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British pop act OMYO to use Blingby’s ad technology to turn its music videos into unique shopping experiences

NEW YORK, 2017-Mar-21 — /EPR ENTERTAINMENT NEWS/ — Blingby has today announced a cutting-edge partnership with emerging British pop act OMYO, which sees its patented advertising technology turn the band’s music videos, concerts and more into unique shopping experiences for consumers around the world.

As part of the deal, the innovative advertising and marketing omnichannel platform will curate a series of unique videos that lets viewers shop the stars’ styles as they see them with its ‘bbstream technology’ – a portable scrolling selection of fashion, products and destinations as seen in the videos. Viewers can watch and purchase the styles or book a flight or hotel inspired by the video with the click or tap of a button.

Oxfordshire-born urban pop act OMYO found fame last year when they provided the soundtrack to New Look’s Autumn/Winter fashion campaign with critically acclaimed single ‘Lady’. They have since gone on to become BBC Introducing favourites and receive plays from the likes of BBC Radio 1 Xtra’s Charlie Sloth.

OMYO’s close links to fashion retailers – ranging from New Look to Ellesse – made the band a natural fit for Blingby’s advertising capabilities. As fans watch their music videos, live performances and more, they can simultaneously watch and shop interactively through the bbstream.

At a recent headline show in New York, OMYO also became the first band to use Blingby’s Live technology – the world’s first real-time consumer shopping experience designed for concerts, fashion shows and more.

OMYO and Blingby will also be collaborating on the duo’s next music video for their upcoming single, ‘Days With You’. The video will be bbTagged by Blingby and will feature items of clothing from fashion retailer River Island.

Founder and CEO of Blingby, Marcia Favale, commented on the partnership: “OMYO is right there fusing the boundaries of music and fashion. They have worked with some absolutely aspirational fashion brands – ASOS, Adidas, Ellesse, Blood Brother and more. They know exactly what their fans want to wear and OMYO is inspiring new trends. Through Blingby, OMYO can promote labels whilst maintaining creative integrity. Blingby is the platform designed to bridge that gap and make a connection between music fans and what the stars are wearing.”

OMYO added: “We are always looking for brand new ways of engaging with our fans and followers and Blingby adds a whole new dimension to our videos. Incorporating the Blingby videos into our Facebook page and posts is especially helpful as it is so difficult to stand out on social media these days, but having a video that doubles as an interactive browsing experience provides exactly that.”


H2L’s UnlimitedHand Haptic Game Controller joins Arduino AtHeart & Amazon LaunchPad to reach hackers worldwide

MUNICH, Germany, 08-Feb-2017 — /EPR ENTERTAINMENT NEWS/ — UnlimitedHand has been selected as a finalist in this year’s Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup (WT2017). It is an occasion where the latest research and gadgets are showcased amongst global professionals active in the field of wearable technology. This will be the first time we exhibit UnlimitedHand in Europe. We hope to take this chance to spread the news of a forth coming breakthrough in Virtual Reality, one where you will find yourself touching and feeling objects from the virtual world.

Last year, technical bricolage in the field of VR peripheries has been over-shadowed by the introduction of consumer Head Mounted Displays (HMD). Yet there is dire need for elevated levels of realism amongst avid gamers. VR peripheries are being weaved together in various combinations to achieve immersive experiences that one can be content with. This year, we look to contribute to the acceleration of this trend by making our products available to a wider audience. Catch our CEO Ken Iwasaki as he gives a presentation on the prospects of a haptic-enabled Virtual Reality.

List of guest speakers and schedule of WT2017 can be accessed here:

Partnership with Arduino AtHeart
This month, Arduino has officially licensed UnlimitedHand as an atHeart product. This means that UnlimitedHand, as a open-source ready product, is fully compatible with the Arduino IDE. UnlimitedHand also complies with Arduino’s high hardware standards. Arduino, with their commitment to open-source, has reached out with their technology to muster a great force of makers and inventors. This omni-present community has no doubt supported us in many ways during the development of UnlimitedHand. By joining the program, we can now present our results back to the community. In line with the spirit of Arduino, our team of technicians has been working on software and API(UHDeviceManager) that would create a seamless hacking environment. Developers who have never experimented with haptics too, would be able to quickly jump in to building applications.

