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  • LONEFOXX unleashes audience immersive entertainment for private events worldwide
  • Co-founders Nikki Dalonzo and Jamie Donovan are well-established performers in Los Angeles’ commercial dance industry.
  • LONEFOXX, the team’s new burlesque company, offers highly customizable shows for private events and celebrations of all kinds.
  • Each show relies on crowd work and event space to create an exclusive performance experience for audiences.

LOS ANGELES, CA, 2017-Nov-02 — /EPR ENTERTAINMENT NEWS/ — Two of Los Angeles’ most illustrious professional dancers launch, LONEFOXX, an interactive burlesque show that stands out from the pack.

Nikki Dalonzo and Jamie Donovan are co-founders of LONEFOXX. The pair met in Los Angeles dancing for artists like Selena Gomez, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Gwen Stefani, Robin Thicke, Ricky Martin, CeeLo Green, BANKS, Major Lazer and Massive Attack. Collectively, the ladies have appeared on the iconic stages of Saturday Night Live, The GRAMMYs, VMAs and the Super Bowl as well as in LA’s former premiere burlesque show, Harlow Gold. Afters years of experience performing alongside the industry’s elite, it was time to collaborate on a project of their own. Enter LONEFOXX.

LONEFOXX tailors burlesque experiences for private events like birthday celebrations, holiday parties and corporate occasions. The company’s collection of shows pay homage to burlesque of the past and present through audience immersive performances. Co-founders Dalonzo and Donovan concept, style and perform in every LONEFOXX show together.

“We appreciate artists like Dita Von Teese who preserve the classic artform of burlesque. LONEFOXX takes inspiration from the refinement of acts like Dita’s but engages with audiences in a non-classical, more punk rock way,” says Donovan.

One distinct feature of LONEFOXX is the changeable nature of its shows. Each show transforms based on the type of the event and performance space. This guarantees no two shows are the same. Every performance provides a rarefied experience for audiences around the world.

“Our shows are modern, in-your-face and heavy on audience interaction,” Dalonzo adds, “LONEFOXX is not striptease. Our focus is sharing raw, unapologetic dance talent with a splash of pop culture.”

To find out more about LONEFOXX, visit LONEFOXX.com. For bookings and press inquiries, contact LONEFOXX at getfoxxedup@lonefoxx.com.

LONEFOXX was born on September 1, 2017 in Los Angeles. All of the neoburlesque company’s work, from concepts to styling, photography to choreography, is crafted in house by creators Nikki Dalonzo and Jamie Donovan.

Nikki Dalonzo and Jamie Donovan
Co-founders, Creators and Performers
Phone: 714.606.5605
Email: getfoxxedup@lonefoxx.com

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Aussie Mobster, Aurea Morrisey, Holds Hollywood Hostage

Australian born actress, Aurea Morrisey, has just finished shooting indie feature film “So You Want To Be A Gangster?” in Los Angeles. The film by Mexican born Director, Alex Kahuam, has high hopes after his short film version was accepted into Cannes Film Festival this year.

Aurea plays volatile Christina, riding her sexuality to pursue a capricious agenda involving a deadly cocktail of guns, drugs, and ambition. When asked of her experience playing Christina, Aurea laughed, “Within the first 10 minutes of arriving on set, I had to pash the lead red-headed Mexican character, pull a gun on someone, and then got shot a gruesome death’.

With more than 15 years in the industry, Aurea’s acting skills were polished at the New York Film Academy in 2013. This lead to television roles in MSNBC’s “Heist”, VH1’s “Candidly Nicole”, and several feature films including Turkish film “Yarmani” with Paris Hilton and “Second Coming of Christ” with Tom Sizemore and Sally Kirkland.

Ms. Morrisey has also commenced work playing a talent agent on a comedic television pilot and web-series, by Steven A. Davis, titled “Two19 Game Night” which follows the lives of Five creative (and some not-so-creative) friends as they come together to relive their bizarre and often horrific dates that have occurred during the week.

Aurea plans a short break between Hollywood hold up’s when she plans to return to Australia to spend time surfing with the dolphins. She’s looking forward to becoming a Godmother to her best friend’s first born child and some springtime fun with family and friends in September.

Ben Morrisey
PO Box3893
Los Angeles, 90078


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World Premiere Performance of Jay Huling’s New Comedy The Sing Sing Suite Breaks World Record for Longest Sustained Laughter from a Live Audience in Theatre History

According to entertainment historians, the longest sustained laughter in radio history came during Jack Benny’s “Your Money or Your Life” routine — an outburst that lasted 32 seconds. Television history was made in the “Lucy Raises Chickens” episode of I Love Lucy, where the audience laughed at one particular gag for more than two minutes.

Playwright Jay Huling’s new comedy The Sing Sing Suite recently made theatre history at its world premiere May 9 at the Washington County Playhouse when the audience’s sustained laughter at the climax’s “Champagne Bit” lasted for more than four minutes.

“Some people think that kind of cachinnation slows down the pace of a performance,” said Huling, “but when your work is compared with great moments of laughter from The Tonight Show, The Carol Burnett Show, or All in the Family, I’ll take a showstopper every time.”

