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Gamersyndrome.com Releases New Vendor Discounts And Prizes

Looking for a website that gives back? GamerSyndrome.com is a video game community that offers a fresh new perspective of the gaming world that includes news, reviews and unique approach to community interaction.

GamerSyndrome.com has just released its latest list of new vendor sponsors for our new community promotion feature to provide our users with a unique reward system and special vendor discounts. We are currently giving away some excellent prizes like t-shirts and watches in a monthly random draw eligible to all of our registered users.

This means that by just signing up to our site, you receive the opportunity to win free gaming gear. Not only are we giving away free promotional items, when you become a member of the GamerSyndrome community you gain access to our members only discount page. This exclusive discount page provides all our members with an extensive list of vendors who support our website by offering exclusive discounts. These discount codes are unique to our site and are only available to members of our gaming community.

Some of our newest promotional sponsors, Splitreason.com, Phosphorwatches.com, and Tokyoflash.com offer a wide selection of unique and stylish lifestyle products designed specifically for gamers. These shirts, watches, and other awesome items will be given away to our users in our monthly draws and exclusive discount codes for these vendors are also available on the member’s page.

For more information please visit http://gamersyndrome.com

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Asian Dating & Webcam Dating Options Announced by Lovetropolis.com

Lovetropolis.com, an online dating service owned by The Lombard Company, Inc. in Bowie, Maryland, announced today that they have added two new features to their dating website that was launched in February of this year. The first is a new Asian dating service, specifically for Asians and those with an interest in dating Asians. The second is a new webcam dating feature that allows users to communicate with each other live instead of relying on instant messaging and emails.

“You can’t really get a feel for what someone is all about if you just see a picture and read a profile,” said a company spokesperson. “Being able to communicate with during a webcam date gives you more of a sense of being in the room with a person. It definitely raises the comfort level between two people before they actually meet in person. Spending some time to get to know someone in the virtual world today makes that meeting in the real world far less awkward and much safer.”

The webcam dating feature is added to Lovetropolis.com’s already significant array of user tools which includes traditional instant messaging, internal secure email, apps to customize profile pages, and capability to blog and upload YouTube videos. The design is very similar to the larger social networking programs used by Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and others, making Lovetropolis.com one of the most cutting edge online dating websites in the industry.

The addition of the webcam dating feature is, surprisingly, fairly unique among online dating sitesAsian dating sites are common, but there aren’t any online right now that have the array of tools that Lovetropolis.com is offering. In addition to Asian dating, they are also now offering a Latin DatingBlack DatingChristian Dating, and Jewish Dating service.

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New Jewish Dating Service By Lovetropolis.com

The Bowie, Maryland dating service owned by The Lombard Company, Inc. is expanding yet again. After going public in February of 2009, Lovetropolis.com is now offering a variety of ethnic dating options including the newest Jewish dating service that they announced today. Company executives are touting it as the most organized and well-staffed ethnic dating option on the web.

“A lot of Jewish dating services don’t have the full time staff, support network, and technology that we are able to offer,” said a company spokesperson. “Our presence in twenty three countries and overwhelming success in the general dating market has given us the ability to be able to launch a comprehensive ethnically targeted dating site that will bring a lot of people together with their preferred partners.”

The Lombard Company, Inc. put the Lovetropolis site online only nine months ago, and they are already cutting a big swath in the dating niche market. By combining social media tools such as instant messaging, webcam dating, blogging and YouTube video upload, they offer a more interactive dating experience and allow potential couples to get to know each other on a more intimate and safe level.

The Jewish dating service is just one of five that are being announced this month. The other four are Christian DatingLatin DatingAsian Dating, and Black Dating. Lovetropolis.com is offering a free lifetime membership to all new members with a fee of $17.95 for profile approval and activation. Their network and pool of candidates is growing rapidly, and they are assuring their users that there is much more to come in the near future.

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Hotels.com sponsors The Hotel Inspector on Five

Hotels.com, the leading accommodation website, has taken up the sponsorship of seven episodes of Five’s eight programme series, The Hotel Inspector, which shows on Mondays at 9pm on Five. The goal of the campaign is to help promote the Hotels.com’ promise to help its customers “wake up happy” and drive brand awareness amongst the show’s ABC1, travel and internet-literate audience.

The current series of the show follows the award-winning hotelier Alex Polizzi, and granddaughter of Lord Forte, as she visits failing hotels and bed and breakfast establishments around the country and by giving advice and suggestions tries to get their owners to reform them into profitable ventures.

The new spots will build on Hotels.com’s existing advertising creative, made by agency Lambie Nairn, which aims to bring the brand to life for travellers. The consumer benefit of the fact that Hotels.com has hundreds of its own ‘hotel inspectors’ who personally review hotels for the website will be brought to life in the campaign – making it the only destination for travellers in search of the perfect room, whatever the break.

The spots will feature a range of destination references as Hotels.com helps inspire those looking for summer sun hotels.

Matt Walls, Marketing Director at Hotels.com, said: “As well as offering exposure to a core audience interested in travel, The Hotel Inspector is exactly the right fit for us. We have one of the largest teams of hotel inspectors in the industry who personally review and recommend rooms for our customers, so the association with the programme is spot on.”

