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Norwegian rock legend Gudny Aspaas to launch her new album in Oslo on April 5 at the Rockefeller Music Hall

OSLO, Norway, 07-Jan-2017 — /EPR ENTERTAINMENT NEWS/ — Tickets for the concert are now on sale, and can be ordered through www.gudnyaspaas.com which also features samples from “No Stranger”. The concert will also feature tracks from Gudny’s back catalog.

“The concert and album are the culmination of several months of work – and I’m thrilled with how “No Stranger” has turned out,” said Gudny. “I was lucky to work with some incredibly talented musicians and a wonderful team, and the result is, I think, the best work I’ve ever produced. I’m really looking forward to being back on stage, and I can’t wait for people to hear the new album in April.”

“No Stranger” is representative of the eclecticism of Gudny’s extensive career in music, with all of her – and her musicians’ – many talents represented in tracks such as the vocally complex “Galactic Child” (which allows her to show off her distinctive voice) through the eloquent piano/vocal piece “Hello Again” to the classic rock ‘n’ roll of “You Can Run”. From haunting simplicity to wall of sound, “No Stranger” fully demonstrates the breadth and depth of Gudny’s musical genius and her pioneering versatility as a composer and performer.

Gudny represented Norway four times in the Eurovision Song Contest, and fronted iconic progressive rock group Ruphus in the 1970s, returning for a reunion in the 1990s and again in 2010 – also at the Rockefeller Music Hall. Ruphus’s “New Born Day” was voted as one of the top 50 best Norwegian albums ever made. She has also released numerous solo singles and albums.

Originally from Meråker but now living in Oslo, Gudny comes from a musical family in which almost every member could play an instrument. Singing shyly for her family from the age of four, she and three friends formed “The Singing Goats” at the age of 12, supporting their vocals with guitars and tambourine. Having won a music competition, she released her first single in 1969.

Gudny is also a supremely talented creative artist, working mainly in silver jewellery. She graduated from the Statens Kunst og Håndverksskole (State Academy of Craft and Art Industry) and now has her “Silverland” gallery/workshop in the centre of Oslo near the Slottsparken.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

iCadenza And APAP Present Innovative Panel On Relationships Between Musicians, Managers, And Presenters

The Association of Performing Arts Presenters and iCadenza present a ground-breaking interactive panel discussion and workshop at APAP|NYC 2014 Annual Conference, the largest annual gathering of performing arts professionals in the world.

“The Blueprint: What Managers, Artists and Presenters Want in the 21st Century,” is a forum/workshop led by iCadenza and a panel of industry experts. Managers, presenters, and artists will come together to:
• Demystify the process of artist management and artist selection by venues
• Discuss proper business and negotiation etiquette
• Learn how to understand the 21st century audience

Using the design thinking methods pioneered at IDEO and Stanford University, forum participants will create new norms for the relationship between managers, artists, and presenters of the millennial generation, to result in more innovative and collaborative practices that will propel the performing arts into the future. The ultimate goal of the forum is to develop a process for how this collaboration can lead the industry to provide more unique and meaningful experiences for audiences, debunking the traditional roles and stereotypes of managers, artists, and presenters and presenting alternatives for forging stronger relationships among the three.

Panelists include Jeremy Byrd (Director of Production for Performing Arts Fort Worth), artistic director Andrew Cyr, conductor Jonathan Tessero, harpist Bridget Kibbey, violinist Quinton Morris, violinist and member of the award-winning Aeolus Quartet Rachel Shapiro, Greg Kastelman (Booking Coordinator at Cadenza Artists), and Lindsay Kratz (Artist Representative at Baylin Artists).

The workshop will take place on Friday, January 10th from 9am to noon in the Beekman Parlor on the second floor of the New York Hilton Midtown Hotel (1335 Avenue of the Americas, NY, NY 10019), and is free and open to the public. Pre-registration information is available at:

iCadenza is a fast-growing arts consulting firm based in Los Angeles, offering career resources to emerging and established musicians. iCadenza has presented workshops at the Opera America Conference, the Chamber America Conference and the Arts Northwest Booking Conference, to name a few. The company’s mission is to empower musicians in the 21st century by teaching and instilling entrepreneurial principles into the pursuit of a performance career. iCadenza offers consulting for individuals, ensembles, and non-profit organizations, as well as workshops, online courses, and editing and design services.www.icadenza.com.

The champion for the performing arts sector since 1957, the Association of Performing Arts Presenters (APAP) supports and educates today’s and tomorrow’s performing arts leaders. APAP is dedicated to making the arts vibrant, sustainable, and accessible, and to moving the industry forward. “We help connect artists to audiences.” – Mario Garcia Durham, President and CEO. For more information on the annual conference, visitwww.apapnyc.org. For more information on APAP membership, visit www.apap365.org. Follow APAP at @APAP365 and #APAPNYC.

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Munite.net is Uniting the Music World

Munite is truly revolutionizing the music world. It stands out among other music sites as a platform that connects everyone who is integral to the process of music creation and consumption. From the musicians and vocalists, to the engineers in the sound booth, to record labels, agents, managers and finally to the listeners, Munite offers a role for all music lovers.

Munite offers an array of features beyond just the conventional track, video, and picture hosting which it is quite adept at too. Munite makes it easy for aspiring musicians to kick- start their music career. Artists can promote their work to eager fans and labels who are continuously searching for great new music. With the Build a Band™ feature, Munite makes it easy to build your own band from a list of instrument-specific musicians in your area. Just a few clicks and members are in touch with potential bandmates. Another few clicks and members can be booking time with a music instructor or a new student. If that student needs to buy a guitar, it can be found in the classified ad section of the site. Jam sessions can be found and arranged through Munite as well.

