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New Sasquatch Themed Board Game Unites Believers and Skeptics for hours of fun!

New Sasquatch Themed Board Game Unites Believers and Skeptics

Salt Lake City, UT, 2017-Dec-15 — /EPR ENTERTAINMENT NEWS/ — Cryptolabs, Inc. today announced that Squatch The Board Game, (currently in funding on Kickstarter), will be released for online purchase March 24th, 2018 worldwide via

Squatch is a fast paced table top game designed by a group of 5 designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs, created with gamers of all ages in mind. It’s simplicity allows young players to enjoy it, while the diverse deck and endless outcomes means the more skilled gamers will find themselves happily buried in the game for hours at a time. It features a number of familiar gameplay concepts from classics like Settlers of Catan, presented in an easy to understand format with endless possibilities. The game also boasts never before seen techniques and moves used to reach your final objective. All features interact harmoniously, constructing this addicting game, one you’re sure to come back to game night after game night.

The idea for creating this game was born one night when a group of friends came together for a game night. They enjoyed their games, but wanted to create the perfect game. One they could call their own. Between their various backgrounds of engineering, design, marketing, and entrepreneurship, they realized they could have a lot of fun creating a game that would be all sorts of fun for everybody who played it. They began collaborating immediately, making thousands of revisions along the way, until they ended up with a playful game which includes elements from classic favorites, mixed with unprecedented gameplay elements which add exciting twists and turns along the journey to find and capture the elusive and majestic Sasquatch.

Visit the Kickstarter campaign today to get your copy at a discounted price!

Squatch Board Game
Jake Andersen

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Official “Throne of Lies” Gameplay Launch Trailer

LAS VEGAS, U.S.A, Oct-1-2017 — /EuropaWire/ — The highly anticipated social deduction game Throne of Lies: The Online Game of Deceit launches with PC, Mac and Linux support today at noon PST. The 3D, online multiplayer game is the next evolutionary step of the tabletop, social deductions genre started by classic hit Werewolf/Mafia in the 1980s. Throne of Lies is a throwback to those days where friends could gather around to stab each other in the back.

Through the game’s beta test, thousands of players have already experienced the game first-hand and become an integral part of shaping the game by testing its mechanics, creating lore for more than 40 classes and even creating some of the 100+ abilities.

Throne of Lies came to prominence early this year when it raised over $20,000 in funding via a successful Kickstarter campaign and was approved for Steam Greenlight by members of the largest PC gaming distribution platform in the world.

The objective of Throne of Lies is for the noble members of the Blue Dragon faction to use their investigative abilities and logical reasoning skills to root out the traitors in their midst. During each game, hidden members of the wicked Cult or the mysterious Unseen faction will attempt to convert the court’s loyal subjects to their side and kill those who oppose them.

Up to 16 players per game are randomly assigned to a class, ranging from the King himself to a hapless Fool. While members of the Cult and Unseen will know their allies, members of the Blue Dragon must be suspicious of every other player to ensure that they don’t fall to an evil plot. Even the King is suspect in Throne of Lies, as he could be working secretly for the enemy.

But things are not that straightforward. To make matters more intriguing, eight Neutral classes exist with their own selfish objectives to complete. While this may be as simple as ensuring their own survival, their objective may be to surreptitiously eradicate everyone at the table.

A player’s journey in Throne of Lies does not end with death because powerful in-game abilities allow players to speak with the dead or even resurrect them to rejoin the fight and tell the tale of their downfall. All players will also be allowed to inspect dead player’s journals to unlock important clues and expose the comings and goings of other players.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

H2L’s UnlimitedHand Haptic Game Controller joins Arduino AtHeart & Amazon LaunchPad to reach hackers worldwide

MUNICH, Germany, 08-Feb-2017 — /EPR ENTERTAINMENT NEWS/ — UnlimitedHand has been selected as a finalist in this year’s Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup (WT2017). It is an occasion where the latest research and gadgets are showcased amongst global professionals active in the field of wearable technology. This will be the first time we exhibit UnlimitedHand in Europe. We hope to take this chance to spread the news of a forth coming breakthrough in Virtual Reality, one where you will find yourself touching and feeling objects from the virtual world.

