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Jeff Martin (The Tea Party) Produces Exquisite Debut EP for New Australian Indie Duo, Secret Solis, with Terepai Richmond (The Whitlams) on the Drums

Adelaide, Australia, 2017-May-18 — /EPR ENTERTAINMENT NEWS/ — Between sold out tours of Australia and Canada in 2016, Jeff Martin (The Tea Party) invited new Australian indie folk / rock duo Secret Solis to record their debut EP, “Deep Down” at River House Studios near Byron Bay. The sessions produced a five track album of indie folk / rock anthems, the tracks resonating with both Led Zeppelin’s driving acoustic rock and the ethereal ballads of Pink Floyd. Jeff’s eastern palette adds an eclectic flavour to the EP that is reminiscent of his early albums with The Tea Party, as in Splendor Solis and Edges of Twilight. Terepai Richmond (The Whitlams) joins the line up on drums providing a John Bonham / Ginger Baker style foundation for the albums songs.

When asked to describe the project Martin says “I have been waiting for years to produce a sound like this at River House Studios. Of all the production work I have done over the last 25 years, including my work with The Tea Party, Secret Solis’ EP “Deep Down” is in the top five of work that I am most proud of.”

Secret Solis was formed in 2012 when established Cairns-based singer/songwriter, Kian Eder met Cally Pysden, a pianist and singer/songwriter from Adelaide. Before meeting Cally, Kian’s music was heavily influenced by Pink Floyd, The Tea Party, A Perfect Circle, and acoustic rock cross-over artists like Ben Harper. Collaborating with Cally added a new dimension to Kian’s vision, elevating the music to new heights with her soaring ethereal vocals the likes of Enya, Dido, Sia and Amy-Lee. Enter Jeff Martin as producer and musician using production techniques straight out of Jimmy Page’s playbook, and Terepai Richmond (The Whitlams) on drums and you have a special magic happening in the mix.

Martin agreed to produce the band after hearing only a small section of their demo, “Speechless Soul” and the rest is history. Jeff plays all the heavy guitars and solos, hurdy gurdy and synths including his boutique theremin. He also lends his voice to the band’s debut single, “Sunshine”. The second single, “Are You Listening?” features Jeff playing an old school rock solo unlike many have ever heard.

Both singles are now available at secretsolis.bandcamp.com

When asked what the songs are about Kian says “The songs are based on our personal experiences but ultimately we are aiming to create relatable themes that resonate with everyone. We want this music to heal, uplift and empower people to face and overcome the many challenges of life as our favourite music has done for us.”

The Debut EP “Deep Down” will be released via bandcamp on the 16th of June, 2017.

Secret Solis are currently seeking expressions of interest from record labels, managers and booking agents to take the project to the next level.
Secret Solis EPK

“Beautiful, warm and rich vocal harmonies. Makes me feel like crying, dancing and laughing. These guys really have something.” – Producer, James Sanger (Dido, Sinead O’Connor, Annie Lennox, U2, The Cure, Madonna)
Contact-Details: Company: Secret Solis

Contact: Kian Eder

Phone: +61 4 3152 2362 // +61 8 8956 2955 // +61 8 8956 8956

Website: secretsolis.com

EPK: http://onepagelink.com/secretsolis/

Sales: https://secretsolis.bandcamp.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/secretsolis/

Email: music@secretsolis.com

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Norwegian rock legend Gudny Aspaas to launch her new album in Oslo on April 5 at the Rockefeller Music Hall

OSLO, Norway, 07-Jan-2017 — /EPR ENTERTAINMENT NEWS/ — Tickets for the concert are now on sale, and can be ordered through www.gudnyaspaas.com which also features samples from “No Stranger”. The concert will also feature tracks from Gudny’s back catalog.

“The concert and album are the culmination of several months of work – and I’m thrilled with how “No Stranger” has turned out,” said Gudny. “I was lucky to work with some incredibly talented musicians and a wonderful team, and the result is, I think, the best work I’ve ever produced. I’m really looking forward to being back on stage, and I can’t wait for people to hear the new album in April.”