Munite also provides musicians a unique and creative component for music collaboration, Mumiix™. Mumiix™ is an open access tool to create, mix, and share music in ways that were previously unimaginable. Mumiix™ makes it possible for beatboxers from Brooklyn to collaborate with classical guitarists from Spain. Mumiix™ provides the tools to make it happen online, without the limitations of geographical boundaries. Anyone can take part in a Mumiix™ project by simply inviting others or requesting invitations to join other members’ Mumiix™ projects. Even labels, managers, and producers can be a part of the virtual collaboration so that everyone works together to get the end result off the ground, on the airwaves, and onto the stage.

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Hidden Amongst You Is The Proverbial Uncut Diamond That Just Requires A Bit Of Polishing That Will Help Uncover Its True Value

Partyaccessaxa.net, the site that embodies the culture of Anguilla the best, has announced a new contest seeking to identify hidden talent and potential that has not been able to find expression due to lack of opportunity. They call it the “Diamond in the Rough Contest” to metaphorically drive home the concept of picking up a rough diamond and giving it the required polish to make it shine.

The site is encouraging the people of Anguilla to nominate someone they feel best typifies this idea and accordingly rush their nominations to the site by submitting into the forum or by emailing the names and by posting the picture on FaceBook.

The site will then provide the necessary guidance and assistance to enable that person reveal her hidden talent. This contest ends on the 22nd of Dec and the winner will be uncovered on the 26th of Dec 2009. The winner shall be rewarded by way of a total makeover of hair, clothing and skin besides a free night out.

About www.partyaccessaxa.netwww.anguillaaccess.com
This site has developed a reputation of showcasing the activities taking place at Anguilla and of promoting it as a hot tourist destination to the world. The site boasts of keeping itself updated about anything happening on this idyllic island and prides itself in presenting it to the outside world through excellent SEO management systems.

A number of promotions and contests  have already been highlighted and more are on the way. If it is happening at Anguilla, you are sure to hear about it on www.partyaccessaxa.netwww.anguillaaccess.com.

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Baltimore Movie Premiere of ‘The Lift’ at The Charles Theater on December 21st

Studio5 announced tickets are now on sale for the upcoming premiere of the shockumentary, The Lift. The film is an account of two young filmmakers in Baltimore City who attempt to make a documentary about the artists and musicians that share a building, but they stumble upon a rumor that changes their plans entirely. The premiere is Monday, December 21st at 7pm at The Charles Theater located at 1711 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD. Tickets for the premiere are $10.00 and available online at www.TheLiftMovie.com and in person at Cyclops Bookstore at 30 W. North Avenue, Baltimore MD.

Brady Starr, Writer and Director of The Lift, was voted “Best Visual Artist” by the City Paper’s 2008 Reader’s Poll . The Lift cast includes: Mason Ross, Dylan Lee Brady, Hank Drinkwater, James Wolff, Carabella Sands, and Florentina Duran. The film’s Executive Producer is Steven Starr.

A press call will be held before the premiere at The Charles Theater at 6:30pm. A reception will follow the screening at 10pm at The Windup Space, located at 12 W. North Ave., Baltimore, MD.

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Historic Cirque Room of the Fairmont Hotel Sings Again Cabaret at the Cirque, a Sing Out Loud Concert – SOLD OUT

The Sing Out Loud! Performance Workshop for Singers will present Cabaret at the Cirque, a cabaret concert hosted by master teachers Lua Hadar, Linda Kosut and Barry Lloyd. The concert brings music back to the historic Cirque Room at San Francisco’s renowned Fairmont Hotel this Saturday, November 21, at 7:30 pm. Sing Out Loud! is an 8-week master class culminating in a final concert, produced by Kitchenette Productions,. This Saturday’s concert features Kikelomo Adedeji, Paul Arleo, Joe Cohen, Diane Cohen, Cortez,

Louise deBlanc, Maria Diamond, Jonathan Francis, Mary Haley Young, Jamie Mamikunian, Ann-Marie Olsson, Jessica Richman and Elena Ruggiero. The concert sold out even before announced. Co-founder of Kitchenette Productions, Lua Hadar, noted “the excitement around performing at the Fairmont has brought us thirteen of the most avid and talented performers in the Bay Area. Each student has gone way beyond expectations.” Co-producer/Teacher Linda Kosut noted “singers from all levels benefit from the class, as each performer is encouraged to reach his or her own ‘next level.’” Music Director/Teacher Barry Lloyd is the third piece in this dynamic teaching triangle. In the Sing Out Loud class, students work on songs in a master class setting, addressing interpretation of lyrics, stage presence, mic technique, verbal introduction to a song, how to work with instrumentalists, selling the song in performance, designing a one-man/woman show. Sing Out Loud’s 8-class Winter Session will begin Tuesday, February 2, with specific Tuesday dates and location to be announced. For information & registration contact info@kitchenetteproductions.com.

San Francisco vocalists LUA HADAR and LINDA KOSUT are co-founders of KITCHENETTE PRODUCTIONS. Their longtime collaborator, BARRY LLOYD, known as the Crown Prince of Cabaret, is a master accompanist and vocal entertainer. All three of these jazz/cabaret vocalist-entertainers have established reputations for their individual nationally and internationally acclaimed performances.

For further information:
email: info@kitchenetteproductions.com
Kitchenette Productions: www.kitchenetteproductions.com
Lua Hadar – www.luahadar.com
Linda Kosut – www.lindakosut.com
Barry Lloyd – www.myspace.com/barrylloydsf
Fairmont Hotel – www.fairmont.com/sanfrancisco

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Lancashire Is The Fame Capital Of The UK

As the UK is in the grip of X-factor fever, 1Click2Fame reveals the fame capital of the UK is Lancashire producing more superstars per capita than anywhere else in the country.

