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Confirmed Featured Creators for first-ever VidCon Europe in Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM, 02-Nov-2016 — /EPR ENTERTAINMENT NEWS/ — VidCon (vidcon.com), the world’s largest online video conference for fans, creators, and industry professionals, today announced a teaser list of Featured Creators for the first-ever VidCon Europe, which will take place in Amsterdam, April 7-9, 2017, at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre.

The inaugural VidCon Europe will include over 100 international, regional, and local Featured Creators whose content spans numerous online video verticals. During the event, these creators will collaborate to celebrate the industry of online video through connection, content, instruction, and hilarity. Highlights of VidCon Europe will include panels and performances from some of the following confirmed Featured Creators:

Hannah Hart
Mamrie Hart
Gigi Gorgeous
Andrea Russett
Benny & Rafi Fine
Fleur de Force
Freddie Wong
Joey Graceffa
Jon Cozart
– Oli White
Sarah Close
Défano Holwijn
Julian Claßen
Scola Dondo

As guests continue to confirm their attendance at VidCon Europe, the Featured Creators list will regularly update at vidconeurope.com.

The long-awaited VidCon Europe — with its Australian counterpart, VidCon Australia, at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, September 9-10 — will welcome approximately 7,500 fans and creators, with a custom experience designed to celebrate the unique online video ecosystem of those regions.

VidCon programming and tickets follow a three-track format, designed to appeal to everyone from the most passionate fans to the biggest media companies. The Community Track engages attendees interested in experiencing the online video culture through Q&As, discussions, concerts, interviews, movie nights, meetups, signings, and games. The Creator Track serves attendees looking to make better content, grow their online presence, enter the industry, meet fellow creators, and learn the ins-and-outs of online video culture. The Industry Track features keynotes, fireside chats, seminars, and product demonstrations geared toward attendees working in the online video industry.

This three-day celebration in Amsterdam will feature programming exclusive to the Industry track on Friday, shifting focus to Community and Creator activities and entertainment throughout Saturday and Sunday. Similar to the 8th Annual VidCon (in Anaheim, California, June 21-24), VidCon Europe will feature a variety of endemic and non-endemic sponsors and exhibitors. As veteran VidCon fans know well, these events are packed with robust content, performances, and high-energy celebration, and the VidCon team is determined to continue this tradition overseas. Attendees of the first-ever VidCon Europe in Amsterdam should expect an online-video celebration of global proportions.

As part of their expansion into Europe, VidCon will be partnering with VEED Festival (veed.nl), a 3-day event focusing on the Dutch online video community, planned for April 6-8. VidCon and VEED will collaborate to bring international, regional, and local online video creators together for networking and celebration.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Aussie Mobster, Aurea Morrisey, Holds Hollywood Hostage

Australian born actress, Aurea Morrisey, has just finished shooting indie feature film “So You Want To Be A Gangster?” in Los Angeles. The film by Mexican born Director, Alex Kahuam, has high hopes after his short film version was accepted into Cannes Film Festival this year.

Aurea plays volatile Christina, riding her sexuality to pursue a capricious agenda involving a deadly cocktail of guns, drugs, and ambition. When asked of her experience playing Christina, Aurea laughed, “Within the first 10 minutes of arriving on set, I had to pash the lead red-headed Mexican character, pull a gun on someone, and then got shot a gruesome death’.

With more than 15 years in the industry, Aurea’s acting skills were polished at the New York Film Academy in 2013. This lead to television roles in MSNBC’s “Heist”, VH1’s “Candidly Nicole”, and several feature films including Turkish film “Yarmani” with Paris Hilton and “Second Coming of Christ” with Tom Sizemore and Sally Kirkland.

Ms. Morrisey has also commenced work playing a talent agent on a comedic television pilot and web-series, by Steven A. Davis, titled “Two19 Game Night” which follows the lives of Five creative (and some not-so-creative) friends as they come together to relive their bizarre and often horrific dates that have occurred during the week.

Aurea plans a short break between Hollywood hold up’s when she plans to return to Australia to spend time surfing with the dolphins. She’s looking forward to becoming a Godmother to her best friend’s first born child and some springtime fun with family and friends in September.

Ben Morrisey
PO Box3893
Los Angeles, 90078


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TV Beds Retailer LeatherTVBeds.co.uk Announces New Bed Range

As one of the major providers of TV beds, LeatherTVBeds.co.uk has just introduced an entirely innovative line of leather television beds that are of the finest quality. Thanks to the feedback that the company has received from their client base, these new beds are constructed using an ergonomically recommended framework. Utilizing only the finest in leather materials, these latest additions to LeatherTVBed.co.uk start at a fantastic price of only £349.

The management of the organization wanted to provide products for their clients that are sleek in design and help to create a sophisticated living space. These new beds“are designed to increase comfort and add a sense of style. The beds are manufactured to enhance the TV viewing experience while providing an opportunity to relax in luxury. For someone seeking a showpiece, this bed is the perfect way to achieve a cosy atmosphere and design an artistic bedroom.”

