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People Search Experts Assist New Family Reunion TV Program

The makers of the hit family history series, ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ are to produce a brand new series based on families that have been or are seeking to be reunited. Wall to Wall Television has asked Tracesmart for assistance in the making of the TV program, with the purpose of gathering true life examples of individuals that have successfully found relatives by means of the people search facility on Tracesmart’s website. It is hoped the stories will eventually form part of the documentary to be broadcast on ITV.

Tracesmart provides one of the leading web based people tracing facilities in the UK. Employing a range of consumer datasets, including the continuously updated electoral roll, the online resource provides an intuitive tracing service to the general public.

The facility also offers, amongst others, a name search tool and an address search feature, which provide consumers with an easy to use resource to find friends and family. The Tracesmart system has, over the years, helped reunite thousands of families and friends, presenting stories that often attract media attention from television and press.

Following the announcement of the proposed new family reunion show, Wall to Wall Television added, “The intention is to produce a documentary program that aims to reunite long lost family members. We are looking for a birth parent, adopted person, a separated sibling, estranged parent or someone who has grown up in care, hoping to be reunited with lost relatives. If you are over 18 and have experienced family separation and now feel ready to seek a reunion, then please get in touch with Wall to Wall Television.”

Regarding the company’s involvement, Owen Roberts, Tracesmart’s Communications Manager noted, “Tracesmart has increasingly become the first call for many TV production companies requesting advice or examples of reunion stories. We are more than happy to help as we feel the reunions which our service makes possible are very newsworthy and moving. Many people have little idea where to start when they desperately want to be reunited with a long lost friend or relative. I’m sure the program will benefit and entertain many people and will, I believe, develop into a popular format.”

Further information is available on www.walltowall.co.uk. Alternatively, you may write to, Find My Family, Wall to Wall Television, 8-9 Spring Place, London, NW5 3ER for an application form.

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Toronto Wedding Services

Welcome To Surround Sound DJ entertainment Toronto’s Exclusive High-Energy Entertainment. If your reading this then you have oready found us. The hard party is over in the next few minutes you will read what we are all about and how we can work together plan, create and execute a perfect celebration for your Wedding so sit back relax and enjoy. At Surround Sound DJ we understand how much planning and preparation goes in to creating a flawless event and is true definition of a disc jockey. Will make sure your Wedding is one you will never forget. Armed with the industry premiere Lighting top sound and lighting gear. What ever you desire we are every step of the way to make sure what you are looking for.

One of the more joyous occasions for anyone in their lives is to celebrate their wedding day in the beautiful season of spring, summer or fall. There are those individuals who elect to have their wedding in the winter, however, if you choose to get married in a city like Toronto and have a wedding in Toronto, then doing it in the dead of winter, i.e. January, February and March, you are going to have a challenge to be able to really get the most of the weather with pictures, travel and many other services for your wedding day celebration.

A wedding in Toronto can be an incredible event. There are many opportunities to have wedding companies provide you with the best in wedding services that will make your wedding day in Toronto a success. Such wedding services include: wedding photography services, wedding DJ services, wedding limousine services, ordering a wedding cake, choosing the perfect banquet hall for your reception and many more. With so many companies to choose from, you have the best chance to make your wedding day in Toronto truly memorable. Some of the key wedding services include, wedding videography, wedding limo services and wedding DJ services.

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Asian Dating & Webcam Dating Options Announced by Lovetropolis.com

Lovetropolis.com, an online dating service owned by The Lombard Company, Inc. in Bowie, Maryland, announced today that they have added two new features to their dating website that was launched in February of this year. The first is a new Asian dating service, specifically for Asians and those with an interest in dating Asians. The second is a new webcam dating feature that allows users to communicate with each other live instead of relying on instant messaging and emails.

“You can’t really get a feel for what someone is all about if you just see a picture and read a profile,” said a company spokesperson. “Being able to communicate with during a webcam date gives you more of a sense of being in the room with a person. It definitely raises the comfort level between two people before they actually meet in person. Spending some time to get to know someone in the virtual world today makes that meeting in the real world far less awkward and much safer.”

The webcam dating feature is added to Lovetropolis.com’s already significant array of user tools which includes traditional instant messaging, internal secure email, apps to customize profile pages, and capability to blog and upload YouTube videos. The design is very similar to the larger social networking programs used by Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and others, making Lovetropolis.com one of the most cutting edge online dating websites in the industry.

The addition of the webcam dating feature is, surprisingly, fairly unique among online dating sitesAsian dating sites are common, but there aren’t any online right now that have the array of tools that Lovetropolis.com is offering. In addition to Asian dating, they are also now offering a Latin DatingBlack DatingChristian Dating, and Jewish Dating service.

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New Jewish Dating Service By Lovetropolis.com

The Bowie, Maryland dating service owned by The Lombard Company, Inc. is expanding yet again. After going public in February of 2009, Lovetropolis.com is now offering a variety of ethnic dating options including the newest Jewish dating service that they announced today. Company executives are touting it as the most organized and well-staffed ethnic dating option on the web.