The FAME500 Talent Map is a comprehensive depiction of where Britain ‘s shining stars spent their younger years. F r o m Ozzy Osborne to Leona Lewis, Guy Ritchie to Lilly Allen, the search canvassed famous musicians and actors across the nation to reveal the nation’s hot and cold talent spots. The results were based on how many celebrities each county produced in relation to its population.

The Fame500 reveals major cities aren’t the only talent hotspots, every corner of Britain has its own superstars. Colin Firth originally came f r o m the tiny town of Grayshott in Hampshire. Duffy’s homeland Nefyne in Wales has a population of a mere 2,619 people whilst Will Young and Nicholas Hoult (f r o m  bout a Boy) are both f r o m Wokingham Berkshire with a population of little over 30,000.

Accessibility to the lime light has always been an obstacle for those in pursuit of celebrity. In an effort to encourage raw talent, 1Click2Fame is partnering Tesco to give Britons across the UK their chance to have 15 minutes of fame and continue their hunt for Britain ‘s brightest stars through the installation of state of the art mobile audition studios outside Tesco stores across the UK.

Jonathan Lakin at 1Click2Fame said , “The results of the FAME500 Talent Map prove what has always been suspected, the UK ‘s talent base is deep, wide ranging and can spring f r o m the most unlikely of places. By creating these audition pods with Tesco and taking them to hundreds of cities across the UK , we hope we will be unlocking potential that no other talent search has been able to reach.”

The state of the art HD Green Screen technology inside the Pods allows users to create their own professional performance videos – anything f r o m singing, dancing, comedy – the only limit being the performer’s imagination. Once recorded, all Pod users will be emailed the video to share with friends and fans and if they think they’ve got the fame factor, their video can also be entered in to the competition at 1Click2Fame.com. The website, already viewed by hundreds of thousands of people, is where hopefuls will be assessed by industry professionals and the public alike – with the aim of spotting, nurturing and rewarding talent. So the next stage is to get as many people as possible to vote online.

Rob Salter at Tesco commented , ‘It’s always good for a community to have young talent to rally around and support. The encouragement that all X Factor contestants get f r o m their home towns is a perfect example of how a community can come together and is exactly what we expect 1Click2Fame and Tesco’s own talent search to achieve. Hopefully with enough support some of those counties at the bottom of the FAME500 list will be able to play some catch up.’

Choosing f r o m thousands of backing tracks and using green screen technology to select f r o m hundreds of backgrounds, the public can tailor their performance to their own exacting demands – with studio quality recording equipment capturing the performance perfectly. Contestants then stand the chance to win big cash prizes, receive vital coaching, studio-time and management advice to help them become the next big thing. 1Click2Fame has already given away more than £150,000 in prizes as a result of this music, dance and singing competition.

So, gone are the days when it was obligatory to pack up, ship out and settle into a one bedroom studio-flat just for a chance at being discovered. Fame and fortune now lie on everyone’s doorstep, or at least as near as their closest Tesco.

The talent search will be kicking off in Coventry on the 12 th of November at Tesco Coventry Arena, Arena Shopping Centre, before completing a nationwide tour. For more information please go to www.1click2fame.com.

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International Vocalist Lua Hadar Heads To San Francisco’s Stylish Bliss Bar

Fresh from a success in Paris and a sell-out debut of her new show, French Connection, at San Francisco’s Rrazz Room, internationally acclaimed jazz vocalist Lua Hadar appears with music director Jason Martineau in the Bliss Bar’s Sunday Afternoon Jazz Series: The Art of the Duo, curated by Yugoslavian-born jazz great, Larry Vuckovich. Multi-lingual vocalist Hadar and pianist Martineau play three sets of internationally-flavored jazz with some surprise guests. The Bliss Bar, in the heart of San Francisco’s Noe Valley neighborhood, is stylish, yet unpretentious, like the Paris jazz bistro-caves of the ’50s. Sunday, November 22, from 4:30-7:30 pm, $10 cover. Bliss Bar, 4026 24th Street, San Francisco. (415) 826-6200. Free Parking.

International Vocalist Lua Hadar Heads To San Francisco’s Stylish Bliss Bar

Lua Hadar sings “jazz without borders,” influenced by pop, funk, Latin and international cabaret. This astonishingly talented, Broadway-influenced performer has garnered raves for her soaring range, her charming, swinging delivery, and her ability to interpret lyrics in several languages. Hadar’s love for The Great American Songbook, her appreciation for new songwriting, and her fascination with world cultures influence her music. Lua’s style as a vocalist has been molded by exchange experiences in places as diverse as Bali, Russia, Switzerland, Japan, Thailand, France and Italy. Her interest in world cultures is reflected in the sophisticated song choices for her high-octane band, TWIST. The multi-lingual singer and her band were presented at the 10th International Festival of Dance & Music in Bangkok, Thailand, a year ago, following the successful New York City debut of their latest CD, Lua Hadar with TWIST, at Broadway’s Iridium Jazz Club. More info at www.luahadar.com.

…a real vocalist with some long range and power – Jazz USA
…vivacious brand of jazz…inspired…swinging…cool – Luna Kafé, Sweden
…seductive… polished vocal phrasing… irresistible – Blast Radio 1386, UK
…stunning…sheer beauty… she rocked! – Cabaret Scenes, New York City

Nightlife/Cabaret listings:
WHO: Vocalist Lua Hadar with pianist Jason Martineau
WHAT: Sunday Afternoon Jazz Series: The Art of the Duo
WHEN: Sunday, November 22, from 4:30-7:30 pm
WHERE: Bliss Bar, 4026 24th Street, San Francisco, CA 94114. Free Parking.
COVER: $10
PHONE: (415) 826-6200.
WEB: http://www.blissbarsf.com
YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/luahadar

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Tangerine Masters Feelies Re-Issues for Bar-None

Tangerine Mastering is proud to have recently re-mastered two classic albums: Crazy Rhythms and The Good Earth by the Feelies, critically acclaimed alt rockers that had a powerful influence on the sound of indie music for the 1980s and beyond.

