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Blind Children at Wuhan City School in a rock band established by teacher Zhang Long

Beijing, China, Jul-19-2017 — /EuropaWire/ — Wuhan School for The Blind is the only school of its kind in Hubei province, central China. Not only does it cater to pupils who face enormous challenges because of their disabilities, but it is also proud to have a star teacher who has given new hope to the pupils.

China, with its huge population, has a large number of blind people. More than 5.5 million people are registered blind, among them, some 120,000 children. Though there are more than 50 special schools in major cities catering to the needs of these individuals, the task is never easy. Special facilities and teacher training is hard to come by and the children often feel alienated from society and lack ambition.

Zhang Long, born in 1975, volunteered to teach at Wuhan City School for the Blind in 2011. Though she had no experience teaching children with visual impairment, after seeing the difficulties faced by pupils there, she decided to change the course of her life and accept the challenge of making a difference to their future.

It wasn’t long before the gravity of the situation sunk in. As a music teacher she discovered many pupils at the school of 150 lacked the motivation to even turn up to class, believing their only career option would be to become a massage therapist, a common occupation for blind people in China.

Persevering, Zhang Long established a school radio station, a rock band for the most talented children, and invited performances from other schools. Eventually, the children responded to this new approach revealing both passion for music and hidden talent. One student, Gan Wenjun, proved gifted at piano, for which he won several national awards and even played with famous pianist Richard Clayderman in concert.

Among other successes, Zhang Long was awarded titles such as “Most Admirable Teacher in Wuhan” and a national honor “The Most Beautiful Teacher of China”,“I’ve never treated them as blind children,” says Zhang of the pupils. “It doesn’t matter that those kids can’t see. They can use their own ways to express themselves. I’ve never lowered my standards for them because they are blind, because to me they are just children.” Her approach seems to have worked and now pupils harbor ambitions such as to become a teacher, a professional singer and even an astronaut.

Wuhan City School for the Blind holds the belief that blind children are perfectly capable of the same achievements as sighted kids, given the right guidance and a little courage. Since its establishment, it has helped over 500 children pursue their dreams and been a cradle of many rising stars in music, sports, teaching and other fields. It aims to keep making contribution to China’s endeavors in special education.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Behind the Lyric

Richmond, Texas, 2017-May-02 — /EPR ENTERTAINMENT NEWS/ — “Go Away” A song that is available on itunes and amazon.com was written after the incident where Rapper Fifty cent mocked an autistic man. It was out of empathy for that man intertwined with my own hurt, that this song was written.

I was struggling emotionally and solicited the help of an ex-coworker. Instead of responding in a respectful manner, he berated me. I was in a difficult situation and had ongoing health issues. I reached out believing he would surely help or offer advice, but I misjudged who he was as a person and his response was unexpected.

That was emotionally difficult for me although, I was not publicly humiliated the way Andrew that autistic man was but because of my experience, I could empathize.

That lead to the creation of the lyrics to the song, “Go Away.”

I keep hearing the mean things you said.
Your words keep repeating, they play in my head.
I had nowhere to go but you made me wanna hide.
Because of struggles, many days I curled up and cried.
Go away, go away, but don’t fill me with shame.
I’m nothing more than a pawn in your game.
Go away, go away, I’m just trying to survive.
But hash words and bullying has claimed many lives.
I didn’t want to live life locked in.
You formed your conclusion without question.
You believed I chose to look the way that I do.
I didn’t and I wouldn’t choose to behave like you.
I’m grown up but inside I’m a kid.
And that doesn’t cause some to bat an eyelid.
You need to know that’s how it’ll always be for me.
With Autism, I’ll live and I’ll never be really free.

My hope is that this song might help to curb insensitive obnoxious individuals, and somehow soften the way we respond to others.

Available on line from itunes at (http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1178363030?ls=1&app=itunes)
And also from Amazon.com

Other song and lyrics written by Author Ruth Garnes were carved from love, hurt and sorrow. At times, it was my own, other times, I echoed the pain of the world around me.

A poet and advocate of hurting children, my author’s profile and poetic anthologies are available on line at (https://www.amazon.com/Ruth-Garnes/e/B00T6H1I2C)

Contact-Details: Ruth Garnes
1810 McCrary Rd, Richmond Texas
713-562-7904 at https://soundcloud.com/ruth-garnes/garnes-ruth-go-away

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British pop act OMYO to use Blingby’s ad technology to turn its music videos into unique shopping experiences

NEW YORK, 2017-Mar-21 — /EPR ENTERTAINMENT NEWS/ — Blingby has today announced a cutting-edge partnership with emerging British pop act OMYO, which sees its patented advertising technology turn the band’s music videos, concerts and more into unique shopping experiences for consumers around the world.

