Air tractor 502 flight manual p-51

110" Air Tractor 502 3060CC WING SPAN: 110" (2800mm) LENGTH: 78. 5" (2000mm) check your TX manual. Always range check your model before the maiden flight. Carry out a short flight then go over everything to make sure nothing has come loose. Air Tractor Preventative Maintenance Manual And Troubleshooting Air Tractor Side View 3. 0 Scheduled Maintenance (cont.

) Weekly Verify that the air pressure setting is correct based upon the setting designated on the regulator Theres only one single engine air tanker known around the world as the most effective aircraft for initial and extended attack on small and large wildfires: AT802F.

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Fax: (940). Mailing Address: P. O. Box 485 Olney, TX. Shipping Address: 1524 Leland Snow Way Olney, TX For 2010, the average total flight time for an ag pilot involved in an accident was about 10, 400 hours with about 2, 900 hours in aircraft type (NTSB 2012, 54).

This special investigation focused on accidents that occurred during calendar year 2013. Air Tractor must provide pilots authorized by Air Tractor to provide training in the AT802 or AT802 airplane (as applicable) a copy of the approved training manual and courseware described in ConditionLimitation No. 2, along with the applicable z TAIL CONSTRUCTION 1.

Lay waxed paper or PVC film over the plan. Pin the vertical fin (V1V6) and rudder parts (R1R9). Glue the parts with thin CA. 2. Pin the Air Tractor today is a worldwide ag plane manufacturer, with 60plus years of experience making planes that are currently used in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, and around the world.

AT802F Initial Attack Firefighter; AT802F FIRE BOSS Amphibious Scooper Air Tanker AT402 and AT502 originally did not provide takeoff data in the Flight Manual. However Air Tractor were able to provide takeoff distance charts in a Supplement, which had apparently been required for certification in Canada. Oct 03, 2016 Air Tractor 602 The sight and sounds of the big 602 in action, low and fast.

Duration: 11: 49. Manie Rossouw 130, 975 views Acft MkMdl AIR TRACTOR INC AT602 Eng MkMdl P& W CANADA PT6A60AG and he then began to refer to the emergency checklist in the airplane's flight manual. Manufacturer: Air Tractor, Inc. Model Number: AT802A