Tangerine Masters Feelies Re-Issues for Bar-None

Both albums were re-mastered by Andreas Meyer at Tangerine Mastering in Weehawken N.J. The sessions were attended by band members Glenn Mercer and Bill Million who closely supervised the reworking of their classic albums. Meyer utilized Tangerine’s original Abbey Road EMI Mastering console to give the CD and LP an appropriate warm analog feel. Separate masters were created for both the CD and VINYL releases. Both re-issues are available on Bar-none records. (www.bar-none.com)


But oh the glorious sound. I am not someone who relaxes on an animal hides in front of four-foot tall speakers and compares the relative merits of recordings, but I will tell you that these remasters sound fantastic– crisp, nuanced, and all kinds of other luxurious adjectives. Apparently, there’s a dog barking the background of The Good Earth interlude “When Company Comes”. Someone mumbles during the guitar break on “Let’s Go”. And the coat rack, as clear and unexpected as ever. — PITCHFORK – Mike Powell, September 2009

The Feelies Crazy Rhythms’ four and a half stars — ROLLING STONE September 2009

I will admit to a small amount of consternation when I first learned that the vinyl reissues of Crazy Rhythms and The Good Earth would not be mastered from the original analog master tapes. Now that I have actually heard them, I will also admit that any sense of concern about that was totally misplaced and misguided. Major kudos are due to Andreas Meyer from Tangerine Mastering for the magic he has worked in remastering these albums for vinyl. —FLOWERING TOILET – Pete Bilderback September 2009

I was hard pressed to hear any differences between a Stiff original pressing —WE ARE HUNTED – the 99 most popular songs in the world right now

Update on two essential albums mentioned earlier. It’s been a good month. First, The Feelies’ Crazy Rhythms (Stiff Records, 1980) is reissued by Bar/None on vinyl and the sound is incredible. Andreas Meyer at Tangerine Mastering in Weehawken, you’re a genius. — ALBUMS THAT HOLD UP – Bryan Sinclair OCTOBER 2009

For more information contact Tangerine Mastering at 201 865 1000

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Mixposure.com Teams up with Stratege Guitars, Cakewalk and Sam Ash

Mixposure today announced that they are teaming up with Stratege` Guitars, Cakewalk by Roland and Sam Ash Music for the Ultimate Gear Giveaway. The online music directory and it’s sponsors are running a song contest through December 7th. The $5000 prize value giveaway features a hand-crafted, custom shop Statege` guitar, recording software from Cakewalk and various other items.

Musicians registered at MIXposure® are putting their best foot forward, by entering their chosen songs in a “Battle of the Bands”-type competition. Points will be awarded by listener voting, and the top five bands with the most votes advance to the final selection process. The finals will be judged by an independent panel of professionals in the music industry.

Membership for artists and listeners is free, requiring only a brief registration. Songs can be uploaded to the artist page provided, and artists can make use of space and tools provided by the site to promote their song and encourage listener participation. Details for the contest are available by visiting www.mixposure.com, and viewing the contest promotion information on the main artist (portal) page. Visiting the site and listening to the music does not require registration, however contest entry, free music downloads and voting do require membership.

Mixposure.com is an online music directory, promoting independent artists and their music, providing entertaining and interactive internet radio programming seven days a week, and free music downloads for the artist and listener membership. Forums are also provided for technical support and help with recording and mixing.

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The New Album By Paramore, The Grammy-Nominated Band, BRAND NEW EYES Is A Monumental Milestone In The Progression Of Alternative Music

Paramore The album, “brand new eyes” by the alternative band sensation Paramore was released September 29, 2009. Fans have lined-up all over the world for the newest ground-breaking and innovative Paramore CD. With a beautifully foreshadowing performance on MTV’s Unplugged, this album is certain to be Paramore’s biggest hit album to date. The official music video for the first single from the album, “Ignorance” aired on MTV on August 13, 2009.

Paramore has presence. With a nomination for Best Alternative for the 2009 MTV European Music Awards, it would seem that this band knows no bounds. It is evident from the “Brand New Eyes” album that the band has grown considerably to become more experienced musicians and deeper human beings. The sound is all Paramore with increased depth, feeling and candor.

Each of the eleven songs not only helps one see Paramore in a different way, but also alternative music in a whole new way. It is as though the Paramore Album has been able to induce a state of auditory synesthesia transforming every note and vocal expression into a visual array of bliss with a fresh alternative twist. It is clear that the Paramore CD is born out of profound reflection, faith and growing-up fast. There is still the hard hitting and soft contrast that has defined Paramore in the past done only with greater balance and refinement.

The hallmark of a great rock band is that they sound better live than they do on their albums; this is certainly true for Paramore. It is not a mark against the recording studio or the album, rather a tribute to true talent and musical abilities of the members. There is nothing worse than going to a show only to have less of an appreciation for the performers than before the show. This is not the case with Paramore. When this band is on tour, it is has a must see show. Not only do they sound great live, but the band also makes the stage overflow with charisma that is all their own. Paramore will be on tour from September 29, 2009 with shows in the United States, Canada, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, France, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Ireland. Many of the venues are already sold out.