It can be difficult to find furnishings that will use the space within the modern bedroom. There are a number of different furniture options for modern TVs, but many of these items are better suited for larger family rooms. In a bedroom, the space and ability to view the television are primary concerns of the home owner. It can be difficult to obtain the perfect angle that allows viewing while in bed comfortable. To solve this problem, the purchase of a TV bed allows you to install the TV directly into the foot of the bed frame. Overall viewing ability will be improved and the installation area can be hidden away to create more bedroom space.

Outfitting the modern home with a contemporary sense of elegance can provide a pleasing environment for the family to relax after a busy day. Leather TV beds achieve this objective with a variety of different contemporary styles including the original New York TV Bed. Padded headboards and foot boards improve the overall comfort level while hiding the television from normal view. Additional storage space is available underneath the bed is perfect place to hide wiring and additional audio equipment. The design of the bed complements any additional bedroom decor.

These leather TV beds come in a number of different colour palettes and styles to fit unique tastes. Headboards can be customized to match existing looks or create new stylist elements. Lee Ritchie, owner of the company invites you to try out the selection by stating “utilizing the various tools available on the Internet introduces our product to a whole new marketplace. These marketing efforts complement a traditional approach toward superior customer service and offering the best quality products available on the marketplace today. Our web store is meant to add a level of convenience for the modern shopper.”

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LeatherTvBeds.co.uk Announces New Television Beds

LeatherTVBeds.co.uk is back better than ever and at the top of the TV bed game. They did something most companies fail to do, which is listen to their customers and design furniture accordingly. As a result, they are proud to offer a brand new line of tv beds designed for every decor, starting at only £349. There are bed sizes and styles to enhance any decor while remaining affordable.

Customer Service Manager Gene Reddington has been quoted as saying, “The new designs will enhance the decor of any modern, retro or eclectic style, while adding high-tech entertainment as an added value. Those customers who demand style and top quality will find both in our leather TV beds.”

Not only are TV beds attractive, they provide dual functions. A flat screen TV is housed inside the footboard, along with the corresponding electronics. A lift raises the TV by remote control, and the person(s) in the bed are able to enjoy TV programs without having to get out of a warm bed. When lowered, no one knows a TV is in the footboard. This provides security for the electronics, and prevents damage from falling objects, burglars or being damaged by someone falling in the dark.

In the living room, entertainment centres house all the necessary electronics in an attractive design. Unfortunately, some centres are too large for a bedroom. Their designs work against most bedroom decors, and trying to place the TV and other devices on bedroom furniture looks terrible. The devices can also fall from the furniture and become damaged or ruined. A TV bed solves the problem by creating a comfortable place to sleep, watch TV and storage for the electronics at the same time. The TV bed does not detract from the desired focal point of the room.

TV beds resemble sleigh beds, but with the curves and flares removed for modern decor and function. Many different colours are available, from shades of brown, black and whites. White TV beds are available as well. There is also a television bed available for under £350. Choose headboards with buttons to fit classic decor, or a TV bed with slight flares at the top resembling a sleigh bed. They are available in single, double, king and super king. If you love watching TV in bed, then you will truly love having a leather TV bed.

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Free 10 Pound Bet Offered To UK Residents During The Month Of November

This month only linked with its advertising campaign on television the popular site super casino is one casino offering players a free 10 pound bet.

With three main competing UK companies offering live roulette TV games playable online while combined with watching on the television the super casino has once again taken an innovate step forward in promoting its games to UK residents.

This November simply by joining the site and completing the registration form players will get access to 10 pounds worth of free betting chips which may be used on any of the roulette TV games aired by the show. More details about this site may be found onwww.Roulette-TV.co.uk along with reviews of its main competitors. This promotions has no bonus code attached to it and runs until the end of the month. Players need only join the site to be awarded with the free bet offer.

About Roulette TV Games
Games of roulette that simultaneously take part online while been broadcast over the television networks are known as roulette TV games. This allows players to experience a casino style atmosphere along with a real dealer from the comfort of their home. Playing at home means gamblers may dress however they like and play anytime at any time they choose as there are no dress code rules at a casino of this style. The game of live roulette with its mesmerising spinning wheel and charming croupiers is one of the most popular games to be found at any casino.

About Roulette-TV.co.uk
Featuring reviews of the UK focused roulette game show providers the website includes reviews of each site offering information about the games on offer along with the bonuses attached to each sites new sign up promotions. Visitors to www.roulette-tv.co.uk can also find several guides on various aspects of the game including how to play and advice on betting along with strategies used by many players.

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Cinema Paradiso Helps Parents Survive the School Holidays

Every parent dreads the cry of ‘I’m Bored!’ Keeping kids entertained during the school holidays can be tricky not to mention expensive, especially if the weather is unkind. One option is to buy some new DVD’s for the kids to watch, but the trouble is that once a film has been watched is quickly gets put on the shelf and forgotten about.

Cinema Paradiso Helps Parents Survive the School Holidays

The solution to this is finding a good quality DVD rental service. This enables you to have access to a massive DVD library containing the very latest releases. Cinema Paradiso is offering a great deal on rental DVDs that is sure to keep kids entertained.

