search the Internet for the available options or ask friends and colleagues for suggestions.

The Babylon Productions Wedding Center is one organization and they provide all inclusive service packages which can help you with great deal of savings along with the best possible arrangements. They employ the most competent staffs in order to look after all the various fields of arrangements. Michael Ghanim Rafi, Rasha, Dino- all of them has extensive experience in the fields of videography, photography, DJ and many more. They use the best quality equipments for the wedding photography and video shooting. As a matter of fact they consider photography as a tool to capture the best moments of the day so that you can relive them again and again through out your lifetime.

For all other services that you require for the wedding, you can always refer to Babylon Productions Wedding Center. The company is named after the city of Babylon which bears a rich cultural heritage and history. You can expect the same richness and glamour in your wedding which is definitely a unique experience indeed. Arrangements for cruise weddings are also offered here. Dresses, cakes, wedding favors, wedding invitations are all organized by this wedding center and that also at unbeatable rates. You can get in touch with them directly through their website. The testimonials and gallery featured here accounts for the credibility of the company.

Toronto has some spectacular locations for wedding photography, unspoiled beaches and secluded bays and inlets. The natural beauty of the city and particularly the southern lakeshore area is truly breathtaking. With the waters of Lake Ontario it’s hard to imagine that vacationers will not want to return again and again. Babylon Photography is a video and photography production company that can arrange for your wedding at one of these locations for a truly rememberable wedding.

Thatís why people like to do their weddings in Toronto and Video Babylon for their photography and video needs. They want to arrange their Wedding Reception in Toronto to be memorable and Babylon Video is the right choice. Usually, every wedding reception in Toronto comprise Bridal Fashions, Cakes & Candies, Catering, Ceremony Sites, Counseling, Dance Instruction, Decorations, Disc Jockeys, Favors, Flowers, Gifts, Health & Beauty, Honeymoons, Invitations, Jewelers, Live Music, Wedding Photographers in Cyprus, Reception Facilities, etc. However, everything has its own inhibited cost that makes it an obvious hassle to manage.

So waste no more time and go through the website that entails their success stories and past achievements. This is an assurance that they will make such wedding arrangements that you will cherish the moments forever.

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Npower Reveals A Saucy TV Appearance From Wallace And Gromit

Npower has revealed it’s the first time family favourite has appeared in the buff but he’s spared his blushes by an enterprising Gromit.

In the 30 second npower advert Wallace suffers the ultimate bathroom hardship when the pair’s home boiler breaks down and his hot shower runs cold. A startled Wallace turns to Gromit for his help. The clever hound gets on the ‘dog and bone’ and calls out npower’s hometeam to replace the boiler.

Wallace’s appearance marks the first of a series of npower adverts starring the duo that will appear on screen for the next two years. Each ad will be characterised by the famous pair doing what they do best and inventing hair brained schemes to help their home be more energy efficient.

The ad, which airs on the evening of Saturday 28th March, aims to highlight how Britain’s brightest energy company is helping make energy efficiency easy and fun.

The advert took five weeks to film and 10lbs of modelling clay was used to create the scenes and characters. The npower hometeam van seen in the advert is a working model that has suspension, moveable windscreen wipers, hinged doors and wind up and down windows. The new advert also sees the debut of Hometeam Bob, the latest character to be added to the Wallace & Gromit cast.

Joan Coe, Head of Brand Communications at npower, comments: “Wallace and Gromit are the most famous film pairing in Britain. Their cosy personas and ‘have a go’ approach to energy efficiency is what we need to help people see how simple it is to make small changes but a big difference to their energy bills.”

About npower:
npower is one of Britain’s largest electricity supplier and supplies gas, electricity and related services to 6.6 million customers across the UK. npower is a market leader in renewable energy and sources the green energy for juice directly from renewable sources, at no extra cost.

RWE npower has been awarded the prestigious CommunityMark from Business in the Community (BITC). npower is the only utility business, amongst 21 other companies in the UK, to receive this accolade. The CommunityMark is a new BITC standard which has been created to recognise companies that are good investors in local communities and who have brought about real and positive changes.