Last year, technical bricolage in the field of VR peripheries has been over-shadowed by the introduction of consumer Head Mounted Displays (HMD). Yet there is dire need for elevated levels of realism amongst avid gamers. VR peripheries are being weaved together in various combinations to achieve immersive experiences that one can be content with. This year, we look to contribute to the acceleration of this trend by making our products available to a wider audience. Catch our CEO Ken Iwasaki as he gives a presentation on the prospects of a haptic-enabled Virtual Reality.

List of guest speakers and schedule of WT2017 can be accessed here:

Partnership with Arduino AtHeart
This month, Arduino has officially licensed UnlimitedHand as an atHeart product. This means that UnlimitedHand, as a open-source ready product, is fully compatible with the Arduino IDE. UnlimitedHand also complies with Arduino’s high hardware standards. Arduino, with their commitment to open-source, has reached out with their technology to muster a great force of makers and inventors. This omni-present community has no doubt supported us in many ways during the development of UnlimitedHand. By joining the program, we can now present our results back to the community. In line with the spirit of Arduino, our team of technicians has been working on software and API(UHDeviceManager) that would create a seamless hacking environment. Developers who have never experimented with haptics too, would be able to quickly jump in to building applications.

Check out the current roster of AtHeart Products here:

Invitation to Amazon LaunchPad
Joining the ranks of innovative products produced around the world, we are proud to announce our partnership with Amazon LaunchPad. The program will actively showcase UnlimitedHand to Amazon’s solid customer base. Persistent support from our backers at Kickstarter have allowed us to make a smooth transition from manufacturing to global e-commerce.

Our revamped product page can be accessed here:

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Automaten Herz launches new gaming info-portal for German online audience

Berlin, Germany, December 29, 2015 — /EPR NETWORK/ — Recently, a German gaming portal Automaten Herz ( experienced an expansion, in hopes that the satisfaction of a lot more newcomers will be gladly met on the site.


An extensive community of German players has been enjoying gambling games, slot machines and online roulette ( for many years, and now Automaten Herz has an exclusive possibility to provide this demanding audience with high standards of its services.

One of the site’s top three goals is to provide an uneducated guest with an opportunity to learn about various aspects of online gambling. Be it an online casino or a slot machine (“spielautomater” in German) the site strives to provide extensive information about it all.

A list of casino bonuses as a ticket to the world of amazing gambling possibilities

There are constantly developing variegated bonus systems together with the best free casino games at

Game titles and game features exist on the site, thanks to the efforts of Sheriff Gaming, WMS, Rival, Cryptologic, and NetEnt, which are well-known game developers and providers of classic slots and table games (

Due to such giants as Amaya, Playtech, Microgaming, and Novomatic, the Automaten Herz gaming portal adapts a modern, convenient, and user-friendly interface along with exclusive capabilities of gaming service, namely:

1.the obligatory presence of a ‘free play’ option, which allows players to choose real money payment when they wish to, whereas all game features still remain available. All free slots have rules, some of which clearly specify the amount of possible winning for both non-deposit and prepaid gambling styles

2. Automaten Herz invigorates its users by proposing them special games that become available at a particular time or exclusively within contests and tournaments. It is possible to join hundreds of representatives of international gambling business that demonstrate their skillfulness, manipulating with blackjack rules and the strategies of placing a bet

3. Improved accessibility of gambling, which means every game has its mobile version. NextGen, ISoftBet and OpenBet were among the first game providers, who made the possibility of cross-platform and no-download free playing available.

A variety of games and special propositions at

There are such hits as Trolls, South Park and Mythic Maiden that rivet players’ attention above all. These games feature free spins and wild symbol as well as multipliers and bonus games. Also, for free play with Trill Spin, Hall of Gods and Robin Hood the user necessarily receives free spins, and therefore is able to develop a gambling strategy that best suits him or her.

Most games, including Thief, Excalibur and Fortuneteller have autoplay option due to which players can save their time and continue testing their luck even without their personal involvement.

Automaten Herz also features special offers, gift tokens and casino codes in order to promote users in their gambling eagerness. With such masterpieces as Creature from The Black Lagoon and Crusade of Fortune, as well as with almost all other games, the player will definitely find the way to a winning without having to get registered.