The encouraging reception from the rest of the world is evidenced through the increased number of Paramore t-Shirts that are worn by band supporters and sold-out shows booked across the globe. The band is still young and is producing albums that are not only beyond their time, but also have the potential to become some of the greatest alternative albums of all time. Paramore is gaining momentum in the music industry and with their album, “Brand New Eyes” they are moving forward and taking the alternative rock music industry along with them.

The Grammy-nominated band Paramore kicked-off their debut album in 2005 titled, “All We Know Is Falling” followed by, “Riot!” in 2007. “Riot!” went platinum in the United States and gold in three other countries across two continents. The newest Paramore Album, “brand new eyes” will certainly be another platinum album. One can pick-up the new paramore cd online or at a local record store.

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Entertainment Agency Music For Scotland Will Be Hosting A Live Wedding Band Showcase At The Music Box

Entertainment agency Music for Scotland will be hosting a live wedding band showcase at the Music Box, Stevenson college, Edinburgh on Wednesday 14 th October, from 7.45pm.  There will be six of the agencies top bands performing live including The Strides, The Jammy devils, Cut the cake, Ceilidhdonia, Crannachan and Franco. Each band will perform for 15 minutes each giving the clients a real opportunity to listen to the bands playing live.  Music for Scotland recently invested in filming one of their previous wedding band showcases f r o m January this year so before coming to the live showcase you can go their website and see all of the bands highlighted above in High definition video at www.musicforscotland.co.uk.

Richard Lyon f r o m Music for Scotland says “We are really excited about using the Music Box at Edinburgh ‘s Stevenson College for the first time. He went on to say that “it is one of Edinburgh ‘s most prestigious purpose built music venues that can hold up to 220 people in its main auditorium and is fully equipped with a state of the art sound and light system.”

“We have been looking for a suitable venue for some time that would not only be a quality venue for potential customers to view the bands but would also recreate the feeling and atmosphere of a real wedding venue.  F r o m our past experience of hosting wedding band showcases feedback has always been very positive as it gives prospective clients the chance to see a variety of bands all under one roof”.

MFS1.jpg (360×274)

The Music for Scotland team will be on hand to answer any questions and a deal with booking enquiries.  To secure any of the bands f r o m the showcase a £50 booking fee will be required and can be paid by cash or cheque. Details on how to get to the venue can be found on the Stevenson College website.

Music for Scotland represents a selection of Scotland ‘s best live wedding bands, artists and DJs. Bands f r o m Glasgow, Edinburgh , Aberdeen , Dundee, Central Scotland and Fife are represented by the agency. To find the right band or entertainment for events, customers can browse the Music for Scotland website and submit a booking enquiry f r o m through the website. Music for Scotland provides a guarantee that every enquiry receives a reply within 24 hours.

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Lua Hadar Debuts “French Connection” With Her Band, TWIST, At San Francisco’s Rrazz Room

Multi-talented and multi-lingual singer Lua Hadar and her band TWIST will debut their new show, “French Connection,” at The Rrazz Room, Hotel Nikko Union Square, 222 Mason Street, San Francisco, on Sunday September 13 at 3 PM. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at www.therrazzroom.com or directly through www.ticketweb.com or 866-468-3399.

Lua Hadar, a unique and original vocalist with a soaring range, interprets lyrics in several languages with a charming, swinging delivery. Just back from a hit in Paris and following acclaimed performances in New York and Bangkok, Lua Hadar presents an afternoon of her signature “jazz without borders.” The show features new arrangements of international standards, original songs, and of course, lots of French tunes. “I was blown away by the appreciation of the Parisian public,” says Hadar, “and I am so inspired to sing the French music I collected.”

Lua Hadar sings jazz influenced by pop, funk, Latin and international cabaret. This astonishingly talented, Broadway-influenced performer has garnered raves around the world. Hadar’s love for The Great American Songbook, her appreciation for new songwriting, and her fascination with world cultures influence her music. Lua’s style as a vocalist has been molded by exchange experiences in places as diverse as Bali, Russia, Switzerland, Japan, Thailand, France and Italy. Her interest in world cultures is reflected in the sophisticated song choices for TWIST.

After graduating summa cum laude with a B.A. in Theatre Performance, Lua attended Manhattan’s celebrated Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre and The Dalcroze School of Music. As a young actress, she did everything from delivering singing telegrams dressed as a gorilla to appearing in Off Broadway shows. Her love for languages led to a 5-year residency in Italy, with a Verona-based Italian theatre company, where she played hundreds of performances on tour in Spain, Switzerland and all over Italy.

Her company, New Performance Group, produces original material and music performances, and delivers instruction in the performing arts.

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Click2Fame Online Talent Contest Gives Away £25,000 To Winning Quarter Finalist

Online Talent Contest – 1Click2Fame launches Boot Camp Competition has been intensifying recently on 1Click2Fame: the online talent competition that is scouring the internet for the next big thing.

Click2Fame Online Talent Contest

1Click2Fame was launched in December 2008 and is becoming increasingly popular with online artists. Giving away prizes of up to £100,000, it is not surprising that the quality of entrants is increasing day by day and has already been labelled the online version of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’.

Talented young dancers, musicians and variety performers f r o m across the UK have been battling it out, seeking votes and fans in an attempt to finish top within monthly competitions and secure their place at the Boot Camp quarter finals.

Thousands of performers have entered but only eleven talented quarterfinalists have been selected by the online voting public. Winners will spend the weekend perfecting their acts at LABAN, London’s premier contemporary dance school, where they will be given the opportunity to work alongside the following high calibre and experienced industry professional:

Stevie Lang – Vocal coach who has worked alongside Elton John, Lulu, Bryan Adams, Queen, Girls Aloud, Robbie Williams, and the Sugar Babes.
Ryan Chapman – Dance extraordinaire who performed at the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games.
Jayne Collins – Casting agent who has worked on TV shows such as Dirty Dancing, Green Wing, and music promos for stars such as The Pussy Cat Dolls.
Steve Weiner – Fresh new comedian who has recently won Hackney New Act of the year 2008, and has performed on BBC, Sky and channels 4 and 5.