The record-breaking moment comes toward the end of Act II of The Sing Sing Suite when the main character is trying to have a secret romantic rendezvous with an unrequited love interest. With the lights dimmed to create a tender mood, he struggles to open a Champagne bottle — putting it between his legs to gain more leverage. He is seen in silhouette trying to uncork the stopper, and the double entendre is both obvious and side-splitting hilarious.

“It’s a genuinely funny moment that combines a lot of psychological playwriting techniques to produce laughter from an audience,” said Huling. “There are elements of surprise, exaggeration, uncomfortableness, incongruity, misdirection, and a little bit of a naughty feeling all rolled into one.

Huling, who is from Cincinnati, Ohio and now resides in Jacksonville, Florida, is perhaps best known for his absurd comedy Elvis of Nazareth — which was selected as one of “America’s Best Short Plays” and published by Applause Books.

The Sing Sing Suite runs through June 22 at the Washington County Playhouse in Maryland. Tickets are $39 and can be purchased by calling 301-739-SHOW (7469). Advanced reservations are required. Performances follow dinner, which begins at 6:00 p.m.

The theater is located at 44 North Potomac Street in Hagerstown, Maryland 21740. More information is available at the Washington County Playhouse’s website: www.wcpdt.com.

More information about playwright Jay Huling is available at www.jayhuling.com.

Contact Details: Jay Huling
P.O. Box 14171
Jacksonville, FL 32238
(904) 777-3222

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Taj Pabla – Giving Back to the Community This Holiday Season

You may know Taj Pabla as a famous model and actor, but there is much more to the story than that. Taj Pabla feels extremely blessed to have enjoyed so much success, and he is as committed to giving back to the community as he is to his craft.

That means that gorgeous model and actor Taj Pabla will be working hard this holiday season not only on the screen and on the runway but in the homeless shelters as well. This year Taj Pabla will be celebrating the true spirit of Thanksgiving by helping to serve dinner to the homeless. He will also be celebrating the spirit of the giving by donating toys to children in need. Taj knows that there is nothing as special as a child’s face on Christmas morning, and he is proud to play a small part in putting those smiles on the faces of children who might otherwise not get a gift this holiday season.

Taj Pabla puts it all in perspective by recounting how blessed he has been. As Taj says “I look around and I have everything. So why should I be selfish? So this year instead of getting I am going to give to the needy. I am serving Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless and working on putting smiles on kids’ faces at Christmas by donating toys.”

Taj Pabla updated his Facebook status on November 22 to share his holiday plans with his fans and urge others to follow in his footsteps. As Taj said in his status update – “This holiday season I’m going to help the people in need. So this Thanksgiving I’ll be serving the homeless. I am thankful for everything I have. I know sometime I could be selfish, but this year I’m going to do things from the heart and help the less fortunate.”

So just what will Taj Pabla be getting in return for his charitable endeavors this holiday season? Taj will be getting something much more valuable than mere baubles and presents he will be getting the joy that only comes from helping others. He will enjoy the warmth and satisfaction of knowing he has helped put smiles on the faces of children and a full meal in the stomachs of those who might otherwise go hungry this holiday season.

In fact, Taj Pabla is getting so much satisfaction from helping others that he is not about to stop. He has much more to give – and he can’t wait to give back to the community and help those who have blessed his life. Taj is looking forward to launching a new non-profit devoted to helping kids in poor countries get the education they need to enjoy a better and more fulfilling life.

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Maryland Author, Rachael Allen, releases new book “Velvet Hellion”

Baltimore, Maryland author, Rachael Allen, has just released her new ebook entitled “Velvet Hellion”. It follows the story of a young woman, Nicole Tyler, who was unknowingly used in an experiment which led to her husband’s murder. Nicole soon becomes the prime suspect. As two friends try to solve one of the mysteries in her secretive past, they become entangled in a web of deception, government agents, and are forced to face their own emotional rivalry.  This light-hearted mystery is not without its suspenseful, dangerous moments. You can read some excerpts from the ebook and purchase it at: http://www.velvethellion.com 

Rachael Allen is a disabled author now living in Berkshire, England. Proceeds from this book go towards helping her obtain the necessary supplements she needs for her illnesses.

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Edictive Presents Seminar On Film Production Management – New Cloud Based Film Production Management Application Widely Accepted By Insiders

True Hero Studio steps into the limelight by making a presentation of it’s new Cloud Based Production Management Suite at The Producers Guild. The event was aimed at Producers, Line Producers, Project Managers and Location Managers. It was time to spread the word about this new management tool. One topic discussed was the ability of the Edictive.com application to streamline the way information is disseminated to the people who need it. Edictive gives you secure access to all of your data, no matter where in the world you happen to be. It allows you to manage and display it in any way you need, and disseminate that data to the right people, real time.

With manual processes like email, meetings, and weekly status reports, too much data can fall through the cracks. Edictive centralizes all of that communication seamlessly, which results in a more effective collaboration. This framework will keep you agile and efficient while you grow. It is a strategic business investment that will deliver big returns over the years.