Parents can sign up with Cinema Paradiso and get access to the very latest films on DVD and Blu-Ray. Subscriptions allow differing amounts of simultaneous rentals and range from 2 a month to an unlimited number.

Kids love the surprise of seeing which film arrives in the post. Parents can hire the latest releases such as Up through to classics like Snow White.

Cinema Paradiso knows the fun of renting a great children’s film doesn’t stop when the film ends. There are lots of ways parents can use a good film to encourage creative play. After watching a film children can:

  • Draw or paint a picture of their favourite character.

  • Make a costume and dress up as one of the characters.

  • Act out scenes from the movie.

  • Make models based in the film.

  • Cook food featured in the film. (Who could resist cooking ratatouille after watching the Disney film Ratatouille?)

  • Try drawing their own cartoon characters.

  • Sing the songs from the movie.

For older children films are a sneaky way to introduce them to famous authors such as Dickens, Austen and Shakespeare. Many teenagers find English Literature boring, but watching a great film adaptation can really spark their interest.

Teenagers will enjoy having friend round to watch a blockbuster movie. Cinema Paradiso has an excellent range of Blu-ray and DVDs for the ultimate movie experience.

Cinema Paradiso has much more to offer than just blockbuster films. The whole family can join in with interactive DVDs such as the X Factor DVD game. Parents can also browse through the collection of documentaries. Children with inquisitive minds can learn if chilli powder really repels sharks in ‘Mythbusters: Jaws Special’. Cinema Paradiso’s rental DVDs also include guitar, drumming and dance tutorials. There are also sport and music rental DVDs available.

So sign up for a Cinema Paradiso DVD rentals service today and get ready for the school holidays. Unused DVD rentals roll over to the following month with Cinema Paradiso and there is always a free trial available so you can see how well the service works.

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Sky Awards LivePerson Online Business Partner Of The Year Accolade

LivePerson, Inc., a provider of online engagement solutions that facilitate real-time assistance and expert advice, has announced that it has been awarded the Online Business Partner of the Year award by British Sky Broadcasting (BSKYB), operator of the United Kingdom’s largest digital pay television platform and fastest growing broadband provider. The award was presented during BSkyB’s annual SKY Awards ceremony in November, at the Celtic Manor Resort in Wales.

A major annual event, BSkyB’s Shine Sky Awards ceremony recognises vendors and partners who have contributed to the company’s continued growth and success across its various sales channels. Over 2500 companies were nominated across 12 different categories, with 50 being shortlisted to receive a potential award. In order to be shortlisted for the Online Business Partner of the Year Award, the partner must have delivered the strongest planning, sales, analysis, optimisation and innovation for the company’s online sales channel.

For Sky Online, LivePerson’s intelligent, real-time engagement solution proactively targets the right visitor with the right message at the right time in order to maximize incremental sales opportunities. The LivePerson solution is a key element of Sky’s conversion rate improvement and online sales strategy.

“We are pleased to recognize the LivePerson team for surpassing online business expectations in 2009,” said John Orriss, Sky’s Director of Customer Growth and Sales. “The Liveperson programme is key to our efforts to continually optimise customer journeys and online conversion as such this award is well deserved.”

“It’s an honour to be recognized by BSkyB as the partner who contributed most to their online sales performance over the past year,” said LivePerson CEO, Robert LoCascio. “I am proud that we were able to deliver such dramatic results for BSkyB’s online sales channel and look forward to continued success with the company’s online initiatives in the future.”

About LivePerson
LivePerson is a provider of online engagement solutions that facilitate real-time assistance and expert advice. Connecting businesses and experts with consumers seeking help on the Web, LivePerson’s hosted software platform creates more relevant, compelling and personalized online experiences. Every month, LivePerson’s intelligent platform helps millions of people succeed online. More than 8,000 companies, including EarthLink, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Qwest, and Verizon, rely on LivePerson to maximize the impact of the online channel. LivePerson is headquartered in New York City.

About Sky TV
Sky is the UK’s leading entertainment and communications company, operating the most comprehensive multi-channel television service. Over 9.4 million homes – a third of households across the UK and Ireland – enjoy the entertainment, movies, news and sports channels. In delivering entertainment through the TV, PC and mobile, customers have more control and flexibility over what, how and when they watch. Almost 5.5 million customers now choose Sky+, Sky’s digital video recorder, to record and store their favourite programmes and 1.3 million enjoy the picture and sound quality of Sky+HD, which offers 35 dedicated HD channels. Sky is also the UK’s fastest growing broadband and fixed-telephony provider with over 2.2 million customers taking Sky Broadband and over 1.8 million customers taking Sky Talk.

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DVD Rental Companies Cashing In On The Economic Crisis

When times get hard people look for savings and cheaper forms of entertainment. Research shows that television sales and home cinema equipment have bucked the current trends.

As people opt to watch more films rather that go for an expensive night out, DVD rentals companies have stepped up and offer a very cheap way to watch the latest blockbusters.