About Hotels.com
As part of the Expedia group which operates in all major markets, Hotels.com offers more than 100,000 quality hotels, B&Bs and serviced apartments worldwide including New York hotelsRome hotelsEdinburgh hotels and London hotels. If a customer can find the same deal for less on a prepaid hotel, Hotels.com will match it. Hotels.com benefits from one of the largest hotel contracting teams in the industry negotiating the best rates for its customers, plus there are 1.3m reviews from users who have actually stayed in the hotels to ensure customers make an informed choice when booking. Hotels.com won the Gold Award for best hotel booking site in Webuser magazine in February 2009.

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Art Exhibition “CONTROL” at SOMArts Cultural Center, San Francisco

The South Bay Area and Peninsula Chapters of the Women’s Caucus for Art in conjunction with SOMArts Cultural Center present an exhibition titled “CONTROL”, curated by Karen Gutfreund, displaying the work of California women artists. The exhibition will be held August 6 – 29, 2009 at SOMArts Cultural Center, San Francisco. The opening reception and opportunity to meet the artists will be held at SOMArts on Thursday, August 6 f r o m 6 – 8 p.m. This event is free and open to the public.

“CONTROL” includes artwork by 79 emerging and professional women artists. The 94 works on display cover a broad range of media, including painting, sculpture, mixed media, photography, and video installation. Organized around the theme of control (or lack of it), the show explores the artists interpretation of all methods of control: internal, external, positive, negative, over life events and over technology, empowering or dehumanizing, politically correct – or not.

This collection of work addresses many issues, including statements on war, politics, ethnicity, gender identity and stereotypes, domestic violence, religion, money and the environment. ”Regardless of the artist’s media, their individual work speaks to the uniqueness and strength of their message on “Control” says Karen Gutfreund, curator.

The exhibition was organized by the South Bay Area and Peninsula chapters of Women’s Caucus for Art, a national organization. The work was juried by members of Guerrilla Girls West, a group of women art activists in gorilla masks, who have been protesting the lack of inclusion for women artists in museum and gallery collections since 1987. The Guerrilla Girls West stated they “chose the work based on artistic quality, perceived relevance to the theme of Control, and relevance as seen by typical exhibition visitors”.

About the Women’s Caucus for Art
Founded in 1972 in connection with the College Art Association (CAA), WCA is a national member organization unique in its multi-disciplinary, multicultural membership of artists, art historians, students /educators, and museum professionals. The mission of the Women’s Caucus for Art is to expand opportunities and recognition for women in the arts.

WCA is committed to education about the contributions of women, opportunities for the exhibition of women’s work, publication of women’s writing about art, inclusion of women in the history of art, professional equity for all, and respect for all individuals without discrimination and support for legislation relevant to our goals. For more information visit: www.nationalwca.org.

About SOMArts Cultural Center
The mission of SOMArts Cultural Center is to promote and nurture art on the community level and foster an appreciation of and respect for all cultures. Established as a nonprofit in 1979, SOMArts was born f r o m the passionate activism of the Neighborhood Arts Movement—a trailblazing initiative in San Francisco that demanded art for and by the people, outside the circles of high culture, and supported financially by the city. In the early years of Neighborhood Arts, the city’s program provided performance space and much-needed technical support such as sound, lighting and poster printing to arts and cultural groups who did not have access elsewhere. For more information visit: www.somarts.org.

About the Guerilla Girls West
Inspired by the Guerrilla Girls in NYC (founded in 1985), the Guerrilla Girls West was founded in 1987. The independent Northern California group, all professional artists and/or art educators, took the name Guerrilla Girls West, continue to wear the gorilla masks for public appearances, and maintain tight security. For several years, when the Chronicle’s Pink Section printed all the calendar listings, artists’ names were tallied and percentages of male and female artists were calculated. The ten best and ten worst galleries (in terms of gender balance) were published and awards (little wind-up gorillas for the good guys, ripe bananas for the bad guys) were personally delivered by a pair in masks.

More information on CONTROL:
The curatorial committee endeavored to create a pertinent and timely exhibition for California women artists with a theme that would stimulate the artists and viewers alike into meaningful dialogue. Control indicates power and strength for some and alternatively a sense of vulnerability and helplessness for others. The work in this exhibition reflects a myriad of interpretations on aspects of control and its significance to the artist.

What does one control? What controls the individual in life, body, temperament, destiny, society, religion, family and addictions/desires? What does a sense of power over ones environment look like and what comes to mind if that power or control is stripped away? How have political, social or economic controls shaped ones life and the lives of others? In what ways does the media and popular culture dictate and control? And how much control does one have to exert or to yield in order to survive?

The artists examine the juxtaposition of internal and external controls placed on our bodies, our minds, our lives and thus how we react and manifest these controls into our psyche and ultimately our art. “Control” talks about these crucial issues in the world and mirrors each artist’s individual experience. In this context, the message matters as much as the medium.

The response to the call for art was extraordinary! We received entries f r o m 171 artists with up to three works each. The work and statements were well thought out, personal and very moving; to me each was a gift that alternatively made me laugh and made me cry. The emotional honesty and strength of the works on themes of gender roles, consumerism, war, ethnicity, religion, body image, political and cultural power, motherhood, domestic abuse and family life, sexual identity and mind control are a testimony to the creative spirit of these artists, says Karen Gutfreund, Curator.