At, the players always are in reliable hands, while the portal helps them obtain a lot of positive impressions and fun.


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New online adventure shooting game “Big Hunt”

Burgas, Bulgaria, February 27, 2015 — /EPR ENTERTAINMENT NEWS/ — A small team of developers announced the launch of the project at crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo to raise funds for the completion of the online adventure shooter game.

Game conception

Several players with a minimal equipment landed in different parts of the small island and they should find the hidden treasure (it is planned to give real prizes for winners).

Navigation on the hexagonal field, but first-person view, something will remind the game Myst but with possibility of shooting animals and each other.

The forests are full of wild animals, it is necessary to hunt them and exchange trophies to food and ammo.

Player can attack his opponents to prevent them from reaching the goal.

It is not known in advance where is the desired prize, but the execution of various tasks of local residents and attentive search for hidden objects will help player to find a clue.

The game will be free, but with the ability to purchase of various equipment.


HTML5 browser online game with mobile platform support (Android, IOS).


Page on IndieGoGo:
Game prototype:
Press kit:…
You tube:

Contact-Details: Valery Khom,

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Divine Souls is pleased to announce the release of first major update and the launch of new North American server

Divine Souls, developed by Game Prix (, will be receiving a major update with the all-new ‘Battlefield’ on November 19, 2013 through gameNgame website.

Battlefield is the best MOBA game that allows up to sixteen players in an eight-versus-eight format. Upon reaching level 40 and above, users can enter the battlefield and conquer the opponents’ towers using team strategies and tactics.

Various promotions, including online PVP event and offline event in Vietnam, are planned to take place to commemorate the update of Battlefield. In addition, with the launch of the new server on November 12, 2013, the company has been receiving valuable feedback from users in North America.

In response to user growth of Divine Souls in North America, Game Prix has added the new server in order to provide seamless service to users.

Seung Wan Hong, CEO of Game Prix, stated that “there has been tremendous user growth since the initial launch of Divine Souls. As a result, the North American server has been added and Asian game server is planned to be launched in the future. Furthermore, the Battlefield update was primarily due to the increased number of high-level players. Ongoing contents and updates will be introduced to deliver new user experience and accommodate high-level players.”

For more information on Divine Souls | REAL F2P RPG & MOBA, please visit our website at ( and be sure to check our official Facebook page at (
Download and patch the game now at

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Discover Video Games Coaching Activity Through The First Global Esport Coaching Website

As the eSport phenomenon is growing all around the world, eGG-one school, the leading french video games coaching website, launches its international version.

To most people, video games coaching may sound like a strange idea. But in the world of competitive gaming, being advised by the best players has been a reality for quite some time now. eGG-one school was created to solve this need.

eSport is growing Recently, eSports has gone through tremendous growth, incurring a large increase in both viewership and prize money. Last Friday night, the #1 eSports games League of Legends held its World Championship Finals from the sold-out Staples Center in Los Angeles. Pro-gamers competed for more than $2 million in cash prizes in front of 12,000 fans. A record 5 million people from around the world were watching the previous edition.

eGG-one school, the first video games coaching website Knowing that players were already giving online private lessons for 10$-40$/hour, eGG-one school, launched the first video games coaching website. eGG-one school has decided to propose coaches from every eSports game on a fully automated platform. For students, the platform provides the easiest way to book a lesson with the most suited coach. For coaches, a fully automated payment and reservation system has been developed.

With 5200 hours of coaching bought last year, eGG-one school has had an unexpected success. More than 130 000$ have been paid to the coaches on mainly four eSport games (League of Legends, Starcraft 2, Counter-Strike: GO, and Street Fighter IV). For coaches, the platform allows them to share their passion, experience, knowledge and to secure a nice remuneration doing it. For students, private lessons are the best way to make quick progress and to become better gamers.

Since we were only active in France at first, we decided to launch our international version one month ago. We hope our project will allow gamers from all around the world to connect through this coaching activity!

For more informations, please discover our League of Legends coaching ( section and our Starcraft 2 coaching ( section.