There are lots of things to bear in mind when choosing a DVD rental company. Primarily you will need to decide on a plan to suit you. Most plans are based on tiered options allowing a maximum allocation of discs per month and the number that can be simultaneously rented at one time.

There are no late fees and you can keep the discs as long as you want to all the while you have a current membership.

Delivery of the discs is usually done by post or courier, and Cinema Paradiso send out their disks by 1st class postage ensuring that there is a minimum of delay between your rentals.

Cinema Paradiso have a massive library of over 65,000 title including the latest and greatest films, including many minority interest, specialist and niche titles. Blu-Ray rentals are also provided and offer a cheap way into the world of high definition entertainment.

A film rental service such as Cinema Paradiso is very easy to use.

Each member (separate family member lists can also be included in your membership) maintains a list of titles to see and the discs are dispatched as soon as they are available in accordance with your membership plan.

Some people may ask what happens if you choose a box set or movie collection. The policy at Cinema Paradiso is to send the discs out in box set order avoiding the problem of watching the discs out of sequence.

Cinema Paradiso have invested a lot of time and effort ensuring their site is easy to use and packed with handy features. Members get to rate and review the films making it even easier to select a great film.

Cinema Paradiso are offering a rollover of unused DVD rental allocations. So if you have a 3 discs per month contract and you only borrow 1 disc, the remaining 2 discs will rollover to the following month allowing you to rent a total of 5 discs. Many people use this to cover school holidays and breaks where they tend to watch more films.

Here are a few comments f r o m happy Cinema Paradiso customers.

“I used to be with Amazon before I changed to you, best thing I ever did!” -Bruce f r o m Grantham

“I am leaving the country sorry but your service was and is fantastic!!!!!” -Robert f r o m Cambridge

I wanted to say a big thank you for your wonderful service,this is such an excellent DVD club. The films barring strikes have always been on time and in excellent quality. I recommend you to all my friends and family and you should be proud of having such a brilliant club.” -Margo f r o m Norwich

Cinema Paradiso are currently offering a free starter trial period for all new members providing a risk free means to see what all of the excitement is about. Visit www.cinemaparadiso.co.uk for more information and to see the DVD/Blu-Ray rental packages on offer.

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Turner Broadcasting Has Launched A Free Online Game Creator On Cartoon Network Based On Its Number One Boys’ Franchise Ben 10

Turner Broadcasting has launched a free online game creator on Cartoon Network based on its number one boys’ franchise Ben 10.

Ben 10: Alien Force Game Creator enables kids across the UK to build professional looking online games and share their work in the Game Creator online community.

Turner Broadcasting Has Launched A Free Online Game Creator On Cartoon Network Based On Its Number One Boys' Franchise Ben 10

To date, Game Creator has generated more than 20 million game plays and seen more than 50,000 games created since a soft launch on Cartoon Network’s website in October. Following its impressive UK debut, the Turner-created game is rolling out across 12 European territories.

Ben 10: Alien Force Game Creator is Cartoon Network’s first online game to incorporate user-generated content, and allows users to select everything f r o m the game environment, to the heroes, the villains, obstacles and the game objective. Tiles and selected objects are then drawn onto a grid, creating a platform-style game that the creator must be able to complete in order to upload to Cartoon Network.

The top 200 games will feature on Cartoon Network’s fully moderated kid’s games area on the website, and games can be played, shared and rated by all visitors to the site. New content will appear on the site daily and visitors can browse for new games by hero, game type or favourite game creator.

Caroline Casey, director of Digital Development at Turner Broadcasting, EMEA said: “As the number one boys’ brand in the UK, the Ben 10: Alien Force Game Creator adds a new dimension to the way kids can engage with their favourite hero online. The character association clearly makes this game very special, but what stands it apart is that it’s so easy to use, and that kids are making stuff for kids. The phenomenal launch stats attest to Game Creator’s immense usability and playability.”

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People Search Experts Assist New Family Reunion TV Program

The makers of the hit family history series, ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ are to produce a brand new series based on families that have been or are seeking to be reunited. Wall to Wall Television has asked Tracesmart for assistance in the making of the TV program, with the purpose of gathering true life examples of individuals that have successfully found relatives by means of the people search facility on Tracesmart’s website. It is hoped the stories will eventually form part of the documentary to be broadcast on ITV.

Tracesmart provides one of the leading web based people tracing facilities in the UK. Employing a range of consumer datasets, including the continuously updated electoral roll, the online resource provides an intuitive tracing service to the general public.

The facility also offers, amongst others, a name search tool and an address search feature, which provide consumers with an easy to use resource to find friends and family. The Tracesmart system has, over the years, helped reunite thousands of families and friends, presenting stories that often attract media attention from television and press.

Following the announcement of the proposed new family reunion show, Wall to Wall Television added, “The intention is to produce a documentary program that aims to reunite long lost family members. We are looking for a birth parent, adopted person, a separated sibling, estranged parent or someone who has grown up in care, hoping to be reunited with lost relatives. If you are over 18 and have experienced family separation and now feel ready to seek a reunion, then please get in touch with Wall to Wall Television.”

