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Official “Throne of Lies” Gameplay Launch Trailer

LAS VEGAS, U.S.A, Oct-1-2017 — /EuropaWire/ — The highly anticipated social deduction game Throne of Lies: The Online Game of Deceit launches with PC, Mac and Linux support today at noon PST. The 3D, online multiplayer game is the next evolutionary step of the tabletop, social deductions genre started by classic hit Werewolf/Mafia in the 1980s. Throne of Lies is a throwback to those days where friends could gather around to stab each other in the back.

Through the game’s beta test, thousands of players have already experienced the game first-hand and become an integral part of shaping the game by testing its mechanics, creating lore for more than 40 classes and even creating some of the 100+ abilities.

Throne of Lies came to prominence early this year when it raised over $20,000 in funding via a successful Kickstarter campaign and was approved for Steam Greenlight by members of the largest PC gaming distribution platform in the world.

The objective of Throne of Lies is for the noble members of the Blue Dragon faction to use their investigative abilities and logical reasoning skills to root out the traitors in their midst. During each game, hidden members of the wicked Cult or the mysterious Unseen faction will attempt to convert the court’s loyal subjects to their side and kill those who oppose them.

Up to 16 players per game are randomly assigned to a class, ranging from the King himself to a hapless Fool. While members of the Cult and Unseen will know their allies, members of the Blue Dragon must be suspicious of every other player to ensure that they don’t fall to an evil plot. Even the King is suspect in Throne of Lies, as he could be working secretly for the enemy.

But things are not that straightforward. To make matters more intriguing, eight Neutral classes exist with their own selfish objectives to complete. While this may be as simple as ensuring their own survival, their objective may be to surreptitiously eradicate everyone at the table.

A player’s journey in Throne of Lies does not end with death because powerful in-game abilities allow players to speak with the dead or even resurrect them to rejoin the fight and tell the tale of their downfall. All players will also be allowed to inspect dead player’s journals to unlock important clues and expose the comings and goings of other players.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Funky Bots Launches Atomic Bands for Smart Bluetooth Body Motion Gaming

Los Angeles, CA, 2017-Mar-23 — /EPR ENTERTAINMENT NEWS/ — Funky Bots announces the launch of Atomic Bands on IndieGoGo. Atomic Bands are smart bluetooth gaming and the first wearables for gesture based gameplay. They feature advanced bluetooth motion tracking, single or multi player options. No camera or remote control needed and most of all these bands teach players real skills. Features include: gesture recognition, haptics for advanced rhythm training and a rad wireless oracle charging station. Play augmented reality games and make fitness fun.

Atomic Bands are a pair of wearables, worn on the wrists or ankles, that aim to accurately approximate full skeletal body tracking. They have haptic feedback, OLED displays and LED lighting to give a variety of feedback points as part of dance, martial arts and fitness focused gameplay. These smart bluetooth gaming devices offer new options for Augmented Reality gaming. No camera, console or remote control needed. Single or multiplayer options. Make fitness FUN!

Atomic Bands were chosen as one of the Top New Gadgets of CES 2017 (CNET, BBC Science, 2one5 and NewsHacker). “The perfect product for the fitness junkie, the gamer, and everyone in between was being showcased at CES this year. Funky Bots Atomic Bands are super-hero inspired and here to make all of your dreams a reality, seriously. The Atomic Bands are a new device for body motion gaming and are the first of their kind offering single and multiplayer options. You can learn those sick dance moves that have always been on your bucket list or create things in an AR 3D world with the simplest gestures with advanced real-time motion tracking and pattern recognition.” – 2one5, Best of CES

Atomic Bands add a whole new dimension to body motion gaming. Now gamers can play anywhere and don’t have to stand in range of a camera. Players can move anywhere and still be in the game. Moreover, the devices are connected to an entire Funky Bots app platform where players learn real movement skills: how to toprock, salsa or practice monkey kung fu. Seamus Byrne of CNET wrote, “Don’t dismiss these bands as just another gaming peripheral. Atomic Bands want to become the Duolingo of dance and martial arts education.”

Funky Bots currently is developing innovative gesture based games to be available with Atomic Bands. They created three apps that were chosen by Apple as Best New App as well as the first motion sensor apps for Taichi and street dance. They were also winners of the Alcatel Innovation Challenge (Paris) and part of the Technogym Wellness Accelerator (Venice).

ALL these games for Atomic Bands will be FREE to download on iOS and Android platforms. This means after players have Atomic Bands, they no longer have to pay for games (which normally runs between $20-40 EACH! for Kinect or Xbox… ) Funky Bots is also releasing an SDK so developers can also create games for the Atomic Bands as well. The devices are on pre-order at IndieGogo and scheduled to ship in October with titles such as KAPOW (fighting robots Rockem Sockem style), House Dance with Jardy (Youtube king of house dance), Sonic Utopia (where players can make music and bend air with gesture), Monkey Kung Fu, Gym Rat, and more…

Atomic Bands feature an innovative Yin Yang design where the two sides come together like a Temple of Doom inspired magic oracle, so charging the device is fun, not an eyesore with cords hanging everywhere. The oracle base station uses innovative wireless charging to power up the devices. The LEDs lights and OLED screens make it as fun as pinball on your wrists. Advanced piezo haptics with 2 different microhammers for musical rhythm training means players can feel both the BASS and the HIGH HAT beats. Boom KLAK, Boom Boom KLAK. The devices also have advanced pattern matching and gesture recognition, which approximates skeletal tracking of body movements without the use of a camera or infrared technology.

