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Confirmed Featured Creators for first-ever VidCon Europe in Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM, 02-Nov-2016 — /EPR ENTERTAINMENT NEWS/ — VidCon (, the world’s largest online video conference for fans, creators, and industry professionals, today announced a teaser list of Featured Creators for the first-ever VidCon Europe, which will take place in Amsterdam, April 7-9, 2017, at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre.

The inaugural VidCon Europe will include over 100 international, regional, and local Featured Creators whose content spans numerous online video verticals. During the event, these creators will collaborate to celebrate the industry of online video through connection, content, instruction, and hilarity. Highlights of VidCon Europe will include panels and performances from some of the following confirmed Featured Creators:

Hannah Hart
Mamrie Hart
Gigi Gorgeous
Andrea Russett
Benny & Rafi Fine
Fleur de Force
Freddie Wong
Joey Graceffa
Jon Cozart
– Oli White
Sarah Close
Défano Holwijn
Julian Claßen
Scola Dondo

As guests continue to confirm their attendance at VidCon Europe, the Featured Creators list will regularly update at

The long-awaited VidCon Europe — with its Australian counterpart, VidCon Australia, at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, September 9-10 — will welcome approximately 7,500 fans and creators, with a custom experience designed to celebrate the unique online video ecosystem of those regions.

VidCon programming and tickets follow a three-track format, designed to appeal to everyone from the most passionate fans to the biggest media companies. The Community Track engages attendees interested in experiencing the online video culture through Q&As, discussions, concerts, interviews, movie nights, meetups, signings, and games. The Creator Track serves attendees looking to make better content, grow their online presence, enter the industry, meet fellow creators, and learn the ins-and-outs of online video culture. The Industry Track features keynotes, fireside chats, seminars, and product demonstrations geared toward attendees working in the online video industry.

This three-day celebration in Amsterdam will feature programming exclusive to the Industry track on Friday, shifting focus to Community and Creator activities and entertainment throughout Saturday and Sunday. Similar to the 8th Annual VidCon (in Anaheim, California, June 21-24), VidCon Europe will feature a variety of endemic and non-endemic sponsors and exhibitors. As veteran VidCon fans know well, these events are packed with robust content, performances, and high-energy celebration, and the VidCon team is determined to continue this tradition overseas. Attendees of the first-ever VidCon Europe in Amsterdam should expect an online-video celebration of global proportions.

As part of their expansion into Europe, VidCon will be partnering with VEED Festival (, a 3-day event focusing on the Dutch online video community, planned for April 6-8. VidCon and VEED will collaborate to bring international, regional, and local online video creators together for networking and celebration.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Special Edition BBC Comedy DVD Gets Exclusive Early Release at Acorn Media Online Store

Rediscover an all-time comedy classic with an As Time Goes By Reunion Specials exclusive DVD offer from the Avenue 32 online store.

Fans of British TV comedy will surely love this endearing story, revisiting the less than conventional family lives of Jean and Lionel Hardcastle (brought to life by indelible screen icons Dame Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer). But this exclusive DVD will not be available in stores or anywhere else online until 16 July 2012.

Purchase the As Time Goes By Reunion Specials DVD from Acorn Media today, and enjoy this beloved television comedy months before anybody else.

Catch up with the Hardcastles as Sandy and Harry return from Canada and move in. While Jean welcomes them with open arms and even makes arrangements for the children they don’t yet have, Lionel is less than enthusiastic. Back on home soil, policeman Harry applies to join the armed response unit, in order to gain promotion, much to Sandy’s distress. And just when things begin to settle down, a young man drops by, who says he’s travelled from Africa to see his father… Lionel.

As hilariously as it is heart warming, As Time Goes By remains a classic BBC sitcom. With the Reunion Specials DVD, exclusive to Acorn Media, you can enjoy the antics of the Hardcastle family again and again.

You can also explore the series further thanks to host of exclusive DVD extras, from‘Making It’ documentary, to hilarious outtakes, exclusive interview with Geoffrey Palmer and much more.

This fantastic DVD presentation is available at a special offer price and only available right now from the Acorn Media online store.

Why not visit the Acorn Media site today and discover an array of brilliant DVD titles, including a fine selection of classic British comedy. Throughout the collection you’ll find several exclusive titles and reduced special offer prices, ensuring that TV fans can enjoy their favourite shows as many times as they please.