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More Entertainment press releases, le dernier casino en ligne au Canada de et ses toutes nouvelles machines à sous

Mansion Group est déjà un acteur réputé dans le monde du casino en ligne au Canada. Ce casino en ligne de prestige a toujours mis l’accent sur l’innovation et l’esthétique., un de ses casinos stars, a sorti de nouvelles machines à sous pour le plus grand plaisir de tous ses joueurs.

La machine a sous a toujours été la vedette dans les casinos avec de longues rangées remplis de joueurs assis devant et qui y jouent pendant des heures dans l’espoir de gagner le jackpot. Et quelle sensation incroyable, quand la sonnerie du jackpot sonne et que les pièces coulent à flot.

Les casinos en ligne ont su exploiter cet intérêt des joueurs pour le jeu de machine à sous et ont toujours proposé des jeux avec des thèmes variés, toujours renouvelés et adaptés à l’actualité du cinéma comme les super-héros par exemple. Il y a les machines à 3, à 5 rouleaux, avec des jackpots progressifs, avec des mini-jeux intégrés. est aussi à la pointe de la technologie mais aussi sur le devant de la scène en matière de promotions et de programme de fidélité. C’est un casino fiable qui fait partie du groupe qui exploite aussi par exemple, qui est un très grand acteur dans le monde du casino en ligne Canada.

Au niveau des paiements, propose de nombreuses méthodes de paiement et de retrait qui conviendront aux joueurs canadiens comme Neteller, Skrill, PaysafeCard et bien sûr, les cartes de crédit et les virements bancaires. Tous vos informations sont sécurisées à l’aide des protocoles de sécurité informatique les plus avancés. A ce niveau, a mis les bouchées doubles pour garantir la sécurité et la confidentialité de vos informations personnelles et bancaires.

Le service à la clientèle est à votre disposition 7 jours sur 7, 24 heures sur 24. Il est composé de professionnels dans le domaine du jeu en ligne qui seront prêts à vous aider à résoudre le moindre problème que vous pourriez rencontrer.

Il y a toujours les promotions et les énormes bonus de depuis l’ouverture de votre compte avec un bonus de bienvenue allant jusqu’à 777$ ou encore la promotion Crack The Code qui vous donne un nombre de points à atteindre en jouant pour gagner une cagnotte. Et ceux ne sont pas les seules promotions. Ouvrez vite un compte et commencez à accumuler l’argent que vous gagnez!

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Live Roulette Online Will Become The Future Of Roulette Gambling

Live Roulette Online UK has been available to play for the past 4-5 years now, thanks to the evolution of technology and without fail has proven to become one of the best forms of gambling.

With dozens of casinos now offering roulette live, such as Bet365 Casino, Coral Casino & more – the gambling addicts selection of where to play is becoming bigger and bigger every month. No longer are the days where a player has to take a trip down to their local casino just to get that buzz from being dealt by a live dealer, they have it all in front of their very own computer screen – even television!

According to, online search has risen dramatically over the past few years and player research has shown that they enjoy and spend more when playing live roulette online with a live dealer & chat function. Why? The answer is simple, because they can gloat at a lady or man, and chat to other players in the current game too, you could also say it’s a form of socializing for them. That involves a lot of other small stuff around the game to, such as asking your friends to join the table, or getting to know new people!

Joe Write, Head of, says
“RNG gambling is slowly becoming a thing of the past, our traffic proves that players bounce rate when playing an online roulette game is nearly up to 19% more than when playing a live dealer roulette game. It shows that players are more entertained and like to spend much more money – which is great of course.”

“What Live Roulette Online UK tries to do is specifically cut apart the two versions of games so that players understand exactly what they are in for, and with a full guide on both RNG and Live Roulette we are sure our visitors get the exact point.” is an online review portal for live roulette online. Ran by Joe Write, he wishes to explore the online gambling affiliate world to see what he can conquer.

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EcoCard popular amongst online gambling enthusiasts

An increasing amount of players at Royal Vegas are using EcoCard to manage their online gambling funds. This trend is seen not only in regular, loyal players, but also in a growing number of players who are new to the casino.

As people gravitate towards a more digital lifestyle, the use of so-called WebWallets in general is increasing, and EcoCard is by far one of the more popular deposit and withdrawal options. This is for a number of reasons.