These rad new gaming bands not only teach players real skillz through body motion gaming, but also allow players to create new AR worlds in 3d. Gestures can make music, bend air and build whole cities.

  • Bluetooth single or multi-player options
  • Real time motion tracking without field of view restrictions
  • Advanced pattern matching technology
  • 9-axis sensor with accelerometer and gyroscope
  • NFC communication
  • Piezo haptics for rhythm training
  • Wireless Yin Yang oracle charging station
  • OLED screen & RGB LED lights
  • Onboard audio + Speaker
  • Upgradable Firmware and audio over the air
  • Syncing 50-100 ft range unobstructed
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Apps for street dance (popping, house dance, breakdance, locking), martial arts, fitness training for correct form analysis, free weights and kettle bells, augmented reality game play, creative play where gestures create soundscapes and 3d environments.
  • 2-3 hours battery life for constant use
  • Straps for wrist and ankles

Tech in Asia praised the innovation of Atomic Bands, “These haptic motion trackers literally show you how to groove. These weird wearables can teach you dance or kung fu.”

The Indiegogo crowdfunding site offeres complete details, full specifications and full list of pledges available starting at $159 for earlybird backers with shipping expected to take place during October 2017.

About Funky Bots
Based in Los Angeles (US), Antwerp (BE) and Prague (CZ), Funky Bots was founded in 2014 by Rosa Mei. The Funky Bots team is made up of professional performing artists and athletes, movement junkies who want to teach the world to dance, groove and create music and new 3d worlds with gesture. The company has created three apps which have been featured by Apple as Best New App (7 Minute Chi, Funky Bots and BoomKLAKers) as well as the first motion sensor apps for tai chi and street dance. Funky Bots was the winner of two accelerator programs, The Alcatel Innovation Challange (Paris, FR) and The Technogym Wellness Accelerator (Venice, IT). As the only startup in the Augmented Reality Gaming section of CES 2017, Funky Bots beat the odds, with their Atomic Bands making four Best of CES Lists (CNET, BBC Science, etc). The Funky Bots team consists of top international gesture recognition and gaming experts as well as world champion dancers and athletes.

Contact-Details: FUNKY BOTS
3332 Manor Ridge Dr
Raleigh, NC 27603
t: 240-273-5766
e: info@funkybots.com
w: www.atomicbands.com

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Bovada Ups the Ante For Poker Players – Introduces Innovative Welcome Bonus

One of the most popular online gaming sites where people can play poker online is Poker.bovada.lv. Bovada, which has been making waves in the gaming community mainly due to their wide selection of casino games and the strength of their well-respected sports betting platform. Another reason that this site has enjoyed such a large amount of awareness among online gaming patrons is due to the fact that Bovada is among one of the only legal online casinos that can be joined by both Americans and Canadians. The company has recently made headlines yet again; this time offering an impressive one hundred per cent signup bonus for all new members.

One of the significant aspects of this bonus is that it will match any deposit up to one thousand dollars by one hundred per cent. This is notably different from many other sites that only offer partial matched bonus amounts. Bovada has caught the eye of the online casino community as representing one of the most generous platforms currently on the market. While Bovada was already considered by many to represent some of the best poker online gaming available, this offer has certainly increased their reputation substantially.

The mechanics of the bonus are quite simple. A player will first need to register through Bovada. After registration is complete, he or she will then be able to deposit cash directly into their account. Another interesting feature of this bonus is that it will include anyfunds that are deposited within the first twenty-four hours of opening a new account. So, a player can choose to deposit four hundred dollars and should he or she wish to deposit an additional four hundred, Bovada will match both amounts by one hundred percent. Therefore, the player has already doubled their money before even entering an online poker room.

Another aspect that will surely catch the public’s eye is that players will also be able to earn valuable poker points with each dollar that is matched. These points can be used towards ongoing promotions, lucrative competitions, prizes and tournaments. Obviously, the amount of points directly correlates with the amount deposited; the larger the amount, the more points earned. In this respect, Bovada has invented quite a unique system that will help players increase their chances of winning these points.

Simply stated, the more one plays, the more that one will earn. As the bonus will be valid for the first sixty days of game play, participants will have the chance to accrue up to a staggering five thousand bonus points during this period. This is, of course, associated with the maximum matched bonus of one thousand dollars. Players should also be aware that for every dollar matched, he or she will receive five bonus points.

