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Blind Children at Wuhan City School in a rock band established by teacher Zhang Long

Beijing, China, Jul-19-2017 — /EuropaWire/ — Wuhan School for The Blind is the only school of its kind in Hubei province, central China. Not only does it cater to pupils who face enormous challenges because of their disabilities, but it is also proud to have a star teacher who has given new hope to the pupils.

China, with its huge population, has a large number of blind people. More than 5.5 million people are registered blind, among them, some 120,000 children. Though there are more than 50 special schools in major cities catering to the needs of these individuals, the task is never easy. Special facilities and teacher training is hard to come by and the children often feel alienated from society and lack ambition.

Zhang Long, born in 1975, volunteered to teach at Wuhan City School for the Blind in 2011. Though she had no experience teaching children with visual impairment, after seeing the difficulties faced by pupils there, she decided to change the course of her life and accept the challenge of making a difference to their future.

It wasn’t long before the gravity of the situation sunk in. As a music teacher she discovered many pupils at the school of 150 lacked the motivation to even turn up to class, believing their only career option would be to become a massage therapist, a common occupation for blind people in China.

Persevering, Zhang Long established a school radio station, a rock band for the most talented children, and invited performances from other schools. Eventually, the children responded to this new approach revealing both passion for music and hidden talent. One student, Gan Wenjun, proved gifted at piano, for which he won several national awards and even played with famous pianist Richard Clayderman in concert.

Among other successes, Zhang Long was awarded titles such as “Most Admirable Teacher in Wuhan” and a national honor “The Most Beautiful Teacher of China”,“I’ve never treated them as blind children,” says Zhang of the pupils. “It doesn’t matter that those kids can’t see. They can use their own ways to express themselves. I’ve never lowered my standards for them because they are blind, because to me they are just children.” Her approach seems to have worked and now pupils harbor ambitions such as to become a teacher, a professional singer and even an astronaut.

Wuhan City School for the Blind holds the belief that blind children are perfectly capable of the same achievements as sighted kids, given the right guidance and a little courage. Since its establishment, it has helped over 500 children pursue their dreams and been a cradle of many rising stars in music, sports, teaching and other fields. It aims to keep making contribution to China’s endeavors in special education.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

The 4Th Wall Gallery Launches

The 4TH Wall Gallery Present’s its newest creation located in its’ carriage house; The Story Book House. The gallery’s collection of the finest original illustrations from children’s picture books is now enhanced by the launching of the Story Book House, brimming with wonderful Children’s Picture Books and Stunningly Unique Book Gift Baskets.

The 4Th Wall Gallery Launches

The Children’s book gift baskets are a meaningful and perfect present to celebrate the holidays, birthdays and/or any milestone in a child’s development. These baskets are imaginative gifts for newborns to about fourth grade. When a child receives a Story Book House gift basket, you are sharing with them the gift of reading that will last a lifetime. The high quality, beautifully illustrated books will be treasured for generations and treated like family heirlooms. The gift baskets include carefully selected books arranged in a decorative reusable container and colorfully wrapped. The gift baskets can be customized for your specific celebration and/or reader’s interests. (The book gift baskets are available for sale at $75, $150 and $250).

The 4th Wall gallery was named the best new gallery in Dallas in 2009 by D Home Magazine. Owners Kristine and Matthew Abramowitz have also been recognized by The Today Show, Fox News, the Dallas Morning News, Good Morning Dallas and KDFW Fox as excellent resources on children’s books, original illustrations f r o m children’s books and their stunning book gift baskets. Matthew and Kristine Abramowitz state ” We realized that Dallas was missing a children’ s book boutique, that special place where young readers can find a picture book they love as well as meet the incredible authors and illustrators they admire. We have found that a child who meets one of their favorite authors and illustrators can be positively inspired to read and explore their own creativity.”

The 100 year old quaint main house and carriage house on 2925 Fairmount Street in Uptown, offers a unique space that transports the art collector and book lover into a magically, imaginative world. One enters the main house, (The 4th Wall Gallery) to the welcome of the fabulous contemporary art collection and continues on into the fantastical world of original illustrations f r o m children’s books. You soon cross over the threshold into the carriage house (Story Book House), teeming with a wonderful selection of children’s picture books and clever book gift baskets.