At the end of the weekend the eleven performers will perform their final acts which will be judged by fans f r o m the website. One winning performer will receive £25,000 to help their campaign and secure a place in the April finals where £100,000 will be up for grabs.

Nicholas Steinberg, producer of ‘PopStars the Rivals’, the show that launched Girls Aloud, will be filming the stresses, strains and successes of the event which will all be available to view f r o m the website.

Jonathon Lakin, CEO of 1Click2Fame.com said:
“The standard of the entries on 1Click2Fame just keeps getting higher. It is extremely rewarding for us to be able to give such talented people the public platform they deserve and allow them to bring their performances to the widest audience possible through our website. Here at 1Click2Fame we are helping people turn their dreams into reality. The website acts as a stepping stone to help performers build their careers and a fan base. There are no losers at 1Click2Fame.”

Bands, singer/songwriters, magicians, and comedians will all be battling it out in the online talent competition to secure their place in the Final. The competition will be diverse, intense, and should make for some top quality entertainment. The quarter finalists have got talent in abundance and should put on a great performance.

For more info about the competition visit the 1Click2Fame blog at

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No More Author Societies For The Music Of OnClassical

Starts today the music licensing program of the audiophile record label OnClassical: the classical music may be sold with no more royalties (from traditional author societies / RIAA) and DRM (digital rights managments).

The Italian record company, OnClassical, has started his program of music licensing, where featured artists earn well 50%!

Purposes may be for music from:

* Video/Film/Documentaries/Serial Sinc.
* Radio/TV advertising/broadcasting
* Promotional clips
* Samples/Remix/Compilations
* YouTube, Power Point, ecc.
* Background music for public
* Videogames, computer programs
* Music on hold

OnClassical is an independent corner for classical music of self-produced recordings. At the Italian label’s website it is possible to listen to, download or share the entire catalogue in full-length files (MP3), buy perfect original masters in WAV / CD files (DRM-free) or, since now, license music royalty free.

“Our beginning with our new licensing program has been so very successful: we are already receiving the many requests for music on DVDs and micro-film promotions”, says Alessandro Simonetto, founder of the internet label.

Very recently OnClassical licensed music for important film productions such as for the Canadian film “Turbid” by George Fok, recently selected for the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma in Montreal.

Simonetto continues: “The producers seem to understand the benefits of this new type of licensing: no longer royalties and dispersing practices, only one organization to contact [OnClassical] and a price which is pre-cleared, all completed to the finish for you.”

Licensing price is competitive and flexible: a good 20% less than rates on the e-market, a good 30% less with respect to the authors’ societies controlled market.

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GAME.co.uk Is Offering Its Music-Loving Customers The Chance To Win Tickets To The UK’s Premier Rock Festival, Download

The festival takes place in Donington Park between 12-14th June and GAME has three sets of exclusive VIP all-weekend camping tickets up for grabs.


The three lucky Download Festival winners will get to see some of the biggest rock and metal bands performing live, including Slipknot, Korn, Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Marilyn Manson and Faith No More. Those attending the festival can also experience what it feels like to be a real rock star with the opportunity to play Guitar Hero Metallica on stage in front of a crowd of up to a thousand people. Other events planned for the Download Festival include laser quest, drumming workshops, human table-football and much more.

With camping tickets for Download Festival 2009 now officially sold out and all other tickets selling out fast, the three pairs of tickets offered by GAME could be one of the last opportunities rock fans have to attend the festival.

To be in with a chance of winning a full weekend at this summer’s Download Festival, all music fans have to do is go to the GAME website and answer one simple Slipknot-related
question. The competition ends on 29th May 2009 and full details of the festival can be found on the official Download Festival website.

According to the IFPI, the download music industry was worth an estimated 3.7 billion US dollars in 2008, accounting for around 20% of all recorded music sales. With game downloads also increasing in popularity, GAME is more committed than ever to growing its online digital strategy and now stocks a range of iPods, including the iPod Touch. Part games console, part PDA and part web browser, the iPod Touch is a must for tech lovers who want to get much more out of a music player than just great sounds. For more information visit the iPod Buyers Guide on the GAME website.

More about GAME 
GAME is a specialist European retailer of PC and video games, video consoles and related accessories. GAME caters for all formats, including Xbox, Wii, PS3 and all the relevant accessories such as the wii remote. GAME operates from over 1,300 stores, concessions and franchises in the UK, Eire, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Portugal, France and Australia. Together with the company’s online shopping services, GAME’s aim is to be the destination of choice for every consumer.

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BISTRO/BMI AWARD WINNER And NEW YORK MAC NOMINEE, LINDA KOSUT Is Back In New York For This ONE NIGHT ONLY Performance At New York’s Prestigious Iridium Jazz Club

Linda will be backed by a stellar JAZZ QUARTET headed by bandleader Max Perkoff on piano & trombone, Tom Hubbard on bass, Scott Latzky on drums and “Sweet” Sue Terry on saxophone & flute. The Iridium Jazz Club is located 1650 Broadway @ 51st Street in New York City. Doors open at 6:00pm and showtime is 6:30pm. Tix: $20 + $15 food/drink minimum. Reservations: 212.582.2121 or www.iridiumjazzclub.com.

In this new show “The Newness of You”, award-winning vocalist Linda Kosut headlining the Max Perkoff Band, will explore the standards – ones that are and ones that should be – including such songwriters as Hoagy Carmichael, Randy Newman, Bob Dylan, as well as never before heard tunes by current composers such as New York-based bob Levy and Sue Terry, as well as Max Perkoff.