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Unemployed Florida Man Goes National With Politically Incorrectness

American’s are angry at bureaucratic politics as usual. Ultra Liberal politicians and Tea Party activists have awakened the sleeping giant of main stream America . Long term ‘big government’ politicians in both political parties are being swept out of office on the tidal wave of public anger. Founder and CEO Brian Lewis created a niche market entertaining Conservatives with his unique, hilarious playing cards lampooning incumbent politicians. Baby Barack Obama in diapers with the saying ‘Someone Needs a Change’ grace the back of every card. Fifty-two of the Liberals we ‘love to hate’ are lampooned on the card fronts. Anthony Weiner and Harry Reid are the jokers. Big Government Republicans are also targeted.

Lewis doesn’t shirk from the difficult. At 56 years old he completed his MBA degree while working full time for a local Kitchen and Bath remodeling company. After ten years with the company he was laid off. Rather than become a victim, he took action. “It was really a blessing being fired. Ten years as a Navy Officer taught me honor, integrity and ethics in the workplace. This company had recently hired new management that allowed those core principals I believed in to degrade into simple marketing hype.”

Risking his entire savings, Lewis commissioned two local artists, a web designer, social media marketing firm and a playing card manufacturer to take his unique concept and deliver an initial samples. $20,000 and three months later he had 10,000 decks of cards ready and started marketing.

In the first two months, Lewis sold 2500 decks including over 2000 to Republican Women’s Clubs to be used in their scholarship and election fundraising. Risking payment and collection issues, he ships to Republican Women’s clubs with no upfront cost, and full return guarantees, making it a no-lose situation for them.

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Amid National Racial Tension Writing Duo Produces Edgy Sketch Comedy Series

Actor/producer Sean Hampton (CSI, 90210) has teamed up with producer Matt Getic to launch a new sketch comedy series entitled The S&M Experience. “The series fills a gap in the comedy world,” Getic said in a statement. “We’re not chained to conventional characters and a formulaic structure with this show.”

The series has not officially launched but the duo has already raised eyebrows due to the off-color and racial material in some of their skits. Hampton (who is African American) and Getic (who is Caucasian) both feel such criticism is misguided. Commenting on the issue Getic says, “Our creative process doesn’t come from a place of hate, so taking offense to our comedy is ridiculous. The evening news has one hundred percent more racially motivated material than our skits.” Hampton backs his co-creator on this subject and challenges their detractors. “There are a lot of people looking to capitalize off of others work. I think there are more false claims of offense than genuine outrage.”

Aside from these issues preliminary critic response has been glowing. The series will launch on April 26th and the creators have decided to keep their distribution model to new media outlets only. When asked about the decision Hampton said, “We decided to keep our material new media because that will ensure it stays ours. Running it through the political correctness filter will take away from everything we’re trying to accomplish.”

For more information visit and follow:

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A New Dynamic Entertainment Duo Has Arrived

On April 11, 2012, the entertainment world gained two new dynamic bloggers in the from of The Barnes Bros. The Barnes Bros. — formed by Denzel and Jalen Barnes — is an exciting hub for all things entertainment. “We’ll cover movies, TV, video games, comic books, everything you name it!” Jalen said.

No stranger to the industry themselves–they are the authors of the upcoming e-book series “Legends”–Denzel and Jalen feel they can bring a fresh and exciting outlook on the industry. “When people read our blogs and watch our videos, I think they’ll see how fun we are and really get involved,” Denzel said.

In the short time since its arrival, The Barnes Bros. brand has already garnered attention. Denzel and Jalen have gained new followers everyday and praise on their additions to entertainment-related discussions around the Web. As buzz continues to build, The Barnes Bros. is gaining notoriety and requests to expand into other platforms.

“We’ve had someone ask us to move into podcasting already. It’s really wild,” Jalen commented.

Bringing their energy and sense of comedic timing to their work, The Barnes Bros. is looking to shake up the way people perceive entertainment. Using social networking in new and creative ways to connect with their audience, Denzel and Jalen Barnes are shaping up to be an enjoyable duo the likes of which hasn’t been seen in some time.

About The Barnes Bros
The Barnes Bros. brings a comedic, but informative perspective on news and issues in the entertainment world using video media ( and the written word ( The Barnes Bros. aims to use hard work and determination to form an exciting community for all entertainment lovers.

