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iPad/iPhone version 2.0 of Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle is released!

In gratitude to patience and loyalty our Users we are pleased to announce that in the nearest future we are going to start the Contest Time! for our the most active and dedicated fans.

Like/follow us on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/joinitpuzzle) and Twitter (@joinitpuzzle) and be up-to-date with our announcements! You will get a chance to win one of iTunes Gift Certificates. Stay turned on our website to be the first who takes the chance to win just playing on your favorite Jigsaw Puzzle and share your achievements among puzzle’s fans. Do not miss your chance – the action will last only one week!

We also will be glad to invite new Users, who are just discovering the world of puzzles. And on the eve of the two-year anniversary at the App Store market, we reduce the price on Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle by 33%. The Universal version of the game is only $3.99 from now.

During almost two years of development we came a long and interesting way, with each step improving and making our game more and more convenient and diverse for our Users. From its first vestion, which was developed for iPad only, Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle provides you a perfect opportunity to experience the feeling of vivid jigsaw puzzles.

Each new update brought more and more elements to move further, in order to be up-to-date with new iOSs, to look great on Retina display, to satisfy our fans recommendations and meet their expectations.

The major news for the Universal version of Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle – we have added support for iPhone/iPod. From now crazy jigsow puzzles’ fans got a possibility to use the most convenient for puzzle assembling mobile device on their choice. We believe, that almost new in colors and not only the updated interface desing will satisfy also the most enthusiastic users, who spend hours and got the terrific results which are known from the Game Center.

For all Users who prefer playing on iPad we have prepared a surprise – the innitial range of pieces for assembling is increased – now there are 500 pieces to play with! Keeping in mind the imminent release of a new iOS 6.0 system, we have updated/tested Universal version of Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle to be fully ready for new system.

Along with the improvements in the various options (turn on/off rotation and sticking, Reference Picture Visibility on/off, etc) and design, we try to make our games accessible to people in different countries around the world. Released Version 2.0 is available on 9 localization – English, Japanese, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Spanish, German, Italia, Chinese.

Earlier versions of Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle for iPad have become popular in many countries and got a lot of positive reviews, so d-Studio, Ltd. hopes that the new Universal 2.0 version will not disappoint long-term fans and new users will be interesting, as we are happy to find out our new friends on our page on Facebook and Twitter.

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News from Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle for iPad. Halloween and more…

A very nice holiday Halloween is coming and an independent development company d-Studio, Ltd. wants to share its latest news and some plans about future versions of its puzzle applications. Today, “Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle” – the main puzzle game for iPad developed by the company – has reached a huge number of users all round the world, and became one of the most popular, interesting and natural jigsaw puzzle made for iPad.

dstudioJI.jpg (288×217)

Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle has already gained a loyal following of fans who truly love the game; with more than 320 ratings on the App Store, and with an average rating of or above 4.5 stars, Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle for iPad is an absolute winner.

Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle provides your a perfect opportunity to experience the feeling of vivid jigsaw puzzles. The game features highly natural and intuitive controls with a unique set of gestures that makes the virtual jigsaw puzzle experience even better than the traditional puzzle on your table.

Among all this, d-Studio, Ltd. has already lunched two beautiful and unique holiday editions of Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle game. Both of them, Hell Puzzle and Join the Hearts – Jigsaw Puzzle, are perfectly developed and designed to give you, your friends and family an unforgettable impression of assembling puzzles.

The most recent game announced by d-Studio, Ltd. – Hell Puzzle – which has just come to the App Store market and is now available on the iPad! Released just in time for Halloween, Hell Puzzle brings the easy tilt controlled game play and hours of fun to kids and parents alike.

Hell Puzzle for iPad offers action-packed Halloween fun for the whole family. In this game, well known jigsaw puzzle gets traditional Halloween style and inherits the best features from the Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle. It still has the most advanced puzzle engine with the most comfortable, realistic and natural control that will make you to enjoy the best possible holiday gaming.

Now you can feel the spirit of the Halloween wherever you want, because the jigsaw puzzle game Hell Puzzle will always be with you on your iPad. Beautiful graphics in the atmosphere of the Halloween, excellent collection of themed pictures and a big range of pieces to play with makes Hell Puzzle from d-Studio, Ltd exciting puzzle game for iPad that will bring much joy to you, your friends and your family and even won’t give a chance to get bored and stop enjoy yourself while assembling jigsaw puzzles. The Halloween spirit continues all over the game. An interesting surprise, which could become frightening for those who doesn’t know about it, is waiting for each user in the Gameplay.