“A lot of Jewish dating services don’t have the full time staff, support network, and technology that we are able to offer,” said a company spokesperson. “Our presence in twenty three countries and overwhelming success in the general dating market has given us the ability to be able to launch a comprehensive ethnically targeted dating site that will bring a lot of people together with their preferred partners.”

The Lombard Company, Inc. put the Lovetropolis site online only nine months ago, and they are already cutting a big swath in the dating niche market. By combining social media tools such as instant messaging, webcam dating, blogging and YouTube video upload, they offer a more interactive dating experience and allow potential couples to get to know each other on a more intimate and safe level.

The Jewish dating service is just one of five that are being announced this month. The other four are Christian DatingLatin DatingAsian Dating, and Black Dating. Lovetropolis.com is offering a free lifetime membership to all new members with a fee of $17.95 for profile approval and activation. Their network and pool of candidates is growing rapidly, and they are assuring their users that there is much more to come in the near future.

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Entertainment Agency Music For Scotland Will Be Hosting A Live Wedding Band Showcase At The Music Box

Entertainment agency Music for Scotland will be hosting a live wedding band showcase at the Music Box, Stevenson college, Edinburgh on Wednesday 14 th October, from 7.45pm.  There will be six of the agencies top bands performing live including The Strides, The Jammy devils, Cut the cake, Ceilidhdonia, Crannachan and Franco. Each band will perform for 15 minutes each giving the clients a real opportunity to listen to the bands playing live.  Music for Scotland recently invested in filming one of their previous wedding band showcases f r o m January this year so before coming to the live showcase you can go their website and see all of the bands highlighted above in High definition video at www.musicforscotland.co.uk.

Richard Lyon f r o m Music for Scotland says “We are really excited about using the Music Box at Edinburgh ‘s Stevenson College for the first time. He went on to say that “it is one of Edinburgh ‘s most prestigious purpose built music venues that can hold up to 220 people in its main auditorium and is fully equipped with a state of the art sound and light system.”

“We have been looking for a suitable venue for some time that would not only be a quality venue for potential customers to view the bands but would also recreate the feeling and atmosphere of a real wedding venue.  F r o m our past experience of hosting wedding band showcases feedback has always been very positive as it gives prospective clients the chance to see a variety of bands all under one roof”.

MFS1.jpg (360×274)

The Music for Scotland team will be on hand to answer any questions and a deal with booking enquiries.  To secure any of the bands f r o m the showcase a £50 booking fee will be required and can be paid by cash or cheque. Details on how to get to the venue can be found on the Stevenson College website.

Music for Scotland represents a selection of Scotland ‘s best live wedding bands, artists and DJs. Bands f r o m Glasgow, Edinburgh , Aberdeen , Dundee, Central Scotland and Fife are represented by the agency. To find the right band or entertainment for events, customers can browse the Music for Scotland website and submit a booking enquiry f r o m through the website. Music for Scotland provides a guarantee that every enquiry receives a reply within 24 hours.

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Where To Get Santa Claus Letters For Kids

Parents everywhere work hard to insure that their children will have a wonderful Christmas overflowing with great memories that will last a lifetime. While this is easy to do if you have an unlimited budget, it is really just as easy without spending a great deal of money. In fact, many people are finding ways to build lasting memories without spending much money at all.

One of the most cherished holiday traditions is that of writing a Santa Letter to let him know what is wanted for Christmas. Such traditions are very inexpensive and they provide the basis for lots of other ideas and gifts. To begin, most children clearly explain to Santa what they would most like to see under the tree on Christmas morning. Kids worry about staying on Santa’s Nice List, and some want to know how they can get off the Naughty List. Not surprisingly, almost every child remembers to ask Santa to write back.

Clearly this provides an opportunity for parents to find out what would make Christmas special for their kids. Additionally, parents can easily insure that Santa does write back. That’s why I am writing this article. I have done lots of research on this topic and I can tell you the three top sites for santa claus letters for kids.

‘Package From Santa’ is an awesome website that definitely understands what makes Christmas special. The Canadian santa letters this company supplies are authentic and genuine in appearance. It’s my personal favorite, but I also found two other sites that can provide your child with a personalized letter from santa.

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Parents Have Confirmed That When Children Receive A Genuine Letter From Santa Claus Their Christmas Is Happier, Brighter, And More Memorable

An authentic Santa Letter all but guarantees a Christmas of great magnitude. This news, the outcome of many, many years of tracking responses of both, children’s and adults’ reports of the effects and impacts of receiving a genuine letter from Santa. “Package From Santa” has gathered and tracked data relating to Santa Claus, his letters, and Christmas, for several years and is now sharing this groundbreaking report.

So far this is the widest reaching and most long-term study of the impact of Santa’s holiday letters. The study strongly suggests that there is a definite connection between a ‘Merry & Memorable Christmas’ for children (as well as adults) and Santa’s letters.