Linda is a vocalist with strong acting chops who effortlessly weaves through differing genres with an ability to touch your heart or have you tapping your feet.

Growing up in New York City and transplanted to San Francisco over 20 years ago, Linda only began pursuing her dream of performing a few years ago as she approached “boomer” status, and she has not stopped since. “I am sure that I am not alone in my journey to satisfy a creative bug I’ve had my whole life; but one that up until nearing ‘retirement’ status, I did not pursue,” says Linda. “My excitement of doing my dreams translates to my audience. I have nothing to give but myself and I know that I give that to them. They tell me how I have inspired them. It is my sheer pleasure to do so.”

Her recent national tour – a deeply heartfelt tribute to the late jazz great Oscar Brown Jr., celebrated her sophomore CD and garnered packed houses, awards and national recognition. The Los Angeles Times’ Don Heckman said of her, “… a style of her own with its warm, dark sound and articulate, theatrically trained phrasing, deserved a far longer run.” And the San Francisco Bay Times wrote, “[She] is the real thing. Multi-talented Kosut knows just when to play it small and quiet and when to let ‘er rip … A perfect accompaniment to dinner with friends.”

Last year, Kosut received BackStage Magazine’s 2008 BISTRO/BMI AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING RECORDING. She also received nominations for BEST FEMALE JAZZ VOCALIST and BEST JAZZ RECORDING from MAC, Manhattan Association of Cabarets & Clubs; plus the Cabaret Hotline 2008 MEMBERS’ CHOICE AWARD.

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San Francisco World Jazz Vocalist Lua Hadar Makes A Featured Concert Appearance With New York Pianist Sheldon Forrest At The Swan Bar In Paris, France.

San Francisco world jazz vocalist Lua Hadar makes a featured concert appearance with New York pianist Sheldon Forrest at The Swan Bar in Paris, France. This Paris debut comes on the heels of the successful release of her latest CD, Lua Hadar with TWIST, at New York’s famed Iridium Jazz Club, and her band’s international debut at the Bangkok 10th International Festival of Dance and Music. “It’s a particular thrill for me to be performing in Paris, with my dear friend and longtime musical associate, Sheldon Forrest,” says Hadar. “I’ve been passionate about cultural diplomacy my whole life. When performing abroad, we really have a chance to make a positive person-to-person impact on international relations. It’s a wonderful privilege.” A unique and original vocalist with a soaring range, Hadar interprets lyrics in several languages with a charming, swinging delivery.

The concert will present American jazz, international standards and a few surprises. Saturday, July 25 at 9:30 PM, Swan Bar, 165 Boulevard du Montparnasse, 75006 Paris. Tél: 01 44 27 05 84. Tickets 10 Euros at the door. www.swanbar.fr, www.myspace.com/swanbar, www.luahadar.com

Instantly accessible and truly exotic, Lua moves from stage to cabaret to jazz club with effervescent ease. A native New Yorker, from a musical family, Lua Hadar has performed as a singer and actor all her life. Her experiences in cultural diplomacy have taken her to places as diverse as Bali, Russia, Switzerland, Thailand, Japan and Italy. Her love for The Great American Songbook, the soundtrack of her New York childhood, mixes with her passion for world cultures, so both jazz club and concert audiences enjoy an eclectic mix of grooves and languages from the familiar to the exotic, but always with Lua’s fresh twist.

New York critic Joe Regan Jr. wrote about her performance at New York’s Iridium Jazz Club: – “a stunning evening – sheer beauty – every selection was dramatically on the nose – she rocked – her physical presence and body language remind one of the great Latin [performer], Abbe Lane, at her peak. The evening was pure pleasure!”

For hi-res photos see the FOR THE MEDIA page at www.luahadar.com


WHO: Vocalist Lua Hadar with pianist Sheldon Forrest
WHAT: Featured concert of American jazz and international standards
WHEN: Saturday, July 25, at 9:30 pm
WHERE: The Swan Bar, 165 Boulevard du Montparnasse, 75006 Paris,Tél: 01 44 27 05 84.
Métros : Raspail – Vavin; RER : Port Royal
TICKETS: 10 Euros at the door

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Four Great Singers & One Hot Band Kick-Off at Yoshi’s San Francisco Monday April 20 2009

Bay Area jazz vocalist Elaine Lucia and BMI/Bistro Award Winner Linda Kosut have formed Lucia | Kosut Productions to present the Bay Area’s own vocalists and musicians at San Francisco’s premier Jazz club, Yoshi’s. The kick-off event for this continuing series is on Monday, April 20, 2009 at 8:00pm and 10:00pm. (future concert dates to be announced)

Yoshi’s Jazz Club & Japanese Restaurant is located in the historic Fillmore Heritage Center at 1330 Fillmore St. (at Eddy) in San Francisco. Tickets are $10. Reservations: 415.655.5600 or online at yoshis.com.

This collaboration is the result of a vision both Lucia and Kosut had independently – a way to present quality entertainment at affordable prices to new audiences at a time when finances are tight and so many venues are closing.

This first concert, billed as Four Great Singers and One Hot Band, will feature the hosts, Elaine Lucia and Linda Kosut, along with “The Queen of Boogie Woogie”, Wendy DeWitt and jazz vocal virtuoso Kenny Washington. The band is Max Perkoff (piano & trombone), Jonathan Alford (piano), Tom Shader (bass), Alan Hall (drums).