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The Co-operative Magazine Reveals Readers Laugh Several Times An Hour

The results of The Co-operative Magazine’s latest poll are out. The Co-operative Magazine asked its readers: ‘They say laughter is the best medicine, so how often do you have a chortle on a good day?’ and found that the majority of respondents, 35 per cent, say they laugh several times an hour.

Of the other options, 15 per cent said they laugh every hour, 30 per cent said they laugh a few times a day, 15 per cent said they laugh about once a day, and only five per cent said they laugh less than once a day. These results show categorically that readers of The Co-operative Magazine are on the whole happy – with 80 per cent laughing at least a few times a day on average.

The health benefits of laughing have been proven by scientists, and recent research showed that health and wellbeing, and friends and family top the list of things that make people happy. On the flip side, another recent study found that work and financial uncertainty are the biggest triggers of stress. The Co-operative Magazine offers its readers moneysaving tipsbudgeting advice and health and wellbeing advice in the form of interesting and engaging features. Readers can also ask for expert advice on just about anything to do with finances and health simply by visiting the magazine and navigating to the Family & Finance and Health & Wellbeing sections.

The Co-operative Magazine gives its readers the chance to enter competitions to win great prizes, with previous prizes including tickets to the Edinburgh Festival, children’s Trunki suitcases, vouchers to spend in The Co-operative Food store, and even a Dyson vacuum cleaner – it really is doing its bit to spread happiness to as many people as possible! Readers can now enjoy a new look magazine, with more great stuff to read, more daily news and of course, regular polls to take part in.

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Sascha Grammel Comedy Show in Berlin on 24 August 2010

The Sascha Grammel comedy show is to take place in Berlin on the 24th of August 2010 at Die Wuhlmause, a popular cabaret and comedy club with tourists and Berlin residents alike. This comedian has a strong cult following and the show is expected to be sold out, attracting comedy enthusiasts. Sascha Grammel is a popular German comedian and the venue is well known for producing good quality live shows so attendees will not be disappointed.

The show is due to begin at 8pm and tickets are available from a number of websites. Prices will vary according to the site you use. The location of the venue means that it is easily reached, either by car for those who prefer to drive or by public transport as there are a number of bus and metro links nearby. The nearest metro station is Theodor-Heuss-Platz. There are a number of good hotels within walking distance of the venue for those who prefer a little exercise.

There are many excellent Berlin hotels which attract hundreds of tourists and visitors each year and no matter what your budget and taste there will be something to suit you, from low cost accommodation for those on a low budget to four star luxury, Berlin’s hotels are for everyone. Lek Boonlert, the Head of Marketing at DirectRooms says “This area of the city is very popular and booking hotel accommodation in advance is essential if you want to avoid a last minute disappointment.”

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Cartoon Network’s Powerpuff Girls Bring Their Super Powers To The iPhone

Cartoon Network launches their first ever gaming apps for the iPhone featuring the Super-Charged, Super-Cool Powerpuff Girls. The Powerpuff Girls Snowboarding & Powerpuff Girls PowAPuff! games launch from this week.

The Powerpuff Girls Snowboarding game sees the city of Townsville covered in snow. Players can grab a board and hit the slopes, choosing to play as Bubbles, Blossom or Buttercup in the first annual Townsville Snowboarding Championship. Racing on 20 fast-paced and fun-packed slopes, using the touch screen to jump, duck and blast past obstacles, players can also tilt the iPhone to speed up and slow down, battling evil villains like Mojo Jojo and Fuzzy Lumpkins to earn medals and score challenges along the way.

In the second app, Powerpuff Girls PowAPuff! the Gangreen Gang are taking over Townsville and need to be whacked. In this fast, fun and frantic game, the green skinned teenage hoodlums are popping up everywhere – but a short, sharp, smack on the touch screen will sort them out. However players must take care, Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup are also bouncing across the area, along with plenty of other favourite characters. Accidentally hitting one of the girls soon leads to game over. There are three areas in Townsville to play and players can compare their score with others across the world.

The Powerpuff Girls Snowboarding app and Powerpuff Girls PowAPuff! app are both priced at a level which should be accessible to a young audience. Both apps work on iPhones and second generation iPod touch in English, French, Italian, German or Spanish.