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Tiffany Ellison, Mrs. California-America 2008 Crowned Giselle Uffens As The New Mrs. California-America 2009 At The Beautiful Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach & Marina Hotel On Saturday Evening

Giselle Uffens

Some of the most beautiful, accomplished and articulate married women f r o m across California came together on Saturday evening at the Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach & Marina Hotel to compete for the coveted title of Mrs. California-America. The panel of judges selected Giselle Uffens of San Diego as Mrs. California-America 2009. Giselle will now go on to compete with 50 other State winners (all States plus the District of Columbia) for the title of Mrs. America 2009. Mrs. America will take place on September 8th at the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson, AZ.

For 34 years Mrs. America, the renowned nationally televised competition, has been recognizing the extraordinarily beautiful, poised, articulate and versatile married women of the United States of America. Mrs. America represents the 70 million married women of our country during her year long reign, speaking to and for our country’s Greatest Natural Resource and most important constituency – its married women. The winner of Mrs. America will represent the United States of America at Mrs. World competition which will be broadcast live f r o m Vang Tau, Vietnam on November 22, 2009. Married women in California can find Information about becoming a contestant for Mrs. America at www.MrsCalifornia-America.com and at www.MrsAmerica.com.

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GAME.co.uk Is Offering Its Music-Loving Customers The Chance To Win Tickets To The UK’s Premier Rock Festival, Download

The festival takes place in Donington Park between 12-14th June and GAME has three sets of exclusive VIP all-weekend camping tickets up for grabs.


The three lucky Download Festival winners will get to see some of the biggest rock and metal bands performing live, including Slipknot, Korn, Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Marilyn Manson and Faith No More. Those attending the festival can also experience what it feels like to be a real rock star with the opportunity to play Guitar Hero Metallica on stage in front of a crowd of up to a thousand people. Other events planned for the Download Festival include laser quest, drumming workshops, human table-football and much more.

With camping tickets for Download Festival 2009 now officially sold out and all other tickets selling out fast, the three pairs of tickets offered by GAME could be one of the last opportunities rock fans have to attend the festival.

To be in with a chance of winning a full weekend at this summer’s Download Festival, all music fans have to do is go to the GAME website and answer one simple Slipknot-related
question. The competition ends on 29th May 2009 and full details of the festival can be found on the official Download Festival website.

According to the IFPI, the download music industry was worth an estimated 3.7 billion US dollars in 2008, accounting for around 20% of all recorded music sales. With game downloads also increasing in popularity, GAME is more committed than ever to growing its online digital strategy and now stocks a range of iPods, including the iPod Touch. Part games console, part PDA and part web browser, the iPod Touch is a must for tech lovers who want to get much more out of a music player than just great sounds. For more information visit the iPod Buyers Guide on the GAME website.

More about GAME 
GAME is a specialist European retailer of PC and video games, video consoles and related accessories. GAME caters for all formats, including Xbox, Wii, PS3 and all the relevant accessories such as the wii remote. GAME operates from over 1,300 stores, concessions and franchises in the UK, Eire, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Portugal, France and Australia. Together with the company’s online shopping services, GAME’s aim is to be the destination of choice for every consumer.

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San Francisco World Jazz Vocalist Lua Hadar Makes A Featured Concert Appearance With New York Pianist Sheldon Forrest At The Swan Bar In Paris, France.

San Francisco world jazz vocalist Lua Hadar makes a featured concert appearance with New York pianist Sheldon Forrest at The Swan Bar in Paris, France. This Paris debut comes on the heels of the successful release of her latest CD, Lua Hadar with TWIST, at New York’s famed Iridium Jazz Club, and her band’s international debut at the Bangkok 10th International Festival of Dance and Music. “It’s a particular thrill for me to be performing in Paris, with my dear friend and longtime musical associate, Sheldon Forrest,” says Hadar. “I’ve been passionate about cultural diplomacy my whole life. When performing abroad, we really have a chance to make a positive person-to-person impact on international relations. It’s a wonderful privilege.” A unique and original vocalist with a soaring range, Hadar interprets lyrics in several languages with a charming, swinging delivery.

The concert will present American jazz, international standards and a few surprises. Saturday, July 25 at 9:30 PM, Swan Bar, 165 Boulevard du Montparnasse, 75006 Paris. Tél: 01 44 27 05 84. Tickets 10 Euros at the door. www.swanbar.fr, www.myspace.com/swanbar, www.luahadar.com

Instantly accessible and truly exotic, Lua moves from stage to cabaret to jazz club with effervescent ease. A native New Yorker, from a musical family, Lua Hadar has performed as a singer and actor all her life. Her experiences in cultural diplomacy have taken her to places as diverse as Bali, Russia, Switzerland, Thailand, Japan and Italy. Her love for The Great American Songbook, the soundtrack of her New York childhood, mixes with her passion for world cultures, so both jazz club and concert audiences enjoy an eclectic mix of grooves and languages from the familiar to the exotic, but always with Lua’s fresh twist.

New York critic Joe Regan Jr. wrote about her performance at New York’s Iridium Jazz Club: – “a stunning evening – sheer beauty – every selection was dramatically on the nose – she rocked – her physical presence and body language remind one of the great Latin [performer], Abbe Lane, at her peak. The evening was pure pleasure!”