Regarding the company’s involvement, Owen Roberts, Tracesmart’s Communications Manager noted, “Tracesmart has increasingly become the first call for many TV production companies requesting advice or examples of reunion stories. We are more than happy to help as we feel the reunions which our service makes possible are very newsworthy and moving. Many people have little idea where to start when they desperately want to be reunited with a long lost friend or relative. I’m sure the program will benefit and entertain many people and will, I believe, develop into a popular format.”

Further information is available on www.walltowall.co.uk. Alternatively, you may write to, Find My Family, Wall to Wall Television, 8-9 Spring Place, London, NW5 3ER for an application form.

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In The Sunny Caribbean And In Snowy Quebec – Turn-Key Locations For Film, TV Commercials, Video And Still Photo Shoots

Boutique hotels, beach-side villas, island nature parks or alternatively, frozen lakes, log cabins, snowy trails —  they are all  locations serviced throughout 2009-2010 by Montreal Photography Production.

Turn-Key Locations For Film, TV Commercials, Video And Still Photo Shoots

Beauchemin d’Eze, the umbrella company for Montreal Photography ProductionMontreal Locations ScoutsMontreal PhotographersDominican Republic Locations Scouts, in business since 1984, provides Canadian and international clients with turn-key locations for film, TV commercials, video and still photo “shoots”.

According to Michelle d’Eze, the company’s CEO, “Over the long winter months, the demand for sun destinations is very high. In the Caribbean, the days are longer, and the natural light is ideal for fashion shoots and other outdoor scenarios. That is why we deploy separate teams of professionals: some in the Caribbean and the others to service projects requiring typical winter settings in Quebec.”

The dual-front operation has paid off for the company. To date, it has worked on more than 50 projects including, TV reality shows, catalogues, magazine features, films, video and TV commercials.

The firm offers an extensive range of support services that can be booked individually or as a complete package. These include location scouting, set managing/coordinating, requisitioning and processing of permits, casting, photography, studios rentals, equipment rentals, accommodations, catering, transportation (automobiles, boats, helicopters, Winnebago rentals) and all other production needs. Moreover, the company handles all the “nitty-gritty” tasks that are so time-consuming and bothersome for a producer working abroad – – tasks such as customs, work permits and on-site logistics.

The company is headed by Michelle d’Eze who has more than 25 years experience in multimedia and Serge Beauchemin, an award-winning photographer/photo editor. The Montreal-based team is widely known and highly regarded for exceptional expertise in advertising and editorial as well as in film, television and video production .

In just the last two years, the firm has quadrupled its business volume, with contracts from international clients including Oxelo for Decathlon ( France); W Magazine (Celine Dion photo shoot), Volkswagen (Routan), The DDB Worldwide Advertising Group (Tourism Canada), CQ Magazine (Tourism Montreal) Elle Magazine (USA and Europe),  Grice, Ready-to-wear,Geneva; Young and Rubicam Paris (Kiabi), Garraud-Paris, Oscar de la Renta,  Esperanza for Fleisher Film , Telecom for CNN, Mitsubishi, Bikini Village and other clients of the same caliber.

“Adds Michelle d’Eze, “Our Caribbean office gives us the ability to offer our budget-conscious clients considerable savings on accommodations, transportation and support staff. Furthermore, after three years on the ground, we know our way around permitting, customs and all the little nuances of interacting with local suppliers. In a nutshell, we deliver an international standard of service while at the same time, enabling our clients to benefit from the scenery and relaxed atmosphere of one of the great vacation destinations of the world.”

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Sky Invites You To Host Your Own Sky+HD Party

Sky is giving Sky+HD customers the chance to share their high definition TV experience with their friends by hosting their very own Sky+HD Party.

Each party host will be given one complimentary film to watch in stunning high definition from a choice of three new movie releases from Sky Box Office HD (worth £3.91) and a £10 M&S voucher to help kick off the party.

To qualify for the offer, party hosts need to set up their Sky+HD Party and invite three or more friends who must accept their online invitations by 5pm on 17th November. Friends must be over 18 and cannot be members of the same household.

The Sky+HD Party hosts and their guests will get closer to the explosive action of a Hollywood blockbuster with the sharper detail and clearer quality sound of high definition.

Sky+HD customers are given a choice of three films – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, The Hangover or Angels and Demons – shown exclusively from Friday 11th to Sunday 13th December. Customers hosting their own Sky+HD Party will also be able to watch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince or The Hangover the same week as their DVD and Blu-Ray release. The Sky+HD Party offer is subject to availability and limited to the first 10,000 parties.

Sky+ HD Party offer is subject to availability and limited to the first 10,000 parties. Subscribers can receive one screening of their chosen film on the day they decide to host their party. The friends invited must not be members of the same household and must be over 18. The host needs to be an existing Sky+HD customer to participate in the offer and only Sky+HD customers whose HD viewing card went active before 4th November 2009 are eligible for this offer. All friends must accept their invitations online by 5pm on 17 November and the parties will need to take place on one day between Friday 11th and Sunday 13th of December 2009.