Firstly, new players are rewarded for using EcoCard to make their first deposit – they will be able to claim an additional deposit match bonus, over and above their new player bonus of 1,200. This offer is a clear reason for the amount of new players depositing.

However, existing players continue to use EcoCard due to its ease-of-use, low-fee structure, and the exceptional technological procedures in place to protect the safety of all transactions a player makes.

The safety of players’ personal information and transactional information is of utmost importance to Royal Casino, and as such, it is considered the casino’s top priority. EcoCard makes use of 128-bit digital encryption technology of the highest standard, and is trusted by thousands of people worldwide for any of their online banking transactions.

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Royal Vegas UK Online Casino’s Spooktober promotion flies into its final week

The Spooktober promotion’s final week presents an accumulator slots tournament, Hot Spots for free spin prizes and even more treats on Black Cat Bonus Day.

It’s the final week of Spooktober and Royal Vegas UK Online Casino has taken the month-long Halloween promotion up a notch to finish it off with a flourish. From 23 to 31 October, the casino will be presenting the SUPERCASH slot tournament. The jackpot starts at $3,000, but the more people play in the tournament, the bigger the jackpot grows.

While Royal Vegas players may get a thrill from watching the jackpot climb as the week draws to a close, naturally not everyone can win the jackpot. To make the week more exciting for players further down the Leaderboard, Royal Vegas UK has created 50 Leaderboard Hot Spots. The players who finish the tournament on one of these Hot Spot positions will each win 25 free dpins on The Twisted Circus, one of the casino’s quirky new slot games.

The Hot Spot positions are listed in the Promotions section of the casino software. When players click on the Spooktober banner’s More info button, they will find an explanation of the SUPERCASH tournament, as well as the 50 Hot Spot positions.

In addition to the accumulator tournament and the Free Spins Hot Spot give-away, there is also a Black Cat Bonus day in Spooktober this week. On one day during the week, players will be able to earn extra Rewards points, but the actual day is shrouded in secrecy. Players who would like the extra bonus should keep an eye on the UK online casino lobby, so they don’t miss out.

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Top winners at Platinum Play Australia and other Fortune Lounge online casinos

As a proud member of the Fortune Lounge group of online casinos, Platinum Play Australia have passed on its congratulations to a host of players who won at the Group’s casinos last week.

The week’s biggest winner in the past week was Zamal K who won a combined amount of over $110,000 while playing the Big Slot, Burning Desire and Gold Factory pokies games. There was also a video poker winner; Tsuyoshi S won $10,000 while playing All Aces Video poker.

With more than 500 games available to Platinum Play Australia players, especially giving them more reason to play pokies, there is never a dull moment at this popular online casino. Players can choose from reel and video slots, baccarat, roulette, blackjack and video poker. There are also the wildly popular progressive games that have jackpots that can grow into the millions.

Every game on offer at Platinum Play Australia is expertly crafted with cutting-edge sounds and graphics. There are games that have other-worldy themes, while others stick to the classic casino atmosphere that many casino players know and love. Whatever the players tastes, there is a game and a jackpot for them.

Platinum Play Casino Online also offers new players with a real money account a 1,500 free bets welcome bonus, no deposit required. Then, when they do make their first deposit they will get a 100% deposit match bonus up to 200.

With so much on offer and so many games to win on it makes sense that Platinum Play Online Casino Australia is one of the fastest growing trusted online casinos out there, and more winners are set to be announced.

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Pandaria Leveling Guide Provides Coverage about the New Pet Battle Mode

In light of the near release of Blizzard’s World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria, a recently established fan site, Pandaria Leveling Tips portrays various topics such as the new zones, profession updates, the new pandaren race and the new Monk class.

According to the articles on the site, the basic storyline for Mists of Pandaria is split into multiple chapters. The expansion mainly introduces Pandaria- where players will disclose the continent and level up, helping to solve problems and figure out what happened for the past 10.000 years as well as what will be included entirely within the initial expansion release. Talking about the attributes, the MoP expansion will comprise of a level cap raised to 90, new continent: Pandaria, a land in the far south of Azeroth, with seven payable leveling zones, six dungeons, three raids, and faction specific capitol areas. The details also constitute of Monk’s talents that are split into 3 categories: Brewmaster, Mist weaver and windwalker: Monks will get the option to pick a series of other talents as they level up. doesn’t just bestow accustomed WoW information pieces, but it also abides to confer fresh data substance that accord with the advancing game. This cover bulletin such as Blizzard declaring that they’ve formally endowed a new pet battle mode in the Mist of Pandaria beta. Upon visiting this website, visitors will brace up to date with any recent WoW MoP news or endorsements made by Blizzard having to do with WoW.