For hi-res photos see the FOR THE MEDIA page at www.luahadar.com


WHO: Vocalist Lua Hadar with pianist Sheldon Forrest
WHAT: Featured concert of American jazz and international standards
WHEN: Saturday, July 25, at 9:30 pm
WHERE: The Swan Bar, 165 Boulevard du Montparnasse, 75006 Paris,Tél: 01 44 27 05 84.
Métros : Raspail – Vavin; RER : Port Royal
TICKETS: 10 Euros at the door

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Icon Models in Toronto L’Oreal Fashion Week

Icon Models in Toronto L’Oreal Fashion Week. Native Vancouver designer Carlie Wong impressed the Toronto public with her astonishing collection in the L’Oreal Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2009. The famous Project Runway Canada contestant is described as “a spirited intelligence, a jazzy confidence, and elegant mix of time-slowing classical beauty with a touch of smoky glam” by CTV. Wong’s collection had a distinct vibe that blends in girly glamour with street-chic.

Carlie Wong’s fittings took place at Icon Models in Toronto. In her quest to perfection, Carlie Wong took charge to ensure all her garments blended seamlessly and the models’ walks flawless. On the day of the show, “Carlie’s models charged down the runway with sure-footed independence, sliding hand along hips with relaxed shoulders and eyes that surveyed the lines of watchers around. There were no blank stares, not robotic statuettes, the models were alive,” -CTV

“My Spring / Summer 2009 collection is all about bringing quality construction, attention to detail and luxurious piece to the fashion world,” says designer Carlie Wong. With sharp edges and structured tailoring mix with her palette of colour including black, white grey and silvery blue contributed to achieving the”Glamorous Gangster” look she was striving for. The first look was her “must have” for Spring 09- the jumpsuit; which was a combination of a sharp wide-legged bottom, topped with a men’s waistcoat. The garment was followed by gowns and dresses that created flattering silhouettes through draping silks and plunging yet narrow necklines. The finale dress which is Carlie Wong’s favorite item in her collection is “a dramatic, heavily detailed and beaded black silk gown. It would be a custom dress that would probably sell for $10,000”-The Star. Integrating these elements together helped illustrate Carlie Wong’s design vision- feminine, sophistication and luxurious. The collection also alternated between masculine and feminine tailoring, featuring high-waited trousers paired with a ruffle black halter and tightly draped Grecian style jersey gown.

Wong’s collection was breath taking; she used the most engaging way to present the curves of modern women. Her creativity combined with her sponsor LG mobile stunned the audiences further. Technology inspired chained PDAs, mobiles as pendants and charmed bracelets were a substitute of jewelery and clutches. This was defiantly an exceptional show during this year’s fashion week.

For more information, please review the March 09 issue of Flare Magazine.

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Sky Has Announced That It Has Begun The Phased Launch Of Its New TV Guide For Sky+HD Customers, Following Extensive Research Trials

The new Sky+HD Guide is an evolution of Sky’s popular electronic programme guide (EPG) and makes it even easier for HD customers to find, watch and record the programmes they may want to watch live, on-demand via Anytime or at a later date.

The new Sky+HD Guide was introduced to its first group of HD customers on Tuesday 10 March. Customers will not lose any of the programmes they have recorded on their boxes and will not have to make any adjustments to receive the new guide.

Benefits of the new Sky+HD Guide include:

– Viewers can now browse and watch TV at the same time so they never have to miss a minute of their favourite show again.

– Viewers can now view programme information for all programmes across all channels, up to 12 hours ahead without interrupting their current TV viewing.

– Viewers can now record and Series Link at the touch of a button straight from the TV listings without having to go back to their planner. If the programme they’d like to record is part of a series, the new Series Link prompt will ask them if they would like to record it once or record the whole series. Series Link can also be set from the TV Guide, or the Now, Next and Later banner, even while watching a programme.

– The new Series Stack feature helps viewers better manage their recordings in their planner by grouping all the episodes from a series together in the same place under the programme name.

– Viewers will be able to search for their favourite shows and discover new ones up to seven days ahead by programme title, genre or subgenre, such as ‘Movies: Comedy’.

Gerry O’Sullivan, Director of Strategic Product Development at Sky said: “The launch of our -new on-screen guide means Sky+HD customers will now find it even easier to search, record and watch the
thousands of hours of high definition programmes that only Sky+HD delivers”.

About Sky+HD 
Launched in May 2006, it is Sky’s fastest ever growing additional TV product with 779,000 Sky homes now enjoying the richness and intensity of high definition TV and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. A Sky+HD box cost £49 and the service offers 32 dedicated HD channels from brands such as National Geographic HD, Sky Sports HD, Sky Movies HD, Sky1 HD, FX HD, History HD, Disney Cinemagic HD, MTVN HD, Sky Arts HD, Sky Arts HD 2 and Discovery HD. BBC HD, Channel 4 HD and Luxe HD are available without any subscriptions (C4 HD requires a valid viewing card). Compatible HD ready TV and Sky+HD box required.

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Tsunami Productions Announces Launch Of Prince Of Wine Weekly TV Show For Fall 2009

A weekly TV show about wine, food and the story behind wine is being launched for Fall 2009 release according to Melissa McComas, President of Maryland based Tsunami Productions, agent and manager for San Diego based POW Media the producer of the show. “We have been looking for a series about wine for some time and we are happy to have found a unique voice in Walid Romaya”. McComas said.

Hosted by Romaya, a San Diego wine critic and founder of the wine blog www.princeofwine.com, the show will showcase a journey of wine and food exploration where Romaya visits wineries and regions, telling the story of the wine from grape to bottle. “the fermentation basics of wine is the same, grape turns into wine, but each wine is so different and I have this platform to tell the story” said Romaya.

