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PIK20; EiriAvion PIK20 Manuals Manuals and User Guides for EiriAvion PIK20. We have 1 EiriAvion PIK20 manual available for free PDF download: Repair Manual. EiriAvion PIK20 Repair Manual (12 pages) Eiri Avion Pik20. Siren Pik20. Pik20B. The singleseat high performance Unrestricted Class PIK20, design work on which, by a team headed by Pekka Tammi, started on 1 May 1971, the first of two prototypes making its first flight on 10 October 1973.

The Pik20 is a 15 m. racing class, allfiberglass sailplane with water ballast, retractable Flight and Landing Notes for the PIK20 Sailplane Page 1 of 2 Return to Soaring, home. Disclaimer: these notes are not meant as a substitute for the factory flight manual and a good cockpit instructor checkout. The PIK motorized glider has a manually retractable engine and propeller. the power plant is retracted into the fuselage by a manual crank and lever in the cockpit wall.

The glider features fiberglass monocoque construction. Half of the fuselage wing fairing has been taken to the wing so that the main rib and wing spar are 20 nm higher in PIK20 Flight manual PERFORMANCE At sea level Stall speed Pik 20 flight manual on cd down 100) Stall speed (flaps down 900) minimum rate Of descent at speed EiriAvion Oy PIK20D specifications, performance data and airplane archive photos The flaps were limited to 12 to 20.

The first flight of the PIK20D was in 1976. The selflaunching PIK20E is similar to the PIK20D model, but had a retractable Rotax 501 that took 15 turns of a manual crank in the cockpit to deploy or retract. The The selflaunching PIK20E is similar to the D model, but has a retractable Rotax 501 that takes 15 turns of a manual crank in the cockpit to deploy or retract. The fuselage is slightly different, with a slight sweepback of the wings and the tailplane is larger. A Flight Test Evaluation of a PIK20 Sailplane A Further Evaluation, Soaring PIK20: Flight manual for sailplane PIK20B: Lentoksikirja PIK20B: Hoitoohjekirja PIK20B: Service manual PIK20B: Repair manual.

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If a search doesn't return the item you were looking for, try a search using a short search term such as aircraft type in PIK20 D Flight Manual supplement for Acrobatic Category 1 1 TECHNICAL DATA Technical data is according to the original PIK20 D Flight Manual.