The tracking consisted of years of studying the feedback given in notes, letters, emails, and even text messages to Santa and to “Package From Santa”, as the top Santa helpers with his letters. Gazillions of various types of feedback was sorted and categorized into the following groups: “Letter Had No Impact On Christmas”, “Letter Somewhat Brightened Christmas”, Letter Made Christmas Merrier”, “Letter Made Christmas Merrier & More Memorable”.

Approximately 77% of the responses fell into the last category and only 5% reported that Santa’s letters had no impact on Christmas. Even with the great number of responses there is no way of knowing what the results would have been if everyone had provided feedback. However, research has shown that people are more likely to provide negative feedback than positive, so one can only assume that there would have been even higher results in the positive categories.

Typically, children reported that when Santa Claus sends letters to them they feel important and they know they will get what they really want for Christmas. Some little boys and girls expressed that a Santa letter gave them some relief from worry about being on Santa’s Naughty List.

For additional information about how to receive an authentic letter from Santa, visit http://www.packagefromsanta.com

As the only company that “Santa Himself” endorses as an official associate, ‘Package From Santa” is the most trusted provider of Christmas letters from Santa. This company, Santa’s official associate, has sent millions of Personalized Santa Letters to children living everywhere.

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In September 2009 Penguin Books And The National Theatre Discover Programme Launched The Big Break Young Scriptwriting Competition

Young people nationwide aged 13 to 18 are invited to read award-winning author Meg Rosoff’s debut novel How I Live Now and take the story, themes and characters as a starting point to create a treatment and the first scene of a script.

Five winners will be invited to spend a day at the National Theatre Studio working with professional writers, National Theatre directors and actors to workshop and develop their scripts. They will also see a performance of Nation, based on a novel by Terry Pratchett, adapted by Mark Ravenhill, opening at the National Theatre in November 2009.

The judging panel consists of author Meg Rosoff, playwright Mark Ravenhill, associate director (literary) of the National Theatre Sebastian Born, associate director of the National Theatre Discover Programme Anthony Banks and editor of Penguin’s teen online book community spinebreakers.co.uk Danielle Innes.

The competition will live on Penguin’s teen book website Spinebreakers and the National Theatre’s Discover website. There will be multi-media resources available to young people on both websites which give tools and advice on how to adapt a book for the stage, alternative ways for laying out a script and what the National Theatre and Penguin are looking for in successful submissions.

On Spinebreakers teens have the opportunity to discuss, debate and interact with a rich source of publishing from contemporary titles such as Nick Hornby’s Slam to classics such as J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye and Kerouac’s On the Road.

Meg Rosoff’s debut novel How I Live Now (published by Penguin, 2004) won the Guardian and Branford Boase Awards and was short-listed for the Orange Prize for New Fiction as well as the Whitbread.

About Penguin
Penguin was established in 1935, is one of the world’s leading consumer publishing businesses and is part of Pearson plc, the international media company with market leading businesses in education, business information and consumer publishing.

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Mexican Author Goes Online With Latest Work And Hits All Times Download High

Mr. Volnie is the author of a dozen of successful published fiction novels, ranging in themes as diverse as Sci-Fi, History, mysticism or police procedures, all of them received enthusiastically by his ever growing number of followers and fans.

This time, he has surprised his readers with a reconstruction of the Gospels, a recreation of the antique scriptures as analyzed from a rational, critical, sometimes hermetic point of view. Mr. Volnie’s version of the story leaves little room for faith, as miracles are unveiled, prophecies are explained and underlying motifs gradually surface to meet with human nature.

As for the reason to give away his writing instead of making profit, the author explains in his blog www.alejandrovolnie.com.mx (translated from Spanish): “A fast spread of my work throughout the Spanish speaking world is worth giving up the down payment of any publisher”. It is to be said that printed books are expensive in Latin America if its price is compared to people’s average daily income. “My work is for everybody and I don’t expect anything else in exchange than the comments of my readers” he also states in his blog.

To download Yehoshua el mago (Yehoshua the Magician) in Spanish simply go to www.yehoshuaelmago.com.mx and follow the instructions. This is the only way to get it at the present time, although it’s easy to foresee that printed copies of this fifteen hour reading will soon be piled up in most bookstores all around the world, available in several languages, as this amazing tale deserves it.

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Hotels.com sponsors The Hotel Inspector on Five

Hotels.com, the leading accommodation website, has taken up the sponsorship of seven episodes of Five’s eight programme series, The Hotel Inspector, which shows on Mondays at 9pm on Five. The goal of the campaign is to help promote the Hotels.com’ promise to help its customers “wake up happy” and drive brand awareness amongst the show’s ABC1, travel and internet-literate audience.

The current series of the show follows the award-winning hotelier Alex Polizzi, and granddaughter of Lord Forte, as she visits failing hotels and bed and breakfast establishments around the country and by giving advice and suggestions tries to get their owners to reform them into profitable ventures.