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Cinema Paradiso Expands DVD And Blue Ray Rental Service

In these tough economic times it is refreshing to hear a success story. As people cut back their spending and tighten their belts they look for a service or product which enables them to achieve their objectives and desires at a lower cost.

One such cut back is that of people going to the cinema to watch films. Increasingly people are staying at home and watching films on their own home cinema systems.

Although this is cheaper than regularly visiting the cinema many people are discovering the benefits of online film rental services.

Cinema Paradiso are seeing and increasing trend of people staying at home and watching rented films. It is however quite expensive to keep buying the latest films on DVD and Blu-Ray so to fill this need Cinema Paradiso have expanded their rental service to include recently released titles on both formats.

Blu-Ray has established itself as the market leader in high definition entertainment and as a result carries a premium price. With Cinema Paradiso offering Blu-Ray/DVD rental packages starting at just a few pounds per month people can now get access to these titles and realise the full potential of their High Definition home cinema equipment.

The service works via the post. Each user manages a list of titles wanted and these are shipped out by 1st class post when you subscribe. Then when each DVD/Blu-Ray disc is returned it is replaced with a title from your list.

The prices are based on the number of films rented per month and at any one time. Customers can choose from 2 DVDs per month (1 at a time) for the price of £4.89 to£24.99 (5 at a time) for unlimited rentals. There are a number of packages to suit everyone’s viewing pleasure For most average people who would only watch a couple of films each month the budget package is fine. Cinema Paradiso provide service on their limited packaged where unused rentals are transferred over from one month to another if you haven’t managed to use all of them. This is especially important for busy people who rent fewer films.

Cinema Paradiso members can also enjoy flexibility and upgrade their package at any point allowing them more rental opportunities.

Cinema Paradiso pride themselves on their excellent customer service and fast turnaround times. Even those on the budget packages receive the same levels of care and attention. New titles and films are regularly added guaranteeing plenty of choice.

Here are a few comments from happy Cinema Paradiso customers.

“I used to be with Amazon before I changed to you, best thing I ever did!” -Bruce from Grantham

“I am leaving the country sorry but your service was and is fantastic!!!!!” -Robert from Cambridge

I wanted to say a big thank you for your wonderful service,this is such an excellent dvd club. The films barring strikes have always been on time and in excellent quality. I recommend you to all my friends and family and you should be proud of having such a brilliant club.” -Margo from Norwich

Cinema Paradiso are currently offering a free starter trial period for all new members providing a risk free means to see what all of the excitement is about. Visit www.cinemaparadiso.co.uk for more information and to see the DVD/Blu-Ray rental packages on offer.

Company Background
Cinema Paradiso were established in 2003 and have a library of over 65,000 titles. They are based in the UK and specialise in the rental of DVD and Blu-Ray films. Cinema Paradiso pride themselves on their excellent customer service and fast turnaround times. Even those on the budget packages receive the same levels of care and attention. New titles and films are regularly added guaranteeing plenty of choice. Cinema Paradiso is also well known for its extensive library of World cinema titles ranging from Argentina to Yugoslavia ensuring one of the widest and most varied rental collections anywhere.

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Ryan and Sean’s NOT SO Excellent Adventure

Ryan Higa and Sean Fujiyoshi, two teens from isolated Hilo, HI, captured the hearts of peers worldwide through their hilarious videos. In September ‘08, they became the #1 most subscribed channel on YouTube and now are starring in a feature film, “Ryan and Sean’s NOT SO Excellent Adventure.”

YouTube? Your Tube? No, it’s their tube! Ryan Higa and Sean Fujiyoshi, two teenagers have become so popular on You Tube that they are now starring in a professionally filmed, full-length motion picture, “Ryan and Sean’s NOT SO Excellent Adventure.”

Ryan Higa and Sean Fujiyoshi, using the title of Nigahiga, reached the heights of being named the number one most subscribed YouTube channel for September 2008—that’s more than 660,000 subscribers! Their increasing popularity led to the making of the film, “Ryan and Sean’s NOT SO Excellent Adventure.”