Wine is becoming a mainstream as people switch from hard liquor to wine. “Americans are drinking more wine than ever..for its health and social aspects” said McComas.“There are so many shows about food on TV, yet more and more Americans are hungry to know about wine, the Prince of Wine series will be the television viewer’s pocket-guide to everything wine”.

As a wine lover, collector and an amateur chef, Romaya has developed his wine palate and sense of observation by tasting thousands of wines over the years. “You could call me a wine nut, once I flew a thousand miles just to taste a rare bottle of wine” stated Romaya.

The show will feature segments where Romaya challenges the winemakers critiquing the wines and pairing them with food from guest chefs. Along the way Romaya will interact with the people who make the wines, such as the farmer, the harvest worker, and the bottle maker. “Whether it is the local supermarket $2 special or your vintage 1945 $10,000 Bordeaux, every bottle of wine has a story to tell” added Romaya. “ When I started drinking wine I was terrified by the wide range of grape varietals, the tastes, the vintages and what to look for…so that’s what got me interested in wine”.

The show will be filmed in established wine locations all over the world, from California to France as well as Argentina, Chile, South Africa and Australia. However, Romaya added “The show is not just about the famous wine regions, it’s also about small wineries in little towns in America and beyond. Did you know that there are some great wine gems in Missouri?”

“Discovering the undiscovered while guiding viewers on an entertaining adventure best describes this television series, Walid Romaya’s charisma and expertise set this program apart from the rest; we are delighted to introduce this program into the television marketplace” states McComas. The series will be introduced at the 2009 Cable Show in Washington DC beginning April 1, 2009.

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Eccentric Club ‘Friday the 13th’ Dinner in Mayfair

After a few decades of giving it a miss, the Eccentric Club members are gathering on 13th of March at 13 minutes past 7 for their traditional ceremonial “Friday the 13th” Dinner.

Allegedly, the tradition goes back to 1780s, when members of the ‘Society of Eccentrics’ ridiculed superstitions by dining surrounded by bad omens. Abandoned, it was revived in 1880s by The Thirteen Club, famous both in Britain and the US, many members of which later joined the Eccentric Club and made it an important annual event in the club’s calendar.

Members of the club argue that ‘it’s all in our minds’, that they are bad-luck immune simply due to their lack of belief into any effect of opening umbrellas indoors, walking under ladders, black cats and number 13 on their lives and business. Instead, they intend to turn it into a ‘good luck raising event’ and plan to raise some funds for their recently re-established club and public awareness about its comeback.

The Eccentric Club used to be an important cultural and social institution in British society for more than two centuries. In fact, there’s been a few ‘Eccentric Clubs’, the last one lasted from 1890 till 1985 and its former President, Lord Montagu, despite being 82, is rather excited about the Club’s revival. And not just him – since the re-launch of the Eccentric Club in August last year, HRH Prince Philip The Duke of Edinburgh, who was the Patron of the old club, has restored his Patronage to the Eccentrics, HRH Prince Michael of Kent expressed his interest too and invited the Club’s Secretary to Kensington Palace, the organisers also received best wishes to their endeavours from HRH Prince Charles of Wales, Their Royal Highnesses Princes William and Henry of Wales, Lord Bath, Mayor of London Boris Johnson, actor David Prowse, performer Elton John, writer Peter Underwood and many others.

The Club has been growing fast, already having over 60 members, which include writers, artists, actors, performers, fashion designers, businessmen, politicians and socialites. One of the latest members became Dave West, a flamboyant multimillionaire-businessman from Jermyn Street, St James’s, famous, amongst other things, for hiring Cherie Blair as his barrister to challenge the lawfulness of the smoking ban in court.

In less than a year, the Club has gained enormous popularity, going from strength to strength, despite remaining without own premises.

This time the eccentrics will be guests of the Arts Club in Dover Street, Mayfair, many members of which are well known for their eccentricity. But then again – aren’t we all a bit eccentrics?

For more information, please contact: Club Secretary of The Eccentric Club (UK) on 0845 224 1781 or 0786 751 3645

Website: http://www.eccentricclub.co.uk

E-mail: info@ecclub.co.uk

All correspondence to be sent to:
The Eccentric Club
27 Old Gloucester Street
London WC1N 3AX

The Arts Club
40 Dover Street
London W1S 4NP
(Nearest underground station: Green Park)
Venue website: http://www.theartsclub.co.uk/

Admission by registered guestlist only. Online registration:

Entrance fee: £65.00, price includes welcome drink on your arrival, dinner served in backwards order, eccentric entertainment, insurance from bad luck, half a bottle of wine per person and a refreshing tea or coffee before you leave. Suggested (but non-obligatory) dress code: smart decadence & gothic chic.

Photograph of the dinner held at the Eccentric Club on Friday, the 13th of November 1936 (Available from Getty Images):


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Sky Presents High Definition Britain

From the undulating cliffs of Holywell Bay to the snow-topped peaks of Snowdonia, National Trust sites have some of the most spectacular views across Britain. Sky+HD is delivering five of the greatest views directly into living rooms nationwide, through the true to life quality of High Definition television.

Five stunning National Trust views representing the vast and varying land and sea-scapes of Britain have been captured by Sky+HD to create High Definition Britain. The project documents every breeze and murmur in poignant, crisp, clear high definition detail, offering a unique window into the calm and tranquillity of the British countryside.