The new spots will build on Hotels.com’s existing advertising creative, made by agency Lambie Nairn, which aims to bring the brand to life for travellers. The consumer benefit of the fact that Hotels.com has hundreds of its own ‘hotel inspectors’ who personally review hotels for the website will be brought to life in the campaign – making it the only destination for travellers in search of the perfect room, whatever the break.

The spots will feature a range of destination references as Hotels.com helps inspire those looking for summer sun hotels.

Matt Walls, Marketing Director at Hotels.com, said: “As well as offering exposure to a core audience interested in travel, The Hotel Inspector is exactly the right fit for us. We have one of the largest teams of hotel inspectors in the industry who personally review and recommend rooms for our customers, so the association with the programme is spot on.”

About Hotels.com
As part of the Expedia group which operates in all major markets, Hotels.com offers more than 100,000 quality hotels, B&Bs and serviced apartments worldwide including New York hotelsRome hotelsEdinburgh hotels and London hotels. If a customer can find the same deal for less on a prepaid hotel, Hotels.com will match it. Hotels.com benefits from one of the largest hotel contracting teams in the industry negotiating the best rates for its customers, plus there are 1.3m reviews from users who have actually stayed in the hotels to ensure customers make an informed choice when booking. Hotels.com won the Gold Award for best hotel booking site in Webuser magazine in February 2009.

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Art Exhibition “CONTROL” at SOMArts Cultural Center, San Francisco

The South Bay Area and Peninsula Chapters of the Women’s Caucus for Art in conjunction with SOMArts Cultural Center present an exhibition titled “CONTROL”, curated by Karen Gutfreund, displaying the work of California women artists. The exhibition will be held August 6 – 29, 2009 at SOMArts Cultural Center, San Francisco. The opening reception and opportunity to meet the artists will be held at SOMArts on Thursday, August 6 f r o m 6 – 8 p.m. This event is free and open to the public.

“CONTROL” includes artwork by 79 emerging and professional women artists. The 94 works on display cover a broad range of media, including painting, sculpture, mixed media, photography, and video installation. Organized around the theme of control (or lack of it), the show explores the artists interpretation of all methods of control: internal, external, positive, negative, over life events and over technology, empowering or dehumanizing, politically correct – or not.

This collection of work addresses many issues, including statements on war, politics, ethnicity, gender identity and stereotypes, domestic violence, religion, money and the environment. ”Regardless of the artist’s media, their individual work speaks to the uniqueness and strength of their message on “Control” says Karen Gutfreund, curator.

The exhibition was organized by the South Bay Area and Peninsula chapters of Women’s Caucus for Art, a national organization. The work was juried by members of Guerrilla Girls West, a group of women art activists in gorilla masks, who have been protesting the lack of inclusion for women artists in museum and gallery collections since 1987. The Guerrilla Girls West stated they “chose the work based on artistic quality, perceived relevance to the theme of Control, and relevance as seen by typical exhibition visitors”.

About the Women’s Caucus for Art
Founded in 1972 in connection with the College Art Association (CAA), WCA is a national member organization unique in its multi-disciplinary, multicultural membership of artists, art historians, students /educators, and museum professionals. The mission of the Women’s Caucus for Art is to expand opportunities and recognition for women in the arts.

WCA is committed to education about the contributions of women, opportunities for the exhibition of women’s work, publication of women’s writing about art, inclusion of women in the history of art, professional equity for all, and respect for all individuals without discrimination and support for legislation relevant to our goals. For more information visit: www.nationalwca.org.

About SOMArts Cultural Center
The mission of SOMArts Cultural Center is to promote and nurture art on the community level and foster an appreciation of and respect for all cultures. Established as a nonprofit in 1979, SOMArts was born f r o m the passionate activism of the Neighborhood Arts Movement—a trailblazing initiative in San Francisco that demanded art for and by the people, outside the circles of high culture, and supported financially by the city. In the early years of Neighborhood Arts, the city’s program provided performance space and much-needed technical support such as sound, lighting and poster printing to arts and cultural groups who did not have access elsewhere. For more information visit: www.somarts.org.

About the Guerilla Girls West
Inspired by the Guerrilla Girls in NYC (founded in 1985), the Guerrilla Girls West was founded in 1987. The independent Northern California group, all professional artists and/or art educators, took the name Guerrilla Girls West, continue to wear the gorilla masks for public appearances, and maintain tight security. For several years, when the Chronicle’s Pink Section printed all the calendar listings, artists’ names were tallied and percentages of male and female artists were calculated. The ten best and ten worst galleries (in terms of gender balance) were published and awards (little wind-up gorillas for the good guys, ripe bananas for the bad guys) were personally delivered by a pair in masks.

More information on CONTROL:
The curatorial committee endeavored to create a pertinent and timely exhibition for California women artists with a theme that would stimulate the artists and viewers alike into meaningful dialogue. Control indicates power and strength for some and alternatively a sense of vulnerability and helplessness for others. The work in this exhibition reflects a myriad of interpretations on aspects of control and its significance to the artist.