The bonus issued will relate to achieving certain “levels” of poker points and this is based on a graduated scale. For instance, when a player garners fifty poker points, a bonus of ten dollars is issued and credited to the account the very next day. When one reaches two hundred and fifty points, an impressive forty dollars will be issued. On the top end of the scale, if one succeeds in gaining five thousand poker points, a massive one thousand dollars will be directly credited to the account. The end result is an unheard of gaming experience that has become the hallmark of Bovada Poker. Further details and an easy to understand chart of what the Bovada signup bonus entails can be found on their easy-to-use and highly navigable site. These bonuses can be thought of as giving all participants the ability to play free poker and yet still earn cash prizes.

While to play poker online in the US is still a rather new concept for avid gamers, the popularity of Bovada may indeed signal a paradigm shift in the online gaming policies currently espoused by the government. Some analysts believe that the popularity of Bovada illustrates the fact that more such sites should be made available to Americans. So, the day may very well come when similar opportunities are offered by additional companies. Until then, fans can enjoy playing free online poker games and the chances of winning valuable bonuses should they wish to up the ante and play for money. Either way, it truly appears that Bovada is paving the way within the online poker community, offering innovative new products such as Zone Poker and interesting promotions such as this one which keep their ever-growing fan base coming back for more.


About Bovada
Licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake, Canada, Bovada.lv is operated by Meadway Leisure Limited (“Meadway”), a pioneer in online sportsbetting since 2007 with first rate services. They are leading the way with state-of-the-art and innovative gaming products accompanied by the highest level of payout services.

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Soda Poker, A Whole New Way Of Enjoying Online Poker!

A new multilingual poker room has just been launched by one on the main online poker publishers with the intention of becoming an alternative to the current online poker monopoly.

POKER hit the web in the mid 00’s and has since never ceased to grow in popularity. But governments around the world have decided that now is the time to impose regulations on online gambling and as a result you may have noticed that playing poker with real money is getting tougher and tougher (especially if you are living in the US!).

In the mean time, playing poker with virtual chips on social networks has never been as trendy, fun and easy! Don’t deny it; even your mom and your little sister are on it… These so called social poker games owe their popularity to the fact that while being built around a game you usually find in a casino; because you can’t cash out your winnings, for legislators, it’s not gambling so you (and the companies running them) are alright with them.

Now the companies running these models are seriously considering adding cash out options once the game will be regulated, and the companies running real money poker rooms are looking at social poker games as a way of not only offering a different version of the game, but also penetrating virgin territories such as social networks or mobile devices.

It’s going to be a war of the worlds when these gaming giants collide, but undoubtedly poker players will come out as winners, as the competition will generate new products and new offers for the end users…

In the mist of it all, Cmedia, a company based on the Spanish coast of Barcelona has launched Soda Poker, a social poker room that aims to offer a serious alternative to other poker rooms.

The name Cmedia may not ring a bell, but if you have ever been on a website related to poker or any other form of online gambling, chances are you were on one of theirs: with over 1000 websites online, they are amongst the biggest online gambling publishers in the world… so you can trust they know what they are doing when it comes to online poker. They are the people behind Freepoker.org and Pokerholdem.com.

Soda Poker is easy because unlike any other Texas Holdem poker site you can register and play for free in just a few clicks. It’s quick, easy and simple. It gets you seated at the poker table in just a few seconds without asking you for your bank account details, or your grand mother’s maiden name. And it’s freemium, meaning that every day; you can come back and play without having to deposit real money. But if you want to play the higher stakes you can always buy into the premium model and get more chips allowing you to play at a higher level. Because players don’t actually bet with real money, Soda Poker is a totally risk free game, you can just play for the fun of the game! It’s really the closest you’ll get to playing a home game with your friends, and that’s why it’s one of the fastest growing social poker communities and one of the hottest places to be dealt cards on the web right now!

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HeroUp Skateboarding Game Now Available in the App Store

Joom Tech Ltd, the team behind the criminal offences reference app known as iJail, announced today that its HeroUp game is available in both the iTunes Store and the App Store. Releasing the most adrenaline-fueled skateboarding game just in time to battle the cold weather blues, HeroUp delivers creative level gameplay that takes skaters to new heights (literally).

“We wanted to develop a game that surpassed the typical skateboarding game in every possible way,” said Ovais Ahmed, Joom Tech Ltd’s Director. “We wanted to create a casual game that takes skateboarding to a whole new level. From boarding through space to buying killer ramps, we wanted the player to be able to enjoy skateboarding from his or her iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.”

In HeroUp, players catch some serious air from skateboard ramps and literally soar through levels. By navigating their way through exhilarating skate challenges, players will collect coins and medals that unlock rad perks.

Levels, guns, new ramps and even special skateboard upgrades can be purchased from the in-game store using the collected coins and medals. Players will need that extra boost while shredding through space!

HeroUp utilizes the stunning display and features of the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch to deliver a thrilling skateboarding experience. The relaxed yet addictive gameplay ensures players will never get tired of skating through amazing levels, such as Jungle and Ski Resort.