Check out the current roster of AtHeart Products here:

Invitation to Amazon LaunchPad
Joining the ranks of innovative products produced around the world, we are proud to announce our partnership with Amazon LaunchPad. The program will actively showcase UnlimitedHand to Amazon’s solid customer base. Persistent support from our backers at Kickstarter have allowed us to make a smooth transition from manufacturing to global e-commerce.

Our revamped product page can be accessed here:

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Kathy Hartsell Jacobs appears on NBC’s Today Show

On Thursday, June 27, 2013, America’s Dollar Store Diva, Kathy Hartsell Jacobs, will be on NBC’s Today Show to share her Fourth of July food and craft creations.

Known for her affordable dollar store creations, Jacobs says, “I want to help people in today’s economy who can’t afford to have a nice party, a wedding, or an expensive event. For Fourth of July, I’ll show America how to use all dollar store items to make fun and delicious food like pizza and ice cream floats and economical party favors for everybody.”

With her delightful personality, appeal, and creative insight, Jacobs has shared her cakes and cookies on The Food Network as well as many of her creations on the Rachael Ray show, Hallmark Channel, Learning Channel’s Craft Wars, and ABC’s American Inventor.

“Dollars stores aren’t just Ramen Noodles and cleaning supplies,” says Jacobs. “There is beauty all around you; you just have to look for it. That is where I come in. I can show you how to find it and how to do it.”

Jacobs has been creating crafts and unique food displays since she was a child. Her dollar store designs began in 1998. She resides in Calabasas, CA and produces crafts and food creations for local Los Angeles events and parties. For more information, you can visit

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Multi Games Tables From Splash And Relax

Splash and Relax have made leisure activities their main market place for many years and it is with a good deal of pleasure that they are to promote a series of multi games tables which can cover a full gamut of activities for adult and child alike. The multi games tables are becoming a great addition to the market place as they provide a full range of different games which can be played easily in the house. Some of the games are energetic and some are quiet and thoughtful and so they provide a great range of activities for all the different occasions that a family meets and it is this diversity of requirements that has made Splash and Relax expand its range of multi games tables.

It is most likely that the main obstacle to a multi games table is the television or the electronic game but Splash and Relax are pleased to promote a system where the emphasis is on imaginative games which often require exercise or some form of movement rather than the problems that develop from sitting in a chair looking at a screen. Many years ago multi games were every child’s dream as they received a “compendium of games” in their Christmas stocking. The games were ones like snakes and ladders and ludo and many other board games, which now sound rather out of date. Probably the thing that they did require was 2 people to play the game and they did not have the flashing lights and death defying stunts and roaring music of the latest electronic gadget. They did however provide time away from the television (If you had one) and fostered family life together, which is so important in later life.

Splash and Relax – – note that the multi games tables in many ways recapture the essence of the old compendium of games set up but have brought the whole system up to date. Now instead of pressing a few keys on an electronic games consul in a virtual world the games of pool or air hockey can be played properly on a very attractive games table. If those games are not popular today they can try table football and if that is no good there is anything up to another 30 other games that can be used. This is ideal for family where the children get bored with one game but are fascinated by another game. It also has the advantage that many of these games can be played by the whole family and not just the solitary and sedentary system of an armchair consul.

Splash and Relax have a range of multi table games which suit all pockets but they have aimed at producing a range that have a variety of different games so that what might not interest one group may well interest another group, old or young, male or female. Time should be taken to examine the different types of games available and will they suit the family and base their judgement on that.

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Hyde Park Prepares for Annual ‘Winter Wonderland’ Fair

The crowning glory of London’s numerous Christmas fairs and markets is Hyde Park’s annual Winter Wonderland. It is returning this year on November 23rd, and will stay open until January 5th (closing only on Christmas Day).

Now in its sixth year, Winter Wonderland is London’s largest Christmas fair, and offers some major attractions for locals and tourists alongside the usual array of rides, markets and food and drink stalls. The event spans Hyde Park and the adjoining Kensington Gardens .

The centerpiece of the event is the massive ice rink, currently under construction around Hyde Park’s bandstand. The rink will be lit up by 108,000 pea lights. One of the other regular attractions, Zippos Circus, returns with a brand new show for 2012 entitled ‘Cirque Berserk’, a showcase for stunt artists and old-fashioned circus daredevils. A 53-metre high ferris wheel will dominate the skyline.

If you just plan to wander around soaking up the atmosphere, entry to Winter Wonderland is free. However, tokens have to be purchased for the big wheel and other rides. Tokens for the ice rink cost between £10.50-£13.50 for adults, and £8.50-£9 for children. A spin on the giant ferris wheel costs £8 for adults and £6 for children.