High Definition Britain will be broadcast on Sky ArtsHD, channel 258 from 2nd March to 30th April and on Sky Anytime from 8th March for seven days.

The five breathtaking sites featured in High Definition Britain are: The Aberglaslyn Pass (Snowdonia, Wales), Borrowdale (Keswick, Cumbria), St Michael’s Mount (Penzance, Cornwall), Holywell Bay (Cornwall) and Kintail & Morvich (a National Trust Scotland property in Ross-shire, Scotland)

Fiona Reynolds, Director General of the National Trust explained: “As part of our ongoing partnership with Sky and our effort to champion a higher quality of life for all, we are delighted to be able to help the viewing public experience some of our greatest properties. The project highlights the rare and subtle beauty our country possesses and how much we must protect, value and enjoy it.”

Sky’s Director of Customer Communications, Christian Cull added: “Our High Definition television service, Sky+HD offers such vivid and life-like TV pictures it seemed a natural fit to join forces with The National Trust and enable viewers to see the UK in as-good-as-being there quality on their TV screens. The programme on Sky Arts HD will do the sights aesthetic justice”


About Sky+ HD:
Launched in May 2006, it is Sky’s fastest ever growing additional TV product with 779,000 Sky+ homes now enjoying the richness and intensity of High Definition TV and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. The service offers 31 dedicated HD channels from brands such as National Geographic HD, Sky Sports HD, Sky Movies HD, Sky1 HD, FX HD, History HD, Disney Cinemagic HD, MTVN HD, Sky Arts HD and Discovery HD. BBC HD, Channel 4 HD and Luxe HD are available without any subscriptions (C4 HD requires a valid viewing card). Compatible HD ready TV and Sky+HD box required.

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Sky+ HD Names Audrey Hepburn As Most Enduring Screen Stunner

Sky+HD, Sky’s fastest growing additional TV product, has revealed that Audrey Hepburn has been named the greatest film beauty of all time, at a time when the faces of stars are scrutinised more than ever, with an ever increasing number of films being screened and re-mastered in high definition.

The result follows a survey conducted on behalf of Sky+HD which set out to discover the cinematic beauties that have stood the test of time and technology. Audrey Hepburn came top of the list, beating strong competition from modern-day sirens such as Angelina Jolie, who came in second in the poll.

Hepburn’s fellow legends from the golden age of film – Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe and Sofia Loren – completed the top five, confirming that classic beauty is timeless. Other names in the top ten included Catherine Zeta Jones, Elizabeth Taylor and Halle Berry.

Nicola Moulton, Beauty and Health Director for Vogue, commented: “A great cinematic beauty by definition has to look amazing in motion, not just in pictures. Audrey Hepburn is clearly a timeless beauty, which explains why she is the nation’s choice, though a personal favourite of mine has always been Vivien Leigh. She was not only breathtakingly beautiful but had an astonishingly expressive face. Unlike many actresses her expressions never run counter to her beauty, which seems an essential point of her being rather than just a quirk of genetics.”

Hepburn’s perfect bone structure and captivating eyes were voted the key features to her breathtaking beauty. Combined with her grace and poise on-screen, this strengthened her position as the top icon.

Aubrey Day, Editor in Chief for Total Film, commented: “Screen legends such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly never go out of fashion. You only have to watch Hepburn’s Academy Award winning performance in Roman Holiday in high definition to be utterly captivated by her, and this translates in the current technologically advanced age just as well as it did back in the 1960s.”

However, the nation isn’t united on the ultimate cinematic beauty. Hepburn faced a strong challenge from the alluring Angelina Jolie thanks to voters under the age of 35. This age group voted Jolie top of the poll, edging Hepburn into second place, as they favoured the modern day star.

Further examination into what features make celluloid stunners stand out to men and women also revealed split differences. Males opted for qualities like ‘the perfect eyes’ and ‘figure’ when asked to name the all important ingredients of a film beauty, whereas women looked for ‘a perfect bone structure’, followed by ‘grace’ and ‘poise’.

The poll of 1,805 members of the public was conducted on behalf of Sky+HD between 16th and 23rd January 2009 by TickBox.

About Sky+ HD:
Sky+HD launched in May 2006 and has quickly become Sky’s fastest ever growing additional TV product. More than 779,000 homes across the UK enjoy over 11,000 hours worth of Sky High Definition programmes every month, which is almost twice the standard definition output from the UK’s five main terrestrial channels.

Sky+ HD offers 31 high definition channels: Sky1 HD, FX HD, Sky Arts HD, Discovery HD, National Geographic HD, History Channel HD, Rush HD, Eurosport HD, Sky Sports HD1, Sky Sports HD2, Sky Sports HD 3, Channel 4 HD, BBC HD, Luxe TV HD, Sky Movies Premiere HD, Sky Movies Screen 1 HD, Sky Movies Screen 2 HD, Sky Movies Action and Thriller HD, Sky Movies Drama HD, Sky Modern Greats HD, Sky Movies Sci-Fi and Horror HD, Sky Movies Family HD, Sky Movies Comedy HD, Sky Box Office HD1, Sky Box Office HD 2, Sky Real Lives HD, The Biography Channel HD (BIO HD), Crime & Investigation Network HD, Disney Cinemagic HD, Sci Fi HD and MTV HD.