We highly recommended “Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle”, “Hell Puzzle” and “Join the Hearts – Jigsaw Puzzle” apps to those who what to make an interesting, colorful and valuable present to friends and family on any holiday. Use “Gift This App” from iTunes and do not loose the chance to make a small, but very nice present to your children, girlfriend, boyfriend, friends and your relatives!

Among the main features of all d-Studio, Ltd. puzzles are:

  • Absolutely realistic control
  • A unique set of in-game gestures
  • Beautiful interface design
  • Ability to play puzzles ranging from 4-300 pieces
  • Zoom and ability to move around the game table
  • A variety of backgrounds to choose from
  • Ability to save finished puzzle images to iPad Photo Library
  • Puzzle assembly timer and top score tracking with and ability to tweet about results
  • Sound effects can be turned on or off
  • Full iOS 5 compatibility

Although, Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle has already got a lot of wonderful features which make gaming comfortable for everyone, d-Studio, Ltd. team does not spot on this point and continues to improve application for you. The next major update is coming soon before Thanksgiving Day and will bring few presents for you.

Previous versions of Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle for iPad have become popular in many countries and got a lot of positive reviews, so d-Studio, Ltd. hopes that latest puzzle products will also become one of the favorite apps for many iPad users.

d-Studio, Ltd and Join It team will be very glad to hear your thoughts and wishes as for the new version.

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The Hottest Full Scale 3D Action Adventure Role Playing Game to Hit iPad, iPhone and Android Devices

Game Scorpion Inc. enters the App market with their first video game titled Melina’s Conquest, a 3D Role Playing Action Adventure Game that’s not only fun and challenging but also won’t break the bank!

Easy, Fun, Budget Price, Graphics, Music – As prices of mobile devices have been falling, more and more people have been purchasing apps for their new devices. What was not possible on mobile devices just several years ago has now become a reality. 3D graphics and high quality gaming at a budget price for the masses was once a dream on these small pocket gadgets. Many new developers usually did not stand a chance against console style games, but the new app markets have changed that completely to allow for mobile developers to create their games for the masses. Now the mobile app gold rush has been booming and jumping onto that band wagon is newcomer Game Scorpion Inc. with their first offering called Melinas Conquest, a full 3D action adventure role playing game (RPG) for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android mobile devices.

“We developed Melinas Conquest with one thing in mind…FUN!”, says Abhinav Gupta, Lead Developer and CEO of Game Scorpion Inc.

“Gameplay was a major item that we looked at with this game. I have personally seen many games out there that have high end 3D graphics and look ‘pretty’ on the screen, but when it came time to play the game, it was either boring or very confusing to play.”

Melinas Conquest features easy to use controls and an easy to manipulate camera. A single button is given for attacking enemies and a simple timer and ranking system.

“The goal of the game is simple, you just need to run from one end of the level to the other side without getting killed by all the various traps and enemies that pop up. At the same time along the way you will have to defeat major bosses and can follow along with an interesting storyline that ties into our future games.”

So what makes this game different from others in the market? “Price, levels and gameplay!”, says Gupta, “Many games that feature 3D graphics in the App Store or the Android Marketplace usually go for around $4.99 for their full versions. We are at a mere $2.99 price and offer 20 levels of gameplay which in most cases is far higher than what others are offering. We also make our game easy for players to play. You get value for your money and a high quality game at the end of the day that will satisfy even the most frugal shopper! Also, no two players will play the game the same way as the levels are auto-generated.”

It took Gupta and his team approximately six months to develop the game from the ground up. “There were times where I even thought we were not going to be able to get the game done…it was 16-20 hour days for myself every day for the past six months, praying daily hoping that our game would release and would be successful.”

A lot of small independent game developers like Gupta do not earn any money during development. This can be quite a challenge to have no income hoping that an app will hit off. In this market, apps can be made over a weekend and make millions or can take months and make nothing at all. “It’s a coin toss”, says Gupta, “but I personally believe that if we focus on quality games, sooner or later our players will pay for that quality and our games will start to increase in popularity.”