“No Stranger” is representative of the eclecticism of Gudny’s extensive career in music, with all of her – and her musicians’ – many talents represented in tracks such as the vocally complex “Galactic Child” (which allows her to show off her distinctive voice) through the eloquent piano/vocal piece “Hello Again” to the classic rock ‘n’ roll of “You Can Run”. From haunting simplicity to wall of sound, “No Stranger” fully demonstrates the breadth and depth of Gudny’s musical genius and her pioneering versatility as a composer and performer.

Gudny represented Norway four times in the Eurovision Song Contest, and fronted iconic progressive rock group Ruphus in the 1970s, returning for a reunion in the 1990s and again in 2010 – also at the Rockefeller Music Hall. Ruphus’s “New Born Day” was voted as one of the top 50 best Norwegian albums ever made. She has also released numerous solo singles and albums.

Originally from Meråker but now living in Oslo, Gudny comes from a musical family in which almost every member could play an instrument. Singing shyly for her family from the age of four, she and three friends formed “The Singing Goats” at the age of 12, supporting their vocals with guitars and tambourine. Having won a music competition, she released her first single in 1969.

Gudny is also a supremely talented creative artist, working mainly in silver jewellery. She graduated from the Statens Kunst og Håndverksskole (State Academy of Craft and Art Industry) and now has her “Silverland” gallery/workshop in the centre of Oslo near the Slottsparken.

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A new band has come to life: PlanEscape

PlanEscape is releasing an E.P. including 5 songs which are a part of their first album named after the Band’s name, PlanEscape.

PlanEscape is the sound of a band coming of age.
It is a warm and live-sounding collection of classic but contemporary Post-Brit Rock. The new E.P. includes soaring strings, uplifting harmonies, and soulful lyrics. There are nods of electronic as well as oriental influences as the band experimented with different instruments including oud and bouzouki.

You are welcome to visit our new website: www.planescapeband.com and listen to the music.

The songs can be purchased online at PlanEscape’s official website and on iTunes.

iTunes store:

Also, PlanEscape is releasing along with their new E.P. their first Video Clip to the song “How Many”. Watch and rate it on Youtube and on the official band’s website.

PlanEscape YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/user/PlanescapeMusic.

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Black Velvet Deluxe – Named Among The Top Indie Rock Bands To Watch This Year

Black Velvet Deluxe, still soaking up the accolades from being chosen among the top 12 indie rock bands to watch in 2010, is set to prove the music writer right when they take the stage at the iconic Cat Club on Friday, February 5 at 10:15 PM.

Since it’s Feline Friday over at the Cat Club, the band couldn’t miss out on one of their signature ‘treat our lady fans right night,’ so they’re at it again, cooking up a special surprise. The first 25 lovely ladies in the door to listen to BLACK VELVET DELUXE will be presented with a BLACK VELVET pouch with a purr-fectly DELUXE treat inside.

“How could we not acknowledge the month of love with a little somethin’ for the felines in the house?” asked the bands’ Vocalist, Carlos Castenada. “And we all know how the ladies like gifts, so me and my band mates will have presents for the first 25 ladies who come to Cat Club to party with BLACK VELVET DELUXE on Feb 5.”

The doors open at 7:30PM, with Black Velvet Deluxe taking the stage at 10:15 to get the weekend started.

Check out the sounds of Black Velvet Deluxe at www.BlackVelvetDeluxe.com

ABOUT BLACK VELVET DELUXE:BLACK VELVET DELUXE takes you straight back to rock’s pure roots. Great hooks, mesmerizing drum beats, driving chords & powerful lyrics pay homage to the pioneers of sleaze rock. New fans are lured in and die-hard rock fans are intrigued as BLACK VELVET DELUXE redefines raucous, gritty rock-n-roll.

ABOUT THE CAT CLUB: The Cat Club is located @ 8911 West Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA. Smack dab in the center of the legendary Sunset Strip. The club is a popular rock/pop venue that is frequented by locals and the famous alike. Slim Jim Phantom of the famed Stray Cats is part owner of the club.

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