Further terms and conditions can be found on www.sky.com/hdparty

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Sky Movies Announces Free Weekend Pass

Sky Movies has announced a weekend of free movies allowing all Sky TV customers to watch premium Sky Movies content, free of charge f r o m 6pm on Friday the 30 October until 6am on Monday the 2 November.

Sky Movies Screen 1 and Screen 1 HD will be available for the duration of the weekend giving all Sky TV subscribers the chance to watch their favourite movies uninterrupted, unedited and all in glorious high definition.

The Free Weekend Pass will allow viewers to watch a selection of current Sky Movies favourites such as Atonement, Enchanted and The Incredible Hulk as well as all time classics like The Usual Suspects, The Godfather and Sleepless in Seattle. All the movies in the weekend will be available in both standard and high definition.

Ian Lewis, director of Sky Movies, said: “We want to show Sky TV subscribers what a fantastic variety of films we have on Sky Movies. The line-up for the weekend is great and shows what an extensive breadth of content we have on the channel.”

As well as the films Sky Movies will screen a selection of exclusive interviews with some of Hollywood’s hottest names including Ricky Gervais and Jim Carrey; viewers will also be able to watch the first two episodes f r o m  Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season Two.

F r o m 26 October, the Sky Movies HD service will have a total of 10 HD channels available, showing more HD film content than any other UK broadcaster.

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Sky+HD Reveals The Science Behind Movie Tears

A new study by Sky+HD and Professor Kim A. Bard from the University of Portsmouth has revealed the science behind why movies have us reaching the tissues.

Through identifying the key factors which set tears rolling, Professor Bard can now unveil the top ten movie tearjerkers of all time with ‘Beaches’ taking the top spot and explain how watching them in more detail in high definition can make us cry even more.

Professor Bard, a psychologist at the Centre of the Study of Emotion at the University of Portsmouth, analysed a selection of movies in both HD and standard definition identifying four key triggers that set lips quivering and eyes streaming. These include how often the characters wept (Tear Count), the overall sadness of the movie (Sadness Index) and the underlying positive message of the film (Inspirational Index), all moderated by the degree of happiness experienced (Happy Highs). Her study also revealed how, when used in the right combination, these elements can produce an intensive emotional experience and that is intensified even further when movies are watched in high definition.

Professor Bard said: “Watching tearjerkers in high definition is more emotive than standard viewing because with high definition the actions of the face associated with sadness and with teariness are much more clearly evident.

“This ranges f r o m the very subtle drawing in and downward movements of the inner eyebrows and the glistening of tears, to the more obvious full crying face. In high definition, each teardrop as well as the tracks of tears streaming down the face are more visible, engendering sadness and even tears in ourselves through the dual process of facial mimicry, where we mimic the character’s expression on our own face, leading to emotion contagion, where we feel the associated emotion to the expression being mimicked.”

Beaches came out at the top of the survey followed closely by The Colour Purple, Schindler’s List and Philadelphia.

Michelle Golding f r o m Sky+HD said: “There’s no better way to watch a movie at home than in high definition. Sky+HD doesn’t just make images clearer, it makes the whole experience more intense.”

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Escape Artist Curtis Lovell II Will Be Strapped Into A Regulation Straitjacket By Two U.S. Military Officers

Envision your own personal prison. The lack of movement, loss of control and the sweat rolling down your face once you have been strapped into a straitjacket. Now imagine that the expertise of the United States military confined you to that straitjacket!

At 6:45 p.m. on Oct. 30, 2009, television escape artist Curtis Lovell II will be strapped into a regulation straitjacket by two U.S. military officers as part of the The City of Grand Terrace, California, Halloween Haunt in Richard Rollins Park.

Last year, Lovell faced the universal fear of being buried alive. The stunt attracted more than 1,500 visitors and national media attention. “It was captivating last year with Lovell being buried alive,” said Barrie Owens, Code Enforcement of Grand Terrace. “We look forward to his challenge with the U.S. military this year.”

Lovell has studied the works of his childhood hero Harry Houdini, who traveled the world performing different challenges with straitjackets — the first to ever perform with such.

“I always wanted to perform an escape with the U.S. Armed Forces — the bravest and strongest people on earth and on October 30th, I will get to combine my talent and the art of escape with them,” Lovell stated.

In June 2009, Lovell was strapped into a straitjacket by movie actor Tony Curtis, who played the role of Houdini in the 1952 movie Houdini. This year, Lovell will step away from the Hollywood glamor to face an unpredictable force –having two well trained U.S. Military officers restraining him in a straitjacket.

“I believe this will be one of the toughest escape for me with the tightness of the jacket and the force of these two officers,” Lovell said.

Lovell continues work on another “crazy” project for 2010.

“When I attempt Houdini-style stunts, I am always asked, ‘Are you crazy?’ so I think it’s time for me to be placed in a straitjacket,” Lovell joked. He will be placed in a straitjacket — and escape — at least 194 times in a period of eight hours during his attempt to break the world record. This stunt is still in the works for the latter part of 2010.