As a Computer Science Graduate from Ryerson University Gupta took the leap of faith into the app world at the beginning of 2011 and has finally made that dream come true. “It was a lot of hard work, a lot of faith in God and a great team behind me. Lots of support from my wife and family really helped out.”

Melinas Conquest is now live on the Apple App Store and on the Android Marketplace and can be purchased as of October 15th, 2011, for just $2.99.


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Free 10 Pound Bet Offered To UK Residents During The Month Of November

This month only linked with its advertising campaign on television the popular site super casino is one casino offering players a free 10 pound bet.

With three main competing UK companies offering live roulette TV games playable online while combined with watching on the television the super casino has once again taken an innovate step forward in promoting its games to UK residents.

This November simply by joining the site and completing the registration form players will get access to 10 pounds worth of free betting chips which may be used on any of the roulette TV games aired by the show. More details about this site may be found onwww.Roulette-TV.co.uk along with reviews of its main competitors. This promotions has no bonus code attached to it and runs until the end of the month. Players need only join the site to be awarded with the free bet offer.

About Roulette TV Games
Games of roulette that simultaneously take part online while been broadcast over the television networks are known as roulette TV games. This allows players to experience a casino style atmosphere along with a real dealer from the comfort of their home. Playing at home means gamblers may dress however they like and play anytime at any time they choose as there are no dress code rules at a casino of this style. The game of live roulette with its mesmerising spinning wheel and charming croupiers is one of the most popular games to be found at any casino.

About Roulette-TV.co.uk
Featuring reviews of the UK focused roulette game show providers the website includes reviews of each site offering information about the games on offer along with the bonuses attached to each sites new sign up promotions. Visitors to www.roulette-tv.co.uk can also find several guides on various aspects of the game including how to play and advice on betting along with strategies used by many players.

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UK Highstreet Retailer Predicts Best Selling Music, Film & Game Releases This Christmas

Based on pre-orders and trends from previous years HMV predict the following sales trends for Christmas 2010.

New music releases
The biggest music CD release this Christmas is expected to be the Take That new album (untitled as yet) with the much anticipated return of Robbie Williams to the group. Speaking about the new project, Robbie said he was “embarrassingly excited” and reuniting with his former group felt like “coming home” while bandmate Mark Owen added that it “feels like a dream”.

On 18 th October 2010 a remastered version of The Beatles Red Album will be released and is expected to perform well with the Christmas gift market. On the same date the 5 th Kings of Leon album – Come around Sundown is expected to shoot straight to number one in the album charts leading to strong pre-christmas sales.

DVD sales
The biggest DVD releases of the year scheduled to coincide with the Christmas run on DVD stocks look likely to be the family favourites Toy Story 3 and Shrek Forever After.

With the popularity of DVD gifts in the teen market Sex and the City 2 and the latest Twilight DVD are also both expected to perform well in the Christmas sales.

Video Games
The major games distributers time their biggest releases for the Christmas run up and this year will likely see the latest release from the Call of Duty series Call of Duty Black Ops head up the Christmas sales figures and video games charts in December.

The Guitar Hero games have proved popularity with Christmas shoppers in the previous 2 years due to the multiplayer aspect and this year sees the 6 th instalment titled Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock.

The ever popular Gran Turismo and Fifa games are also scheduled for new Christmas releases with Gran Turismo 5 and Fifa 2011.

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GAME Announces Mega-Monday Promotion

GAME, the UK’s leading specialist computer and video games retailer, has announced a festive promotion to coincide with ‘Mega-Monday’ 7 December, which is forecast to be the UK’s biggest online shopping day of the year as shoppers prepare for Christmas.

F r o m midnight on Friday 4 December to midnight on Monday 7 December, anyone who places an order on GAME.co.uk will have the chance to win a £500 gift voucher, which will get the winner off to a great gaming New Year.

In addition, online customers will have another opportunity to receive an early Christmas present f r o m GAME.co.uk when they try out the brand new gift selector, an easy way to find the perfect gifts for friends and loved ones. Anyone who uses the GAME gift selector will be entered into a draw to win prizes including a Modern Warfare 2 Super Elite Xbox 360 console, a 120GB PS3 Slim Console or 100,000 GAME Reward Points (the equivalent of £250).