What does one control? What controls the individual in life, body, temperament, destiny, society, religion, family and addictions/desires? What does a sense of power over ones environment look like and what comes to mind if that power or control is stripped away? How have political, social or economic controls shaped ones life and the lives of others? In what ways does the media and popular culture dictate and control? And how much control does one have to exert or to yield in order to survive?

The artists examine the juxtaposition of internal and external controls placed on our bodies, our minds, our lives and thus how we react and manifest these controls into our psyche and ultimately our art. “Control” talks about these crucial issues in the world and mirrors each artist’s individual experience. In this context, the message matters as much as the medium.

The response to the call for art was extraordinary! We received entries f r o m 171 artists with up to three works each. The work and statements were well thought out, personal and very moving; to me each was a gift that alternatively made me laugh and made me cry. The emotional honesty and strength of the works on themes of gender roles, consumerism, war, ethnicity, religion, body image, political and cultural power, motherhood, domestic abuse and family life, sexual identity and mind control are a testimony to the creative spirit of these artists, says Karen Gutfreund, Curator.

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Gala TV Goes Showbiz Crazy

To ramp up the heat this summer, Gala TV is welcoming ex-Big Brother housemates to present an exclusive new Sunday evening show.

Craig Phillips, who won the first series of Big Brother back in 2000, launched ‘Housemate Bingo’ month on 5 July. With his cheeky smile and friendly attitude, Craig has become a household favourite presenting successful shows such as the ’60 minute makeover’ series on ITV.

Each week a different former housemate will present the popular and interactive live bingo show, which will be broadcast throughout July between 8-9pm on Sky and Free-sat channel 861 as well as web-streamed on online through the Galabingo website.

Gala TV is also introducing ‘Showbiz Bingo’, keeping viewers up to date with all the latest celeb gossip and showbiz stories. On the month-long Friday evening show, ‘Hot off the press’ news will be brought to viewers by the best ‘professional gossipers’ in the business. These include Sam Mann of ‘This Morning’ fame, ITV at the Movies presenter and Reveal Magazine’s Giles Vickers, former 3am girl Jessica Callan and Sunday Mirror’s Mr Showbiz, Dean Piper.

Sam Mann said: “I am looking forward to appearing on Gala TV – it will be nice to be a guest and have a good gossip with all the players. Everyone needs a bit of gossip in their life and I will be sharing all I know from the ‘celeb’ world.”

Paul Tremain, director of programmes for Gala TV, ETV media group said: “Each month at Gala TV we are adding new themed shows to keep our loyal viewers engaged and interacting with us and we feel this month is the perfect time to host some of Big Brother’s finest contestants and hot celeb gossip columnists.”

Gala TV viewers can play a variety of online bingo and side games by simply using their remote control red button or through the webstream on galabingo.com.

About Gala TV:
Gala TV broadcasts 24 hours a day on Sky and Freesat Channel 861. AutoBingo is available throughout the day with live bingo running from 6pm to 2am. The channel is also streamed live through www.galabingo.com. Viewers can register via their remote control, on the website or by using freephone telephone number 0800 587 4880. Players then press their red button to purchase tickets for the bingo games or play on the website. Gala TV awards 200,000 winners a year and gives away approximately£20,000 each night in prize money. Gala TV is owned and operated by the Gala (Alderney) Limited a subsidiary of the Gala Coral Group Limited.

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Lottery.co.uk Announces Launch Of Euromillions Application

Lottery.co.uk, the UK’s most popular independent lottery website, has announced the launch of a free EuroMillions lottery application. The application, which can be used with the iPhone and iPod Touch devices, delivers a wealth of information that will prove useful to any EuroMillions player.

The EuroMillions lottery application can be downloaded for free directly f r o m iTunes and, as soon as it has been installed on an iPhone or iPod Touch device, users will be able to access a number of useful features, including a EuroMillions Results feed that is u p d a t e d within minutes of the EuroMillions draw every Friday night with all the information about the latest draw. It also includes the EuroMillions lottery numbers and a complete breakdown of the prize values that will be paid out.

Users with a EuroMillions lottery ticket for a previous draw that hasn’t been checked yet can utilise the Check My Ticket feature. All players have to do is enter the numbers as they appear on their ticket and then press the Check My Ticket button. They will then see how those numbers fared in previous draws. Not only could this help players to claim a prize that they didn’t know about, but it could also help users to decide whether or not they want to play those same numbers in the future.

Should the user decide that they want to change their EuroMillions numbers, the EuroMillions lottery app features a Random Ticket Generator. When the player has come across a set of numbers that they like, they can then visit the Euro Lotto site and purchase the tickets.

The EuroMillions lottery application also gives access to the results of every single EuroMillions draw that has taken place since the game was launched in 2004. To access those results, users can press the Results Archive button and they will then be able to see the results for last six months or for any of the previous years.