The HeroUp lite version, which is absolutely free, is available in the App Store and in the iTunes Store. Visit www.itunes.co.uk/appstore or www.itunes.co.uk to download your copy today.

The HeroUp paid version, which has added features and bonuses, is also available in the App Store and the iTunes Store for only $0.99. Visit www.itunes.co.uk/appstore or www.itunes.co.uk to purchase your copy.

For additional information on HeroUp, please visit the Joom Tech Ltd website at www.joomtech.co.uk/heroup!

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Black Prophecy Joins IGXE Family

Here is a great news to Black Prophecy’s fans. As one of the biggest trader among virtual currency market, IGXE decide to add Black Prophecy Gold to sell list before other trade platforms.

Black Prophecy is a free to play fast-paced 3D real-time combat space MMO with state of the art visuals. Both the Player-versus-Players combat and an exciting storyline in a rich universe are important aspects of the game. It’s focussed on fast and exciting real-time combat space battles. Many experts regard Black Prophecy as the second Eve Online due to the background and story of Black Prophecy is almost seemed as the former. “There is no doubt that success of Eve Online made a contribution to Black Prophecy’s development.” Said Harry, professional MMORPG player. Shortly after the launch of the European version of Black Prophecy, the U.S. closed beta has been officially started and that the first thousand invites have been sent out. It can believe that Black Prophecy as a new blood of combat space games will certainly start a warfare wave in the MMOPRG world. With the officially started days is fast approaching, IGXE has already got ready to welcome this black storm due to Eve Online had enriched experience to deal with these difficulties. A series products related to Black Prophecy will launch at MMOXE follow the step, such as CD Key, expansion pack, game currency just like WoW Gold and even power leveling service.

As an 8 years reliable trader IGXE always provide various products to customers, such asWoW Gold, Warhammer Gold, Rift Gold, lineage 2 adenaEQ2 Plat always has pretty sales at IGXE, it takes secondary position for a long time. Mr. Vinson, the supervisor of market department says, “We can predict that Black Prophecy Gold will get an outstanding achievement through the performance of Eve Isk.” EVE is a massive multiplayer online game (MMOG) set in a science-fiction based, persistent world. Players take the role of spaceship pilots seeking fame, fortune, and adventure in a huge, complex, exciting, and sometimes hostile galaxy. The game was released in May 2003, it is set in part of the universe that is currently unknown. The game world consists of about 5,000 solar systems.

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Smartoonz has launched a new website for Monkey, based on the successful TV show ‘Monkey See Monkey Do’

Monkey See Monkey Do™ is a colorful, upbeat CG animated kid’s series which encourages children to engage with the show’s characters through dance. The show is successfully broadcasted by major TV channels, including Playhouse Disney LATAM, PBS Kids Sprout, France5, TVA, TVO, Knowledge, Minimax, Hop!, PBS Thailand.

The new website keeps you updated with all of Monkey See Monkey Do™ Latest News. Kids can enjoy seeing all the favorite characters, watch clips from the show, printout coloring pages, and send a message to Monkey. Parents can use the Forum to ask questions and give feedback. Through the site, users can access to “Monkey See Monkey Do™“ Youtube channel and the Facebook Fan Page.

An extra feature for this site, soon to be released is the “Monkey’s Club”. The Monkey’s Club will include lots of fun, games and activities for all of Monkey’s fans.

This new website has been launched together with the NEW App “Monkey See Monkey Do – Savanna™”. This is an easy to use interactive fun Free App for the whole family. Monkey loves interacting with his fans, and with six entertaining screens he can do exactly that! users can play with him, tease him and even take a picture with him.

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Grimm Update in the iTunes App Store!

Grimm, the Apple-featured iOS game, is back with a free update in the iTunes App Store.  The devilish and stylized Victorian adventure just got even better, adding new features and refined gameplay.

• Speed! Faster carriage speed and game speed in general.
• Baby Strike! Hitting an enemy with the baby now kills them with a single hit.
• Multitasking: Switch between apps without losing your place!
• Easier Baby-Launching: Simply grab the carriage with your finger and aim. No need to brake.
• Faster baby-scooping by the carriage.
• Faster carriage jumping.
• Better Checkpoints: The game now saves at the last point reached in a level. No need to replay what you’ve already completed.
• Retina Display home screen icon (more Retina graphics coming!)
• Level tweaks and improvements.

Grab the game that was selected as Kotaku’s “iGame of the Day” and featured by Apple as “New and Noteworthy.”

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Casino Online Launches English Version of Website

Casino Online proclaim inauguration of the new English version of online casino review website that features lots of online casino games and casino articles. Having a huge reputation for providing credible online casino guidance, Casino Online, has recently commenced the English version of its website for serving the other than non Portuguese consumers. The English version will provide a visitor to access a plenty of vital resources about the online casinos. The resources will cover a variety of subjects, including tips and guidance on casino games, reviews on online casinos and various tips featuring the methods of lawful gambling. Except, these general resources, to widen the idea of laws and information regarding international gambling and casino games, the web site features a section of blog resource that offers information on various topics, including “Greece Plans Online Gambling,”.

