2014 sedans with manual transmissions

You often hear that cars with manual transmissions have many advantages over automatics (cost, better MPG, cool factor). But if your choice is the 2014 Porsche 911 GT3, which Edmunds editors List of Rear Wheel Drive Cars RearWheelDrive. org maintains this list of Manual Transmission cars that are available for sale new in the United States.

The list is for NEW CARS Only. Are you shopping for a car with a manual transmission? Unless you have a sports car in mind, you may find only a few models have them.

But only two sedans offer manual transmissions. that Id have to be a lot more crippled than this to give up my manual. I currently drive a 2014 Chev Cruz with a six speed. It was not listed in the The manual transmission is on the endangered species list. Every year fewer and fewer cars are offered with a clutch and a shifter. Why? Americans just don't want to be bothered with the chore of The manual transmission may be in its golden years, but there are still options for those who revel in rowing their own gears.

Everything from lowbuck economy cars, to midsize sedans, to highend These Are All The Manual Transmission Cars Available Today. BestRide Aug 25, 2015. Hardly a handful of midsize sedans come with manual transmissions, and they're getting harder to find all the time. Buick Regal Yes the Buick Regal has a manual transmission. And yes, it's actually a zero dollar option. Most Fun 2014 Cars You Can Get with a Manual I remember the first time I drove a car, I was 13, and I spent hours stalling my dads 1984 Toyota Pickup.

Over and over we drove around in that circle, my dad refusing to give up on me until I could finally master the art of the manual transmission. Sedans With Manual Transmissions You'll Want To Drive By Lyndon Bell For a certain subset of drivers, the joy of shifting gears for themselves is a fundamental part of operating an automobile.

2011 VOLVO C30 Though the sixspeed manual transmission is no longer an option on the related S40 sedan, the refreshed C30 continues into the 2011 model year with a manual to go along with the 227 Sometimes it seems like cars with manual transmissions are living on borrowed time.

As automatic transmissions become more popular, capable, and efficient, vehicles with manual gearboxes are becoming niche products, enjoyed only by driving enthusiasts. 22 Best Cars With a Manual Transmission. By John M. Vincent May 24, 2018. View detailed pictures that accompany our Ten Cool Cars Available 2014 sedans with manual transmissions A Manual Transmission article with closeup photos of exterior and interior features.

(11 photos) Research and search for cars with Manual Transmission from customer reviews, expert reviews, and more. and more. See all stores Cars For Sale Sell Your Car Financing. Used Cars with Manual Transmission For Sale Used Cars. Manual Transmission. Applied Filters: Manual Transmission. save 2014 Kia Soul. Nohaggle price