El-usb-1 temperature data logger manual transfer

USB Data Logger USB data loggers connect to the USB port of typically Windows PCs, but other platforms may be supported depending upon the specific product. The USB port provides the conduit for communication between the data logger and the computers, and in some cases also powers the device. ELUSB1 Lascar Temperature USB Data Logger It is easy to use and will eliminate the need to manually log data due to it storing up to a years worth of data (depending on the timescale between logs).

The EL USB Temperature Data Logger enables users to track up to 16, 382 different temperature readings and transfer the data via the USB port on a PC.

Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10.USB Temperature Data Logger, Battery Powered ELUSB1, Instrument Choice LASCAR ELUSB1 Logger: temperature; 3580C; IP67; Equipment: battery, software This product is available in Transfer Multisort Elektronik.

Check out our wide range of products. Select language Language in case of battery discharge the logged data ae stored in the logger memory; memory for measurements; Lascar EasyLog ELUSB1 USB temperature data logger for easy temperature data logging, takes over 16, 000 readings. The ELUSB2LCD records temperatures from 31F to 176F 35 to 80C and relative humidity from 0 to 100 at user defined sample rates and is the first EasyLog temperature and humidity USB data logger with builtin display.

The Lascar ELUSB1 is a USB temperature data logger with a measurement range of 35 to 80C (31 to 176F). The data logger can store up to 16, 382 readings and is supplied with a longlife replaceable lithium battery, allowing the unit to log data continually for at least one year (depending on logging rate and temperature). Euprys WiFi temperature data logger sends alarms via SMS and email when temperature limits are exceeded. With Euprys WiFi data logger, an alarm is sent via SMS andor email ensuring that users are notified instantly when limits are exceeded.

USB Data Logger vs Eupry. Testo Saveris 2 vs Eupry. Lascar ELUSB1 vs Eupry. Largest electronic, electrical and industrial products catalogue and data library online in Asia. Offering secure online ordering with same day despatch. Lascar ELUSB1 Temperature Data Logger, USB, Battery Powered, IP67 ELUSB1 RS Components EasyLog ELUSB2 Temperature& Humidity Data Logger with USB Buy now 69. 95. Overview. This standalone data logger measures more than 16, 000 readings over a 35 to 80C (31 to 176F) and 0 to 100 humidity (RH) range.

Easily set up the logger and view downloaded data by plugging the unit into a PCs USB port and using the free Lascar ELUSB1 Data Logger vs Eupry. Euprys WiFi temperature data logger sends alarms via SMS and email when temperature limits are exceeded.

The Lascar ELUSB1 data logger comes with a manual to assist with setting up the system, which is the limit of the support you can receive. Lascar data loggers are offered by DATAQ Instruments because their low price points and narrowly defined measurements round out our own line of data logger products.

The ELWiFi series provides wireless communications and seamless data transfer to your PC. Model ELBT2 Bluetoothenabled temperature and humidity data logger