While playing online casino games, sometimes a player cannot understand about the legitimacy of a particular site that he chooses for playing the casino games. To get rid of this problem, Casino Online has been providing the thorough information about the online casino gaming industry for more than seven years. The information offered includes casino gaming tips as well tutorials, online gaming site’s safety levels and a detail about casino bonuses. Now this same privilege is also available for the English speaking persons also. The chief focus of the Casino Online is to provide a thorough review of online casino sites and to endorse the lawful gambling exercises. To help the gamblers who face problem during gambling, Casino Online features customer helpdesk on the every page of the website.

According to the Manager of Casino Online, Milton Pinto, “It’s a very exciting time for us, as we expand into the English-speaking market. We’re very proud of the services we provide, and are looking forward to showing many new customers what value we can offer for their online gaming needs,” (http://www.casinoonline.co.pt.)

Going through this web site, a person one can access more than 250 casino games online in free of costs. Lots of admired casino games are offered both for fun access and practise which include Lord of The Rings, slots, blackjack, Scrooge etc to name a few. For increasing the public credibility of the offered casino reviews, the consumers are also provided the option of sharing their own experience and reviews on a particular online casino.

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Learn How To Play Rainbow Riches With A Fantastic New Site

WagerWorks have really managed to get the formula right with both of their fantastic Rainbow Riches slot games. Pots of Gold, the first slot in this series was an absolute stormer in both the online and land based casinos, with Win Big Shindig following shortly after to offer players a chance at the bigger prizes. Not everyone in the gambling world is totally familiar with these Irish themed slot games and how to play their reels. However help is at hand for these uninitiated and amateur players in the form of a new Rainbow Riches strategy site.

Learn How To Play Rainbow Riches With A Fantastic New Site

Site editor, Catherine Van Bommel told us “punters are always looking for anything that can give them an edge on these great slot games. Our site is put together by a team of experts who not only have got a wealth of experience on how to Play Rainbow Riches titles, but also knowledge from years of in depth slot play”

Rainbow Riches Play doesn’t only give you the very best playing guides and advice on how to get the most out of the Rainbow Riches slots, advising on which slot is the best for which budget and playing style, but they also go the extra mile and use some of their considerable expertise to recommend the very best online casinos where you can try both Pots of Gold and Win Big Shindig for real or free play. Martin Edward, one of the review team told us “we do want to ensure that we give the very best advice on how to play the Rainbow Riches games, but we also want to make sure that our readers get the very best casino experience from the best online operators, hence we only feature the safest, most reliable internet gaming houses on our site”

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Grimm Featured by Apple in the iTunes App Store!

A dark and twisted misadventure, Grimm has just been featured by Apple in the iTunes App Store! The game was hand-picked for the “New and Noteworthy” section, and has since cracked the Top 50 list for all paid apps.

ROBOX Studios is proud to announce the release of Grimm: Ride of the Perambulator, a new iOS game now available. Set in a devilish and stylized Victorian world, Grimm is a side-scrolling macabre adventure, featuring stunning hand-drawn graphics and whimsical humor. Using the accelerometer, the player must navigate a lost carriage and baby through over 10 worlds and 8 mini-levels of fiendish delights. Pursued by Mr. Grimm, the player must survive his questionable intentions as he presents new challenges along the way.

A truly independent title, Grimm was developed by David Pietrandrea, owner of ROBOX Studios. The small development team focused on creating an immersive experience and a fully-realized world, bringing a unique style to mobile platforms.

Enter the devilish and dangerous world of Grimm at your own peril, now in the iTunes App Store:

“Mother has lost her baby! It is up to you, kindly gamer, to safely navigate the baby’s carriage through over 10 worlds of twisted Victorian delights, delivering the lost child home. Avoid the specter of Mr. Grimm, a shadowy figure intent on stopping you at every turn. Grimm: Ride of the Perambulator is a unique side-scrolling adventure set in a dark and stylized world.”

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The Rainbowrichesslot.com & Slotmine Partnership Announced

Rainbowrichesslot.com has now been one of the internet’s top destinations for Rainbow Riches slot aficionados’ for some time. This week sees the site team up with top slot house, Slotmine to bring Rainbow Riches experts one of the best sign up offers on the web.

People are leaving behind the old slots of yesterday such as ‘The Wheel of Fortune’ and ‘Cleopatra’ in favour of IGT’s latest killer slots, the Rainbow Riches series. Both Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold and Rainbow Riches Win Big Shindig have been attracting slot fans of all skill levels to their reels and one of the reasons for this is sites like Rainbow riches Slot. These guys have been providing players with the best information, strategies and updates on these Irish themed slots for almost a year now and have decided to team up with top internet casino, Slotmine to win their subscribers that little bit extra play at this top online gaming house.