This Christmas GAME.co.uk has lots more besides games on offer; with new ranges such as iPods, Apple Macs and music, along with DVDs, clothing and toys.

Figures f r o m IMRG, the leading industry body for e-retailers, show that UK internet sales have grown by 14% so far this year. Last year, UK consumers spent an estimated£9.3bn online during November and December, and this year IMRG expects sales to be 15% higher.

Retail analysts Verdict Research say that online purchases this year will account for 7.3% of all retail spending, compared to just one per cent ten years ago in 1999.

GAME.co.uk offers free UK delivery on all orders sent by second class post. UK orders placed by midday on 18 December (second class), midday on 21 December (first class) and midday on 23 December (express delivery) will arrive in time for Christmas. Terms and conditions for all competitions can be found on the GAME website.

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Unique Text-Based RPG Advances Through Beta Phase

New text-based MMORPG browser-based game, Whiskey Mountain Wars, today releases details of expanded, and additional features to the latest game f r o m KIKO Games, Canada. The highlight of which is the addition of true turn-based player versus player battles within a text strategy game. This feature is a unique aspect within text-based role playing game’s (RPG).

Whiskey Mountain Wars is an online game based on the whiskey running of the 1970’s. If you ever wanted to become a whiskey runner but cannot afford the jail time for bootleg whiskey, now is the chance to do it safely in the comfort of your own home.

Among the updated and new features added to the game, it includes:

Player versus player (PVP) solo battles – Players can challenge other players to battle in the new PVP Arena, The Scrappin’ Yard. Players may choose to accept or deny the challenge. Prior to battle, players pay a small arena booking fee with in-game currency (shiny’s). The winner will earn experience but the player’s willpower is not affected.

Players may now s e t default weaponry, equipment and clothing; freeing the player f r o m having to s e t those features each and every time players enter a run down quest.

A new feature called Whiskey Running enables players to transport and bootleg their illicit whiskey at various locations. The amount of whiskey the player can carry varies throughout the game based on the type of vehicle the players owns, limiting the amount of money players can earn for each whiskey run.

A new Trading Post has been upgraded and expanded to include an Arms Dealer for purchasing in-game weapons, a Pawn Shop to sell items for in-game money, and a Whiskey Wicket where players can sell whiskey for income. A General store has been added allowing players to purchase game coins to further enhance game play.

Recent tutorial upgrades allow new players to be guided through the game allowing the player to quickly learn how to play. The first five levels of the game include the tutorial and provide added bonuses if the player completes the tutorial.

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Canadian Game Developer’s Sensational Strategy: Turn Based Text RPG

Based off of 1970’s whiskey running in the United States, new Ontario Game Company, KIKO Gaming, released a new text turn based Real Time Strategy [RTS] game called Whiskey Mountain Wars. If you ever wanted to become a whiskey runner but can not afford the jail time for bootleg whiskey, now is the chance to do it safely in the comfort of your own home.

“It’s very exciting and fatally addicting.” says Don Wedderspoon; golf professional.

Whiskey Mountain Wars, released on August 27th 2009, is an online text based MMORPG/RTS game which will challenge gamers with a multitude of quests, turn based attacks, and a unique system of jobs that will benefit you and the clan you join.

“It’s the World Of Warcraft for text based RPG’s”, says Devan Penner-Woelk one of the games developers.

Whiskey Mountain Wars is a community based RTS; a player can play individually, however, some of the special features of the game are clan based, meaning, you would have to join together with other members of your clan in order to complete tasks, or quests. Whiskey Mountain Wars is like no other browser based text MMORPG type game before it. It features a new and creative story line, a new concept on jobs and skill set, a more community/clan based approach and new concepts that no game has ever tried before.

About the company:
KIKO Games is a Canadian game development company, based in St Catharines, Ontario, and is striving to rewrite the book on intelligent game design; from text based RTS, and Real Time Strategy, to multi-player online browser based sports games.

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GAME, The UK’s Leading Specialist Computer And Video Games Retailer, Has Announced A Month Of Special Offers For July

GAME, the UK’s leading specialist computer and video games retailer, has announced a month of special offers for July.