Further information is available at The website has also announced details of reduced rates on selected hotels in London. All the hotels taking part are within walking distance of Hyde Park.

One of the hotels in London offering a special offer on rooms is the luxury Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park London, just ten minutes’ walk from Hyde Park, is offering a 60% discount on double rooms, making the cost of a night’s stay £307.

For those on a tighter budget, the Thistle Marble Arch Hotel is currently offering guests a 91% discount on their usual double room rate, bringing the cost of a night’s stay down to just £90. The Thistle is within easy walking distance of Hyde Park.

Deluxe double and twin rooms are available at the Grosvenor for £224 per night – a 55% reduction on the standard rate. The Grosvenor is a ten minute walk from Hyde Park.

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Christmas Present Ideas Range For 2012 Launched By Paramount Zone

With economic times still being tough, who have been selling fun gadgets and cool Christmas present ideas online for over a decade have focussed on providing the most fun and innovative gadgets and toys for the best possible prices in their 2012 Christmas gift range.

James Morris, Managing Director of the company, said:
“More than ever, and particularly online, customers are looking for great products at the lowest possible prices, and that is what we have been focussing on for our latest range of over 50 new products. You can spend £50 with us and get a variety of fun and innovative Christmas gift ideas.”

One of the more expensive Christmas gift ideas is our latest Turbo Drone Quad copter that at £50 is around 30% of what other similar products are being sold at.

At the lower end of the price spectrum you can buy a USB cup warmer for under £5, which makes the perfect stocking filler or secret Santa gift idea. The mini alcohol breath tester is also under £5, a great gadget for the Christmas party season.

For under £10 you can buy the Music hat (iHat) which is an innovative winter hat with in built speakers that is the perfect gift for any teenager.

One of the best Christmas presents for kids is our screaming flying monkey toy (£4.99) or the awesome magic rainbow projector at only £12.99.

Fun Christmas gifts for her include the Tap style shower radio and Hangover kit that both come in at under £5.

As well as a huge range of great value Christmas presents for men and all the family, aim to give a very high level of customer service.

Delivery options include next day delivery within the UK, as well as worldwide options.

Visit for the full range of Christmas presents for 2012.

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All-In-One Hot Tub And Swim Spa Is Top Of The Range

Splash and Relax are pleased to promote the Canadian Spa St Lawrence deluxe 16 ft Swim Spa Garden Hot Tub as the ultimate in Hot Tubs and exercise pools. This unit allows the user to use the pool as a swimming aid where it is possible to swim against the current and get exercise without actually going forward. At the same time it has all the typical functions of popular hot tubs built into the system. The development of this system can either be counted as the most luxurious of Hot Tubs or how to get a swimming pool into a small space at half the cost. The cost of course is not inexpensive and runs at a little over £16,000 although that may well rise with extras and enhancing its surrounds when fitted into its garden location.

The swim system is one that Splash and Relax is proud to promote in that it uses a 5 swimming jet system in its 5 metre swim chamber that allows the swimming enthusiast to swim for as long as he or she wants in a good lane swim form. The jets are such that they can be used for a range of exercises from simple jogging exercises to a full blown swimming cycle which will test the most serious of swimmers. The digital control system on the flow can be adjusted over the full range and the swimmer can develop a programme according to whatever speed they wish to swim at. The top range will give a water rush of some 3000 litres per minute at the top rate. The water temperature can be set at whatever temperature the person finds comfortable for swimming in or to enjoy as a hot tub.

The pool is also a great garden spa as well as a swimming exercise unit and this is an equally important function, performing better than most hot tubs on the market too. The jets can be arranged in whatever fashion is required and Splash and Relax are pleased to assist in this matter. They have many years of experience at hand and this is invaluable in obtaining the best of all worlds. It is most important that the customer gets his views taken into account but it is vital to use the company’s experience to get the ultimate ingarden hot tubs.

Splash and Relax make sure that this spa, swim pool and hot tub comes with most of the essential extras that would normally be charged for separately and this includes a full continuous filtration system and a Balboa Ozone system that sanitises the water on a 24 hour basis by the use of Ozone which kills the bacteria without the problems to eyes and nose which Chlorine can give. It has 3 swim jets and 2 river jets as well as 72 stainless steel therapy jets and for an attractive appearance as well as therapy it has 2 waterfalls which are lit by blue LED lights for a good day time or night time appearance.