We asked the first lady of this fantastic site, CM Jones for a comment on this new partnership. She found a little time in her busy day to tell us “At Rainbowrichesslot.com we value our audiences and have been bringing them the latest news about these great slot games for a number of months now. We felt it was time to present our Rainbow Riches players with a little Christmas bonus so we contacted our operators to see what bonuses they were willing to offer our loyal subscribers. Slotmine came back with a fantastic opportunity where players can get a whopping £250 on sign up and we felt this was worthy of making them number one and the featured Casino on our site”

Slotmine Casino isn’t the only casino featured at this Rainbow Riches Slot Machine review site, however it is amongst a selection of gaming providers who have all been vetted and recommended by their team of experts who have years of knowledge in both playing games and working in the industry. They will only put their names to the safest, most reliable casinos where they know that not only will your money be safe, but you’ll also have the best Rainbow Riches experience possible.

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Monopoly Slots Launches Fantastic New Video Channel

For a long time Monopoly has been amongst the worlds favourite games. In the last twenty years or so we’ve seen many gambling games based on this famous board game, including the many pub quiz machines and fruities built around its property trading framework. In the last ten years we’ve seen the rise of the Monopoly slots, with slots like Monopoly Here & Now being released to celebrate the game’s seventieth birthday. There is even now a Monopoly slot that offers a life changing amount of money to one lucky prize in the form of Monopoly Megajackpots.

As interest in the Monopoly slots Online grows this fantastic internet portal has released a Youtube video channel where players can see what’s on offer from each of the Monopoly slot games. For instance, both Monopoly Pass Go Bonus and Monopoly Here & Now have extensive board game based bonuses that can be difficult for slot newbies to get their heads round in the first instance. Now players can check on what to expect from the Monopoly slot games via this great new video channel to ensure they get no unexpected surprises or miss out on any bonuses when they play the real money games.

CM Jones, web-mistress for the Monopoly site was approached for a statement about the new video channel. “It’s very helpful for new Monopoly slots players” she said, going on to add “although these slot games are recognised to be amongst the best on the planet, they do present a lot of features that can take the novice slot player by surprise. Now, by checking out our brilliant video channel, slot jockeys can ensure they don’t end up broke or going to jail.”

Monopoly Slots is the premier portal online for everything you could possibly want to know about the brilliant Monopoly slots. It’s got reviews and playing techniques as well as articles on the history and evolution of the famous board game, together with links to some of the best places to try the Monopoly Slot Machine on freeplay. Of course, when you’ve reviewed our great little Monopoly slot videos, you may well wish to sign up for an internet casino to actually see if you’ve got what it takes to grab the big loot. Well, in this instance Monopoly Slots has a great list of online casinos that are both safe and reliable and offer some of the best bonuses available anywhere on the net.

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Player Hits over €20,000 at Jackpot Games’ Casino

Jackpot Games’ casino revealed details of its first big winner today, marking the company’s growth since its launch in April 2010. The Malta-based firm celebrated with the player after confirming the €20,000 win came from a single slot machine spin.

The lucky player, Miss N.R of London, hit €20,142 on the Devil’s Delight slot machine at around 4pm on August 20th, just half an hour after her first spin. She then went on to further wins on other slot machines after that. She was contacted immediately by the casino to confirm her win and to start the process of paying her. Her accomplishment is all the more remarkable for the fact it was her first ever visit to Jackpot Games casino, having made her first deposit  just a few short minutes before winning. It was a truly lucky day for the player, as the casino reported her entire session had a payout percentage of over 215%.

Ramon Azzopardi, Jackpot Games CEO, commented, “Miss N.R’s experience at Jackpot Games goes to show the house doesn’t always win, and that these big single wins actually do happen. We would like to say a big congratulations to her again and wish her all the best for the future.”

Miss N.R was delighted with her win at Jackpot Games, saying “I’ve had such a wonderful time playing at your casino and I’m very excited about my win! We have now decided to take a big trip away over the winter and this truly has changed my life. Thank you Jackpot Games for giving me a lot more opportunities from now on!”

She went on to say that her “heart was racing” during her win, which was triggered by the Devil’s Delight free spins bonus, “All of a sudden all the screen lit up and I didn’t really know what was going on. I then looked at the balance and it said 20 odd thousand. I could not believe it! My heart was racing and I had to keep looking to see if it was still there. We have now decided to take a big trip away over the winter and this truly has changed my life. Thank you Jackpot Games for giving me a lot more opportunities from now on!”

Azzopardi said, “Miss N.R’s experience at Jackpot Games is indicative of just how far our online casino has come in the first four months of operation. From receiving our first players to welcoming high rollers capable of such big wins demonstrates the appeal of the casino and the trust the casino has garnered among our players in such a short amount of time. We’re delighted with the progress and the promise it has shown and we’re confident of further growth and even bigger player wins soon.