The applications production tracking system integrates into your unique studio work flow to provide visibility at every level of the production process. Now you can more easily provide your clients with a huge pool of talent and resources by unifying your pipeline into a single global network.

Edictive is robust, flexible, and the technology is constantly evolving. It will simply become your information hub for all of your productions. You will centralize the management of tasks, assignments and statuses, for shots and assets, so that the information is available to everyone, at all times. The ability to coordinate a scattered team is central to the concept of the Edictive Model.

It will become a key component in your studio pipeline, that will enable you to scale your operation towards meeting the demanding needs of your clients. An organized simplicity will be maintained, and sanity in tracking and managing your concurrent productions will become a reality.

Edictive will help you to see where you can be more cost effective, aiding your bottom line. If you would like more Green Lights, you have to be able to produce a convincing proposal for your investors and clients. You will be able to archive everything, and recall it for preparation of your Investor Documentation. All Budget Statistics will be more accurate than ever before, ready to be plugged into any new documents. You can now do a Production Health-Check at a Glance, and see how things stack up before making anything public.

This web based application has Casting and Location Modules that are a step ahead of what is currently available anywhere. Now you will be able to: Hire A Crew, Cast Talent and Scout Locations, all through the Tools Interface. Upload and store relevant photos and information logically and simply. When it comes to Budget Planning, you will plan for above and below the line expenditures, and track investor and client contributions with ease.

The real beauty of all this, is that there is nothing to download, install, or configure. It’s all on their Cloud Server Network. All you need is an internet connection, and you are ready to go, as easy as accessing a web page. If you are in any way connected with Film Production Management, you owe it to yourself to stop by their website, and check out their new web based application: edictive.com

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Amid National Racial Tension Writing Duo Produces Edgy Sketch Comedy Series

Actor/producer Sean Hampton (CSI, 90210) has teamed up with producer Matt Getic to launch a new sketch comedy series entitled The S&M Experience. “The series fills a gap in the comedy world,” Getic said in a statement. “We’re not chained to conventional characters and a formulaic structure with this show.”

The series has not officially launched but the duo has already raised eyebrows due to the off-color and racial material in some of their skits. Hampton (who is African American) and Getic (who is Caucasian) both feel such criticism is misguided. Commenting on the issue Getic says, “Our creative process doesn’t come from a place of hate, so taking offense to our comedy is ridiculous. The evening news has one hundred percent more racially motivated material than our skits.” Hampton backs his co-creator on this subject and challenges their detractors. “There are a lot of people looking to capitalize off of others work. I think there are more false claims of offense than genuine outrage.”

Aside from these issues preliminary critic response has been glowing. The series will launch on April 26th and the creators have decided to keep their distribution model to new media outlets only. When asked about the decision Hampton said, “We decided to keep our material new media because that will ensure it stays ours. Running it through the political correctness filter will take away from everything we’re trying to accomplish.”

For more information visit and follow:

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A New Dynamic Entertainment Duo Has Arrived

On April 11, 2012, the entertainment world gained two new dynamic bloggers in the from of The Barnes Bros. The Barnes Bros. — formed by Denzel and Jalen Barnes — is an exciting hub for all things entertainment. “We’ll cover movies, TV, video games, comic books, everything you name it!” Jalen said.

No stranger to the industry themselves–they are the authors of the upcoming e-book series “Legends”–Denzel and Jalen feel they can bring a fresh and exciting outlook on the industry. “When people read our blogs and watch our videos, I think they’ll see how fun we are and really get involved,” Denzel said.

In the short time since its arrival, The Barnes Bros. brand has already garnered attention. Denzel and Jalen have gained new followers everyday and praise on their additions to entertainment-related discussions around the Web. As buzz continues to build, The Barnes Bros. is gaining notoriety and requests to expand into other platforms.

“We’ve had someone ask us to move into podcasting already. It’s really wild,” Jalen commented.

Bringing their energy and sense of comedic timing to their work, The Barnes Bros. is looking to shake up the way people perceive entertainment. Using social networking in new and creative ways to connect with their audience, Denzel and Jalen Barnes are shaping up to be an enjoyable duo the likes of which hasn’t been seen in some time.

About The Barnes Bros
The Barnes Bros. brings a comedic, but informative perspective on news and issues in the entertainment world using video media (Youtube.com/BarnesBrosTV) and the written word (thebarnesbros.tumblr.com). The Barnes Bros. aims to use hard work and determination to form an exciting community for all entertainment lovers.

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Utah is proud to introduce the “Now and Never Parties”

Many Utahan’s have been looking for opportunities like this for quite some time. The opportunity has come and you’re invited to come and be part of the party! Different entertainment, locations, food, and themes each time: you’ll never be bored with Now or Never Parties. Sometimes it will be more formal dining, other times a more casual experience. Regardless of the party, it will be a night to remember and take advantage of.

In Provo UT. at 6 p.m. on the 13th of April 2012 our readers of our magazine, our fans, and our ticket holders are invited to a one of a kind of exclusive invitation only party. Our Now or Never party. There will be lots of Food, Fun, Gifts, Entertainment and more. Seats are very limited.