As part of the deal, the innovative advertising and marketing omnichannel platform will curate a series of unique videos that lets viewers shop the stars’ styles as they see them with its ‘bbstream technology’ – a portable scrolling selection of fashion, products and destinations as seen in the videos. Viewers can watch and purchase the styles or book a flight or hotel inspired by the video with the click or tap of a button.

Oxfordshire-born urban pop act OMYO found fame last year when they provided the soundtrack to New Look’s Autumn/Winter fashion campaign with critically acclaimed single ‘Lady’. They have since gone on to become BBC Introducing favourites and receive plays from the likes of BBC Radio 1 Xtra’s Charlie Sloth.

OMYO’s close links to fashion retailers – ranging from New Look to Ellesse – made the band a natural fit for Blingby’s advertising capabilities. As fans watch their music videos, live performances and more, they can simultaneously watch and shop interactively through the bbstream.

At a recent headline show in New York, OMYO also became the first band to use Blingby’s Live technology – the world’s first real-time consumer shopping experience designed for concerts, fashion shows and more.

OMYO and Blingby will also be collaborating on the duo’s next music video for their upcoming single, ‘Days With You’. The video will be bbTagged by Blingby and will feature items of clothing from fashion retailer River Island.

Founder and CEO of Blingby, Marcia Favale, commented on the partnership: “OMYO is right there fusing the boundaries of music and fashion. They have worked with some absolutely aspirational fashion brands – ASOS, Adidas, Ellesse, Blood Brother and more. They know exactly what their fans want to wear and OMYO is inspiring new trends. Through Blingby, OMYO can promote labels whilst maintaining creative integrity. Blingby is the platform designed to bridge that gap and make a connection between music fans and what the stars are wearing.”

OMYO added: “We are always looking for brand new ways of engaging with our fans and followers and Blingby adds a whole new dimension to our videos. Incorporating the Blingby videos into our Facebook page and posts is especially helpful as it is so difficult to stand out on social media these days, but having a video that doubles as an interactive browsing experience provides exactly that.”


Norwegian rock legend Gudny Aspaas to launch her new album in Oslo on April 5 at the Rockefeller Music Hall

OSLO, Norway, 07-Jan-2017 — /EPR ENTERTAINMENT NEWS/ — Tickets for the concert are now on sale, and can be ordered through www.gudnyaspaas.com which also features samples from “No Stranger”. The concert will also feature tracks from Gudny’s back catalog.

“The concert and album are the culmination of several months of work – and I’m thrilled with how “No Stranger” has turned out,” said Gudny. “I was lucky to work with some incredibly talented musicians and a wonderful team, and the result is, I think, the best work I’ve ever produced. I’m really looking forward to being back on stage, and I can’t wait for people to hear the new album in April.”

“No Stranger” is representative of the eclecticism of Gudny’s extensive career in music, with all of her – and her musicians’ – many talents represented in tracks such as the vocally complex “Galactic Child” (which allows her to show off her distinctive voice) through the eloquent piano/vocal piece “Hello Again” to the classic rock ‘n’ roll of “You Can Run”. From haunting simplicity to wall of sound, “No Stranger” fully demonstrates the breadth and depth of Gudny’s musical genius and her pioneering versatility as a composer and performer.

Gudny represented Norway four times in the Eurovision Song Contest, and fronted iconic progressive rock group Ruphus in the 1970s, returning for a reunion in the 1990s and again in 2010 – also at the Rockefeller Music Hall. Ruphus’s “New Born Day” was voted as one of the top 50 best Norwegian albums ever made. She has also released numerous solo singles and albums.

Originally from Meråker but now living in Oslo, Gudny comes from a musical family in which almost every member could play an instrument. Singing shyly for her family from the age of four, she and three friends formed “The Singing Goats” at the age of 12, supporting their vocals with guitars and tambourine. Having won a music competition, she released her first single in 1969.

Gudny is also a supremely talented creative artist, working mainly in silver jewellery. She graduated from the Statens Kunst og Håndverksskole (State Academy of Craft and Art Industry) and now has her “Silverland” gallery/workshop in the centre of Oslo near the Slottsparken.

SOURCE: EuropaWire


Toronto, ON, Canada, 2016-Jul-28 — /EPR ENTERTAINMENT NEWS/ — Toronto’s synth-pop foursome The Nursery are back with a new EP entitled Digital Ashes. Recorded in a converted monastery in Buffalo, NY by Justin Rose (James Taylor, Lil’ Wayne), the dramatic space left its mark on the tracks.

Chartattack.com has been streaming the EP, describing the sound as “big and glossy, 3D-modelled, rose quartz and serene-colored pop music”.