Jackpot Games boasts over 85 instant play casino games, including 31 unique slot games, including the acclaimed Devil’s Delight – the machine behind this win.  Miss N.R’s experience is all the more notable because in most online casinos such single wins are normally the preserve of dedicated casino games known as progressive jackpot slots. These contain a side pot where an element of each bet is placed, allowing the pot to grow to extraordinary amounts. With such progressive games as well as video slots like Devil’s Delight, big wins are sure to become a feature of Jackpot Games’ casino.

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Virgin Games Casino To Significantly Expand Games Portfolio In 2010

Virgin Casino, part of the leading online gaming company – Virgin Games, has today announced that it has developed a road map to introduce all the latest casino games in the next twelve months, making it one of the most content rich gaming sites in the UK market.

To help enhance its already strong portfolio, Virgin Casino has taken on a new partner – Playtech company, Gaming Technology Solutions (GTS) – a leading global supplier of gaming solutions for online gaming operations. Playtech provides cutting-edge software to the top operators in the gaming industry, and through the GTS Enhanced Gaming Engine (EdGE) platform, will provide Virgin Casino with access to the best in breed casino games on the market. Amongst the many exciting games due to be launched this year are Call of Duty 4, Monopoly Multiplier and Play Your Cards Right.

Warren Eloff, Product Manager at Virgin Casino, commented:

“GTS EdGE platform allows us easy access to the best gaming suppliers in the business and partnering with them to help develop our product offering makes perfect sense. We plan to roll out over 100 games this year and among them will be some top brand names, providing our customers with sophisticated and exciting games that they have come to expect from us. With all these new games we will have one of the best casinos available online”

Founded in 2004, Virgin Casino has over 500,000 players and 50 casino games on its site. Through the introduction of a custom built Virgin Games platform in 2008, Virgin Casino seeks to provide its players with the widest possible choice of casino games. Virgin Casino offers games from a growing selection of games producers, including: WagerWorks, Cryptologic, Freemantle, Endemol, Dynamite Idea, VS Gaming and Ash Gaming.

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Nedplay Acquired by 32Red Online Casino

32Red is today pleased to announce that Nedplay casino becomes part of the award-winning gaming operator’s group of casinos. The acquisition of the Nedplay casino, including the player database, Internet domains and Intellectual Property by 32Red, means that players at the Nedplay casino now enjoy the same high level of service and support, and exciting promotions as players at the Company’s other two casinos, 32Red and Dash.

Nedplay Acquired by 32Red Online Casino

CEO of 32Red, Ed Ware, commented:

“We are pleased to have the Nedplay Casino join our group and look forward to delivering the same high standards we apply across our existing operations to the Nedplay Casino”.

The acquisition comes after the flagship casino,32Red, following six years of successiveBest Casino awards, is named Casino of the Decade by industry watchdog and player advocacy site, Casinomeister. Ware added:

“Nedplay players join 32Red at a time when our efforts over the past 7 years have accumulated in our receiving the first ever Casino of the Decade accolade. They can now look forward to the same award-winning service and online casino experience 32Red regulars have enjoyed since the casino’s launch in 2002.”

The Nedplay brand continues for the time being with 32Red due to assess future plans over the coming weeks. Players with approved pending withdrawals that are outstanding should expect payment from 32Red shortly. Likewise any outstanding Affiliate Partner payments will be settled in the short-term.

32Red Plc – listed on the AIM of the London Stock Exchange (Ticker: TTR) – recently announced a positive end to trading in H2 2009, with gaming revenue up 19% on the first half of the same year and a 23% increase in player recruitment numbers from 2008. The addition of Nedplay will strengthen the company’s presence in the gaming sector for 2010 and is further positive news following the upbeat trading update.

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32Red Online Casino Crowned Casino of the Decade

The Gibraltar-based online casino operator, 32Red.com, has been declared Casino of the Decade by leading casino player watchdog and advocacy site, Casinomeister. Following six successive years as the Best Casino winner, the latest title rewards the firm’s consistent performance over the last 10 years.

During the last decade 32Red has featured regularly in award ceremonies and received prestigious nominations. As Casinomeister has highlighted in the past, and also in the company’s most recent award, 32Red has raised the bar for others to follow by pioneering a personal, transparent approach to player support and casino bonuses. In the official announcement, Bryan Bailey of Casinomeister said the following regarding 32Red’s achievements and new award:

“They (32Red) have maintained their focus since their launch: personable customer service, responsive and effective management, professional solid operations. Publicly traded, fully transparent, and they are bound by an ideology that is based on player satisfaction. These guys have a lot to be proud of…again”

32Red CEO, Ed Ware, was delighted by the award, commenting “the Casino of the Decade sits above all other awards in this year’s Casinomeister list and it’s one we receive with a great deal of pride. 32Red aimed to be here when we launched the online casino and we’re honoured that, come the end of ‘naughties’, we’re right at the top of our industry”.

Ware added that the company philosophy remains unchanged and that it will continue to drive the casino to new heights: “the numerous awards from Casinomeister in the past decade have shown that focussing on the player experience is valued where it matters most – the player’s themselves, which Casinomeister and the award represents. It is both justification of this philosophy and motivation to continue providing a service that really is second to none”

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32Red Launches Sports Betting Website

32Red partner with Global Betting Exchange to offer a full sports betting service, adding another gambling product to a growing portfolio.