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Contemporary Mosaic Art Gallery

Contemporary Mosaic Art Gallery represents ten of the finest mosaic artists in the world, Giulio Menossi from Italy, Martin Cheek from the UK, Ginger Terry, Deborah Wahl, Jacqueline Iskander, Carol Shelkin, Jacki Gran, from the USA, Sophie Drouin from Canada, David McDonaghfrom Ireland, and Lubosz Karwat from Poland.

The style and presentation of the mosaics are all very different, from the very traditional to the modern, abstract and decorative.

Each piece of art is original and hand crafted by the artist using either traditional tools or modern implements.

The artists bring to their work countless hours of dedication to give life to their designs, in a way that best communicates their connection to the material and the message they are communicating. The result is a treasured piece of art that gives these mosaic works a mystical and transcendent quality.

What makes mosaic art so amazing? Each tesserae is cut by hand with great precision to create the exact shape for a specific position in the design. Standing close to the mosaic each tesserae is visible, standing further away the individual tesserae aren’t seen any longer and the mosaic is seen as a whole.

Mosaics have been contributing their richness to our lives for centuries, helping us understand the world around us through symbol, political statements, religious stories and cultural influences, by enriching our environments in public and private spaces. The current resurgence in contemporary mosaics offers all of these same enriching qualities to our lives in public and private spaces today as they have done in the past.

Contemporary Mosaic Art is definitely an option for investment, for collectors wanting to acquire a beautiful mosaics at the beginning of an artist’s career, for home owners and decorators wanting a unique piece of art to captivate and excite the senses (and as unique conversation pieces) and for public galleries, wanting to provide for their members and visitors the newest and most innovative art.

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Expert Photographer: Focus Cultural Diversity

Not only wedding couples, but major celebrities and notables such as Dwight Gooden former baseball hall of famer, iconic anchorman Roger Mudd, Former Lt. Governor MD Michael Steele, Congressman Eli Cummings, Hollywood producer Cleveland O’Neil have all found their way in front the lens of a MorningStar photographer.

While serving every possible client MorningStar has broken away from the herd and focused primarily on the ethnic client. “There is an assumption out there that black, Indian and Asian women don’t get married as frequently as everyone else, it may be statistically true but it is not borne out by the people who come to us”

Gone are the days of the couple looking longingly into each other’s eyes, photographs as done by MorningStar Photography focuses on the nuances of the day, mother’s who cry, bridesmaids who aren’t always happy at the altar, an engagement ring on the heel of a bride’s shoe, a bride’s expression as her sorority sisters wish her the best for her future.

This niche market has allowed MorningStar to blaze a trail in the past ten years producing eye popping images for the client. This is high end boutique photography available for the senator’s daughter as well as the sanitation worker’s daughter they have something for almost every budget.

Another benefit for those who care about diversity the owners of this company represent the America that Barack Obama would be most proud of, Alan Rein a Jewish man and co owner, his wife Carla Trinidad born, is the driving force behind the day to day operations of this of this small, hands on thriving enterprise. Carla said “Though it’s often tough to believe given the culture we live in, we actually care about what we produce here for our clients”, we don’t do fast food photography, it takes time and patience to create beautiful images” “It’s the eye behind the lens that matters most, not a photographer’s ability to Photoshop.”

Click your mouse and you will wish you were in front of MorningStar’s lens.

MorningStar can be reached directly at www.morningstarphotography.com to schedule an appointment with Morningstar simply call in the Balto-DC Metro area 410-730-7515 or 1-888-294-1417 toll free. MorningStar also works both nationally and internationally.

MorningStar Photography will showcase at the Gathering Place 6120 Day Long Lane Clarksville, MD Sunday February 22, 2009 3PM-6PM

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Catholic priests are in short supply in recent years, a reality that has renewed the debate over celibacy

According to a recent study, many current priests are already ignoring the order altogether. A poll of 800 Polish priests revealed that many are ignoring the Church’s ban on intimate relationships. More than fifty percent said they wanted to live with a woman and a third admitted to having sex. It’s a dark secret one priest working in America kept for years—before writing about it in his new book.

Father Ameen (not his real name), an Eastern Rite Catholic priest for the last eighteen years and author of Confessions of a Passionate Priest, had an affair with a married woman. When the relationship was exposed to his bishop, Father Ameen was punished harshly because it brought the threat of a lawsuit from the woman’s husband, a scandal the Church didn’t want.

“Is consensual sex a sin?” Father Ameen asks. “Or has Church doctrine failed to address not only our contemporary lives but the reality of human need?”

Father Ameen reveals in his book that his affair was only exceptional in that it brought the threat of a lawsuit. Among the numerous scandals the Pope has had to deal with, the increasing number of non-celibate priests has been largely overlooked.

“The Church would have looked the other way, as it often does,” says Father Ameen, “except that her husband threatened to file a lawsuit.”

During his affair, Father Ameen spearheaded the building of a noted assisted-living facility at no cost to the Church and ministered to his flock with enthusiasm and dedication. “The idea that a secular life distracts us from our priestly duties is nonsense,” he says. “I was never more productive as a priest than when I was also happy in my personal life.”

In recent years, some revealing statistics have surfaced about Catholic priests:

• In the last fifty years, 20,000 priests have left the priesthood in the United States, the majority to marry.
• More than 160 priests in the Milwaukee Roman Catholic Archdiocese have signed a petition urging that celibacy be optional in the priesthood and sent it to the president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.
• Journalist and Church scholar Adam Szostkiewicz has said he believes “It is an absurd idea to continue with the celibate for the Catholic Church. I’m not expecting any changes under the current Pope, Benedict XVI, but something will have to change after him.”
• At any one time, twenty percent of priests are involved in sexual relationships and eight percent are experimenting sexually.