Laurel Chamberlain, Director of Digital Engagement, commented: “Working to bring much loved, classic animated characters into the 21st century with an iPhone game made perfect sense. The Powerpuff Girls continue to be a vibrant and highly fashionable brand that blend perfectly with the modern and dynamic features of the iPhone. We’re also pleased to have created the app in Italian and Spanish (as well as German and French) where the Powerpuff Girls have a dedicated and lively following. This new game makes an exciting addition to our app portfolio.”

Both apps will be distributed through the app store and more information is available on the Cartoon Network mobile page

About Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network is a leading commercial kids’ TV network in the UK, which broadcasts a range of popular comedy and action-adventure animation.

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Rosie’s Renegade Humor Blog Available on Amazon Kindle has added Rosie’s Renegade Humor Blog by Rose A. Valenta to their growing selection of Kindle offerings:

Rosie's Renegade Humor Blog Available on Amazon Kindle

The Kindle, Amazon’s hugely successful e-book reader, not only offers users the opportunity to download books, but also the ability to access major newspapers, such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and USA TODAY.

Rosie’s Renegade Humor Blog is a perfect fit for the Kindle because the essays satire current events, and offer an entertaining respite f r o m heavy news stories in a unique and hilarious way.

In a recent Internet survey of 442 Kindle users, 47% of the respondents indicate that they access online newspapers at least once per day. Over 41% access blogs. These are people who prefer digital media over print newspapers and turn to the internet for much of their information. Rosie’s Renegade Humor Blog is ideally positioned to reach these people through the Kindle because of its large internet presence and intelligent themes.

“This is the blog for people who would be knowledgeable about current events and politics if only politicians and news anchors didn’t stretch the truth, so what else is there to do, but share an honest laugh?” said Rose Valenta.

Columns include “Giuliani’s Gaffe Could Qualify for Political Darwin Award,” “Rush Limbaugh: The Don Rickles of Radio,” “How Congress Failed Homeland Security Duties,” and “The Mona Lisa Had High Cholesterol?”

Rose A. Valenta is a nationally syndicated humor columnist. Her columns have been published in Associated Content, USA TODAY, Newsday, NPR, Courier Post, the WSJ online, and many other local news websites.

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Much More Than Just Radar O’Reilly

BearManor Media proudly announces the release of its new book, Gary Burghoff: To M*A*S*H and Back. One glance through the book and its back cover tells you that there’s a lot more to the actor who portrayed M*A*S*H’s lovable Radar O’Reilly than you originally thought. Upon reading his life story, it becomes apparent that Burghoff is the kind of person you would welcome into your life with open arms. He relays his triumphant peeks and devastating valleys with complete honesty and love.

What makes this autobiography even more special? His memories of working in one of the nation’s most favorite television series and an insider’s look at its actors. Burghoff’s very clever and sometimes humorous original poems that begin each chapter. A photo spread of his beautiful nature paintings. And, best of all, the realization of what is really important in life and inspiration to incorporate it into our own.

To learn about this or other BearManor Media titles, please visit

ISBN: 1-59393-343-6
Format: Softcover; 6” x 9”; 239 pages
Price: $19.95. Available through Ingram and

About the author:
Gary Burghoff is a true Renaissance man. He’s a classically-trained stage actor, a jazz musician, environmentalist, poet, songwriter, inventor, wildlife artist, and author. Most television viewers, however, will always remember him most as the telepathic Radar on the long-running series M*A*S*H. He now lives happily in Florida and Connecticut.

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You Might Be Getting Old If…

Most people know Jeff Foxworthy as a famous stand-up comedian (in addition to being an actor, TV celebrity, producer and writer). What many people may not know, however, is that Jeff Foxworthy is also very much a “stand-up” guy. Fellow Atlantan and newly minted author himself, Michael Garee, explains.

“As my first published book, 200 Sure-Fire, Lead-Pipe-Cinch, No-Question-About-It Ways to Tell If . . . You Might Be Getting OLD! [Eloquent Books, 2008], was literally coming off the presses, I contacted Jeff Foxworthy to see if he would review it for me. Since my book was so strongly influenced by his You Might Be a Redneck If series of books, I had dedicated my book to him,” Garee, a sixty-six-year-old retiree, said. “I thought it would be great if I could get him to review the book, being fully aware of how difficult it probably would be to make direct contact with Jeff. Still, I decided to take a chance and try to contact him through his New York City publisher.”