Love for Lovell:
Lock and Key Event has set out to find the ultimate match for Curtis Lovell II, who will be shackled, submerged and locked in a tank of 52 gallons of water. Strapped to his leg will be a bag of 10 keys. Lovell will free his hands from being shackled around his neck and push the bag of keys through an airtight rubber hole the size of his fist. Then his faith will rely in 3 women. Each lady must scramble to find ONE key that will unlock his watery grave. This stunt is slated for November 2009.

Halloween Haunt Event info:

Date: Oct. 30, 09
Time: Halloween Haunt 5pm to 8pm
6:45pm stunt
Richard Rollins Park
22735 De Berry St.
Grand Terrace, CA 92313

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The Return Of The Hugely Popular ‘Showbiz Bingo’ To Gala TV

Gala Bingo has announced the return of the hugely popular ‘Showbiz Bingo’ to Gala TV. The show will be making a comeback on the interactive live bingo channel throughout October.

The eagerly awaited celebrity-based show will see leading columnists including the Sunday Mirror’s ‘Mr Showbiz’ Dean Piper and Heat magazine’s Lucie Cave revealing all the latest ‘hot off the press’ news and gossip.

And, as an added treat, former Strictly Come Dancing champion Camilla Dallerup will be joining the Friday evening show, which is broadcast between 8-9pm on Sky and Freesat channel 861 as well as web-streamed on the Gala Bingo website, on Friday October 31st.

Having won the hotly contested BBC show with actor Tom Chambers in 2008, Camilla will be able to give her expert opinion on how she thinks this year’s contenders are faring and who she believes can scoop the coveted 2009 title.

Paul Tremain, director of programmes for Gala TV said: “We were overwhelmed by the response to July’s ‘Showbiz Bingo‘ that we’ve decided to bring it back. Adding Camilla to the line-up for a dedicated ‘Strictly Showbiz’ version of the show is set to be equally popular as Gala TV’s chat rooms have been buzzing with conversations about the new series.”

‘Showbiz Bingo’ first appeared on Gala TV in July and follows the channel’s previous monthly-themed shows, which include ‘Horoscope Bingo’, ‘Soap Star Bingo’, ‘Housemate Bingo’ and ‘Don’t you just love Fridays’.

Gala TV awards 200,000 winners a year and gives away approximately £20,000 each night in prize money. Viewers can play a variety of bingo games and side games by simply using their remote control red button or through the webstream on the Gala Bingo website.

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2 Million Reality TV Addicts Made Full Use Of Their Sky+ And Sky+HD Boxes

With X Factor on ITV1 at 8pm – 9.15pm on Saturday 19th September, and Strictly Come Dancing on BBC 1 from 7.25pm – 9.05pm, fans were forced to choose between the two. However, data released by Sky shows that 1.9 million households chose to set their Sky+ boxes to record either show, allowing them not to miss the top-rated Saturday night programmes.

Figures also show that not only did X Factor win the live ratings battle, with 9.3 million viewers compared to Strictly Come Dancing’s 7.7 million, but was also the preferred choice of Sky+ users. Over 1.2 million people chose to watch X Factor at a later time via Sky+, whilst around half that amount (686,000) set their Sky+ boxes for Strictly Come Dancing*.

A Sky spokesperson commented: “Scheduling clashes like this are what Sky+ was made for. It’s great we’ve been able to save two million people from a difficult decision and enabled them to watch every second of their favourite shows.”

It will be interesting to see who will win the battle this weekend.

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Free Weekend Pass By Sky

Sky has revealed poll results indicating that forgetful Brits spend ONE MONTH of their lives looking for the television remote control. The poll was conducted to coincide with the launch of Sky’s Free Weekend Pass.

The Sky Free Weekend Pass means that for the first time ever, from 18th-20th September anyone with Freeview, cable or Sky TV can sample the best of Sky TV on free-to-air channel Sky3, with a range of shows from popular pay TV channels like: Sky1, Sky Sports, MTV, Disney, LIVING, FX, National Geographic Channel, Home, Sky Movies and Sky Arts.

To launch the Free Weekend Pass, Sky polled 4,000 Brits about their remote control habits and found that the average telly viewer loses the zapper an average of 3.2 times a week and spends more than four minutes looking for it each time.

That means each week viewers spend 15 minutes hunting for the pesky little device – nearly 13 hours each year – or 31 DAYS during the average adult lifetime.

Kathryn Drought from Sky’s Free Weekend Pass said: “The remote control is such a well-used item in the nation’s homes but it’s one of those things people are forever trying to find – normally down the back of the sofa.

“The average zapper goes through a lot in its life – from being lost under a table, or in with the kids’ toys, to being found in the fridge.”

“TV plays such a big part in people’s lives, it’s not surprising who is in control of the remote is such a hot household topic”.

The nationwide survey revealed some remarkable remote control politics that go on inside the typical home.

Careless house-holders have found the missing remote in a variety of places, including down the back of the sofa, under a cushion or seat.

But more unusual spots were also revealed, bizarrely inside the fridge, in the bin, kitchen cupboard or with the kids’ toys.