Splash and Relax count this as a VIP in the world of hot tub products, and for space requirements and versatility this is about as good as it gets.

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Gift For The Groom

On the months leading up to the wedding, and even on the day of, it’s all about the bride. But there’s an easy way to make the groom feel honored with a keepsake briefcase named The Football, created by Urban Mercenaries LLC. This all-in-one party kit is housed in a masculine, aluminum case, personalized for the groom to celebrate what will hopefully be the best decision he’s ever made.

It can be used for the bachelor party (handcuffs included) or on the day of the wedding to ease his jitters, headache, bloodshot eyes, distract him with a card game or just to freshen his breath. For the generous groom, it can even be the gift he gives to the men in his wedding party to commemorate his big day.

Whatever the use, the man who receives this will appreciate being thought of and will always have the case as a reminder of what an amazing wife, group of friends or family he has. The Football can be purchased at

The Football retails for $499.99 and includes a 17 inch aluminum case custom fitted in black velvet covered foam, a plaque engraved with a short, custom message, handcuffs, 375 ml of Grey Goose Vodka, 375 ml of Patron Tequila, 4 shot glasses, choice of either Red Bull or Rave Juice energy shots, bottle opener, Advil, Tums, eye drops, Altoids, cards, dice and an empty cocktail shaker which can be filled with whatever the groom likes – cigarettes, cigars, lighter, gum, energy bar or other snacks.

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New Spring Deals Help Brits Save at Top Parks and Zoos

Keeping the kids entertained on a budget this spring is now easier thanks to new deals sourced by retail deals website The site has launched new deals to help mums and dads treat children to fun days out at top attractions like Blackpool Zoo, Longleat and Alton Towers right now.

One of the country’s leading family amusement parks is featured in the new deals too, in the shape of Alton Towers. The site is home to new Alton Towers discount vouchers which include deals Save Over 25% Online when you book 7 days in advance and Check Out All Perks with Premium Merlin Annual Pass.

Seeing animals up close is always popular with kids, and this week sees mums and dads able to treat them to a trip to see big cats, elephants and more at top safari park Longleat. Logging on to right now offers parents new Longleat vouchers which they can use to get Group Rates Discounted Offers and Free Kids Meal at Longleat.

Fun trips to one of the nation’s favourite zoos can be had on a budget this spring thanks to offering money off at Blackpool Zoo too. The new Blackpool Zoo vouchers available online this week include deals like Save 10% when you buy tickets Online.

Doug Scott, managing director of, says, “Money off at leading parks and zoos can really help mums and dads make the most of a family budget this spring. Big name attractions like Alton Towers and Longleat as well as Blackpool Zoo are perfect places to take the kids for a fun day out right now.” offers consumers money saving deals at major high street brands and specialist retailers, including stores like Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Travelodge, First Choice, and Boden.

For more information visit

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Money Off Family Fun Days for Spring with New Offers

Family days out this spring can be had on a budget thanks to the latest money-saving offers made available by retail deals specialist The voucher codes website, which gets updated in real time to ensure accuracy, this week offers new deals redeemable at Cineworld, Thorpe Park and Alton Towers.

Taking in a new movie is always a fun day out for kids of all ages, and this week is offering the latest new cinema vouchers for saving at Cineworld. With mums and dads needing to make the most of their budgets the voucher codes site can help them save in the shape of deals like watch unlimited movies from just £14.99 per month and don’t miss a flick with the Cineworld Unlimited Card.

Theme parks and big rollercoasters are always popular with kids all over the UK, and this spring mums and dads can treat them to a day out at a top amusement park on a budget through The latest Thorpe Park vouchers sourced by the voucher codes site includes deals like Save Up To £18 When You Book As Group Of 10 Or More Online and FASTRACK TICKETS From As Little as £4.50.

Another example of the big name theme parks for which sources new money saving deals is Staffordshire’s famous Alton Towers. Thanks to the being updated in real time consumers can always browse the newest deals all the time – including Alton Towers discount vouchers such as Save Over 25% Online when you book 7 days in advance and Save 10% when you buy Merlin Annual Pass online.

Doug Scott, managing director of, says, “Treating the kids to days out at top attractions can make a dent in the average family budget, so we’re pleased to help our users out with these new deals. Cineworld, Thorpe Park and Alton Towers are great places to have a fun family day out this spring.” offers consumers money saving deals at major high street brands and specialist retailers, including stores like Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Travelodge, First Choice, and Boden.