The Summer Sizzler promotion, exclusive to the GAME.co.uk will run until 23:59 on 30th July. It is only open to residents of the UK and ROI. Terms and conditions apply.

Each week of the promotion, the website will be updated with a range of great gaming deals, featuring games for all tastes and including some hard-to-beat price cuts on some of the best new games of the year so far.

Customers are invited to check back each week to see what’s on offer and act quickly when they see a deal they like. Stock may be limited and each deal will run only while stocks last.

As well as offering great savings on the latest games, GAME’s Summer Sizzler promotion also offers customers the chance to win over £3000-worth of gaming equipment.

Customers who make a purchase during the promotion period will automatically be entered into the Summer Sizzler competition to win a great prize collection sponsored by Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. The lucky person winner will collect enough gear to create their own gamers’ paradise, including: A 42-inch Panasonic HD TV, TV stand, Panasonic 5.1 BluRay Surround Sound Speaker System, PS3 80GB, XBox 360 Elite, Nintendo Wii, 3 HDMI cables, Pyramat Gameseat, Panasonic Video Camera, Samsung Digital Camera.

The Summer Sizzler promotion celebrates a great summer for gaming and coincides with the release of some highly anticipated new games, including Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010Wii Sports Resort (available from 24th July) – which makes use of the new advanced Wii MotionPlus accessory – and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

About GAME
GAME is a specialist European retailer of PC and video games, video consoles and related accessories. We operate from over 1,300 stores, concessions and franchises in the UK, Eire, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Portugal, France and Australia. Together with our online shopping services, our aim is to be the destination of choice for every consumer. Further corporate information can be found on the Gamegroup plc website.

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GAME Readies For Fight Night Round 4

Hollyoaks favourites, Matt Littler and Darren Jeffries stepped into the ring exclusively for GAME to review EA SPORTS newest boxing title, Fight Night Round 4, ahead of its release on June 26th.


Both avid gamers, Matt and Darren – who interviewed winners and presenters at the GAME British Academy Video Game Awards 2009 this March – were keen to test Fight Night 4 for GAME ahead of its official release.

After ten years of working together every day, Matt and Darren admitted to having some old scores to settle so they set to the task with great enthusiasm. “We were among the first to play Fight Night Round 4, now we’re just playing it in our front room, roll on June 26th when we can get online and take on the rest of the world”

The new game release is expected to be one of the biggest sports games of the year. Fight Night Round 4 uses a powerful new gameplay engine to significantly update its popular predecessors. The new engine delivers the most realistic representation of the speed, accuracy, timing and power of boxing to a game like never before.

Other new features of Fight Night Round 4 include the opportunity to upload a photograph and customise the fighter avatar with the players own face. Players can also upload their own choice of music to help their fighter walk into the ring, making their own unique style of entrance.

Darren said, “For me the gamer face was a massive plus point, the opportunity to hit Matt in the face ‘virtually’ was too good to miss.”

Matt continued, “Yeah Darren got a bit carried away with that, the look on his face both real and on screen was quite scary. I like the analogue controls, no longer can you just mash the buttons, this time you have to plan your combos and fight with your brain as well as your fists.”

Fight Night Round 4 is available for preorder on the GAME website. Matt and Darren’s video review can be found exclusively at GAME.co.uk.

About GAME
GAME is a specialist European retailer of PC and video games, games consoles and related accessories. GAME operates from over 1,300 stores, concessions and franchises in the UK, Eire, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Portugal, France and Australia. Together with online shopping services, the company’s aim is to be the destination of choice for every consumer.

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GAME.co.uk Is Offering Its Music-Loving Customers The Chance To Win Tickets To The UK’s Premier Rock Festival, Download

The festival takes place in Donington Park between 12-14th June and GAME has three sets of exclusive VIP all-weekend camping tickets up for grabs.


The three lucky Download Festival winners will get to see some of the biggest rock and metal bands performing live, including Slipknot, Korn, Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Marilyn Manson and Faith No More. Those attending the festival can also experience what it feels like to be a real rock star with the opportunity to play Guitar Hero Metallica on stage in front of a crowd of up to a thousand people. Other events planned for the Download Festival include laser quest, drumming workshops, human table-football and much more.

