Private roads maintenance manual

ii Central Coast Statement of Purpose The Central Coast Private Roads Maintenance Guide (Guide) is designed for California Central Coast residents who work, live or own property in rural areas, and are Private Roads and Road Associations A privately owned road, commonly called a private road, is a road over which neither the municipality nor the general public has the right to pass by vehicle or on foot.

Private Roads Maintenance Guide for Santa Cruz County Private Roads Maintenance Guide to Santa Cruz County 2 STATEMENT OF PURPOSE This manual has been developed for For example, many towns have historically plowed private roads but left all other maintenance (brushcutting, grading, culverts, ditching, slowdowns) to the landowners.

This is evidence that all parties have considered the road to be private, as otherwise the town would Complete database of weightrestricted roads in North Carolina. State Maintenance Operations Maintenance, management, and restrictions of North Carolinas state roads. While this manual is focused on private roads in lake watersheds, most of the information can be used to guide maintenance on any unpaved road and some of it (including that on ditching and culverts) for paved roads as well.

1 Preservation and Maintenance of Private RoadsPrivate Roads Private Roads Maintenance Workshop July 20, 2013 Tyle North Operations Manager Atlas Asphalt Products, Inc. Many private roads are maintained by a few individuals who take the initiative to oversee the maintenance and attempt to collect the costs from all the people that use the road. Most frequently, this is the result of a simple consensual arrangement when there are a