The band recently released a video for the title track, Digital Ashes, exploring the paradoxical fragility of digital data through dizzying glitch sequences, post-internet visuals and virtual reality.

They will be touring this fall in support of the EP before releasing their debut full-length LP.

Stream: https://soundcloud.com/thenursery/sets/digital-ashes-ep

EPK: http://www.thisisthenursery.com/epk

Contact-Details: Genevieve Blais
Blais Marketing



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Fresh new artist TinaMazyck releases her EP “Mazyck”

Montclair, NJ, 2016-Jun-19 — /EPR Network/ — TinaMazyck is a Bronx raised R&B artist with an Alternative-pop twist. Her newest single “Musik” has been released from the upcoming EP titled “Mazyck”. Reactions from a very diverse group of fans were all very positive. Some of the reactions are; “This is a classic” ; “You are a breath of fresh air” ; “I can leave this song on repeat all day and not get tired of it”. The single has gained a lot of attention on social media platforms, complemented by top producers and has even been picked up by internet radio stations. Eager fans are now anticipating more music from the budding vocalist. Listen to the classic Single titled “Musik” right here (https://soundcloud.com/tinamazyck)


Whats sets “Mazyck” apart from the bunch is its fun, classic and unique sound that jerks emotion from listeners. The EP to come, embodies the spirit of a rebel and gives off positive vibes. This EP encourages young adults to stand tall and be themselves. It gives encouragement to un-apologetically do what feels right and embrace confidence.

“The world can never have enough positive role models and thats what our music scene needs” TinaMazyck expressed in an interview. Collaborating with the multiplatinum producer, Sean Gill who is represented by celebrity manager Bernadette Brennan has worked close on TinaMazyck’s EP. The talented, well known, R&B producer- Mookie has leant a hand on piano and in production. Lastly, Ari Freedman teamed up on bass, putting the final touches on her songs. TinaMazyck works diligently to deliver expressive and well crafted songs.

With a drive to continue the line of great music, TinaMazyck will officially be releasing her EP, “Mazyck” on 6/17/16. You can now purchase it on Band camp here (https://tinamazyck.bandcamp.com/album/mazyck)
It will be available on iTunes, amazon, spotify etc. very soon.

It will undoubtedly be an EP to remember.

Please get in touch with TinaMazyck for inquiries and interviews at:

Email: cemazyck@gmail.com

Website: (tina-mazyck.com)

Social Media: (https://www.facebook.com/tinamazyck/)

Contact-Details: Christina Mazyck, 5 Carlton Drive Montclair NJ, 3479725148, cemazyck@gmail.com, tina-mazyck.com

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Guitarists Improve Their Skills Up To 72% Faster With Invention That Revolutionizes The Way People Learn Guitar

Chicago, IL, March 03, 2015 — /EPR ENTERTAINMENT NEWS/ — Tom Hess Music Corporation releases The Guitar Playing Accelerator – a new invention that enables guitarists and guitar students to track the exact improvements gained from their guitar practice, evaluate the effectiveness of their guitar learning efforts and increase their musical progress by up to 72%.

Online guitar teacher and inventor of the Guitar Playing Accelerator – Tom Hess, says: “Tracking one’s guitar progress is the flossing of the guitar playing world. Everyone knows they need to do it, but only the guitarists making the most rapid progress actually do it. For years I’ve been telling my guitar students to track their progress, and now I finally have created the tool that makes this process super simple, transparent and highly effective”.

With the overabundance of online guitar lessons, resources and information about guitar playing, the only way to know what works and what doesn’t is to have hard proof of one’s progress, or lack of it. Being able to see one’s improvement makes it possible to quickly make changes in what one does to learn and practice guitar – without wasting time on practicing using guesswork and trial and error.

Hess adds: “What makes tracking musical progress so difficult for most people is the fact that one needs to track literally everything…hundreds of specific elements of their guitar playing and musical skills. It’s an extremely time-consuming process, even if one knows how to do it and is committed to doing it regularly.

So for the last 6 and ½ years, my team and I have worked to invent a tool that will make this process incredibly easy, fast and effective, enabling guitarists to easily track it all, organize it all, analyze it all and combine it all, to quickly see both the big picture of their overall musical progress AND the little details that must be refined to make it possible for bigger progress to occur. This goes far beyond merely tracking one’s metronome speed and includes literally single piece of one’s musical skills and knowledge. It’s by far the biggest thing we’ve ever done…”

To learn more about the Guitar Playing Accelerator, visit: http://tomhess.net

Contact-Details: Tom Hess:
Tom Hess Music Corporation
PO Box 113
Cary, IL

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Acclaimed in America’s Got Talent Release His Album

Puerto Rican Young Crossover Tenor Carlos Aponte recently presented ‘Attimo’, an album that features 11 of the world’s most memorable songs with new musical and vocal arrangements in English, Spanish, Italian, and German.