Popular may be an understatement. They have posted 57 videos during the past two years, which have been viewed more than 175 million times. These teenage comedic videos soon caught the attention of Derek Zemrak, the Founder of the California Independent Film Festival, and thus “Ryan and Sean’s NOT SO Excellent Adventure” was born.

The film is the real-life story of two young web celebrities who find themselves brought to Hollywood to audition and screen test for starring roles in the next big “buddy” film. Sought out by a producer, (played by Michael Buckley of YouTube fame) about to be kicked off the studio lot, Ryan and Sean are put through the grueling process of makeovers, massages, tanning beds, singing, dancing and action picture auditions.

Higa and Fujiyoshi bring a genuine and natural comedic performance to strange and sometimes surreal situations that are packed with hilarity. This teen comedy has something for everyone. Their current fans of You Tube will be especially surprised at how their Stars shine on the big screen. Non-stop fun and that special brand of humor that is Ryan and Sean can be found in this feature length film.

Recently, “Ryan and Sean’s NOT SO Excellent Adventure” premiered to sold-out crowds and throngs of screaming teenagers in Honolulu and San Francisco. The hilarious and entertaining film is currently available exclusively on DVD at www.ryanandseansmovie.com.

Ryan Higa and Sean Fujiyoshi, Background
Higa and Fujiyoshi started making videos because they were bored after school and didn’t want to go outside in the rain. Higa, who recently started his freshman year at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, said living in Hilo started it all.

“There’s not much to do other than go watch a movie. Pretty much boredom kicked it off for us, and our parents didn’t mind because it kept us out of trouble.”

They created the videos to share with friends — nothing more. One day, when one of those friends couldn’t come over and Higa and Fujiyoshi didn’t feel like going out, they posted a lip-sync video on the Internet. Later, they saw that it received 100 hits.

“How did it get so many views?” Higa recalls wondering. “Did that person click on it 100 times?”

Demand for their unique style grew. It was the ninja video that first earned 1 million views.

With videos viewed over 160 million times, 18-year-old Ryan Higa’s wildly popular YouTube channel features Higa’s opinions and romps, as well as interviews with stars like Milo Ventimiglia and online duos with Will Farrell. One recent video was viewed over 653,000 times in only 1 week, another 201,000 times in 1 day.

Independent movie producer Derek Zemrak saw the “Ninja” clip when his 10-year-old son said all his friends in Los Angeles were talking about it.

“I immediately saw the raw talent,” says Zemrak, a producer/writer/director with a background in horror films.

Higa said spending several weeks making the movie in San Francisco was “very tiring” and “much harder” than he anticipated. But Zemrak says the young men were “so natural when they got out here.”

Of their growing fame, however, Higa remains somewhat ambivalent. “It’s kind of surprising,” he says simply. But he expresses a bit more enthusiasm for the movie itself.”It’s kind of unbelievable, especially since we’re from Hilo, and not much big things come from Hilo that I’m aware of.”

For additional information on “Ryan and Sean’s NOT SO Excellent Adventure” contactGreg Sandler, Shockwave Media or visit www.ryanandseansmovie.com.

Greg Sandler, Project Manager
Shockwave Media Inc.

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Make Your Wedding Dreams A Reality With Babylon Wedding Center

It is an undeniable reality that after birth, marriage is the most significant stage in the journey of life. Babylon Wedding Center fully understands this and is willing to go to great lengths to transform the wildest wedding fantasies into the greatest unique realities. Twenty-five years of operation justify this company’s pedigree. Add professionalism to the mix and this Toronto company’s dependability comes to the fore.