“I love the Church, but it does have some rules that serve no one,” says Father Ameen. “I’m proof, as are all the married Eastern Rite priests, that one can live in the secular world and still serve God.”

Father Ameen remains dedicated to the priesthood, despite his contradiction of specific Church rules. He currently lives in an undisclosed location in the United States, preferring to remain anonymous to avoid recrimination.

(Confessions of a Passionate Priest by Father Ameen; ISBN: 0-9816892-0-5; $14.95; 224 pages; 5½” x 8½”; softcover; East Mountain Books)

Contact Details: East Mountain Books
Contact: Father Ameen Phone: 774-526-9636
E-mail: Eastmountainbooks@yahoo.com

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Quantum of Solace: The new 007 James Bond: Even if the producers have James Bond wear an Omega in the new Bond film, star Daniel Craig wears a Rolex Submariner in tribute to the legacy of Ian Fleming and Sean Connery

Rolex: Quantum of Solace’s new 007 James Bond, Daniel Craig chooses to wear a Rolex Submariner 6358, even to interviews for the new Bond film. When playing James Bond in the film, however, Daniel Craig wears an Omega. Now what exactly is going on here?

With Quantum of Solace predicted to rake in over $60 million dollars on opening weekend, the producers of the new James Bond may not be worrying about the maverick approach of the new 007, Daniel Craig. Then again, maybe they should be listening to the wisdom of their chosen star and honor a great legacy.

This article, by John Lavitt, can be viewed in its entirety at the MJ Rolex Watch Blog:

Why is Daniel Craig a maverick? Although James Bond wears an Omega in the new films, Daniel Craig chooses to go against the grain of his producers and wears a classic Rolex Submariner 6358 to his interviews and in his personal life. Since Ian Fleming wrote in the original novels that his character James Bond wears a Rolex and Sean Connery always wore a Rolex Submariner 6358 in the early classic films, Daniel Craig pays tribute to these cultural icons by wearing a Rolex. At a recent GQ photo shoot, the entire wardrobe was styled for Daniel Craig, except for one key element: “Watch by Rolex, Craig’s own.”

Learn more about the James Bond’s Rolex Submariner at:

An example of a Rolex Submariner that has historically been used in James Bond films can be seen here: http://www.melrosejewelers.com/info/submariner_ss_black_388.htm

Even if Omega named their new watch after James Bond and was willing to pay a bundle for the product placement, maybe the producers should respect the awareness shown by their star of the true legacy and history of their character. Throughout his time as 007, Sean Connery was equipped with the Rolex Submariner, which has just celebrated its 50th anniversary this year, and Ian Fleming clearly chose Rolex as the watch worn by his creation. “Daniel Craig likes to tell a story about his watch. It is a Rolex Submariner 6358, an exact replica of the one he remembers Sean Connery wearing in Goldfinger.” (Empire Magazine). Now is the time for the producers of James Bond to follow the lead of their star and honor the legacy of Ian Fleming and Sean Connery — Give 007 back his Rolex

This article was published by the MJ Rolex Watch Blog, 
http://www.melrosejewelers.com/rolex-watch-blog/ , or in the U.K. at

Melrose Jewelers has the world’s largest information and education section guide about Rolex watches found here: http://www.melrosejewelers.co.uk/content/rolex_education.htm

The MJ Rolex Watch Blog is published by Melrose Jewelers, http://www.MelroseJewelers.com, USA’s largest online Rolex retailer. Melrose Jewelers is a member of the NAWCC (National Association of Watch Collectors), the MJSA (Manufacturers & Jewelers Association of America) and the California Sheriff’s Association. Melrose Jewelers is not an authorized agent or affiliated with Rolex USA, Rolex S.A., or Rolex International. All Rolex watches offered by Melrose Jewelers are Preowned; no new Rolex watches are available from Melrose Jewelers. Rolex Datejust, Rolex Oyster Perpetual, Rolex Day Date presidential and Rolex Oyster are trademarks of Rolex USA and a list of New Rolex Watch Dealers can be found at the Rolex website. Melrose Jewelers intends to complement the jewelry store offerings of Tiffany’s (TIF), Zales (ZLC), Amazon.co.uk (AMZN), Blue Nile UK (NILE), and Signet (Kay Jewelers & Jared The Galleria) (NYSE: SIG) with Rolex wristwatches.

About the Melrose Jewelers Preowned Rolex Standards:
The Preowned Rolex Awards were designed by Melrose Jewelers, America’s largest online Preowned Rolex watch retailer, in order to award Preowned Rolex retailers committed to excellence in product quality and product authenticity disclosure. The 2008 Preowned Rolex Awards Winners are: A and E Watches (A & E Watches,A&E Watches),Time and Gems (Time & Gems, Time&Gems), Portero, JomaShop (Joma Shop),Bernard Watch and Stein Diamonds. Watch Finder ( WatchFinder ) WatchFinder.co.uk , Second Time Round ( Second Time Around ) SecondTimeRound.com , Dream Watches Dream-Watches.co.uk , Watches.co.uk , & Blowers Jewellers blowers-jewellers.co.uk.


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