For more information visit

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Magazine Subscriptions Demystify Online Shopping

Forrester research indicates that, by the end of 2011, Americans will spend around $200 billion in online purchases. They also predict that by the year 2015, U.S. retail sales will well surpass the $275 billion mark. This growth in ecommerce is being attributed to existing shoppers pushing their online shopping boundaries by purchasing more items off the World Wide Web like home appliances and furniture in addition to increasing spending in traditionally popular online shopping categories such as books and media. Also driving the numbers are consumers who are turning to the internet as a shopping resource for the very first time.

Print magazine publishers are looking to be a part of this dynamic and rapidly expanding online retail marketplace. By partnering with various online retail sites, popular discount magazines which are available as low cost, promotional subscriptions and have over the years cultivated a loyal readership base, will be able to avail their readers of opportunities to buy items featured within their publications via online sales portals.

Magazine aficionados who hold their magazine subscriptions dear will find the explorations being made by publishers to harmonize print magazine content with online retail sites advantageous. Magazine lovers need not renounce their love for the printed periodical but can use it instead as a trusted guide to chaperone them through their online shopping experience. Magazines and cheap magazine subscriptions will become especially invaluable tools for all consumers who feel intimidated when purchasing items from the internet or who have heretofore felt reluctant to shop online.

In recent years, many publications have shifted their focus from print to digital magazines, in some cases completely revamping their online presence. While some have found great success in the switch, making the entire magazine available online, while others have struggled to get footholds in the online arena opting to only post specific content from the current issue. In either case, the content is usually free, which leads to the other problem: whether or not online magazines are profitable from a business standpoint. The primary reason for this trepidation is that the internet is still considered an unstable marketing tool.

Magazine lovers however can enjoy a choice of online or print magazines and save on annual subscriptions, sometimes getting a whole year’s worth of magazines for the cost of just two or three at stand prices.

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Parents Save at Theme Parks and Zoos with New Autumn Offers

Taking kids for fun days out at top attractions this autumn can now be more affordable thanks to online voucher codes website The latest deals announced by the retail offers specialist can help the UK’s parents afford more on days out to parks like Chester Zoo, Thorpe Park and Chessington World of Adventures.

A great day out for all the family can be had this autumn thanks to the latest Thorpe Park discount vouchersdownloadable from the voucher codes website. The new deals introduced this week include money-saving offers like save up to £18 when you book as a group online and Fast Track tickets from as little as £4.50.

Another great theme park day out can be had on a budget right now, with parents able to visit and get new Chessington World of Adventures vouchers. The deals announced this week by include budget-stretching offers like save up to 25% when you book online and save 40% on group tickets.

Days out at the zoo rarely seem to go out of fashion with kids, and one of the best animal parks on offer in the UK today is Chester Zoo. By logging on to the site this week mums and dads can make the most of their household budget thanks to new autumn deals including save 5% on entry fee when you book online and 20% discount in shops and cafés with annual membership.

Doug Scott, managing director at, comments, “Autumn is one of those times of year when parents can often need a helping hand to afford more family days out. We can help people out in a big way right now thanks to money off at top attractions like Chester Zoo plus also theme parks Chessington World of Adventures and Thorpe Park.” offers consumers money saving deals at major high street brands and specialist retailers, including stores like Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Travelodge, First Choice, and Boden.

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Santa in Caribbean Retreat Making Free Personalized Videos From Santa Claus

Santa Claus found at a remote Caribbean Retreat making his Free Personalized Santa Video Greetings. We found Santa and all his little elves in a way you never could have imagined Santa before. We were following up on a lead that someone spotted Santa Claus strolling down a remote beach while they were vacationing in the Caribbean. We decided to go see for ourselves and we took our children along for a little vacation. On the third day of combing the beaches our little girl started shouting daddy, daddy, look it’s Santa Clause. I grabbed the camcorder and started filming and the old man spun around and started running so we chased him, and then he just stopped and said, “Ok, you got me, but if you keep it down and I’ll share a little secret, follow me”. As we were walking he admitted he was the real Santa Claus and why he wanted to keep it down, and then out of nowhere about 30 little elves came running all around us on the beach. Santa showed us his cozy retreat and the Personalized Video Greetings from Santa Claus he and Mrs. Clause were making. Santa said he had an idea for a great way all the children could stay in touch with him all year round, anytime a child wants to.

