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Robin Givens joins the cast of feature film “Dreams I Never Had”

Renowned actress will play attorney in human trafficking movie inspired by true events set to film in Los Angeles this spring

Robin Givens
Robin Givens

Los Angeles, CA, 2016-May-10 — /EPR Network/ — Missing Peace Pictures is pleased to announce that Actress, Robin Givens will appear in their feature film, “Dreams I Never Had.”  She will play the role of Prosecuting Attorney Hernandez.  Inspired by true events, this film depicts a teenage girl who is held captive as a domestic laborer in the home of a wealthy American family. She is befriended by the family’s young gardener, himself an illegal from Mexico. Their friendship carries both of them through their hopeless, sequestered lives and ultimately inspires them to break free.

“Robin is an amazing actress and we are so excited to work with her on this project,” said film’s producer Iyad Hajajj.  “We hope that whoever views this film will abandon their prejudices against people of other races, religions, and cultures, even if just for 90 minutes. This is a unique film as it discusses some of the hottest topics in the United States and world wide; human trafficking, child abuse and illegal immigration. We are pleased to have such a talented actress as Robin to help portray the people in the world willing to stand up and fight against these injustices.”

Robin Givens is known for her roles in “Head of the Class,” “Boomerang,” “God’s Not Dead 2,” and “Head of State.”

Further cast includes Iyad Hajjaj (The Wizard, Agent X, The Brink, Touch, Eagleheart and most recently Madam Secretary) as Sam Sahal, Tracy Lindsey Melchior (One Life To Live, Bold and the Beautiful) as Defense Attorney Bedford, George Sanders (The Young and the Restless, Peggy Sue Got Married, The Hunt for Red October) as Judge Messner. Casting by Dea Vise.

“Dreams I Never Had” was written by Lisa Savy. Missing Peace Pictures is producing, and Mahmoud Kamel will direct.

Filming will begin this month (May 2016) in Los Angeles.

Robin is represented by Dave Shapira & Associates David Shapira & Associates David Shapira & Associates

For more information visit http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5478918, follow us on Twitterhttps://twitter.com/DreamsiNeverHad or like us on Facebook www.facebook.com/dreamsineverhad


Iyad Hajjaj
Phone: (408) 608-9544
Email: missingpeacepictures@yahoo.com

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Edictive Presents Seminar On Film Production Management – New Cloud Based Film Production Management Application Widely Accepted By Insiders

True Hero Studio steps into the limelight by making a presentation of it’s new Cloud Based Production Management Suite at The Producers Guild. The event was aimed at Producers, Line Producers, Project Managers and Location Managers. It was time to spread the word about this new management tool. One topic discussed was the ability of the Edictive.com application to streamline the way information is disseminated to the people who need it. Edictive gives you secure access to all of your data, no matter where in the world you happen to be. It allows you to manage and display it in any way you need, and disseminate that data to the right people, real time.

With manual processes like email, meetings, and weekly status reports, too much data can fall through the cracks. Edictive centralizes all of that communication seamlessly, which results in a more effective collaboration. This framework will keep you agile and efficient while you grow. It is a strategic business investment that will deliver big returns over the years.

The applications production tracking system integrates into your unique studio work flow to provide visibility at every level of the production process. Now you can more easily provide your clients with a huge pool of talent and resources by unifying your pipeline into a single global network.

Edictive is robust, flexible, and the technology is constantly evolving. It will simply become your information hub for all of your productions. You will centralize the management of tasks, assignments and statuses, for shots and assets, so that the information is available to everyone, at all times. The ability to coordinate a scattered team is central to the concept of the Edictive Model.

It will become a key component in your studio pipeline, that will enable you to scale your operation towards meeting the demanding needs of your clients. An organized simplicity will be maintained, and sanity in tracking and managing your concurrent productions will become a reality.

Edictive will help you to see where you can be more cost effective, aiding your bottom line. If you would like more Green Lights, you have to be able to produce a convincing proposal for your investors and clients. You will be able to archive everything, and recall it for preparation of your Investor Documentation. All Budget Statistics will be more accurate than ever before, ready to be plugged into any new documents. You can now do a Production Health-Check at a Glance, and see how things stack up before making anything public.

This web based application has Casting and Location Modules that are a step ahead of what is currently available anywhere. Now you will be able to: Hire A Crew, Cast Talent and Scout Locations, all through the Tools Interface. Upload and store relevant photos and information logically and simply. When it comes to Budget Planning, you will plan for above and below the line expenditures, and track investor and client contributions with ease.

The real beauty of all this, is that there is nothing to download, install, or configure. It’s all on their Cloud Server Network. All you need is an internet connection, and you are ready to go, as easy as accessing a web page. If you are in any way connected with Film Production Management, you owe it to yourself to stop by their website, and check out their new web based application: edictive.com

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