With camping tickets for Download Festival 2009 now officially sold out and all other tickets selling out fast, the three pairs of tickets offered by GAME could be one of the last opportunities rock fans have to attend the festival.

To be in with a chance of winning a full weekend at this summer’s Download Festival, all music fans have to do is go to the GAME website and answer one simple Slipknot-related
question. The competition ends on 29th May 2009 and full details of the festival can be found on the official Download Festival website.

According to the IFPI, the download music industry was worth an estimated 3.7 billion US dollars in 2008, accounting for around 20% of all recorded music sales. With game downloads also increasing in popularity, GAME is more committed than ever to growing its online digital strategy and now stocks a range of iPods, including the iPod Touch. Part games console, part PDA and part web browser, the iPod Touch is a must for tech lovers who want to get much more out of a music player than just great sounds. For more information visit the iPod Buyers Guide on the GAME website.

More about GAME 
GAME is a specialist European retailer of PC and video games, video consoles and related accessories. GAME caters for all formats, including Xbox, Wii, PS3 and all the relevant accessories such as the wii remote. GAME operates from over 1,300 stores, concessions and franchises in the UK, Eire, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Portugal, France and Australia. Together with the company’s online shopping services, GAME’s aim is to be the destination of choice for every consumer.

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GAME Privileged And Delighted To Receive Retail Week Award

Following a year of impressive financial results, PC and video game retailer, GAME has been named as “The Wipro Speciality Retailer of the Year” at the Oracle Retail Week Awards 2009.

The award is designed to celebrate the UK’s most successful retailer focused on one major product category, and saw Game triumph over five other shortlisted businesses – Pets at Home, Ann Summers, La Senza, HMV Group and Majestic Wine.

In recent years, the gaming industry has grown beyond all recognition, with the launch of a wide range of new consoles and associated hardware and computer games. Now with universal appeal, gaming has become a part of mainstream popular culture, and GAME has capitalized on the business opportunities afforded by this trend with phenomenal success. 

Far from being a ‘niche’ business, GAME’s unrivalled knowledge and expertise, combined with a never faltering customer-focused approach, has enabled it to dominate this growing market across Europe, now operating more than 1,300 stores in ten countries, in comparison to just 11 UK outlets in 1991.

The award judges highlighted GAME’s “unique bond with customers” as a reason for its success. They concluded that, “GAME’s market position, dual-brand proposition, retailing excellence and international presence have set it apart”.

Lisa Morgan, CEO of GAME Group said “We’re privileged and delighted to have won this coveted award, especially against such tough competition. It’s a fantastic tribute to the continuing hard work and customer focus of all the teams throughout the Group.”

“Our success has been driven by our ability to differentiate ourselves through delivering great value for money as well as superb customer service, and we’re thrilled this has been recognised with this fantastic award.”

Speaking about the award, Tim Danaher, Editor at Retail Week commented: “The gaming industry continues to see dramatic growth, as new consoles, software and hardware increases its appeal to a greater demographic than ever before. Meanwhile the economic climate means that more of us are opting for evenings at home, and these combined factors have helped GAME to achieve phenomenal levels of success in a difficult market. In recent years the company has adopted a well-planned programme of expansion, which built strong foundations for the GAME brand and ensured it was ideally positioned to benefit from the business opportunities created by these trends.”

About GAME: 
GAME is a specialist European retailer of PC and video games, video consoles and related accessories. GAME caters for all formats, including Xbox, Wii, PS3 and the new Nintendo DSI. GAME operates from over 1,162 stores, concessions and franchises in the UK, Eire, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Portugal, France and Australia. Together with its online shopping services, the company aims to be the destination of choice for every consumer.

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GAME, The European Video Game And Console Retailer, Is Preparing For The Launch Of Nintendo’s Dsi, The Third Incarnation Of Its DS Console, Due For Release On 3rd April

The Nintendo DSi console is a successor to the widely popular DS Lite and includes an array of new features including two cameras, web browser, memory card and a larger touch-sensitive screen.

GAME customers can pre-order the DSi on GAME’s website, with pre-orders made on the site guaranteeing delivery of the DSi on the day of its launch.