Blizzard Entertainment is a world renowned video game producer that distributes competing online role-playing game series consisting of Diablo, starcraft. As one of the newest named extensions of World of Warcraft, Mists of Pandaria comprise additional elements designed to fully entertain both experienced WoW gamers and new players. So far, word has it that the new features that comes with the expansion can be challenging. These entreaty are often based on the comments from players who have arrived to the numerous beta events. Blizzard adopts the assessments of players to offer the most interesting, thrilling, and player friendly game features. MoP is one of the many games that Blizzard is proud to present to World of Warcraft fans, making it still one of the top MMORPGs worth a try.

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iPad/iPhone version 2.0 of Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle is released!

In gratitude to patience and loyalty our Users we are pleased to announce that in the nearest future we are going to start the Contest Time! for our the most active and dedicated fans.

Like/follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter (@joinitpuzzle) and be up-to-date with our announcements! You will get a chance to win one of iTunes Gift Certificates. Stay turned on our website to be the first who takes the chance to win just playing on your favorite Jigsaw Puzzle and share your achievements among puzzle’s fans. Do not miss your chance – the action will last only one week!

We also will be glad to invite new Users, who are just discovering the world of puzzles. And on the eve of the two-year anniversary at the App Store market, we reduce the price on Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle by 33%. The Universal version of the game is only $3.99 from now.

During almost two years of development we came a long and interesting way, with each step improving and making our game more and more convenient and diverse for our Users. From its first vestion, which was developed for iPad only, Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle provides you a perfect opportunity to experience the feeling of vivid jigsaw puzzles.

Each new update brought more and more elements to move further, in order to be up-to-date with new iOSs, to look great on Retina display, to satisfy our fans recommendations and meet their expectations.

The major news for the Universal version of Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle – we have added support for iPhone/iPod. From now crazy jigsow puzzles’ fans got a possibility to use the most convenient for puzzle assembling mobile device on their choice. We believe, that almost new in colors and not only the updated interface desing will satisfy also the most enthusiastic users, who spend hours and got the terrific results which are known from the Game Center.

For all Users who prefer playing on iPad we have prepared a surprise – the innitial range of pieces for assembling is increased – now there are 500 pieces to play with! Keeping in mind the imminent release of a new iOS 6.0 system, we have updated/tested Universal version of Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle to be fully ready for new system.

Along with the improvements in the various options (turn on/off rotation and sticking, Reference Picture Visibility on/off, etc) and design, we try to make our games accessible to people in different countries around the world. Released Version 2.0 is available on 9 localization – English, Japanese, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Spanish, German, Italia, Chinese.

Earlier versions of Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle for iPad have become popular in many countries and got a lot of positive reviews, so d-Studio, Ltd. hopes that the new Universal 2.0 version will not disappoint long-term fans and new users will be interesting, as we are happy to find out our new friends on our page on Facebook and Twitter.

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More Entertainment press releases Online Game Highlights Issues with Personal Injury Claims Marketing

Entertaining online consumer has added a new free online game that takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the personal injury compensation industry in the UK to their array of claims resources.

If you’ve ever wondered about the personal industry claims market, and whether those adverts promising massive payouts if you have “been injured in an accident at home, at work or on the road” actually encourage a culture where people see being injured as a chance to cash in, then has a lot of interesting information and resources that can explain the way this controversial industry works, and help those who need to make genuine compensation claims avoid being ripped off or seduced by the promises of unscrupulous companies.

The latest tool the site offers consumers is a new free online game called Train 2 Claim that “trains” the player to become a better personal injury claimant. It involves the player’s character walking down a typical street with manhole covers and loose paving slabs, and having the ability to move to avoid these potential trip hazards. If you step on them, you’ll fall over, getting more and more injured the more times it happens. When the timer is up, you go and visit a compensation claims company to see how you’ve done. You then get a chance to try again, helping you learn what you need to do to get a bigger payout!