Since his appearance on the acclaimed TV show America’s Got Talent, Carlos has been busy at public and private performances in Puerto Rico, the United States and also internationally such as Costa Rica and China.
‘Attimo’ (Italian for ‘Moment’) includes a Spanish version of the smash hit ‘You Raise Me Up (Por Ti Seré),’ as well as other outstanding tunes like ‘Il Mare Calmo Della Sera,’ ‘Notte Di Luce,’ and the inspirational song ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone,’ among others.

The compilation also includes the song ‘Desert Rose,’ authored by British musician and composer Sting. “I wanted to include this song because it is powerful and it is like an energy shot; as it also gives a different touch from what I’m used to do,” Carlos says.

‘Attimo’ was produced, arranged and recorded by Carlos J. Cruz and mixed by Gerardo López at Digitec studios in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound Studios in New York. “I’ve been blessed with the privilege of recording this album surrounded by people who believe in me and in my work as an artist. It’s been a wonderful journey but, certainly, the journey has just begun,” he adds.

‘Attimo’ is available on a digital format through iTunes, the largest library and digital music store in the world; also at CDBaby.com, Amazon.com, and other digital stores as well. For more information about Carlos Aponte, please visit his official website at:www.Carlos-Aponte.com.

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MEET BROS ANJJAN rally and remix on the success of KYAA SUPER COOL HAIN HUM

National film award – scoring sensations “Meet Bros Anjjan” recently gave the Bollywood industry three blockbuster hit tracks for the Balaji Motion Pictures produced film, Kyaa Super KoolHain Hum. In conjunction with the release of the movie, Meet Bros Anjaan remixed “Teri Shirt da Button”, which was one of the films’s highlighted tracks. Accompanying the remix is the music video filled with an all star cast. Indian Television celebrities like Karan Mehra from YehRishtaKyaKehlataHai,KarishmaTanna, Host and Tv actress and Vivian from “PyaarKiEkKahaani” are some of the familiar faces that can be seen enjoying the remix beats. T-series is currently hosting the popular video on their Youtube channel.

After the success of both the versions of “Shirt da Button” by Sonu Nigam and KailashKher, Meet Bros Anjjan have come up with an upbeat version in their voices. It was no small feat considering the esteemed producer of the film, “EktaKapoor”. According to Meet Bros Anjjan, “She’s a very a tough person to sell to, but she sifted through the 60-70 songs we played for her and included some of her favorites in the film.” The film included the songs “Teri Shirt da Button”, “Hum TohHainCappucino” and “Volume High”, which have been quickly ascending in the music charts.

Meet Bros Anjjan has also captured the fandom of one of the film’s heroes, RitheshDeshmukh. The actor was inspired to make his own version of the film’s title track “Hum TohHainCappucino”. Thanks to a little creative thinking from Meet Bros Anjjan, Ritesh had the opportunity to sing some of the song’s pivotal parts in Marathi, his mother tongue. “He was a little shy first but then we convinced him to sing and make his debut with us”, mentioned Meet Bros Anjjan. What resulted was a second version of the song, translated completely in Marathi by Ritesh himself and an accompanying YouTubevideo whichRitesh stars and sings in.

In a short time, Meet Bros Anjjanhave achieved an enviable amount of success, as both first-rate performers and highly in-demand music directors. Meet bros and Anjjan have authored a number of hit songs, such as “Jogi Singh”, and award winning compositions over the years for films such as “Do DooniChaar” and Rajshri Production’s “Isi Life Mein” for which they were presented with the Stardust award for “Best Standout Performance by Music Director”. Additionally, they’ve scored for Akshay Kumar’s “Speedy Singh”, UTV’s “Paan Singh Tomar” along with Sanjay Dutt and Raj Kundra’s ongoing SFL title track and now with Balaji’s “Kya Super KoolHain Hum”. Meet Bros Anjjan have once again succeeded in show-casing their creativity with this new body of work.

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All Fancy Dress Predicts Most Popular Festival Costumes In 2012 Following Bestival Line-Up

Following the announcement of the headline acts of Bestival 2012, All Fancy Dress has predicted the festival costume trends for the coming year with hilarious larger-than-life outfits coming in all shapes and sizes.

There is no better way to enjoy a music festival than to arrive dressed in a creative, wacky costume. At All Fancy Dress there are a superb selection of men’s and ladies festival costumes just perfect for Bestival goers.