GAME is also offering its customers the opportunity to trade-in their DS Lite for £50 in cash or £75 worth of in-store vouchers when they pre-order the DSi online. The Nintendo DSi sold 1 million units in the first two months of its launch in Japan last November.

The Nintendo DSi features a range of new features that aim to make portable gaming more interactive than ever. The new features include a digicam and webcam with touch screen picture editing, built in DSi web browser and the ability to download DSWare, such as games and software. The DSi is 12% slimmer than the DS Lite, adding to its portability, and boasts a screen that’s 17% bigger than the previous DS console, with improved speakers and audio capabilities.

“The launch of a new console is always an exciting event,” said Alex Croft, MD of GAME Group Online Business, “DSi has managed to pack even more innovation into what was already an inventive portable console. Our customers can’t wait to get their hands on one, and if the Japan launch is anything to go by, we’re going to see a lot of interest in the coming months.”

About GAME:
GAME is a specialist European retailer of PC and video games, video consoles and related accessories. GAME operates from over 1,300+ stores, concessions and franchises in the UK, Eire, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Portugal, France and Australia. Together with an online shopping service the company’s aim is to be the destination of choice for every consumer.

For more information on the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi bundles please visit the GAME website. Corporate information can be located at www.gamegroup.plc.uk

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Money raised through Mrs Obamas Bingo game on Gala Bingo helps raise £20,000 for Sue Ryder Care in just 10 hours of play

Gala Bingo has revealed that it will match the money raised for Sue Ryder Care by its online ‘Mrs Obama’s Bingo’ game. The game was launched by Kezia Obama (67), stepmother of US President Barack, to celebrate his success in the US elections. In the ten days (15-23 January) that the game was live for one hour each evening, ‘Mrs Obama’s Bingo’ raised £10,000 for charity – with Gala Bingo set to equal this donation and take the total up to £20,000.

Gala Bingo’s head of marketing, Clive Cottrell, said: Mrs Obamas Bingo game was just one of the ongoing activities being undertaken by Gala Coral Group to meet our target of raising £1million by 2010 for Sue Ryder Care.”

On her return from Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremony in Washington, Mrs Obama’s work for the online bingo company was being lauded by Sue Ryder’s chief executive, Paul Woodward. He said: “We’re thrilled that www.galabingo.com’s recent initiative has raised such a fantastic amount of money for us.

“On behalf of the charity, I’d like to extend a sincere thanks to everybody involved, and to www.galabingo.com for their ongoing support.”

He further pledged that all monies raised will go directly to helping the charity continue to deliver expert and compassionate care to people living with conditions including cancer, strokes, Multiple Sclerosis and Acquired Brain Injury.

About Gala Bingo
galabingo.com is part of Gala Coral Group’s Remote Gambling division. This division is responsible for the development, management and operation of the Group’s E-Commerce activities in the UK and worldwide through Coral.co.uk, Eurobet.com, galabingo.com and Galacasino.co.uk.

The division also operates Coral Telebet, the telephone betting business and is the UK’s first operator of digital interactive televised bingo by pushing the red button on Gala TV (Sky channel 861).

About Sue Ryder Care
Sue Ryder Care is a leading healthcare charity providing specialist palliative, neurological and community-based services. The charity provides expert and compassionate care for people living with serious illnesses and conditions, as well as their families and loved ones.

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A lucky 32Red Casino player has followed up on two Cash Splash Progressive Jackpot wins in 2008 with a third and fourth in short succession this December, adding another five figure sum to his total payout from the award-winning online casino

32Red Online Casino has announced the recent two-time lucky Cash Splash jackpot winner just got luckier, with a third and fourth jackpot win to make it a total of 4 since October. Following on from payouts of £14,915 and £22,949 in October and November respectively, the player’s most recent wins represent one of the most extraordinary runs of luck in 32Red’s history and is regarded as one of their luckiest ever players.

The 32Red Online Casino is the flagship product of 32Red Plc – an AIM (of the London Stock Exchange) listed company that specialises in online gaming, offering players online bingo, a mobile casino, online poker and an alternative internet casino. Winner of six back-to-back Casinomeister Best Casino awards since 2003, 32Red is widely acclaimed as the UK’s favourite online casino.