What a great idea from Santa, and what a way for all the children to see Santa Claus throughout the year with their very own Free Personalized Santa Video Greeting. All you need to do is just fill out a simple little form on the Free Personalized Santa Video Greeting website with your child’s name, your email and the gender of your child. Santa doesn’t share your e-mail with anyone but the boss, Mrs. Claus. Don’t forget to check out Santa’s Summer Edition Free personalized video greeting sample of him on the beach while you’re there. The Free Personalized Video Greeting is absolutely FREE, and after entering your greeting code, you can get a link in your inbox for a free download. If you forget the greeting code, retrieve it by entering the relevant information and clicking ‘Forgot Your Greeting Code’ link on his website.

Santa’s free high quality professional Santa greetings video is available for multiple children and grandchildren and can even be shared with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter too.

Santa wanted to remind us all about his special personalized letters from Santa Claustoo! Santa knows all good little boys and girls love a letter from Santa. Santa sends all his personalized letters from Santa via first class mail in an attractive red and gold package personally addressed to your child from his North Pole address.

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Internet deals and codes specialist announces deals to help parents spoil kids for summer holidays

With parents looking at how best to entertain the children this summer, while keeping an eye on family budgets, new deals introduced by vouchers specialist can help. Top attractions on show among the 800 top retailers on the site this week include Wetherspoons, Odeon cinemas and Drayton Manor theme park.

Days out watching a new movie can be had on a budget this summer thanks to the latest deals on show on Mums and Dads who want to take the kids to see the latest Transformers or Harry Potter can log on and get Odeon vouchers offering up adults admission at children’s prices on the new Odeon Family Ticket.

Big rides and great fun are the order of the day at leading theme park Drayton Manor this coming summer, with serving up money-saving deals there too. Logging on to the popular voucher codes site this week offers mums and dads the chance to get Drayton Manor vouchers offering a Family Supersaver ticket for just £69.

Dining out is also to be had in the new deals introduced this week, including money off at famous name chain Wetherspoons on the site. Great value meals can be enjoyed thanks to the latest Wetherspoon vouchers getting Mums and Dads a free drink and bag of fruit for the kids as well as WiFi access in Wetherspoon branches.

Doug Scott, managing director at, comments, “Money off at the country’s top restaurant chains, cinemas and theme parks is a great way to make the most of a family entertainment budget this school summer holiday. Big names like Wetherspoon, Drayton Manor and Odeon are great places to take the kids over the long summer break.” offers consumers money saving deals at major high street brands and specialist retailers, including stores like Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Travelodge, First Choice, and Boden.

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Experience Days Celebrates Father’s Day

It’s nearly that time of the year again. Yes, Father’s Day is just around the corner! And up and down the country, people are scratching their heads trying to work out how to make their dad’s day extra special.

Dads are famously difficult to buy for. While Mother’s Day can be catered for with a bunch of flowers or a trip to a hotel spa, a lot of people end up asking themselves whether their dad really needs another tie with a picture of Homer Simpson on it. That’s where Experience Days comes in. You might have heard of the racing track experiences available on the website, or you might have used a spa for two experience day last Mother’s Day. However, there are many more options available at Experience Days. The company has put together a fantastic selection of special Father’s Day experience gifts that will put a much bigger smile on your dad’s face than an item of clothing he’ll never wear or a book he’ll never read.

Many people choose the obvious option and pick a racing car experience for their dads’ special day. But although no one can deny that zooming around a professional race circuit in a Lamborghini, Ferrari or Aston Martin will make a lot of people happy, some dads are different. A dream come true for one dad might leave another cold – or he may simply have done it already. That’s why there’s such a wide range of experiences on offer this year. Your dad’s a bit of a gourmet? Why not take him to a Thai cooking class? He’s into the wonders of nature? Try a day spent handling birds of prey with a professional falconer.

Adventure days out are always a hit – and what’s more, they can be a brilliant way to bond with your dad. From a classy family photoshoot to a day he’ll never forget spent fire walking (not for the fainthearted!), there’s something on offer to suit everyone. For a limited period only, a generous discount is also on offer for all gift experiences bought with Father’s Day in mind.

Time spent together doing something interesting, unusual or just plain weird can be a powerful way to bring you and your dad closer. Experience gifts are more than just a material hand-over like yet another comedy tie or a new pair of socks – they’re a way of saying that you want to build shared experiences with him. So, the next time you’re winding each other up, you can stop and reminisce about the time he unexpectedly proved to be a whiz at ice climbing, or the delicious wine the two of you tasted on a tour of a Sussex vineyard. A well-chosen experience day can be the starting point for memories that will last a lifetime.

