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New Sasquatch Themed Board Game Unites Believers and Skeptics for hours of fun!

New Sasquatch Themed Board Game Unites Believers and Skeptics

Salt Lake City, UT, 2017-Dec-15 — /EPR ENTERTAINMENT NEWS/ — Cryptolabs, Inc. today announced that Squatch The Board Game, (currently in funding on Kickstarter), will be released for online purchase March 24th, 2018 worldwide via www.catchsasquatch.com.

Squatch is a fast paced table top game designed by a group of 5 designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs, created with gamers of all ages in mind. It’s simplicity allows young players to enjoy it, while the diverse deck and endless outcomes means the more skilled gamers will find themselves happily buried in the game for hours at a time. It features a number of familiar gameplay concepts from classics like Settlers of Catan, presented in an easy to understand format with endless possibilities. The game also boasts never before seen techniques and moves used to reach your final objective. All features interact harmoniously, constructing this addicting game, one you’re sure to come back to game night after game night.

The idea for creating this game was born one night when a group of friends came together for a game night. They enjoyed their games, but wanted to create the perfect game. One they could call their own. Between their various backgrounds of engineering, design, marketing, and entrepreneurship, they realized they could have a lot of fun creating a game that would be all sorts of fun for everybody who played it. They began collaborating immediately, making thousands of revisions along the way, until they ended up with a playful game which includes elements from classic favorites, mixed with unprecedented gameplay elements which add exciting twists and turns along the journey to find and capture the elusive and majestic Sasquatch.

Visit the Kickstarter campaign today to get your copy at a discounted price!

Squatch Board Game
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Official “Throne of Lies” Gameplay Launch Trailer

LAS VEGAS, U.S.A, Oct-1-2017 — /EuropaWire/ — The highly anticipated social deduction game Throne of Lies: The Online Game of Deceit launches with PC, Mac and Linux support today at noon PST. The 3D, online multiplayer game is the next evolutionary step of the tabletop, social deductions genre started by classic hit Werewolf/Mafia in the 1980s. Throne of Lies is a throwback to those days where friends could gather around to stab each other in the back.

Through the game’s beta test, thousands of players have already experienced the game first-hand and become an integral part of shaping the game by testing its mechanics, creating lore for more than 40 classes and even creating some of the 100+ abilities.

Throne of Lies came to prominence early this year when it raised over $20,000 in funding via a successful Kickstarter campaign and was approved for Steam Greenlight by members of the largest PC gaming distribution platform in the world.

The objective of Throne of Lies is for the noble members of the Blue Dragon faction to use their investigative abilities and logical reasoning skills to root out the traitors in their midst. During each game, hidden members of the wicked Cult or the mysterious Unseen faction will attempt to convert the court’s loyal subjects to their side and kill those who oppose them.

Up to 16 players per game are randomly assigned to a class, ranging from the King himself to a hapless Fool. While members of the Cult and Unseen will know their allies, members of the Blue Dragon must be suspicious of every other player to ensure that they don’t fall to an evil plot. Even the King is suspect in Throne of Lies, as he could be working secretly for the enemy.

But things are not that straightforward. To make matters more intriguing, eight Neutral classes exist with their own selfish objectives to complete. While this may be as simple as ensuring their own survival, their objective may be to surreptitiously eradicate everyone at the table.

A player’s journey in Throne of Lies does not end with death because powerful in-game abilities allow players to speak with the dead or even resurrect them to rejoin the fight and tell the tale of their downfall. All players will also be allowed to inspect dead player’s journals to unlock important clues and expose the comings and goings of other players.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

As Kickstarter Nears End, An Innovative Idea Is Found…Will It Make A Difference?

FANS: Win Big while Supporting Hubble Roadshow. Crowdfunding meets contest! For $1 You can win a Space Suit, Paintings by Established artists (limited edition), techie stuff, and more all inspired by space.

Award-winning director – and Connecticut native – David Gaynes joins Producer of Media Dollena Campbell in a Kickstarter campaign to draw attention and raise funds for the documentary “Saving Hubble” and the innovative distribution concept, The Hubble Roadshow.

In less than two weeks, The Hubble Roadshow’s Kickstarter campaign will end. David hopes his Hubble Roadshow will create a community for all things space related by combining with community outreach programs in a new distribution concept…and he hopes to make his goal.