The fact that the EuroMillions lottery application for the iPhone and iPod Touch is being given away for free to anyone who chooses to download it might surprise some, but Lottery.co.uk spokesman Sam Werren commented that the site is proud to be doing just that: “Lottery.co.uk is proud of being at the cutting edge in the lottery industry, and our main concern is to get the latest lottery results into the hands of as many people as possible,” Sam explained. “Making this genuinely useful application freely available to iPhone and iPod touch users will help us to achieve that goal – and help EuroMillions players check their tickets within minutes of the draw taking place.”

About The Lottery Company
Lottery.co.uk is a truly independent lottery web site that provides lottery players with everything they need to get the most f r o m their favourite hobby. Check the latest lottery results for all National Lottery games, read all about the latest lottery news stories, make use of an informative articles archive and much more.

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No More Author Societies For The Music Of OnClassical

Starts today the music licensing program of the audiophile record label OnClassical: the classical music may be sold with no more royalties (from traditional author societies / RIAA) and DRM (digital rights managments).

The Italian record company, OnClassical, has started his program of music licensing, where featured artists earn well 50%!

Purposes may be for music from:

* Video/Film/Documentaries/Serial Sinc.
* Radio/TV advertising/broadcasting
* Promotional clips
* Samples/Remix/Compilations
* YouTube, Power Point, ecc.
* Background music for public
* Videogames, computer programs
* Music on hold

OnClassical is an independent corner for classical music of self-produced recordings. At the Italian label’s website it is possible to listen to, download or share the entire catalogue in full-length files (MP3), buy perfect original masters in WAV / CD files (DRM-free) or, since now, license music royalty free.

“Our beginning with our new licensing program has been so very successful: we are already receiving the many requests for music on DVDs and micro-film promotions”, says Alessandro Simonetto, founder of the internet label.

Very recently OnClassical licensed music for important film productions such as for the Canadian film “Turbid” by George Fok, recently selected for the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma in Montreal.

Simonetto continues: “The producers seem to understand the benefits of this new type of licensing: no longer royalties and dispersing practices, only one organization to contact [OnClassical] and a price which is pre-cleared, all completed to the finish for you.”

Licensing price is competitive and flexible: a good 20% less than rates on the e-market, a good 30% less with respect to the authors’ societies controlled market.

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Mirror Bingo Is Offering Members The Chance To Speak To Former Big Brother Housemates As The Current Series Passes The Halfway Stage

Mirror Bingo is offering members the chance to speak to former Big Brother housemates as the current series passes the halfway stage.


From Thursday 2 July, former contestants of the reality TV show will be online for a live chat with Mirror Bingo players.

Membership is free with no deposit needed, and all members will be able to play bingo with the former housemates as well as ask them about the current series and their lives since appearing on the show themselves.

Each chat starts at 8pm and the first will be on 2 July as Glyn Wise and Pete Bennett, the runner up and winner, respectively, of the seventh series. Since their time on Big Brother, Glyn has gone on to DJ on C2 Radio Cymru while Pete has appeared at Glastonbury – a haven of celebrities – and toured the UK with his band Pete Bennett and the Love Dogs.

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, also known for her glamour modelling work, shared Glyn and Pete’s rapid rise to fame through Big Brother 7. Members of Mirror Bingo will have the chance to speak to her through the bingo chat function on Friday 3 July.

The following night, Saturday 4 July, will see contestants of the eighth series Brian Belo and twins Samantha and Amanda Marchant – also known as Samanda – speak to Mirror Bingo members. Brian overcame the odds to beat Samanda to the title of Big Brother 8. Brian has since become a regular feature on Harry Hill’s TV Burp while Samanda has embarked on a music career – their first single, a cover of Barbie Girl, charted at 26 before their follow up single entered the charts at 125.

With six former contestants – including two winners – Mirror Bingo members have the chance to chat to some of the people best placed to comment on the experiences of the current housemates.

Mirror Bingo members will be kept up to date with future events on the site and will be the first to know of any celebs joining bingo chat in the future.

About Mirror Bingo
The Daily Mirror has been involved in bingo for almost 60 years providing game cards alongside news throughout the UK. Since 2006, Mirrorbingo.com has opened to provide a more interactive and exciting bingo experience to players.

As one of the UK’s most recognisable brands, the Daily Mirror’s aim is to give members a fun and friendly online bingo experience that offers greater value and more excitement. Bringing alive the promise that ‘we make bingo better’; Mirror Bingo offers an innovative experience, including generous bingo bonuses, £500,000 in jackpots paid out each week, smaller game rooms and a variety of big prize games.

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Tiffany Ellison, Mrs. California-America 2008 Crowned Giselle Uffens As The New Mrs. California-America 2009 At The Beautiful Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach & Marina Hotel On Saturday Evening

Giselle Uffens

Some of the most beautiful, accomplished and articulate married women f r o m across California came together on Saturday evening at the Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach & Marina Hotel to compete for the coveted title of Mrs. California-America. The panel of judges selected Giselle Uffens of San Diego as Mrs. California-America 2009. Giselle will now go on to compete with 50 other State winners (all States plus the District of Columbia) for the title of Mrs. America 2009. Mrs. America will take place on September 8th at the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson, AZ.