The research found three in ten have hidden the remote from someone else and 17% have thrown it at someone in a fit of ‘remote rage’.

Households have argued at least four times in the last month over the remote control, with having to watch football, channel hopping and soaps most likely to spark rifts.

One in five households argue over the remote when someone they can’t stand appears on the TV – with Katie Price, Kerry Katona and Victoria Beckham being voted the celebs most likely to make people switch channel.

A whopping 62% said reality TV shows make them change channel. Big Brother was voted the most annoying programme, followed by Jeremy Kyle and X Factor.

Two thirds of respondents said that men are more possessive about the remote than women. And half said they feel much happier when they are in control of the remote.

The poll found Brits watch fours of TV a day, channel-hopping for at least eight minutes every hour.

The typical household has four remotes lying around the house and 60 per cent admit it being the household item they lose the most.

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Taureans Are The Luckiest Sign Of The Zodiac, According To New Research Released By Interactive Bingo Channel, Gala TV

To celebrate the return of its popular ‘Horoscope Bingo’ show in September, Gala TV has revealed the effects the stars have on the fate of Britain’s bingo fans.

Having compared the amounts won and the number of bets placed between 01/07/08 and 30/06/09 on Gala TV among its UK players, it seems Taureans top the poll, while Virgos are the unluckiest with over 35% less wins.

The show’s star, top clairvoyant and astrologer Claire Petulengro, said: “Taureans are known for being the luckiest sign of the zodiac and have a wonderful ability to keep their eyes on the prize. This means they will slowly and steadily get the things they want. Unlucky Virgos are generally more level headed and weigh up the options carefully.”

The research also uncovered Cancerians like to take the most risks when it comes to playing bingo games on Gala TV, although they do not win most frequently.

“Cancerians are instinctive and quick to trust their gut,” said Claire, “They are excellent strategists and good at making pincer movements to close a deal. Once they get the prize, they won’t ever let go.”

Librans are slightly more cautious players, playing 30% less games than Cancerians. Claire said: “Although Librans appreciate money and what it can buy, they will have saved up for the splurge.

“All signs of the zodiac have key traits which mean they react differently in certain situations. However, all star signs have the potential for lady luck to shine, as the planets are moving all the time.”

From September 4, 2009, Claire will be co-hosting Gala TV’s hour-long ‘Horoscope Bingo’ show, which will provide its game-play community with insightful star sign predictions as well as lucky bingo tips and eight bingo games.

During the live interactive show which starts at 8pm and is broadcast on Sky, Freesat channel 861 and streamed on the Gala Bingo website, Gala TV’s playing community will be able to text or email Claire their own horoscope-related questions and find out when their lucky day is.

‘Horoscope Bingo’ follows Gala TV’s previous monthly-themed shows, which include ‘Soap Star Bingo’, ‘Showbiz Bingo’, ‘Housemate Bingo’ and ‘Don’t you just love Fridays’.

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Gala TV Joined By Popular Late Night Love Presenter

Gala TV has signed award-winning radio love guru, Graham Torrington, to appear on its exciting new monthly-themed show.

From 7th Aug 2009, Graham, who currently presents ‘Late Night Love’ on BBC Bristol and has previously hosted ‘Looking for Love’ on ITV, will be advising Gala TV’s players on their relationships, love woes and emotional conundrums on Gala TV’s ‘Don’t you just love Friday’s’.

The natural presenter, who has made his name offering relationship guidance for over 20 years, will be tackling questions such as ‘Are you in a loveless relationship?’, ‘Online dating – a good idea or something to steer clear of?’, ‘Have you got interfering in-laws?’ and ‘Do you have a partner that will not commit?’.

During the live interactive show which starts at 8pm and is broadcast on Sky and Freesat channel 861 as well as webstreamed at the Gala Bingo website, Gala TV’s playing community will be able to text or email Graham their own love-related questions or problems.

The hour-long show will also see Graham call a dedicated ‘Love Bingo’ game which gives players a chance to win from just 20p a ticket. Meanwhile, customers can play live bingo for just 1p a ticket on the first game of every hour during every day in August.

‘Don’t you just love Friday’s’ follows Gala TV’s previous monthly-themed shows, which include ‘Soap Star Bingo’, ‘Showbiz Bingo’ and ‘Housemate Bingo’.

Gala TV awards 200,000 winners a year and gives away approximately £20,000 each night in prize money. Viewers can play a variety of bingo games and a host of other online games by simply using their remote control red button or through the webstream on the Gala Bingo website.

About Gala TV:
Gala TV broadcasts 24 hours a day on Sky and Freesat Channel 861. AutoBingo is available throughout the day with live bingo running from 6pm to 2am. The channel is also streamed live through galabingo.com. Viewers can register via their remote control, on the website or by using free phone telephone number 0800 587 4880. Players then press their red button to purchase tickets for the bingo games or play on the website. Gala TV awards 200,000 winners a year and gives away approximately£20,000 each night in prize money. Gala TV is owned and operated by the Gala (Alderney) Limited a subsidiary of the Gala Coral Group Limited.

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