The public is invited – Non readers of the magazine, new fans, and current non ticket holders can go to our “Now and Never Party” page below to try to obtain tickets on a first come first serve basis. Tickets are $50.00 plus fees. Good for (2) guests per ticket. Each guest receives a gift bag of up to a $40.00 value.

– Ends –

About the Now or Never Parties
It’s easy for so many of us talk about “One day, I will do….” or “Someday I’m going to….”. We believe in living and enjoying life and in doing it NOW. Chances are, if we don’t take advantage and do what our “Someday” items are NOW, they will NEVER come around. What are your “Somedays?” How bad do you really want to do them? Come party with us and we’ll help you define, realize,enjoy life, and for a lucky few guests, get some of those “Somedays” done. Our parties are hosted by Connect & Eatz Magazine! Go check it out on Facebook!

We give you intimate entertainment in smaller groups at your favorite local restaurants and venues. From music, to featured artists, and sometimes even comedy: we bring you the party you’ve been waiting for! A food enthusiast dream: a night to expand your palate and help shape the restaurant menu. Our guests have the opportunity to try new items and decide which ones your local restaurants should feature.

Keep a look-out on our wall and event page to see when the next parties are coming up and sign up here on our FB page, https://www.facebook.com/NowRNeverParty or on our website. http://www.connectandeatzfb.com

To learn even more about the various parties, sponsor and the magazine itself feel free to visit our new larger site opening this week, and our facebook page at the links below.

http://connectandeatzmag.com Our new up and coming magazine/sponsor web site. Also visit our Magazine Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/connectandeatzmag We are very passionate about living life as you will be able to see.

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Sayin it Plain Welcomes Mildred D Muhammad EX. Wife of the D.C Sniper John Allen Muhammad To the Show

The Hottest New Show on Internet Radio, Sayin it Plain returns 1-21-2012 to tackle the sensitive subject of Domestic Violence. Sayin it Plain welcomes Mildred D Muhammad EX. Wife of the D.C Sniper John Allen Muhammad, founder of After the Trauma and author of Scared Silent. She will talk to the crew about her riveting story of survival and the events that led to the tragedy that gripped America. Sayin It Plain is Streaming Live @ 8PM (EASTERN) on 1-21-2012. Go to www.sayinitplain.com or www.blogtalkradio.com/sayinitplain to listen live. Sayin it Plain where keepinG it real is not just a phrase.

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The Bogside Artists Help Willy The Wizard

The Bogside Artists have announced that they have given important evidence and statements to the estate of Adrian Jacobs who are currently embroiled in a legal suit against J.K. Rowling. Speaking for the group, Tom Kelly said: “We are absolutely staggered by what has been done to these people in order to stifle their lawful case. Rowling’s lawyers Schillings have gagged Britain’s media in an effort to ensure that no newspaper anywhere gives credence or exposure to this case, the fourth largest case of its kind in history. They gagged a couple of newspapers in the South of Ireland too that attempted to cover our side of the affair and one in Derry, the Derry News. Anybody who wants proof of that has only to contact us.”

Meanwhile, Adrian Jacobs’s lawyers await the outcome of their appeal in England’s High Court. J.K. Rowling, one of the richest women in the world, is demanding £2 million from the litigants in costs thanks to exorbitant fees and deliberate shilly-shallying by their legal advisors. She is also demanding private information about who has been funding their case so they can put a stop to any future support they depend on. Rowling herself is in breach of a court order to produce early notebooks proving her claim to original creation. It is not known if they even exist; but no action so far has been brought against her for failure to present them. The Willy the Wizard team, on the other hand, are facing ruination, like many who have gone before.

Tom Kelly said: “Whatever this is, justice it is not. The Bogside Artists have no vested interest in the case other than to see that it gets a fair hearing because we see a great principle at stake here – the principle of an artist’s right to his or her own creative work. This issue we have addressed in our blog; travelswithlipo.com/blog. We would sincerely hope anybody who fears for justice and democracy will read it. And we would urge anybody who cares for their rights to rally to the cause of the family of Adrian Jacobs’ struggle against Rowling. The ongoing drive by her and her team to annihilate any, and every, opposition to her in court and out of it is a fact that is common knowledge to us all of us who live in the UK. Rowling’s avowed goal is clearly to make sure that any evidence the Jacobs team have against her never sees the light of day. We, at any rate, know what some of that evidence is and we would say that people everywhere have a right also to know what it is. Her relentless determination to stifle criticism of her bespeaks a level of press tyranny worthy of any dictator. The British journos who have allowed themselves to be gagged in this fashion really should make an effort to recall the dutiful care to tell people the truth that is the basis of their profession.”

The Bogside Artists, creators of The People’s Gallery that is visited by many thousands of people each year from all over the world, had to give up their studio recently in The Bogside. The gallery of famous murals painted over a more than a decade portrays the worst episodes of thirty years of civil conflict in the province. “Governmental arts funding bodies such as the Arts Council of N.Ireland simply refused to help us”, said Tom Kelly.