Matt Foden, of All Fancy Dress, said:
“We have a good idea of what is going to sell well for this summer’s music festivals. Second Skin Suits, otherwise known as Morph Suits still remain a very popular choice for those who like to clown around with their identity hidden.

“For those heading to a festival with a partner our fantastic couples costumes are a great way of standing out from the crowd together. You can show people just how well you go together in our Bacon and Eggs costume or our Bananas in Pyjamas!”

Music festivals are a great opportunity for people to get their thinking caps on and show their creative side. All Fancy Dress also stocks a great range of festival hats and accessories designed to make any costume stand out from the packed crowds and even the bands themselves!

The XX, Sigur Ros and Justice are the three headline acts for this year’s Bestival celebrations, held at Robin Hill County Park on the Isle of Wight. This year’s fancy dress theme is wildlife, so why not also consider animal costumes from All Fancy Dress that have mainstream appeal to everyone of all ages.

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Valentine’s Day Release of “Purity” Album And Parent’s Purity Pledge

Seeds Family Worship announces their new“Purity” youth album and parent’s purity pledge initiative, to be released digitally Tuesday, February 14.

Seeds views Valentine’s Day as a day for celebrating God’s love and call to purity. The “Purity” album is comprised of scripture about purity set to song, including songs like “Keep Your Heart“ from Proverbs 4:23.

“The parent’s purity pledge accompanying the release of Seeds’ new youth album is a call for parents to teach and model purity in the home. This pledge really fulfills our mission at Seed’s to encourage and equip the family of God with the word of God for the glory of God,” said Jason Houser, founder of Seeds Family Worship.

Parents across the country will take the online pledge to affirm their commitment to the purity of their families.

“Purity” is the first album in Seeds’ youth division and seventh album from Seeds–bringing the total to 79 portions of scripture set to music. This album was created in conjunction with FamilyLife and will be part of their Passport2Purity Curriculum in May.

Visit http://www.seedsfamilyworship.net/purity-album/ for the Valentine’s Day release and for more information.

Seeds Family Worship is dedicated to encouraging and equipping families to teach their children to know and love Christ through His Word. All Seeds songs are taken straight from Scripture text making them excellent tools for kids and adults alike to memorize scripture. Many churches include Seeds Family Worship in their children’s programs, and Seeds Family Worship LIVE events are held at churches across the country.

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MusiCHI Suite – The New Music Software Manager

MusiCHI Suite is the first integrated computer software application to manage your music files, completely dedicated to classical, jazz or other more demanding genre of music. It is the only digital music suite where the user can actually play and organize his music in an intelligent way, allowing him to change the order and number of columns on the screen and find his tracks in the most flexible manner. MusiCHI Suite includes 4 applications (Player, Ripper, Tagger, Library Manager), each optimized for their task, where newly introduced fields, such as Instruments, Composition, Period, Performers, Style, relevant to music classification can be utilized. Unlike other programs, in theMusiCHI Suite any field, any data, you see on screen is written inside the audio files , therefore, reducing the importance of the library, which becomes just the temporarily catalog of the files’ metadata, used only for fast and flexible searches. Bringing back the focus to the music files themselves and freeing you from any proprietary software library database.

Furthermore, we use a database engine that allows virtually unlimited size of libraries. MusiCHI Suite is a multi – library system , allowing for one more level of grouping, for example Classical, Jazz, World Music, etc. According to the library, the user interface, audio tracks data and tagging pick lists can change, since different styles of music have different logic and personalities: with classical music Composer/Composition is more valuable information than Artist/Album, for example.

The Suite is equipped with a complete reference database (MusiCHI Clean ©®) for classical music, where more than 5000 entries (composers, performers, orchestras, etc.) have been properly corrected and normalized with full respect of their local spelling (umlaut, accents etc.), i.e. the program is fully Unicode compliant. Furthermore, it has a composition engine search covering for the moment the integrated music collection of Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and Vivaldi. The composition engine search will soon be completed with the compositions of other famous composers.

MusiCHI Suite Version 2.1 comes with step by step tutorials and help files leading the user to learn the program and its powerful features quickly and easily. In Version 2.1, new capabilities have been added such as the possibility to play music files without them being part of a music library, the possibility to see the album/compositions covers in a graphical carousel view, the possibility to change the fonts sizes so that the user can play with the software remotely from his couch, the possibility to extract the content of the music library for printing via a spreadsheet. Furthermore, the player can read directly the CD booklet (in pdf format) with a single click, can browse any relevant internet pages linked to a track (Wikipedia etc.), potentially transforming the application to be a front-end to a music knowledge based system. Via the Windows clipboard, the Ripper can use, for its metadata, pretty much any source coming from the WEB or other documents. The playlists are now compatible with the m3u and m3u8 formats. In order to explore the numerous capabilities of the software, you can download from http://www.musichi.eu/index.php/en/downloaddemo, the free trial version (the full featured program with a limited activation time). We have also, included a demo librarywith prepared musical clips (courtesy of Hyperion Records), that can show how classical music can be tagged, “the MusiCHI way”. With these files you can experiment with the other tools of the Suite, especially our tag editor that is considered undoubtedly one of the best (if not the best) of its kind.