The most recent jackpots lined up a truly special Christmas this year for the player from Dorset, England, with over £65,000 paid-out by 32Red in three months from just four lucky spins of the same online slot game’s reels. A spokesman for 32Red and Operations Director, Pat Harrison, commented, “We’re truly delighted and astounded at our players continuing run of luck at 32Red Casino. A progressive jackpot win is normally a once in a lifetime event, but this proves that anyone can win large sums at any moment, time and time again. His only possible regret could be that he didn’t bring his luck to the Mega Moolah slot machine, where the main jackpot would have landed him a staggering £4,900,000 or more”

Home to over 350 online casino games, 32Red offers 14 progressive jackpot games, of which Cash Splash is just one. Each progressive game builds its jackpot by assigning a fraction of each bet to prizepot, where it grows until certain triggering factors are met. The result, as Harrison highlights, “is some of online gaming’s largest, life-changing jackpots”.

Now 32Red has revealed that a brand new progressive game will be joining their casino in January. Mega Moolah 5 Reel Drive boasts an exciting, all-American drag racing theme powered by the Mega Moolah game engine and is connected to the guaranteed minimum £1 million Mega Moolah jackpot. Other new casino games in January are two new regular slot machines and a new video poker game. They are Polar Pioneers, Liquid Gold and Joker Poker Level Up respectively.

Responsible gaming:
32Red Casino is committed to responsible gambling and undertakes to ensure that the company adheres to UK law and its responsibilities to the player.

About 32Red Plc:
32Red is the six times winner of the Best Casino title awarded by watchdog and player advocate site Casinomeister and is renowned for providing industry-leading level of support to players. Over 80% of 32Red’s players are from the UK and 32Red is licensed and regulated by the Government of Gibraltar. 32Red Plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM (ticker: TTR). The Company operates 32Red Casino, 32Red Poker, 32Red Mobile, 32Red Affiliates and DashCasino.com.

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GAME Has Created A Brand New Online Game In Which Players Can Win Their Wish Lists From game.co.uk

GAME, Europe’s premier video game retailer, has launched a new, innovative advergame where the prize is the player’s wish list. GAME hopes the offer of such a prize will encourage more users to create wish lists at game.co.uk.

Understanding that the campaign will have to work hard to standout from the crowd, GAME has created a concept that taps into two of the great debates among gamers: which consoles and are the best and who are the best players?

Split between ‘retro’ gamers who grew up with Pacman and Asteroids and the ‘next generation’ of consoles, such as the Wii and Playstation 3, players can choose which team they want to represent.

To ensure a successful and high quality campaign, GAME commissioned the winners of the Games category at the New Media Age Effectiveness Awards 2008, 4T2 Multimedia, for consultancy and production. 4T2 split their staff into two groups of different age ranges to produce stylised content for each of the teams in the campaign creating a passionate and competitive development.

With ten levels in the initial launch of the viral game, the campaign from GAME has a long lifespan and will be generating repeat visits for many months. Levels 1 – 7 can be played from all over the web while levels 8 -10 are only available for play on game.co.uk. Each level includes hidden crates that players can find which was tied into a weekly competition, enabling GAME to keep talking to players and give the gamers and bloggers an additional storyline to find and share where the crates were hidden.

The Console Wars viral game also features an integrated communication plan for all players in the form of a weekly branded e-mail containing hints tips and links to strategy guides. Players who have not yet set up a wish list will receive a custom e-mail reminding them to do so otherwise they won’t win any prizes.

The winner of Console Wars will receive a grand prize of £1000 worth of their wish list while five runners up will win £200 of their wish list. Each time a level is completed the player doubles their number of entries into the prize draw.

GAME has created Console Warsin such a way that new levels can easily be added and expanded. The video game retailer plans to engage in debate with users to find out what new characters should be added and help shape the game’s future.

GAME hopes the combination of great playability and the company’s interaction with players of “Console Wars” will encourage users to create their Christmas wish list at game.co.uk in the hope of winning the grand prize.

About GAME:
GAME is Europe’s leading specialist retailer of computer software and video games. The Group currently operates from over 400 stores in the UK and Eire and 400 stores in continental Europe and Australia. For further corporate information log ontowww.gamegroup.plc.uk.

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