The artists believe that this lack of response could well be related to their public support of the case against Rowling. It is certain that many in the British establishment who have financial reasons for keeping their literary icon J.K. Rowling intact and inviolable would certainly not be happy to see any such universally respected people like The Bogside Artists giving open support to those who seek to topple her. Neither would her global fan base.

The Bogside Artists travel to America in the New Year to begin a series of murals. Then it is back to Europe to paint yet more murals for the Art of Reconciliation program begun in Austria by Desmond Doyle and his colleague Hannes Missethon. The program is sponsored by Nobel Laureate John Hume, a very good friend and long-time supporter of the artists.

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Live Streaming, User Generated Content Bring Would-Be Stars out to LES

“What’s the most fun you can have in 10 minutes?” ask the creative duo behind oofu, a new and innovative storefront concept that doubles as a live green screen video production studio. In short, the answer to that question depends on what the individual wants to use the space for. Local bands, for instance, have been stopping by the new neighborhood haunt to use the space’s lighting, set, and “tricked out communication and compositing software” to record videos of their jam sessions. On the flip side, PR companies have brought their clients over for raucously fun photo shoots, while TV hosts have used the studio’s interactive gear to size-up and chat with some colorful residents. But the more mainstream draw lies in the company’s original idea: to make and live stream, in real-time, user generated content. In other words, it’s karaoke, impromptu performances, comedy and musical acts for the digital age.

Originally run out of a truck, oofu got its start two summers ago by pulling up their 18-footer alongside such heavily populated places in the city as the Highline. Like the current storefront—which feeds all its audio and visual content to passersby via studio monitors—the truck also shared its musical and karaoke performances with the gathering crowds, in effect advertising their (very often free) services. “We drew large crowds,” says Ryan Kovalak, one half of oofu’s founders. “An incredibly diverse group of people would come out to participate. And everyone always left with a huge smile on their faces.” After year two of the traveling truck, Kovalak and partner George Cooper set their sights on providing the feel-good sing-along (and self-expression) service year round, and found a storefront on 90 Stanton Street. It was here that oofu’s offerings grew from creating video fodder to providing performance/studio space for musicians, actors, hosts and even businesses. “The performances are always so lively and random, people love seeing themselves on camera, and you never know what to expect or who will come by” notes Cooper.

Oofu’s game-changing contribution to the world of user generated content and karaoke lies in its real-time live streaming component, especially attractive to fans of DIY uploaded content in the digital age. Not only will oofu continue to source talent and content via their traveling truck—plans include hitting up music festivals—but their aim is to create albums and internet shows from all the user generated goods. Recently, oofu was busy putting together a Christmas in July series, which features pitch-perfected layers upon layers of karaoke singers churning out the yuletide carols. And in this month, oofu will be hosting their new dating show – Date Me, a fun, cheeky chance to get hooked up LES style while getting famous, and its first contest, Guitar Star, where a 10-minute guitar jam session costs only $10. At the end of the month, voters will be able to choose their favorite performance online, and the winner will win a prize from oofu’s stash of goods.

As anyone will tell you, putting content online with unlicensed music is asking for trouble. Oofu preempted any such wrist slaps and cease-and-desists by licensing a set of popular, beloved-by-many hits (classic and contemporary), both for their Christmas-themed and regular offerings. Each performance—whether of original music or set to songs like P!nk’s “Don’t Let Me Get Me,” Blur’s “Girls & Boys,” Sinatra’s “New York, New York” and Jackson 5’s “ABC,” to name just a few—is overlaid onto Oofu’s virtual backgrounds (that’s where the green screen comes in), set against a mix of imagery that includes photographic content and abstract color and patterns. The resulting clip is a real-time, fun and rich multi-media experience, broadcast on oofu.tv and even made available to social networking sites. And, yes, it only takes about 10 minutes.

And, for $40, oofu will create a dynamic recording on DVD of each play session performance (whether individual or with a group) singing and dancing along to favored karaoke tunes. Oofu calls these “Karaoke VDO Play Sessions,” and they’re live streaming now through the company’s site.

Oofu is a producer and marketer of content, and invites all emerging talent—artists, musicians, comedians, hosts and all karaoke lovers—to schedule a performance or simply drop by and do an impromptu performance. Oofu works with and promotes local talent, serving as a medium of self-expression and a vehicle for viral promotion.

The oofu storefront is located at 90 Stanton Street, NYC, and is open daily 5-10pm. Accommodations can also be made for most other time slots by prior booking. Oofu is also available to rent for film shoots, private parties and events. For more information, and to schedule a performance or play session please email: play@oofu.tv or go online to www.oofu.tv/open.

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Battle Brunch with 95 WIILROCK

THE METROPOLIS BALLROOM OF ARLINGTON HEIGHTS ANNOUNCES ::: Battle Brunch – where twelve bands will have the chance to battle during brunch at the Metropolis Ballroom on September 25 th from 9am – 3pm. 95 WIILROCK Morning show host, Tom Kief, will be broadcasting live. Bands will be videotaped during each performance and posted on ON STAGE at Metropolis Ballroom’s Facebook event-page for voting. The top three ‘LIKES’ will perform at the Winner’s Show on October 14 th. and be interviewed live on 95WIILROCK with on-air personality Marija.