For 34 years Mrs. America, the renowned nationally televised competition, has been recognizing the extraordinarily beautiful, poised, articulate and versatile married women of the United States of America. Mrs. America represents the 70 million married women of our country during her year long reign, speaking to and for our country’s Greatest Natural Resource and most important constituency – its married women. The winner of Mrs. America will represent the United States of America at Mrs. World competition which will be broadcast live f r o m Vang Tau, Vietnam on November 22, 2009. Married women in California can find Information about becoming a contestant for Mrs. America at www.MrsCalifornia-America.com and at www.MrsAmerica.com.

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The Babylon Productions Wedding Center Will Provide You With The Best Arrangements To Celebrate The Gala Occasion Of Your Life

Wedding is not an occasion with which any individual would like to compromise. The sacred communion of two souls is celebrated at the presence of all the loved ones and friends on this day. Hence almost all the couples wish to do something innovative and unique for the arrangements of this gala occasion. Often it is not at all easy to find a lavish wedding management company within the budget which will contain all the facilities that you are looking for. But there is no need to search the Internet for the available options or ask friends and colleagues for suggestions.

The Babylon Productions Wedding Center is one organization and they provide all inclusive service packages which can help you with great deal of savings along with the best possible arrangements. They employ the most competent staffs in order to look after all the various fields of arrangements. Michael Ghanim Rafi, Rasha, Dino- all of them has extensive experience in the fields of videography, photography, DJ and many more. They use the best quality equipments for the wedding photography and video shooting. As a matter of fact they consider photography as a tool to capture the best moments of the day so that you can relive them again and again through out your lifetime.

For all other services that you require for the wedding, you can always refer to Babylon Productions Wedding Center. The company is named after the city of Babylon which bears a rich cultural heritage and history. You can expect the same richness and glamour in your wedding which is definitely a unique experience indeed. Arrangements for cruise weddings are also offered here. Dresses, cakes, wedding favors, wedding invitations are all organized by this wedding center and that also at unbeatable rates. You can get in touch with them directly through their website. The testimonials and gallery featured here accounts for the credibility of the company.

Toronto has some spectacular locations for wedding photography, unspoiled beaches and secluded bays and inlets. The natural beauty of the city and particularly the southern lakeshore area is truly breathtaking. With the waters of Lake Ontario it’s hard to imagine that vacationers will not want to return again and again. Babylon Photography is a video and photography production company that can arrange for your wedding at one of these locations for a truly rememberable wedding.

Thatís why people like to do their weddings in Toronto and Video Babylon for their photography and video needs. They want to arrange their Wedding Reception in Toronto to be memorable and Babylon Video is the right choice. Usually, every wedding reception in Toronto comprise Bridal Fashions, Cakes & Candies, Catering, Ceremony Sites, Counseling, Dance Instruction, Decorations, Disc Jockeys, Favors, Flowers, Gifts, Health & Beauty, Honeymoons, Invitations, Jewelers, Live Music, Wedding Photographers in Cyprus, Reception Facilities, etc. However, everything has its own inhibited cost that makes it an obvious hassle to manage.

So waste no more time and go through the website that entails their success stories and past achievements. This is an assurance that they will make such wedding arrangements that you will cherish the moments forever.

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Free Lottery App For iPhone And iPod Touch By Lottery.co.uk

Lottery.co.uk, the UK’s favourite independent lottery website, has announced the launch of its new lottery application for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The new free lottery application can be downloaded via the iTunes Apps Store and boasts a number of features that will be useful to anyone who plays the National Lottery.

Features include the delivery of the most recent Lottery numbers direct to the iPhone or iPod Touch, on which the App is installed. It doesn’t matter where users are or what they are doing – they can now find out whether or not they have won a Lotto jackpot, or any other prize, without any fuss, within minutes of the draw taking place. All users have to do is select the ‘Latest Lottery Result’ option f r o m the main menu and the information will be displayed instantly.

Another option is the ‘Check My Ticket’ function which allows any set of Lotto numbers to be checked automatically. Simply by entering their chosen lottery numbers, the App will show the user exactly how many of those numbers were matched in the last few draws. If they want to see how those same numbers fared in less recent draws, they can simply click the Next Page button and scroll through results for the last six months. This should prove handy for anyone who happens to find an old ticket down the back of a sofa.

The new Lottery.co.uk App also features a ‘Random Ticket Generator’. This will display a randomly generated selection of six numbers onto the iPhone or iPod Touch screen. These can then be used, or by simply clicking ‘A New Random Ticket’, an alternative entry can be generated.

The new App will even allow users to view Lotto results right back to when the National Lottery was launched in the UK in 1994. These archived results are categorised for easy navigation, with options to view the last six months or select any year f r o m 2009 back to the start.

The new Lottery.co.uk App for iPhone and iPod Touch packs plenty of useful features, looks sleek and is available for free for anyone who downloads it f r o m the iTunes Store, with an iPhone Help guide available on the Lottery.co.uk site.