When it comes to photography,Babylon Wedding Center leaves the competition panting in its wake as it makes large leaps to the summit of quality and accuracy. Take the equipment in use for instance. It proudly makes use of the Nikon D700, fondly known as ‘the queen’ for its unrivalled versatility in the photography department. Peeking in to its features explains things further: 12.1 mega pixels, shutter speed of 1/8000 to 30 seconds, 5 – 8 frames per second, spot and center weighted metering all compressed into an impressive 995g mass. In short, this gadget assures quality. If you thought that was impressive, put your hands together for the Nikon D3, which the company proudly possesses. Compared to the best cameras currently in the market, this model promises better, more vivid colors by cranking up warm colors against their cool counterparts. In addition to this, the Nikon D3 offers better composition, better highlights and shadows, sharper pictures, wider angles than any other system and an impressive capture of 9 frames per second. To cap the photography aspect, the Nikon Speedlight SB-900 comes into the picture. It has arguable the greatest flash interface, wireless ability a provision for light concentration control. Nothing escapes the eye of our master photography: the butterfly landing on the groom’s lapel, the father-daughter dance, cutting of the cake and a few surprises that await you. With Babylon Wedding Center, a picture is worth much more than a thousand words. To this add motion and sound and you can start to imagine the quality of videography here. It is candid wedding photography at its best.

For those who want to travel in style in Toronto, this is the company to contact. With the 2008 Lincoln Navigator at their disposal, it is finally possible to define a grand entrance and a majestic exit. This luxury SUV comes in two colors, black or white, to suit the theme of the day’s event. Class and style summarize the features of this spacious car: 20-inch chrome wheels, leather upholstery, running boards, rear seat entertainment, and rearview camera, seats with cooling and heating and power-folding seats. The highly skilled drivers are sure to whisk you off to a destination befitting the grandeur of the big day.

The package offered goes further to cover entertainment. The new entertainment manager, DJ Terry, the Greek DJ knows what music to play depending on the desired theme of the wedding. Whether slow and soulful or white and whimsical, count on the man on the wheels of steel.

Babylon Wedding Center will choreograph the elements of any wedding idea into beautiful fruition, capturing the event by the second. Royal treatment for our special clients is a guarantee, as our candid shots will preserve the memories forever. If you require Toronto wedding services, look no further than Babylon Wedding Center.

Babylon Productions Wedding Directory Business Guide, where you can quickly find anything you need for your Toronto Wedding, Business or Home. This Business Directory accepts listings for wedding related businesses, wedding service providers, wedding consultants, wedding products, and listings from other Toronto Related Businesses or Organizations. Approval of all listings are at the sole discretion of Babylon Productionsstaff. To add a listing, go to the category you want to add it too, and click the add Listing link.

Toronto Banquet Halls Venues For Weddings and other events click here for list ofBanquet Halls Your guide to Banquet Facilities and Reception Halls for your Wedding and Corporate Events Venues

News about our New Online Partners Best for Bride http://www.bestforbride.com/

Videobabylon Productions Wedding Centre is proud to announce a new partner that has come onboard, Best for Brides , a company devoted to Wedding dresses, Wedding Invitations , Wedding Favors, Wedding Accessories, and many more wedding services.

We guarantee to make Your Wedding Dreams a Reality!

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Youstrip.Com Is Leading A New Wave Of User Generated Content, Estimated To Be Worth Over $2bn In The Next Few Years

YouStrip.com is a leading Men’s Entertainment Portal, situated at the ‘crossroads’ of three multi-billion dollar markets – glamour, internet & mobile. YouStrip.com is leading a new wave of User Generated Content, estimated to be worth over $2bn in the next few years.

In the 6 months since launch YouStrip.com has inspired women from all over the world to enter their personalised striptease into the first global competition of its kind. YouStrip.com is now the fastest growing entertainment website in its category.

The website has been completely developed in Adobe® Flash®, to facilitate easy scaling, fast loading, and immediate compliance / readiness for all mobile devices that incorporate Adobe® Flash® Lite™.

Its architecture can fully exploit the advanced features of Google Chrome browser. Viewing the site on Google Chrome provides blazing speeds for searching content and viewing video streams. There is no exterior coding involved. YouStrip.com will continue to work with new features of Google Chrome to give our users the best possible experience of the YouStrip.com site on this new platform.

As YouStrip.com continues to grow it will be announcing deals with mobile operators who need content specifically designed to be easily rendered and viewed and the next generation of mobile devices.


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