Trailready bumpers installation manual

A standard design principle states that the shape of an object should be based upon its intended function or purpose. TrailReady's line of extremeduty winch bumpers has that concept covered.

The front bumper design incorporates an integrated skid plate, heavyduty shackle mounts and a winch mount that will support up to a 9, 500poundrated winc, which will immediately lend trail INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED MAKE SURE YOUR WHEELS ARE PROPERLY TORQUED.

Use the dry wheel lug torque values specified in the vehicle's owner's manual, shop manual or obtained from the vehicle dealerservice provider. The chart below lists TRAILREADY BEADLOCK WHEEL INSTALLATION PROCEEDURES Author: TrailReady bumpers lead the industry in toughness and finish. All TrailReady truck bumpers are built with a 14" steel plate for the winch mount and subframe and a 316inch steel plate for the outer wings.

1, ! ( 1 [ For the front of the truck, we will install TrailReady's extremeduty front winch bumper made from inch and, inch steel with quad light pons for 4, 5, and NEW PRODUCT TrailReady Light Line Love TrailReady, but dont need the size and weight of an Extremeduty Winch bumper? The Light Line is an awesome accessory for any truck Tightfitting, Lightweight, Builtin Light Bar Mount. Sep 01, 2011 Watch Greg D. install front and back Fab Fours Bumpers on his truck at our 4 Wheel Parts Santa Ana, CA location.

Offroad lights and a winch were added to the Trailready bumpers installation manual bumper. All TrailReady truck bumpers are built with a 14" steel plate for the winch mount and subframe and a 316inch steel plate for the outer wings. A supreme double powder coating will prevent TrailReady bumper surfaces from rusting under most conditions. Front bumpers are offered in three styles with full grill and headlight protection, modified prerunner style with extra heavy 312 tubing, or the base bumper without any tubing.

From simple to winch ready bumpers, as the name implies, TrailReady is geared for action. 2018 TR Beadlock Wheels. All Rights Reserved. Home; Products; FAQ; Technical Info; Contact Technical: Why Choose TrailReady? You can buy cheaper, but you cant buy better. Why choose TrailReady? After a decade of service, we know what works.

Material Fullsize truck chassis mount sub frames and winch mounts are 14" steel throughout with 316" outer wings. Jeep products feature 316" winch and chassis mount sub frames with 18" outer wings.

Jun 14, 2007 Re: Reunel, Buckstop, TrailReady? Which Bumper MFG do you like. the nicest looking bumpers with the best tire clearance is the road armor alien patrol, the worst company to deal with is Road armor, it took over 5 months to get the last little pieces from RA and it wound up costing way more then they oringally qouted.

TrailReady Full Width Front HD Black Powder Coat Bumper Installation Instructions Warranty TrailReady warrants its products to be free from defects in materials or