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Glitzy Secrets and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Announce Burlesque Competition

Glitzy Secrets and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment celebrate the release of ‘Burlesque’ on Blu-ray and DVD by running a competition on the Glitzy Secrets website.

Participants in the competition have a chance to win one of five prize sets which include a Sony camera, ‘Burlesque’ on DVD, a copy of the film’s soundtrack and £50 worth of Glitzy Secrets gift vouchers so customers can get the Burlesque look with vintage inspired costume jewellery and hair accessories.

Those wishing to take part can visit the Glitzy Secrets website to view the competition question. Participants can email their answers to to be entered into the prize draw.

Victoria Swan, designer and director at Glitzy Secrets said: “The art of ‘Burlesque’ has undoubtedly seen a revival over the last decade, most recently with the Sony Pictures movie, ‘Burlesque’, featuring Cher and Christina Aguilera. Associated with glamour and drama, modern-day icons such as Dita Von Teese have shown how influences of Burlesque inspired style can be carried into the everyday wardrobes of women to beautifully accentuate their curves and femininity. Also key in achieving the classic Burlesque style are bold accessories, with a focus on statement burlesque jewellery bejewelled headpieces, gem encrusted chandelier earrings and sparkling ornate cuffs.”

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Two Special Limited-edition Gelish Colors Announced Today

Hand & Nail Harmony, Inc., makers of Gelish, announces the creation of two special limited-edition Gelish colors today, “Pink Cherry-Blossom of Renewal” and “Pink Lilac Sparkle Sunrise.” Gelish will donate advance proceeds for Japan Tsunami & Earthquake Relief, in order to assist the survivors who live in areas affected by the devastating quake. The two special “Japanese-pink” pigments pay homage to the resilience of the people of Japan.

Harmony’s CEO, Danny Haile, has developed products in Japan for 15 years, working with Tokyo-based Nails Unique, a leading beauty-products distributor.

Mr. Haile is the inventor of Gelish, the holder of an international patent and three US patents pending, the brand front-runner in the newest salon nail-care trend, “the Gelish Permanent Manicure” that uses a unique gel-polish fusion technology. Gelish will donate over $50,0000 in advance to represent sales earnings from the two exclusive tribute shades. The donation period will be effective immediately, starting today through the anticipated period of distribution of the limited run of 1,500 specially-labeled bottles to last until about May 30, 2011. Gelish will donate the funds to the American Red Cross for Japan relief efforts.

Haile, President and CEO of Gelish, and David Daniel, COO, said, “This is a crisis that needs global help from all sectors; all of us here at Gelish and Hand & Nail Harmony extend our thoughts and prayers to the people of Japan and wish to support their relief and rebuilding efforts. We are committed to raising and donating funds to help our overseas colleagues and friends as well as their families and loved ones.”

About Gelish
Gelish, winner of the “Innovative Product of the Year Award,” adhesion-bonds gel-polish onto nail-edges, chemically attaching a micro-fine coating atop and all around each nail for a polished look that’s strong yet flexible, with no chipping or peeling. No odor, no chipping, no scraping…and no time-crunch issues, either: Gelish cures in seconds in an L.E.D. lamp, drying to a high-gloss, super-shiny finish that lasts and lasts – as fresh and glossy on Day 21 as Day 1. Gelish, available in close to 100 glorious colors, is sold exclusively to nail professionals for salon use, though soon a consumer kit for touch-ups is in the works to be sold exclusively through Sally Beauty Products. Gelish has been seen on music stars like Katy Perry, Rhianna, JLo and Ciara, on top supermodels for live runway fashion events, in print/magazine ads and editorials and on the hands and toes of stars of film and television. For more information, visit

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Online retailer HMV reveal the most popular gadgets, CD’s, DVD’s and video game titles available for pre-order and release during March through their online store at


Elbow Album: “Build a Rocket Boys” – Release date: 7 th March 2011

Manchester-based indie rock five-piece Elbow follow-up the 2008 Mercury Prize winning ‘The Seldom Seen Kid’ with their fifth studio album, ‘Build A Rocket Boys’.