Award-winning online casino operator 32Red is pleased to announce today the launch of its new online sports betting service, 32RedBet.com. The launch of the 32Red betting platform means that the company’s online betting and gaming portfolio now includes all major online gambling products, including casino, mobile casino, poker, bingo, rummy and spread betting.

The platform is powered by Global Betting Exchange and offers markets on all sports and events from around the globe including Football, Horseracing, Tennis and Golf. 32RedBet also offers a huge range of in-play markets.

CEO of 32Red, Ed Ware commented:

“We are very pleased to be launching a 32Red online betting service ahead of what should be an interesting year with England’s participation in the 2010 World Cup. Adding sports betting to our existing range of online gaming services goes a long way to completing our product range and, apart from encouraging our existing players to use 32Red for their sports betting requirements, will also allow us to target new areas in our existing markets.”

32RedBet are offering competitive odds on the biggest games and tournaments for an array of different sports. A visit to the website reveals odds on the World Cup 2010, including England to lift the cup at 11/2. Visitors will also see the latest odds on the Champions League, The English Premiership, the Championship, the forthcoming Ryder Cup and more.

Head of Marketing for 32Red, Mark Quayle, added “32RedBet means players can go from thrilling casino games in the online casino, playing poker  to betting on sports within just a few clicks, making 32Red the one stop destination for exciting, professional and trusted online gambling.”

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Gamersyndrome.com Releases New Vendor Discounts And Prizes

Looking for a website that gives back? GamerSyndrome.com is a video game community that offers a fresh new perspective of the gaming world that includes news, reviews and unique approach to community interaction.

GamerSyndrome.com has just released its latest list of new vendor sponsors for our new community promotion feature to provide our users with a unique reward system and special vendor discounts. We are currently giving away some excellent prizes like t-shirts and watches in a monthly random draw eligible to all of our registered users.

This means that by just signing up to our site, you receive the opportunity to win free gaming gear. Not only are we giving away free promotional items, when you become a member of the GamerSyndrome community you gain access to our members only discount page. This exclusive discount page provides all our members with an extensive list of vendors who support our website by offering exclusive discounts. These discount codes are unique to our site and are only available to members of our gaming community.

Some of our newest promotional sponsors, Splitreason.com, Phosphorwatches.com, and Tokyoflash.com offer a wide selection of unique and stylish lifestyle products designed specifically for gamers. These shirts, watches, and other awesome items will be given away to our users in our monthly draws and exclusive discount codes for these vendors are also available on the member’s page.

For more information please visit http://gamersyndrome.com

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A Group Of Die Hard Bingo Lovers Are Currently In Training To Prepare For The World’s Toughest Game Of Bingo At – 17,500 Ft

Next month, 24 dedicated bingo enthusiasts will tackle Mount Everest, dabber in hand, in an attempt to smash the record for the World’s Highest Game of Bingo. The intrepid trekkers will face dehydration, altitude sickness and deep vein thrombosis as they take part in a bingo pilgrimage to Everest’s Base Camp – not to mention frostbitten fingers and toes.

The plucky trekkers, made up of Gala Coral employees from all over the country, have been preparing for the toughest bingo game of their lives by engaging in gruelling training sessions closer to home to ensure they are well prepared for the rigours of playing bingo at 17,500 ft.

The extraordinary challenge is part of a fundraising effort for Gala Coral’s nominated charity, Sue Ryder Care. The team hope by scaling the world’s toughest mountain and setting a new world record for playing bingo at altitude they can surpass their fundraising goal. Staff from across Gala Coral has so far raised an £750,000 for Sue Ryder Care and are well on their way to reaching their target of £1 million by the end of 2009.

As well as long distance running and hill walking, Gala Coral team members have been familiarising themselves with high altitude bingo games by practising atop landmarks in their home towns – from the Blackpool Tower (540 ft) to the Gherkin in London (590 ft) and the Beetham Tower in Birmingham (520 ft).

And to guard against the approximate 30% drop in mental agility caused by being at high altitudes, the team have also been sharpening their number dabbing skills by playing double-quick games at their local Gala Bingo clubs.

The Everest trek is just one of a number of ongoing initiatives by the Gala Coral Group. The Gala online bingo site will be hosting 20 dedicated games per day for Sue Ryder Care between 16 – 23 October. The games will be played in the ‘Country Club’ on galabingo.com.

Gala TV is also dedicating its Sunday evening shows throughout October to Sue Ryder Care, featuring a brand new game where 10p from every £1 spent will go to the charity and broadcasting a series of mini movies that highlight the difference the charity makes to people’s lives.

The trek to play the World’s Highest Game of Bingo will commence at Lukla on October 19 and finish at Everest Base Camp on October 24. For more information, please visit theGala Coral Everest Trek website.

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