The Singers: 
Elaine Lucia has been fronting and promoting her own jazz combos in the Bay Area for over fifteen years. Known as “a musician’s singer,” she combines her classically trained vocal instrument with a wide variety of styles for an eclectic repertoire and unique style. A recording studio veteran, Elaine has released three jazz CDs, and works as a voice-over artist as well as a singer/songwriter. “…you will remember this voice.” JazzUSA.com www.elainelucia.com

Linda Kosut is a jazz/cabaret vocalist who effortlessly weaves through differing genres with an ability to touch your heart or have you tapping your feet. Known for her ability to tell a story through a song’s poetic images, Linda is an engaging entertainer. Linda has performed coast-to-coast, most recently with her nationally acclaimed CD and tribute to jazz legend Oscar Brown Jr. The LA Times – Don Heckman – “… a style of her own with its warm, dark sound and articulate phrasing, deserved a far longer run. “ www.lindakosut.com

Wendy DeWitt, from Seattle to Paris, this “Queen of Boogie Woogie” spreads the gospel of Chicago-based blues piano and boogie woogie. She’s well steeped in the stylings of Otis Spann, Memphis Slim, Sunnyland Slim and Albert Ammons – the greats of boogie and blues, and honed her skills working with contemporary artists Steve Freund, Otis Rush and the late Hank Ballard. “…her piano work is of the first order… a sweet-voiced chanteuse with a strong reliance on jazz phrasing and inflection.” www.wendydewitt.com

Kenny Washington is a jazz vocalist virtuoso. Emulating the classic styles of Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn and infusing colors of Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway, Kenny’s free, playful approach, with over a four-octave range is awe inspiring. His tone on ballads is liquid, his scat is rapid-fire, passionate, melodious and inventive. “a vocalist with an exuberantly supple tenor that glides effortlessly into the stratosphere. Capable of astounding improvisational flights, he can also croon with an emotional intensity that’s bracing.” – San Francisco Chronicle www.kennywashingtonvocalist.com

The Band:
Max Perkoff (piano & trombone), an active musician in the San Francisco Bay Area, Max tours the country and has played at many of the great jazz rooms including Jazz at Lincoln Center and Yoshi’s. He has also played with such as Johnny Mathis, Jamie Davis, Jon Hendricks and is playing trombone for Keely Smith in her March appearance in the Bay Area. Max’s recordings total six as leader. “a musician of grace, depth and impressive achievement” www.maxperkoff.com

Jonathan Alford (piano) Jonathan is an Oakland-based pianist who has performed or recorded with many Bay Area Latin bands including Avance, Los Compas, Los Kimbos, Julius Melendez , Machete Ensemble and others. As well being a mainstay of the Latin scene, he is also jazz pianist who lends his talents to accompanying singers like Daria, Elaine Lucia, Jenna Mamina, Maria Marquez and Roberta Donnay. Trained classically, Jonathan started learning jazz at the late age of 25. www.cdbaby.com/jonathanalford

Alan Hall (percussion) Just back in the Bay Area from playing Cirque du Soleil in New York City, Alan has performed and/or recorded with Dizzy Gillespie, Eddie Harris, Paul McCandless, Art Lande, Stuart Hamm, Kai Eckhardt, Billy Childs, Kenny Werner, Bob Sheppard, Kit Walker, Tom Coster, Rebecca Parris, Betty Buckley, John Handy, Joyce Cooling, Smith Dobson, Victor Mendoza and many more. He taught at Berklee College of Music. www.jazzdrumming.com

Tom Shader (bass) is an acoustic player raised in the Detroit area. As a youth, he played classical music and studied the violin, cello, viola, string bass & voice. His early professional career was dedicated to playing the electric bass and exploring many of the rock/pop genres. Since jazz has become Tom’s passion, he has had the privilege of performing and recording with many fine musicians, including Steve Allen, Henry Mancini, Tommy Newsome, Jesse Colin-Young, Bob Lucas, Calvin Keys, & Phil Smith. 

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Tangerine Mastering plans expansion, “The Analog Lab” at Tangerine. The studio plans to aquire a Neumann VMS 70 vinyl cutting lathe and console

Tangerine Mastering finishes a busy year with planed expansion of the physical facility and its capabilities. The studio is acquiring an adjacent space, which will double the actual studio footprint and improve workflow throughout the facility. The end of year workload exceeded the facilities capabilities and forced the offsite outsourcing of some non-critical production and all back office staffing and tasks.

The physical expansion will facilitate the opening of “The Analog Lab at Tangerine” which will include facilities to cut our lacquers and acetates on a newly acquired classic Neumann VMS70 lathe, with an original Neumann console. The new expansion will also include a Fisher Scientific tape baking oven and new restoration equipment. The Analog Lab will also have multiple formats of 2 track tape machines and a 17″ transcription turntable with speeds from 16 RPM to 98RPM which will allow the handling of all disk transfer including half speed mastering.

Our goal is to be able to handle all aspects of restoration and reissue of historic and modern music in one facility. The Analog lab will have a new mastering setup, which will be powered by Tangerines second PYRAMIX system, which is being purchased and installed by Strassberg Associates in NYC.

Tangerine Mastering was designed by the famed acoustician John Storyk from the Walters Storyk Design Group, who brought a wealth of hands-on experience to the critical mastering process. Our objective, working closely with John Storyk, was to present design solutions that ensure precise acoustical performance. We provide innovative solutions and ergonomic aesthetics, which combine the latest audio technology within a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, creatively stimulating environment. We have combined the latest digital workstations and processors with classic gear, such as the legendary Abbey Road EMI Mastering Chain, Pultec and SPL equalizers, plus NTP compressors. The working environment at TANGERINE MASTERING combines close proximity to midtown Manhattan with an artist-run production arts complex that also houses sound stages, recording studios, post-production suites, indie record companies and college-radio promoters. We strive to offer a relaxed professional musical environment that enhances the final product. CALL TANGERINE MASTERING AT 201-865-1000 tangerinemastering@mac.com

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