About three months later, literally out of the blue, Garee said he received a personal letter from Foxworthy telling him that he would be glad to take a look at his (Garee’s) new book and tell him what he thought of it.

“I was of course very grateful to receive a personal response from Jeff,” Garee added,“but at the same time, I must admit, I was nearly floored too! Here was a man—a famous celebrity—who stays about as busy as one can imagine, but he still took the time to write me, a longtime fan, completely unknown to him, a personal letter. Amazing!”

As requested, Garee sent a copy of his new book to Foxworthy shortly after it was published, and true to his word, within a relatively short time, Foxworthy responded with a personal note.

“Get this,” Garee laughed, “Jeff begins his note with, ‘Sorry for the delay’! Here is a man who currently is working on two new books, creating a new animated series, helping a friend with a new movie, opening new restaurants, is heavily involved in charity work with Duke University Children’s Hospital in Durham, NC, which treats children with cancer, and hosts the popular TV series ‘Smarter than a 5th grader,’ and he apologizes to me for making me ‘wait’ for his review of my book!”

How did Foxworthy like Garee’s book?

“He said it made him ‘laugh out loud, though too many of (the one-liners in my book) hit way too close to home,’ since he just turned 50 himself this year,” Garee said.

“I’ve been a fan of Jeff Foxworthy’s comedy and writing for many, many years,” Gareeadded, “and I’ve always thought of him as decent, family-oriented guy. Of course I was also aware that that could merely have been the persona he carefully cultivated. Now I know for certain that, not only is he a ‘class act,’ he’s also a ‘class guy.’ A stand-up comedian—and a great and very talented one—yes, but also very much a real stand-up guy too!”

“In this day and age where celebrities daily make fools and asses of themselves with their outrageous lifestyles and bizarre behaviors,” Garee said, “it’s refreshing to know that a celebrity like Jeff Foxworthy still takes his work seriously, but never himself, that he is still approachable by his fans and admirers.”

Jeff Foxworthy: a stand-up comedian—and a great and very talented one—yes, but also very much a real stand-up guy too!

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Ryan and Sean’s NOT SO Excellent Adventure

Ryan Higa and Sean Fujiyoshi, two teens from isolated Hilo, HI, captured the hearts of peers worldwide through their hilarious videos. In September ‘08, they became the #1 most subscribed channel on YouTube and now are starring in a feature film, “Ryan and Sean’s NOT SO Excellent Adventure.”

YouTube? Your Tube? No, it’s their tube! Ryan Higa and Sean Fujiyoshi, two teenagers have become so popular on You Tube that they are now starring in a professionally filmed, full-length motion picture, “Ryan and Sean’s NOT SO Excellent Adventure.”

Ryan Higa and Sean Fujiyoshi, using the title of Nigahiga, reached the heights of being named the number one most subscribed YouTube channel for September 2008—that’s more than 660,000 subscribers! Their increasing popularity led to the making of the film, “Ryan and Sean’s NOT SO Excellent Adventure.”

Popular may be an understatement. They have posted 57 videos during the past two years, which have been viewed more than 175 million times. These teenage comedic videos soon caught the attention of Derek Zemrak, the Founder of the California Independent Film Festival, and thus “Ryan and Sean’s NOT SO Excellent Adventure” was born.

The film is the real-life story of two young web celebrities who find themselves brought to Hollywood to audition and screen test for starring roles in the next big “buddy” film. Sought out by a producer, (played by Michael Buckley of YouTube fame) about to be kicked off the studio lot, Ryan and Sean are put through the grueling process of makeovers, massages, tanning beds, singing, dancing and action picture auditions.

Higa and Fujiyoshi bring a genuine and natural comedic performance to strange and sometimes surreal situations that are packed with hilarity. This teen comedy has something for everyone. Their current fans of You Tube will be especially surprised at how their Stars shine on the big screen. Non-stop fun and that special brand of humor that is Ryan and Sean can be found in this feature length film.

Recently, “Ryan and Sean’s NOT SO Excellent Adventure” premiered to sold-out crowds and throngs of screaming teenagers in Honolulu and San Francisco. The hilarious and entertaining film is currently available exclusively on DVD at

Ryan Higa and Sean Fujiyoshi, Background
Higa and Fujiyoshi started making videos because they were bored after school and didn’t want to go outside in the rain. Higa, who recently started his freshman year at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, said living in Hilo started it all.