SEPTEMBER 25th BRUNCH ::: Enjoy amazing cuisine while twelve bands battle for the top three spots to win cash and the chance to perform in the Winner ‘ s concert on October 14th. On-air personality, Tom Kief from the 95 WIILROCK’s morning show will broadcast live from the ballroom brunch from 10:30am – 1:30pm. Brunch reservation includes all you can eat and two trips to the Bloody Mary bar, where guests can create their own cocktail masterpiece from a large selection of classic Bloody Mary mix-ins. Talented bartenders will also be on hand to assist. In addition, the Metropolis Ballroom will have a delicious serve-yourself buffet station, loaded with kid friendly favorites to enjoy. Facebook voting begins immediately after band performances are posted. Winners will be announced October 4th.

The ballroom is currently accepting applications from bands and expects to announce the Battle Brunch lineup on September 12 th . Bands who are interested in performing at the Battle Brush, please contact the talent promoter, Pam Magnuson atTalent@PineManor401.com (773) 307-2128 or post on the Battle Brunch even page.

BRUNCH RESERVATIONS ::: Brunch guests are suggested to buy tickets online earlier rather than later, as reservation times are limited. Community seating. Once a time is sold out, there are no exceptions. ADULTS -$39.95 KIDS -$18.95 KIDS 3 & UNDER ARE FREE

WINNERS CONCERT Friday, October 14th – $15 advance sale / $25 door

Purchase tickets online :
http://www.brownpapertickets.com/profile/51573 24/7 Ticket Hotline: 1-800-838-3006

ON STAGE at Metropolis Ballroom 6 South Vail Ave. , Arlington Heights , IL (847) 870-8787 x200

Log-on for event info : http://MetropolisBallroom.com Bring the kids, or bring a date this show is perfect for all ages. The Metropolis Ballroom offers quaint cityscape views from our second floor veranda overlooking Harmony park. Right when you enter you are surrounded by beautiful hardwood flooring, high- beam ceilings, and bright beautiful windows overlooking the city below. Your dinner experience in the historic Vail Campbell rooms will include linen napkins and sauces on the plate! The Ballroom is located on the corner of Vail and Campbell , and one block from the Metra NW train stop to Chicago , or free parking in the ramp adjacent to the building.

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On Stage at Metropolis Ballroom 3 TIME GRAMMY WINNER DANILO PÉREZ Performing with his Trio, and w/ Thursday Morning Jazz June 24, 2011

The following excerpt is from the personal bio of Danilo Pérez, it can be viewed in-full at his web site www.daniloperez.com

Grammy award winning jazz pianist DANILO PEREZ Best Latin Album performs ON STAGE at Metropolis Ballroom with his Trio and opening award winning high school band Thursday Moring Jazz Friday June 24th

Cocktail hour with open bar and mingle with the band
Dinner show concert
VIP after show
EVERY event is an opportunity to meet the artist in person.
24/7 Ticket Hotline: 1-800-838-3006
The extraordinary Panamanian pianist and composer DANILO PEREZ is among the most influential and dynamic musicians of our time. In just over a decade, his distinctive blend of Pan-American jazz (covering the music of the Americas, folkloric and world music) has attracted critical acclaim and loyal audiences. Danilo’s abundant talents and joyous enthusiasm make his concerts both memorable and inspiring. Whether leading his own ensembles or touring with renowned jazz masters (Wayne Shorter, Roy Haynes, Steve Lacy), Danilo is making a decidedly fresh imprint on contemporary music, guided, as always, by his love for jazz.

He has led his own groups since the early ’90s, and as bandleader has earned three Grammy nominations for his ebullient and innovative recordings. MOTHERLAND, was nominated for two Grammy Awards for “Best Latin Jazz Album,” and also garnered his third win for “Best Jazz Album” from the prestigious Boston Music Awards. MOTHERLAND was named (as were his previous four releases) among the best albums of the year by such publications as the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, San Diego Tribune, Billboard and JazzTimes. In 2002, he received a nomination from the Jazz Journalists Association for “Pianist of the Year.”

ON STAGE Friday, June 24th
6:00 – 7:30pm – Ballroom / Veranda pre-show cocktail party includes unlimited hor dourves & well drinks. Enjoy the beautiful veranda overlooking Harmony Park.
8pm dinner show in the ballroom with opening youth band”Thursday Morning Jazz” from Prospect High School Mount Prospect, IL – winners of the 2011 north shore jazz festival. Have dinner while you enjoy this amazing 4 piece. Dinner show concert includes unlimited beer and wine throughout dinner. Seating is community seating at tables of eight (8) or ten (10)

Over the past four years Thursday Morning Jazz has been recognized for its musical excellence at both a state and local level. The group enjoys acclaim for its impassioned performances and mature arrangements. In addition to standard jazz repertoire, the group showcases a wide variety of styles and works ranging from classical and swing to Latin and popular. Thursday Morning Jazz is an artistic partnership that draws upon the diverse experiences of its members to create a unique musical experience for its listening audience.