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Dylan Moran’s Yeah, Yeah tour at the Hammersmith Apollo – Extra Date Added

Dylan Moran’s hotly anticipated Yeah, Yeah tour was originally scheduled for just two nights at the London Hammersmith Apollo this Thursday 14th & Friday 15th July. However due to popular demand and the original dates selling out, a new date, this Saturday 16 th July, has been added and tickets are still available for £20. If you love comedy come to London town this weekend and combine Dylan Moran with one of the cheap London hotels near to Hammersmith Apollo. Visit LondonTown.com’s dedicated comedy pages to find out about the show and nearby accommodation deals.

Best known for his role in Bafta-winning Channel 4 sitcom,Black Books, and hugely popular zom-com Shaun of the Dead, Dylan Moran is a comedic force. Described as “the greatest comedian, living or dead” by Le Monde, his set is a roller coaster ride of emotion, hilarity, poignancy and joy as he deliberates life, love and disappointment with remarkable observation. Dark, dry and relentlessly sharp, Moran’s trademark style will be much appreciated by those who also ponder life’s absurdities. Expect frank annotations about religion, getting old, having kids and the intricacies of relationships, set against a backdrop of Moran’s own experiences. Dylan Moran’s effortlessly cutting style, alongside his perfect delivery, makes the Yeah, Yeah tour a must see.

For more information on Dylan Moran’s Yeah, Yeah tour, visit LondonTown.com for a full events guide, box office details, travel information, and help booking one of the many cheap London hotels close to the Hammersmith Apollo.

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On Stage at Metropolis Ballroom 3 TIME GRAMMY WINNER DANILO PÉREZ Performing with his Trio, and w/ Thursday Morning Jazz June 24, 2011

The following excerpt is from the personal bio of Danilo Pérez, it can be viewed in-full at his web site www.daniloperez.com

Grammy award winning jazz pianist DANILO PEREZ Best Latin Album performs ON STAGE at Metropolis Ballroom with his Trio and opening award winning high school band Thursday Moring Jazz Friday June 24th

Cocktail hour with open bar and mingle with the band
Dinner show concert
VIP after show
EVERY event is an opportunity to meet the artist in person.
24/7 Ticket Hotline: 1-800-838-3006
The extraordinary Panamanian pianist and composer DANILO PEREZ is among the most influential and dynamic musicians of our time. In just over a decade, his distinctive blend of Pan-American jazz (covering the music of the Americas, folkloric and world music) has attracted critical acclaim and loyal audiences. Danilo’s abundant talents and joyous enthusiasm make his concerts both memorable and inspiring. Whether leading his own ensembles or touring with renowned jazz masters (Wayne Shorter, Roy Haynes, Steve Lacy), Danilo is making a decidedly fresh imprint on contemporary music, guided, as always, by his love for jazz.

He has led his own groups since the early ’90s, and as bandleader has earned three Grammy nominations for his ebullient and innovative recordings. MOTHERLAND, was nominated for two Grammy Awards for “Best Latin Jazz Album,” and also garnered his third win for “Best Jazz Album” from the prestigious Boston Music Awards. MOTHERLAND was named (as were his previous four releases) among the best albums of the year by such publications as the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, San Diego Tribune, Billboard and JazzTimes. In 2002, he received a nomination from the Jazz Journalists Association for “Pianist of the Year.”

ON STAGE Friday, June 24th
6:00 – 7:30pm – Ballroom / Veranda pre-show cocktail party includes unlimited hor dourves & well drinks. Enjoy the beautiful veranda overlooking Harmony Park.
8pm dinner show in the ballroom with opening youth band”Thursday Morning Jazz” from Prospect High School Mount Prospect, IL – winners of the 2011 north shore jazz festival. Have dinner while you enjoy this amazing 4 piece. Dinner show concert includes unlimited beer and wine throughout dinner. Seating is community seating at tables of eight (8) or ten (10)

Over the past four years Thursday Morning Jazz has been recognized for its musical excellence at both a state and local level. The group enjoys acclaim for its impassioned performances and mature arrangements. In addition to standard jazz repertoire, the group showcases a wide variety of styles and works ranging from classical and swing to Latin and popular. Thursday Morning Jazz is an artistic partnership that draws upon the diverse experiences of its members to create a unique musical experience for its listening audience.