“There’s not much to do other than go watch a movie. Pretty much boredom kicked it off for us, and our parents didn’t mind because it kept us out of trouble.”

They created the videos to share with friends — nothing more. One day, when one of those friends couldn’t come over and Higa and Fujiyoshi didn’t feel like going out, they posted a lip-sync video on the Internet. Later, they saw that it received 100 hits.

“How did it get so many views?” Higa recalls wondering. “Did that person click on it 100 times?”

Demand for their unique style grew. It was the ninja video that first earned 1 million views.

With videos viewed over 160 million times, 18-year-old Ryan Higa’s wildly popular YouTube channel features Higa’s opinions and romps, as well as interviews with stars like Milo Ventimiglia and online duos with Will Farrell. One recent video was viewed over 653,000 times in only 1 week, another 201,000 times in 1 day.

Independent movie producer Derek Zemrak saw the “Ninja” clip when his 10-year-old son said all his friends in Los Angeles were talking about it.

“I immediately saw the raw talent,” says Zemrak, a producer/writer/director with a background in horror films.

Higa said spending several weeks making the movie in San Francisco was “very tiring” and “much harder” than he anticipated. But Zemrak says the young men were “so natural when they got out here.”

Of their growing fame, however, Higa remains somewhat ambivalent. “It’s kind of surprising,” he says simply. But he expresses a bit more enthusiasm for the movie itself.”It’s kind of unbelievable, especially since we’re from Hilo, and not much big things come from Hilo that I’m aware of.”

For additional information on “Ryan and Sean’s NOT SO Excellent Adventure” contactGreg Sandler, Shockwave Media or visit

Greg Sandler, Project Manager
Shockwave Media Inc.

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The Laugh Factory Launches Gay Comedy Friday Nights


‘Thank Gays It’s Friday,’ Premieres 9/19 @ Midnight-Runs Indefinitely

The World Famous Laugh Factory owner, Jamie Masada is launching a weekly midnight Lesbian and Gay show, ‘Thank Gays It’s Friday,’ on Friday September 19th, 2008. In 1982, The Laugh Factory was the only comedy club that launched the first ever-mainstream gay standup show: ‘Coming Out of the Closet’ which ran for 18 years. ‘LA needs a weekly show like this again and we will reinvent this show genre as The Laugh Factory wants to be the fun Friday midnight destination,’ says, Masada.

LA comic, Jerome Cleary will produce and perform in this, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual (LGBT) show. ‘I am excited that Mr. Masada is adding this show and appreciate his insight to have me oversee it,’ remarks, Cleary. ‘Thank Gays It’s Friday’show will feature LGBT comics and will spotlight, gay-friendly comics. Midnight shows usually feature more risqué performances, which push the live comedy-envelope for the late night fans. The Laugh Factory enjoys the celebrity factor on TMZ, as celeb hot spot ‘Hyde’ club is its neighbor drawing celebrities like, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Britney Spears. Comics who are interested in getting booked: TGIFcomedy@gmail.comThe Laugh Factory, 8001 Sunset Blvd., 18 & over, 2 drink minimum, Tickets $20 and $30, 323 656-1336, extension 1

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The Hamtramck Idea Men are assisting with the success of World Hoop Day by distributing comic books to underprivileged children.

The Hamtramck Idea Men, George McVey and Michael Marcus, are assisting with the success of Detroit’s celebration of World Hoop Day on August 8, 2008 by distributing two hundred comic books to underprivileged children. The comic books, issues #1 and #2 of PULP DREAMS, their flagship title, each provide an introduction to one of the two stories that appear back-to-back in issue #3 onwards.

Chief Business Officer Michael Marcus sees this as a way to help those less fortunate, as well as those less physically skilled. “When I was a kid, I felt out of place because I wasn’t good at physical activities. This way, even those who come out and can’t hoop will have something to enjoy.” Artistic Director George McVey adds, “With two issues going out to kids, they’ll get to swap with friends like we used to in my neighborhood.”

Hamtramck Idea Men is a creative arts partnership whose projects run the gamut from comics to fine arts, also offering professional creative services, including web design and silk-screen printing, as required. For further information, please contact Michael Marcus at or by phone at (313) 368-0791. Their website can be found at and more information on World Hoop Day can be found at

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