The Story Book House looks forward to inviting the young and young at heart to author and illustrator presentations. In addition, The 4th Wall Gallery and Story Book House may be rented for special events. The Story Book House at the 4th Wall Gallery is located at 2925 Fairmount Street, Dallas TX 75201. The gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday 10:00am – 6:00pm. The Story Book House offers a toll free number 1-888-90-STORY.

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Parents Have Confirmed That When Children Receive A Genuine Letter From Santa Claus Their Christmas Is Happier, Brighter, And More Memorable

An authentic Santa Letter all but guarantees a Christmas of great magnitude. This news, the outcome of many, many years of tracking responses of both, children’s and adults’ reports of the effects and impacts of receiving a genuine letter from Santa. “Package From Santa” has gathered and tracked data relating to Santa Claus, his letters, and Christmas, for several years and is now sharing this groundbreaking report.

So far this is the widest reaching and most long-term study of the impact of Santa’s holiday letters. The study strongly suggests that there is a definite connection between a ‘Merry & Memorable Christmas’ for children (as well as adults) and Santa’s letters.

The tracking consisted of years of studying the feedback given in notes, letters, emails, and even text messages to Santa and to “Package From Santa”, as the top Santa helpers with his letters. Gazillions of various types of feedback was sorted and categorized into the following groups: “Letter Had No Impact On Christmas”, “Letter Somewhat Brightened Christmas”, Letter Made Christmas Merrier”, “Letter Made Christmas Merrier & More Memorable”.

Approximately 77% of the responses fell into the last category and only 5% reported that Santa’s letters had no impact on Christmas. Even with the great number of responses there is no way of knowing what the results would have been if everyone had provided feedback. However, research has shown that people are more likely to provide negative feedback than positive, so one can only assume that there would have been even higher results in the positive categories.

Typically, children reported that when Santa Claus sends letters to them they feel important and they know they will get what they really want for Christmas. Some little boys and girls expressed that a Santa letter gave them some relief from worry about being on Santa’s Naughty List.

For additional information about how to receive an authentic letter from Santa, visit http://www.packagefromsanta.com

As the only company that “Santa Himself” endorses as an official associate, ‘Package From Santa” is the most trusted provider of Christmas letters from Santa. This company, Santa’s official associate, has sent millions of Personalized Santa Letters to children living everywhere.

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The Ant with Red Pants

Knowing what to tell your children about verbal peer intimidation, especially if they are being bullied, can be difficult. Now one author is trying to make it a little easier by telling the story of an ant who becomes a hero, despite being teased and laughed at by his fellow ants.

J.A. Osowski, author of the new children’s book The Ant with Red Pants, believes that children need concrete examples of role models that have overcome challenges such as intimidation.

“We all face challenges in life and sometimes that includes the ridicule of other people,”says Mr. Osowski. “Having public examples of people—or, in this case, ants—that believe in themselves and who don’t listen to the negativity of other people is really helpful to kids.”

Mr. Osowski’s book, illustrated by Michael and Alicia Smith, is about an ant named Andrew who makes red pants for himself from a spider’s web in order to hide his legs, which he thinks are too skinny. The other ants in the colony mock Andrew for his insecurities and his situation becomes worse.

“We all have insecurities about feeling like an outsider or that we aren’t the same as the other people around us,” says Mr. Osowski. “It’s important that kids see that bullies are really just insecure people who don’t know how to manage those insecurities.”

Andrew the ant learns to overcome his insecurities, and the bullies in his colony, in order to save the day when his colony is threatened by the winter cold. It’s a lesson that Mr. Osowski has taught to hundreds of school kids during readings of his book.

“The moral of the story is how children can discover and celebrate their own personal gifts and talents in the face of people who may be making fun of them,” says Mr. Osowski. “That’s something we’ve all had to deal with in life.”

Joseph A. Osowski resides in eastern Connecticut with his wife, Ann Marie. They have two grown children and two grandchildren. Drawing from his own experiences, he hopes to build children’s confidence as they try to fit in with their peers in today’s society.

Illustrators Michael and Alicia Smith reside in eastern Connecticut with their two children, a boy and a girl. Michael works part-time and cares for their son, who has special needs. Alicia is an elementary-level art teacher in the town of Ledyard.

(The Ant with Red Pants by J.A. Osowski; ISBN: 1-59971-974-6; $15.95; 28 pages; 8” x 10”; hardcover; Baltic Books)

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