9pm The Danilo Perez show starts with Mr Prerez performing with his tiro John Patitucci and Adam Cruz. The North Shore Cake Boss’s team will serve dessert 1/2 way through the show, followed by a second set from Perez. A winning evening!

VIP meet & greet after the show is $20 upgrade with a limited number of tickets available. Join the musicians for a champagne toast after the show and mingle with the bands. Limited number of upgrades are available. After dinner Vail Campbell opens as cash bar.

Our Show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wC4FGeQqwTY&feature=player_embedded

FOR MORE INFORMATION Log-on to: MetropolisBllroom.com click the ENTERTAINMENT tab. ALL AGES This amazing show will be an evening you’ll be talking about for a long time- limited tickets are available. Dinner package includes the entire evening; pre-show cocktail party OPEN Bar, a delicious gourmet meal planned by the ballroom chefs with unlimited beer and wine during dinner. cocktails & dinner show package $95 – Dinner show alone $65.00 includes unlimited wine and beer with your meal cocktails are extra. Upgrade your dinner show to include the VIP Meet & Greet after the show +$20. All opportunities to meet Mr Perez and his Trio Purchase tickets: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/profile/51573 24/7 Ticket Hotline: 1-800-838-3006.

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Online retailer Sainsbury’s Entertainment has announced the release of the new Lady Gaga’s second album – Born This Way

The American singer-songwriter shot to fame following the release of her debut album Fame at the start of 2009. Since then she has released a string of hit singles and is hardly ever out of the spotlight – often because of her wardrobe choices rather than her music.

Lady Gaga’s outfits never fail to attract attention and grab headlines. She has worn everything from plastic bubble dresses to leather corsets and even appeared at the MTV Video Music Awards wearing an outfit made entirely of raw meat, even down to the steak fillet hat. And it is expected that her new album will also cause just as much of a stir in music circles.

The album is filled with 15 songs, including a bonus track – the Jost & Naaf remix of Born This Way. Fans who simply can’t get enough Gaga shouldn’t worry, because Sainsbury’s Entertainment also has a Deluxe Edition of Born This Way available on the site. This version contains two CDs and a total of 23 tracks.

Peter Selby, Online Music Manager at Sainsbury’s Entertainment, said: “We are always excited to be bringing new music to our customers, and going by the pre-launch hype and single sales, Born This Way promises to be one of the hottest albums of 2011. And for this week only new customers to Sainsburys Entertainment can claim an extra 20% off the price of both standard and deluxe versions”

Like all new CD releases from Sainsbury’s Entertainment, Born This Way comes with free delivery and customers will also be able to collect Nectar Points with their purchase.

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Music Fans are in for a Treat with Sainsbury’s Entertainment’s 20% off all CDs for New Customers offer

Sainsbury’s Entertainment has unveiled an incredible offer on chart CDs and for all new music customers, in a bid to kick off the summer season in style.

The UK supermarket’s online entertainment website has announced that it is holding a special promotion for one week only. From May 23, every new customer will receive a generous 20 per cent discount on all CD purchases when they buy music online at sainsburysentertainment.co.uk and use the special promotional code “JSCD2305”.

All CDs on the site are included in the offer and so it should appeal to a wide range of music fans. Latest releases including Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ and Kate Bush’s much anticipated album ‘Director’s Cut’ are discounted, along with forthcoming titles now available to Pre-Order , many popular and classic albums, and a wide range of compilations catering for every musical taste.

“2011 is shaping up to be another great year in music, from Adele’s incredible chart dominance to eagerly awaited CDs from Lady Gaga, alongside deluxe reissue campaigns from the likes of Pink Floyd and Queen. There really is something for everyone to get excited about” said Peter Selby, Online Music Manager at Sainsbury’s Entertainment.

“Buying new CD releases online means customers can get the latest albums delivered to their door on release day, something we are hoping many more people will be encouraged to do during this promotion.”

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Munite.net is Uniting the Music World

Munite is truly revolutionizing the music world. It stands out among other music sites as a platform that connects everyone who is integral to the process of music creation and consumption. From the musicians and vocalists, to the engineers in the sound booth, to record labels, agents, managers and finally to the listeners, Munite offers a role for all music lovers.

Munite offers an array of features beyond just the conventional track, video, and picture hosting which it is quite adept at too. Munite makes it easy for aspiring musicians to kick- start their music career. Artists can promote their work to eager fans and labels who are continuously searching for great new music. With the Build a Band™ feature, Munite makes it easy to build your own band from a list of instrument-specific musicians in your area. Just a few clicks and members are in touch with potential bandmates. Another few clicks and members can be booking time with a music instructor or a new student. If that student needs to buy a guitar, it can be found in the classified ad section of the site. Jam sessions can be found and arranged through Munite as well.