The Strokes Album: “Angles” – Release date: 21 st March 2011

‘Angles’ is the fourth album from The Strokes – one of New York City’s finest exports of indie rock of their generation


Saw 3D – Release date: 7 th March 2011

The final part of the long standing Saw movie franchise and the first of the films available in 3D. Despite poor reviews this remains a popular title.

Harry Potter DVD – Release date:11 th April 2011

Ever popular with all generations of movie goers and always a top selling DVD the first part of the final Harry porter movies is due for release in April in time for the summer release of the final part of the film meaning all the Harry Potter DVD back-catalogue have started selling well again.

Video Games

Homefront Game – xBox&Playstation – Release date:11 th March 2011

Much anticipated shooter set in a futuristic America. Release date- 18 th March.

The Clone Wars – Nintendo Wii – Release date:25 th March 2011

LEGO Star Wars III : The Clone Wars, combines the epic stories and iconic characters from the Star Wars universe and hit animated TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars with all new gameplay features.


Nintendo 3DS – Release date: 25 th March 2011

The latest revolution in handheld gaming from Nintendo and next generation of their DS model features unique 3D technology. Release date- 25 th March. Available for pre-order now.

Monster Beats headphones – Release date: 1 st March 2011

The newest versions of the Monster beats headphones endorsed by Dr Dre, Puff Daddy, Lady Gaga and Justin Beiber are widely regarded as the highest quality headphones and earphones on the market today.

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Spring Edition of International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati

It’s one of the most popular hobbies in the country, one with a warm, storied past and an even more blazing future on the cutting edge of contemporary art. And beginning this year, Midwesterners in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana will get to see what quilting is all about at the debut of the spring edition of International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati!

“We are very excited to bring the show to the Queen City,” says Festival Founder and Director Karey Bresenhan, who also oversees other editions of Festival in Long Beach and Houston — the latter of which annually draws more than 60,000 attendees! “The area has always been rich with quilters and fabric artists, and a lot of them have never been to a show of this size before!”

International Quilt Festival/Cincinnati will take place April 8-10 at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati, Ohio . Classes will begin April 7, and Preview Night will be held the same day from 5-9 p.m.

Quilting is big business! As reported in the most recent Quilting in America™ survey, there are more than 21 million quilters in the U.S. who spend nearly $3.6 billion annually on their passion. According to USA Today, that’s more than is laid out by hunting/gun enthusiasts, fishermen, and golfers combined.

But you don’t have to be a quilter—or even know how to thread a needle—to enjoy so much of what’s available at the show.

There will be almost 400 shopping booths offering antique and contemporary quilts and fabrics, patterns, notions, and books for the quilting and sewing enthusiast. Festival visitors will also find everything from antiques, crafts, and home décor items to clothing, jewelry, bags, and other accessories.

On display will be over 500 incredible quilts and other works of fabric art in 18 different special exhibits. These textile artworks run the gamut from antique time-honored patterns to cutting-edge contemporary fabric artistry.

Among this year’s exhibit highlights are “America Collects Quilts®: The Works of Susan Shie,” which feature the sometimes controversial artist’s unique works; “Baltimore Album Review II: Baltimore ‘s Daughters—Friends Stitch Past to Future,” an inspiring exhibit of quilts created in the Baltimore Album Style; and “Celebrate Spring! 2011,” a Judged Show in which the theme is the season of renewal.

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Online retailer HMV reveal the most popular DVD titles available for pre-order during February

Despicable Me – Release date: 21 st February 2011

With voice star Steve Carell this animated kids movie was a surprise cinema hit and a feature packed DVD release makes it an attractive package.

Glee Season 2 – Release date: 4 th April 2011
Glee follows a hopeful teacher who attempts to save McKinley High’s Glee Club from obscurity while helping a group of talented kids realize their true star potential.

Saw DVD – Release date: 7 th March 2011
The final part of the long standing Saw movie franchise and the first of the films available in 3D. Despite poor reviews this remains a popular title.

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest DVD – Release date: 4 th April 2011
The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets’ Nest is the explosive final installment of Stieg Larsson’s trilogy which began with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Leading on from the conclusion of The Girl who Played with Fire.

Harry Potter DVD Box Set – Release date:11 th April 2011
Ever popular with all generations of movie goers and always a top selling DVD the first part of the final Harry porter movies is due for release in April in time for the summer release of the final part of the film

Tron DVD – 18 th April 2011
This remake of the sci-fi classic Tron was a hit for Disney at the cinema and the DVD is expected to sell well to old and new fans. Stars Jeff Bridges.

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