The game, and the supporting information can be found at:

As well as being entertaining, it is intended to illustrate the problems in the personal industry claims market in the UK right now, and highlight the methods companies use that could potentially persuade people to make claims. The site is all about supporting legitimate claimants and helping people to understand the pitfalls and scams that exist in the UK claims industry, and aims to present its information through insightful, fun and interesting methods like this game.

Train 2 Claim is free to play through any popular internet browser, and users don’t need to submit any personal details to get access to the game, or any of the other information or games and resources on the site.

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Secret World Guide Opens Doors for Gamers is a website developed by The Secret World fan named Klix, which shares information about the game called The Secret World. The information is posted in a blog format to present variety of information as a guideline for all Secret World game players. Each posts are categorized into four major groups: game guide, leveling guide, skills guide, and societies guide, allowing readers to find information they need. Whether the information is about the abilities, societies, leveling, or general information about the game, the website has it all.

The Secret World Guide is hosted by the web developer/pro gamer, Klix. He posts a variety of information from self research to provide information about the game system, character skills, weapons, gameplay with comments and recommendations through comparison with other common role-playing games. Each description are written in several paragraphs featured by screenshots and photographs which are tagged into smaller divisions. Many of the posts, for example, focuses on the general game plays such as the three secret societies, variety of available abilities, and how the combat works and flows.

One of the key elements that the author focuses on is the secret war. According to the secret world leveling guide website info about the game, it is the war between the three secret societies: the Dragon, the Illuminati, and the Templars where players must choose to join in one of these societies at the beginning of the game. The players are able to experience the war through two types of game plays: the player-versus-player (PVP) mode and the player-versus-environment (PVE) mode. In PVP, players are sent into battle fields with specific objectives to compete with other players such as capture the flag, and theft match. On the other hand, PVE is played where players are sent to infiltrate the headwater of the enemy base. Numbers of PVP and PVE varies from five versus five to ten versus ten. When the players complete or meet the objectives of the game, they are provided with bonuses for one selves and for everybody in their faction.

The Secret World is an upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Funcom Productions A/S. Refer to Secret World Guide, this game is set to be released on June 19, 2012.

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Greenstone Games Launches Facebook Page for Unique New Puzzle Game App for iPad

Greenstone Games announced today that the iPad puzzle game app, Proverbidioms has joined the Facebook community as part of an effort to reach out to fans of puzzle games and introduce them to their soon to be released iPad app based on the painting and poster puzzle, Proverbidioms by T.E. Breitenbach. Whether you are a long time follower of Proverbidioms and T.E Breitenbach or just now being introduced to the engaging picture puzzle the Facebook page will have something for everyone. The owners of the page are very anxious to introduce their new iPad app to picture game enthusiasts and be able to engage with them through the popular social medium.

The Facebook page, titled Proverbidiomsapp, is designed mostly for people who enjoy having fun with picture puzzles and games that increase their knowledge of language arts. Anyone who enjoys a laugh however can find lots of amusement in the puzzle and Greenstone Games seeks to strengthen ties with this audience by promoting dialogue on the page allowing users to share their experiences with the game.

The page features a photo gallery of Proverbidioms screenshots and app descriptions, as well as a direct link to the producers’ website, where fans can learn more about the app as well as a other games and offerings of Greenstone Games. Additionally the page will provide a link to the download site where users can download a free version of the app.  Viewers will also be able to find more information on the artist T.E. Breitenbach.

“Advancements in technology have brought the poster puzzle into the app age and with the new mediums new opportunities for reaching our audience on different platforms,” remarked David Burgess, Marketing Director at Greenstone Game. “Our presence on Facebook is a great step forward in the process of gaining access to Proverbidioms enthusiasts and avid puzzle game players.

The Proverbidioms iPad App Facebook Site:

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Haypi Dragon: Angry Birds plus Worms equals a huge hit!

Since its release, Haypi Dragon has received a great population and adored by numerous players for the reason that it integrates the advantages of both “Angry Birds” and “Worms” with its unique features.