Munite also provides musicians a unique and creative component for music collaboration, Mumiix™. Mumiix™ is an open access tool to create, mix, and share music in ways that were previously unimaginable. Mumiix™ makes it possible for beatboxers from Brooklyn to collaborate with classical guitarists from Spain. Mumiix™ provides the tools to make it happen online, without the limitations of geographical boundaries. Anyone can take part in a Mumiix™ project by simply inviting others or requesting invitations to join other members’ Mumiix™ projects. Even labels, managers, and producers can be a part of the virtual collaboration so that everyone works together to get the end result off the ground, on the airwaves, and onto the stage.

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Sainsbury’s Entertainment Begins May Music Deals with 2 for £12 on Many Chart CDs

UK retailer Sainsbury’s Entertainment, the entertainment division of the leading UK supermarket, has today (2nd May 2011) kicked off an appealing offer to customers with a wide range of the latest and most popular chart CDs available at 2 for £12.

The bank holidays and recent sunshine have certainly put people in the mood for summer barbeques and get-togethers, and Sainsbury’s Entertainment is on hand to make sure that everyone has enough great music to keep their party going.

New releases from the most popular bands and solo artists are coming out every week, and Sainsbury’s Entertainment wants to make sure that music lovers can get their hands on the latest top releases for less. The 2 for £12 offer will run from the 2nd to the 15th of May.

Approximately 40 of this year’s hottest albums from chart-topping acts such as Adele, Jessie J, Elbow, Take That and the Cast of Glee all included in this great promotion.

With many of the UK’s new CD releases available for what works out at £6 each, customers are urged to take advantage of this deal quickly as it is sure to be a big hit with visitors to sainsburysentertainment.co.uk.

And there is more great news. When customers buy music online at Sainsbury’s Entertainment, all orders come with free delivery and shoppers are also able to earn valuable Nectar points on their purchases.

As well as the latest Chart CDs, Sainsbury’s Entertainment also sells a wide range of DVDs and Blu-Rays, video games for all major platforms, as well as a wide range of hardback and paperback books at great prices. A huge selection of the most popular upcoming releases can also be pre-ordered online for immediate delivery once the item has been shipped by the manufacturer.

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Narisah Announces New Single Release

Narisah jokes that she’s a German pop / Ghettotech artist because she says her music is art and belongs to no particular genre. Narisah a Chicago based artist is set to unveil her new single ‘Crash Dummy’ on April 29th, 2011.

The track comes from the forthcoming studio album ‘Crash Dummy’ which consequently has a revised release date of early July 2011. She’s working with her long time producer Ic.ON from Chicago on the project.

‘Crash Dummy’, which will be available in Digital format only, will be the first single released off of the Crash Dummy EP due out in early July of 2011. It follows previous singles ‘E.S.P’ the theme song from the movie E.S.P and ‘Money’ from the sound track of ‘E.S.P’ the movie.

‘Crash dummy’ the single will be available for a free download. The music video is approaching too.

‘Crash Dummy’ the EP will be released in early July 2011.

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Virtuoso Guitarist Tom Hess Joins Rhapsody Of Fire

After already selling more than 1.5 million records worldwide, the Italian epic metal band Rhapsody of Fire (upcoming release “From Chaos To Eternity”, June 17, 2011) recruits the world’s most successful online guitar teacher and virtuoso guitarist Tom Hess to join the band.

Although joining Rhapsody of Fire is a significant music career move for Hess, he is no stranger to success in the industry. Hess played guitar in the internationally renowned melodic metal band HolyHell from 2004-2007 touring both North America and Europe twice as the opening act for Rhapsody of Fire and Manowar.

“Touring with Rhapsody of Fire was a great experience. Obviously I’m very excited to play guitar in a band that has been among my favorites since I first heard them in 1998,” said Hess.

In addition to his career as a recording artist and touring musician, Hess is involved in other areas of the music industry. In virtually any way you measure it, Hess is the leading online guitar teacher on the internet, but does much more than helping guitar players from all over the world improve their guitar playing. His company, Tom Hess Music Corporation also helps music teachers build highly successful music teaching businesses and has a separate mentoring program for musicians to develop, sustain and expand a successful music career.

Rhapsody of Fire put Hess to work in the recording studio immediately after he joined the band. “Luca asked me to join the band and then 3 days later had me beginning to record the new album. I hadn’t even heard the songs yet. It was like, ‘here are the songs, start recording them all today’, so I quickly learned the songs and began recording”, Hess said. The band’s new album “From Chaos To Eternity” will be released June 17, 2011.


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