9pm The Danilo Perez show starts with Mr Prerez performing with his tiro John Patitucci and Adam Cruz. The North Shore Cake Boss’s team will serve dessert 1/2 way through the show, followed by a second set from Perez. A winning evening!

VIP meet & greet after the show is $20 upgrade with a limited number of tickets available. Join the musicians for a champagne toast after the show and mingle with the bands. Limited number of upgrades are available. After dinner Vail Campbell opens as cash bar.

Our Show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wC4FGeQqwTY&feature=player_embedded

FOR MORE INFORMATION Log-on to: MetropolisBllroom.com click the ENTERTAINMENT tab. ALL AGES This amazing show will be an evening you’ll be talking about for a long time- limited tickets are available. Dinner package includes the entire evening; pre-show cocktail party OPEN Bar, a delicious gourmet meal planned by the ballroom chefs with unlimited beer and wine during dinner. cocktails & dinner show package $95 – Dinner show alone $65.00 includes unlimited wine and beer with your meal cocktails are extra. Upgrade your dinner show to include the VIP Meet & Greet after the show +$20. All opportunities to meet Mr Perez and his Trio Purchase tickets: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/profile/51573 24/7 Ticket Hotline: 1-800-838-3006.

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GeniusWave announces Wordle for Android

GeniusWave announces Wordle for Android. The word play anagram game, is now available in over 10 Android App Stores Worldwide. The highly popular iTunes app brings the exciting and fast pace game that you can play solo or with a team, in three or thirty minutes to Android devices. The new version also enhances the 3500 puzzles and built in dictionary, making it even easier to pickup, play and learn. A great family game for both kids and adults, this anagram game comes with different levels and is quick to learn and play. Kids and adults alike build vocabulary, improve spelling and have some competitive fun along the way. Watch out, the challenge can be so addictive. Simply combine six letters on a shelf to make as many words as a player can build in three minutes.

“With the growth in popular of Android devices, we have had a lot of requests to bring the popular app to Android,” says Greg Dierickse, Founder and CMO at GeniusWave. Greg also adds, “We love the early reaction from our Android users, especially ones where Moms and kids have commented that is a much better use of time, than playing games where you destroy zombies, bunnies or birds. “Not only did we bring it Android we want to put the app in multiple stores, including stores worldwide. A worldwide availability also helps kids and adults learning English as a second language have access to a fun way to improve their vocabulary”, says Erwin Chiong, Founder and CTO at GeniusWave.

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Sainsbury’s Entertainment Begins May Music Deals with 2 for £12 on Many Chart CDs

UK retailer Sainsbury’s Entertainment, the entertainment division of the leading UK supermarket, has today (2nd May 2011) kicked off an appealing offer to customers with a wide range of the latest and most popular chart CDs available at 2 for £12.

The bank holidays and recent sunshine have certainly put people in the mood for summer barbeques and get-togethers, and Sainsbury’s Entertainment is on hand to make sure that everyone has enough great music to keep their party going.

New releases from the most popular bands and solo artists are coming out every week, and Sainsbury’s Entertainment wants to make sure that music lovers can get their hands on the latest top releases for less. The 2 for £12 offer will run from the 2nd to the 15th of May.

Approximately 40 of this year’s hottest albums from chart-topping acts such as Adele, Jessie J, Elbow, Take That and the Cast of Glee all included in this great promotion.

With many of the UK’s new CD releases available for what works out at £6 each, customers are urged to take advantage of this deal quickly as it is sure to be a big hit with visitors to sainsburysentertainment.co.uk.

And there is more great news. When customers buy music online at Sainsbury’s Entertainment, all orders come with free delivery and shoppers are also able to earn valuable Nectar points on their purchases.

As well as the latest Chart CDs, Sainsbury’s Entertainment also sells a wide range of DVDs and Blu-Rays, video games for all major platforms, as well as a wide range of hardback and paperback books at great prices. A huge selection of the most popular upcoming releases can also be pre-ordered online for immediate delivery once the item has been shipped by the manufacturer.

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HMV.com Announce Top Selling Music, Games & Gadgets For March

Online retailer HMV reveal the most popular gadgets, CD’s, DVD’s and video game titles available for pre-order and release during March through their online store at hmv.com.


Elbow Album: “Build a Rocket Boys” – Release date: 7 th March 2011

Manchester-based indie rock five-piece Elbow follow-up the 2008 Mercury Prize winning ‘The Seldom Seen Kid’ with their fifth studio album, ‘Build A Rocket Boys’.

The Strokes Album: “Angles” – Release date: 21 st March 2011

‘Angles’ is the fourth album from The Strokes – one of New York City’s finest exports of indie rock of their generation


Saw 3D – Release date: 7 th March 2011

The final part of the long standing Saw movie franchise and the first of the films available in 3D. Despite poor reviews this remains a popular title.

Harry Potter DVD – Release date:11 th April 2011

Ever popular with all generations of movie goers and always a top selling DVD the first part of the final Harry porter movies is due for release in April in time for the summer release of the final part of the film meaning all the Harry Potter DVD back-catalogue have started selling well again.