The Hubble Roadshow is best described by the opening paragraph on its Kickstarter page: “A custom RV houses a Hubble Telescope exhibit. It bounds down the highway, headed for your town. There’s a movie screen attached to the side and it’s going to screech to a halt at your favorite venue. It’s the centerpiece of a one-night-only event, all your friends will be there, and it’s going to be one hell of a show. Live music, telescopes, food, fun, scientists, artists, mystics, jugglers and the premiere of the forthcoming documentary Saving Hubble. With any luck (though it won’t take much) your mind will be blown. Prepare Thyself.”—David Gaynes http://kck.st/rnqhFt

The Hubble Roadshow is a distribution concept for “Saving Hubble” by director David Gaynes whose previous film, “The Keeper of the Kohn” won the Grand Jury Prize at The Vail Film Festival. His new film showcases the quirky vision that the director is known for, while representing the heart and spirit of the people. The roadshow is a one-of-a-kind national tour community event for the purpose of celebrating practical science and the new frontiers of human achievement. The show combines the premiere of the 2011 documentary, “Saving Hubble” with a variety of thematically related co-headlines and sideshows including but not limited to presentations from astronomers, guided stargazing, live music, art, space gadgets, and the presence of a distinctive traveling exhibit housed in a 30-foot RV. The uniqueness of these events and the rarity of this style of enterprise will inspire, educate and entertain, engendering a spirit of collaboration and possibility along the way.

The goal of the Kickstarter campaign is to raise funds to finish editing, and sound mixing for “Saving Hubble” in preparation from film festival submission. It will also create funds for the exciting distribution concept that will encourage a love of space by partnering with like-minded organizations from the astronomy, science and even space art communities, among others. The more they raise, the further their outreach. They want to bring The Hubble Roadshow to every continent! Currently their Kickstarter campaign needs help in order to achieve their goal. Please go here to help: http://kck.st/rnqhFt

The film “Saving Hubble,” featured in The Hubble Roadshow, is a documentary that’s a quirky and poignant exploration of America’s love affair with the telescope and humanity’s connection to the universe. The film touches down in America amid the troubles of a new century and examines the movement to rescue the beloved spacecraft from becoming space junk at the hands of the government. The narrative cleverly interweaves the story of Hubble’s cancellation and subsequent redemption with an exploration of the visceral wonders that space inspires. It is a journey with a rich plot and characters, utilizing the elements of story as vehicles for asking larger questions. “A lot of films have been made about what Hubble Has taught us about the universe, this is the first film that is about what Hubble teaches us about ourselves…The story of Saving Hubble is the story about Hope” –David Gaynes.

Dollena Campbell, Producer (of media) for The Hubble Roadshow, is not a stranger to Kickstarter. Her previous two Kickstarter campaigns exceeded their goals while attracting support from star athletes, artists and sponsors who swept in via email after the Kickstarter campaigns ended. They arrived after reading reviews generated through various blogs and the media outreach to help achieve the other monetary goals for two films: “The Anderson Monarch’s” by critically acclaimed filmmaker Eugene Martin and “The Whole Gritty City” by Emmy Award winner Richard Barber. Both films are currently preparing for festivals. Dollena believes it’s simple: honesty, clear communication, and loving a project and its message are all that’s needed…in addition to tons of social media work! She has created“The Spirit of The Hubble Roadshow Contest” to launch in conjunction with The Hubble Roadshow’s Kickstarter campaign.

Because the point of The Hubble Roadshow is that space inspires everyone in different ways, and Hubble has touched many people, Dollena has contacted, and garnered the support of David Mack, Best Selling Sci-Fi artist for the Star Trek Sci-Fi Vanguard Series (who is donating to the contest), as well as space artists Jan Rice, Gary Greenberg, Michael Atman, Casablanca Color. The roadshow also has support from This Art Be Yours (who are donating art pieces) and Space Dream Studios, creators of Space flight simulations and 3D software who have graciously donated“Gravity Flyer.” You can view their comments on space and Hubble on the Kickstarter page. Other contest prizes for the lucky supporters include collectible Hubble coins that are seen in the “Saving Hubble” documentary film.

The Grand Prize winner will receive amazing incentives for donating that include “I roll with Hubble T-shirts,” and even a star gazing astronomy party with Skype Q & A with the director and a sneak preview of “Saving Hubble” before release. They’ll also win, as part of the contest, their own Hubble Road show customized to their specifications – an idea from David Gaynes as an effort to help the community to understand how space relates to them personally; and a choice of other items listed above. If they love Sci-Fi, they can create a Sci-Fi love fest; if they have more academic leanings, the show in their nearest major city will be crafted with those needs in mind; if their passion is astronomy and mystical element, then the show will come to life for them and include VIP treatment for them and their group. There will be runners up, and they will have a choice of the remaining items that are all unique, and most collectible. What do they have to do? Well spread the word that’s all. The fearless fan that spreads the word the most via blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc will be thanked with not only an incentive for their donation but will win a really cool contest that’s just as innovative as The Hubble Roadshow concept. Dollena and David are trying really hard to blow you away, just as The Hubble Roadshow intends to do, with their new contest. It only takes a dollar to enter (and to contribute to the show), but of course more is appreciated.

You can check it out here and support: http://kck.st/rnqhFt.

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