“Lottery.co.uk has been providing a wealth of free lottery information for years, and we will continue to do so,” said spokesman Sam Werren. “The development of this new application for the iPhone and iPod Touch is something that we are very excited about, and making it available for free means that lottery players can take even more control of their lottery participation for no additional outlay.”

About Lottery.co.uk
Lottery.co.uk is a truly independent lottery web site that provides lottery players with everything they need to get the most f r o m their favourite hobby. Check the latest lottery results for all National Lottery games, read all about the latest lottery news stories, make use of an informative articles archive and much more.

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Ex-EastEnder And Strictly Come Dancing Star, Chris Parker, Will Be Joining Gala TV From Friday, 5 June 2009

During his first month, Chris who is best known for his role alongside Shane Richie as Spencer Moon in EastEnders, will launch ‘Soap Star Bingo’ – an exclusive new show on the popular live bingo channel.

gala tv

Each week a different soap star will join Chris on the Friday evening show, which will be broadcast throughout June between 8-9pm on Sky and Freesat channel 861 as well as webstreamed on the Gala Bingo website.

During the unique live studio-based show that offers a high level of viewer interaction, players will get the chance to find out a bit more about the stars by emailing and texting in their questions. The hour-long show will also feature a special ‘soap-themed’ bingo game that will be called each week by Chris’ surprise guest.

“I love bingo and live television so I’m really looking forward to becoming part of the whole Gala TV community and interacting with the players,” said Chris. “I have enjoyed presenting on shows such as This Morning, MTV, CD:UK and my live movie show in LA. I am currently presenting E24 for BBC News but Gala TV is a very different ball game (quite literally)”

Paul Tremain, director of programmes for Gala TV, said: “We’re delighted to be welcoming Chris to the team. He is a true professional with bags of enthusiasm. I know he’ll be a real hit with our viewers.”

Gala TV viewers can play a variety of bingo through the webstream on www.galabingo.com or by simply using their Sky remote control red button. Gala TV broadcasts 24 hours a day. AutoBingo is available throughout the day with live bingo running from 6pm to 2am.


About Gala TV:
Gala TV awards 200,000 winners a year and gives away approximately £20,000 each night in prize money. Gala TV is owned and operated by the Gala (Alderney) Limited a subsidiary of Gala Coral Group.

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Virgin Games Delivers The Ultimate Gaming Experience

Virgin Games, the online gaming service, announces that it has centralised its offerings and has become an operating company in its own right working from one common platform. This development will provide a streamlined customer experience by offering players the opportunity to play across multiple gaming products using a central sign on solution and a single Virgin Games wallet. The operation of Virgin Games gaming service was formerly outsourced to three different operators; Wagerworks for Casino; Boss Media for Poker and St.Minver for Bingo. The operation on the new Virgin Games platform has now been taken in-house and will be managed centrally from their head office in Guernsey.

Virgin Games

With the Virgin customer experience being of core importance, players now only need to register once to become a Virgin Games player and browse seamlessly through all of the games at Virgin Poker, Virgin Casino and Virgin Bingo. Additionally, under the new system, Virgin players will be able to play for bonus promotions and Virgin Games loyalty points, V-Points, across all games offered.

The strategic shift to become a fully fledged gaming operator has taken place at Virgin Games over the last 18 months. The company now operates using two gaming licenses held in Alderney and Malta and runs an in-house customer service call centre as well as owning and co-ordinating player databases and payment processing systems. The 24/7 customer experience solution will bring all consumer touch points together in-house including telephone, email and web-chat communication resulting in greater control, improved efficiency and an all round excellent customer experience.

Simon Burridge, CEO Virgin Games, comments: “In developing and taking ownership of the new customer experience program, we have focused on creating the best possible value and service for our customers. Here at Virgin Games, we live and breathe the Virgin brand values and feel taking the customer service department in-house and integrating all three gaming services allows us to continue to deliver the unique Virgin experience that our customers have come to expect.”

“Our players have told us that they would like to see a wider range of games at Virgin Games and we intend to give them exactly what they’re looking for. There have been some very exciting new games brought into the market recently and we look forward to introducing them into the Virgin Games product offering” said Burridge.


About Virgin Games
Virgin Games launched in June 2004 and has quickly established itself as one of the leading gaming websites in the UK. Virgin Games comprises four distinct offerings:

– Virgin Casino, part of the Wagerworks network, brings consumers classic casino offerings like blackjack and roulette, as well as great feature slots like Monopoly, Cluedo, Dungeons and Dragons Fortress of Fortunes(TM) and the highly popular MegaJackpots progressive games, with a seeding value of Pounds Sterling 1,500,000

– Virgin Poker, part of the Boss Media network, offers a huge array of games and content for beginners through to experienced pros Texas Hold emFive card Stud Poker and more – as well as the most generous loyalty scheme in the industry

– Virgin Bingo, part of the Virtue Fusion network, offers cash prizes worth thousands of pounds in the progressive jackpots, as well as Virgin prize bingo and a range of unique Virgin Games bingo games.

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