Video Games

Homefront Game – xBox&Playstation – Release date:11 th March 2011

Much anticipated shooter set in a futuristic America. Release date- 18 th March.

The Clone Wars – Nintendo Wii – Release date:25 th March 2011

LEGO Star Wars III : The Clone Wars, combines the epic stories and iconic characters from the Star Wars universe and hit animated TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars with all new gameplay features.


Nintendo 3DS – Release date: 25 th March 2011

The latest revolution in handheld gaming from Nintendo and next generation of their DS model features unique 3D technology. Release date- 25 th March. Available for pre-order now.

Monster Beats headphones – Release date: 1 st March 2011

The newest versions of the Monster beats headphones endorsed by Dr Dre, Puff Daddy, Lady Gaga and Justin Beiber are widely regarded as the highest quality headphones and earphones on the market today.

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Smartoonz® has launched “Monkey See Monkey Do – Savanna” 1.02 App for Apple iPhone® and iPod touch®. The App is based on the successful TV Series “Monkey See Monkey Do™”

“Monkey See Monkey Do – Savanna™” is an easy to use interactive fun App for the whole family. Monkey loves interacting with his fans, and with six entertaining screens he can do exactly that! users can play with him, tease him and even take a picture with him.

The new app, developed by Snappsi and produced by Smartoonz, offers fun 3D animation, which is triggered when interacting with Monkey: Users can poke Monkey, tickle him until he asks them to stop, offer him bananas, rock him in his Hammock until he falls, tease him with a fly etc. Talking to Parrot will make him repeat everything user say in order to wake up Monkey… they can also create their own picture with Monkey or his Friends, send it by email, share it on Facebook and save it to Library. Last but not least, users can watch fun clips from the TV show.

Application Highlights:
* Offer Monkey bananas
* Tickle him until he asks you to stop
* Poke him in the head until he falls
* Press the Snake button to invite Snake, touch Monkey’s leg to avoid him
* Create a postcard of you with Monkey. Save and share the postcard with your friends and family.

In App full upgrade:
* Talk to Parrot who will repeat everything you say in order to wake up Monkey…
* Turn your phone to rock Monkey in his hammock until the hammock spins, and Monkey falls…
* Upset Monkey by dragging the fly to his ears, legs, hands and face…
* Create a postcard of you with Monkey or any of his friends. Save and share with your friends and family.
* Watch some fun clips from the TV show.

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Eric van Aro – from Jazz to House – Music without boundaries

In 2001 Eric van Aro released his album “from the heart”, a collection of songs dating from the mid ’20s to the end of the last century that covers different styles including valse musette, world music, country & western, jazz, nursery rhymes, rap and hard rock.

“Friends”, the CD released in 2005, contains collaborations with musicians of the caliber of trumpet player Franco Ambrosetti, harmonica player Bruno de Filippi, drummerFlaviano Cuffari and many other Italian jazz and rock musicians. The album has won over the public and critics worldwide, establishing Eric van Aro as one of the most interesting and accomplished singers to have appeared on the jazz scene in the past few years.

With the release of DESERT MOTEL in 2008 Eric returns with an intriguing selection of songs from such tunesmiths as Winwood, Stills, Manilow, Webb and Metheny for a sublime musical Americana “on the road” experience.

In Summer 2010 Eric changes style and with the Beats4life label the first song JAZZ a collaboration with Marco Soundee, one of Italy’s major house music creators, is released in its various mixes and remixes to major acclaim from DJs around the world.

LoveUmadly (released on December 16ht 2010), The painting in my heart 2010 remix and UR are just a few of the exciting songs from the Soundee/vanAro/Beats4lifestable that will have audiences dance this coming year.

Meanwhile Eric’s COLLABORATIONS project for the ERAKI label is on its way and the first two songs are ready for release. Luca Verde, one of Italy’s major rock guitarists and producers gave the famous French ballad Le blues du businessman a hard rockingarrangement which Eric performs in its original language.

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Jackpot Games Nominated for Prestigious e-Gaming Review Award

Jackpot Games Ltd announced today that it has been shortlisted for the One to Watch award from the online gaming magazine, E-Gaming Review, after the publication released the list of candidates on the 20 th October.

The Malta-based online casino launched in April this year and is home to over 90 instant play casino games. Its candidature for the highly valued accolade demonstrates the appeal the brand has and the company’s plans for the coming months and 2011. Jackpot Games CEO, Ramon Azzopardi, highlighted this by commenting:

“Jackpot Games has come a long way quickly, and has no intentions of resting on a solid start. The company roadmap for 2011 demonstrates that we are prepared to not onlyinvest but to innovate to secure the company’s position and to bring the Jackpot Games level of experience and service to new markets. It is this combination that no doubt played a large part in our nomination.”

The casino is preparing to broadcastmultiple live casinogames to its TV channel, Sky Channel 860 as well as simultaneously to its website. Integral to this project, and firmly part of the roadmap, is a mobile betting platform that will allow players to playvia mobile phones– plus a unique offering of RNG mobile casino gamesthat will also cater for multiplayer experience all set to launch early next year.

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