Now version 1.2 has been officially released, and this new update features PVP, entertaining dragon exploration, mysterious treasure map and brand new map route. Now you can choose to team up with your in-game friends to attend PVP competition of different modes (1v1, 2v2 and 4v4). Make full use of your talent in targeting and corporation to challenge for more honors and more flamboyant medal.

During the adventurous journey, the winners in the fierce competition will be amply rewarded: the first player among all the servers who collects all the missing pieces and complete the treasure map will be rewarded with 1000USD and the first player of every single server who finishes the treasure map will be rewarded with 100USD.

With its excellent interactivity, simulated physical design and fabulous graphics, this update has been well received:
“Better than Angry birds”
“Funniest game ever”
“This game is so addicting and fun! It is similar to angry birds, except you train a dragon and compete with friends!”

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New Green App For Eco-Gamers

The Co-operative Group releases innovative new children’s gaming app on Apple’s iTunes store!

From today (9 December), kids, teenagers and adults with an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch can download the Green Schools app from iTunes and get tackling the addictive eco-tasks straightaway. By downloading the new Green Schools Revolution game, kids up and down the UK can battle it out to become the ultimate eco warrior.

According to a recent study by The Co-operative Group, over 90 per cent of children want to learn more about green issues* and this fun new app, being launched today, sets kids on a mission to become green revolutionaries.

By downloading the free app to their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, kids can race against time to harvest the carrots before the rabbit gets them, turn off the taps to save the duck in the bath tub and save energy by switching off lights whilst putting their green knowledge to the test to unlock the secret bonus level and become an eco warrior.

With fun quizzes about energy, water and healthy living, the app is a great way to learn important lessons while having loads of family fun this Christmas!

Melanie Phillips, who heads up Green Schools Revolution for The Co-operative, said: “We are lucky that our youngsters have such a tremendous appetite to learn more about green issues.

“Our new Green Schools Revolution app is a fun and engaging way to help children and young people learn about building a more sustainable world whilst competing with their friends and family to become eco warriors!”

The Co-operative’s Green Schools Revolution education programme, part of its Inspiring Young People campaign, was launched in 3,000 primary and secondary schools in September by farmer and TV presenter Jimmy Doherty. It has been designed to inspire the next generation of green pioneers, with free lessons, trips and green activities available to all UK primary and secondary schools.

You can download this exciting app, available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, from the iTunes store from today (9 December). Simply search the app store on iTunes for ‘green schools’ to download the game for free or visit the Green Schools Revolution site to find out more about the app and the initiative.

*Opinion Matters interviewed 1,027 children aged between 7 and 14 and 1,002 parents of children aged 7 to 14 in August 2011.

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HeroUp Skateboarding Game Now Available in the App Store

Joom Tech Ltd, the team behind the criminal offences reference app known as iJail, announced today that its HeroUp game is available in both the iTunes Store and the App Store. Releasing the most adrenaline-fueled skateboarding game just in time to battle the cold weather blues, HeroUp delivers creative level gameplay that takes skaters to new heights (literally).

“We wanted to develop a game that surpassed the typical skateboarding game in every possible way,” said Ovais Ahmed, Joom Tech Ltd’s Director. “We wanted to create a casual game that takes skateboarding to a whole new level. From boarding through space to buying killer ramps, we wanted the player to be able to enjoy skateboarding from his or her iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.”

In HeroUp, players catch some serious air from skateboard ramps and literally soar through levels. By navigating their way through exhilarating skate challenges, players will collect coins and medals that unlock rad perks.

Levels, guns, new ramps and even special skateboard upgrades can be purchased from the in-game store using the collected coins and medals. Players will need that extra boost while shredding through space!

HeroUp utilizes the stunning display and features of the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch to deliver a thrilling skateboarding experience. The relaxed yet addictive gameplay ensures players will never get tired of skating through amazing levels, such as Jungle and Ski Resort.

The HeroUp lite version, which is absolutely free, is available in the App Store and in the iTunes Store. Visit or to download your copy today.

The HeroUp paid version, which has added features and bonuses, is also available in the App Store and the iTunes Store for only $0.99. Visit or to purchase your copy.

For additional information on HeroUp, please visit the Joom Tech Ltd website at!

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