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Grammy Winner Coolio & WWE legend Virgil join Cherie DeVille for the 2020 run for president

Los Angeles, CA, Sep-7-2017 — /EuropaWire/ — Sporting a doctorate on her resume, a well-spoken, opinionated candidate has emerged in the 2020 run for president. With Donald Trump having opened the door to public figures attaining the highest office, DeVille has announced her intention to run for President. She’s enlisted Coolio to serve as Vice-President due to his rise from poverty to a gangster’s paradise, and having toured every state in this land, and dozens of countries throughout the world speaking to people along the way – together they know how to fix America.

DeVille announces her presidential bid during a 7+ minute press conference which introduces her team as she recounts her views for change. Coolio is introduced as the presidential hopeful’s running mate and is a strong proponent for universal healthcare, hoping to roll out CoolioCare to the masses.
Chere DeVille speaks eloquently on the broken promises of the current administration and goes so far as to touch on the travel ban, healthcare as well as the disastrous situation that Trump has left the world in with the United State’s withdrawal from the Paris Accord.

International models @Khloe and @MissKennedyS bring the millennial vote along with substantial experience from travelling the world and speaking to the people. Summers, is also a third year med student who has very real concepts on how to improve the healthcare system and will work closely with the Vice President on CoolioCare. Canadian born Khloe Terae hopes to cozy up with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in her role as head of Foreign Relations.

Former WWE legend Virgil is the man behind the woman. The former bodyguard for the Million Dollar Man will reprise his role on a much grander scale. Virgil has been pegged with being the personal bodyguard for the Presidential hopeful, along with being head of security. Having broken breadsticks at Olive Garden with Donald Trump, Virgil has keen insight in the current administration, and can help transition when Cherie DeVille captures the White House.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Confirmed Featured Creators for first-ever VidCon Europe in Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM, 02-Nov-2016 — /EPR ENTERTAINMENT NEWS/ — VidCon (, the world’s largest online video conference for fans, creators, and industry professionals, today announced a teaser list of Featured Creators for the first-ever VidCon Europe, which will take place in Amsterdam, April 7-9, 2017, at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre.

The inaugural VidCon Europe will include over 100 international, regional, and local Featured Creators whose content spans numerous online video verticals. During the event, these creators will collaborate to celebrate the industry of online video through connection, content, instruction, and hilarity. Highlights of VidCon Europe will include panels and performances from some of the following confirmed Featured Creators:

Hannah Hart
Mamrie Hart
Gigi Gorgeous
Andrea Russett
Benny & Rafi Fine
Fleur de Force
Freddie Wong
Joey Graceffa
Jon Cozart
– Oli White
Sarah Close
Défano Holwijn
Julian Claßen
Scola Dondo

As guests continue to confirm their attendance at VidCon Europe, the Featured Creators list will regularly update at

The long-awaited VidCon Europe — with its Australian counterpart, VidCon Australia, at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, September 9-10 — will welcome approximately 7,500 fans and creators, with a custom experience designed to celebrate the unique online video ecosystem of those regions.

VidCon programming and tickets follow a three-track format, designed to appeal to everyone from the most passionate fans to the biggest media companies. The Community Track engages attendees interested in experiencing the online video culture through Q&As, discussions, concerts, interviews, movie nights, meetups, signings, and games. The Creator Track serves attendees looking to make better content, grow their online presence, enter the industry, meet fellow creators, and learn the ins-and-outs of online video culture. The Industry Track features keynotes, fireside chats, seminars, and product demonstrations geared toward attendees working in the online video industry.

This three-day celebration in Amsterdam will feature programming exclusive to the Industry track on Friday, shifting focus to Community and Creator activities and entertainment throughout Saturday and Sunday. Similar to the 8th Annual VidCon (in Anaheim, California, June 21-24), VidCon Europe will feature a variety of endemic and non-endemic sponsors and exhibitors. As veteran VidCon fans know well, these events are packed with robust content, performances, and high-energy celebration, and the VidCon team is determined to continue this tradition overseas. Attendees of the first-ever VidCon Europe in Amsterdam should expect an online-video celebration of global proportions.

As part of their expansion into Europe, VidCon will be partnering with VEED Festival (, a 3-day event focusing on the Dutch online video community, planned for April 6-8. VidCon and VEED will collaborate to bring international, regional, and local online video creators together for networking and celebration.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Aussie Mobster, Aurea Morrisey, Holds Hollywood Hostage

Australian born actress, Aurea Morrisey, has just finished shooting indie feature film “So You Want To Be A Gangster?” in Los Angeles. The film by Mexican born Director, Alex Kahuam, has high hopes after his short film version was accepted into Cannes Film Festival this year.

Aurea plays volatile Christina, riding her sexuality to pursue a capricious agenda involving a deadly cocktail of guns, drugs, and ambition. When asked of her experience playing Christina, Aurea laughed, “Within the first 10 minutes of arriving on set, I had to pash the lead red-headed Mexican character, pull a gun on someone, and then got shot a gruesome death’.

With more than 15 years in the industry, Aurea’s acting skills were polished at the New York Film Academy in 2013. This lead to television roles in MSNBC’s “Heist”, VH1’s “Candidly Nicole”, and several feature films including Turkish film “Yarmani” with Paris Hilton and “Second Coming of Christ” with Tom Sizemore and Sally Kirkland.

Ms. Morrisey has also commenced work playing a talent agent on a comedic television pilot and web-series, by Steven A. Davis, titled “Two19 Game Night” which follows the lives of Five creative (and some not-so-creative) friends as they come together to relive their bizarre and often horrific dates that have occurred during the week.

Aurea plans a short break between Hollywood hold up’s when she plans to return to Australia to spend time surfing with the dolphins. She’s looking forward to becoming a Godmother to her best friend’s first born child and some springtime fun with family and friends in September.

Ben Morrisey
PO Box3893
Los Angeles, 90078


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More Entertainment press releases To Host Gala Dinner And Awards Event To Raise Funds And Honor Their Own “Skip & Donate” Champions (, the non-profit organization dedicated to promoting “Skip Something and Feed a Child,” will host a private “green-carpet” gala evening and awards ceremony on April 6th at 6 p.m. on “The Lot” in Hollywood (formerly Warner Studios) to honor’s extraordinary supporters (friends, families and volunteers) and raise funds for their newest project, the construction of a new kitchen in Ntunga, Rwanda. was founded by Shelene Bryan and established on the pretense that small amounts of money can make a HUGE difference to hungry and thirsty children living well below the poverty line, especially in countries like Haiti, Uganda, Peru and Thailand. seeks to encourage people to simply “skip & donate” for one day a coffee, a pack of gum, a magazine, a car wash, a haircut or a manicure. Anything! strives to bring food and water to children and families in need around the world.

Hosted by Shelene Bryan along with celebrity guests which include Kym Douglas (The Ellen DeGeneres Show), Ryan Newman (See Dad Run, Zeke and Luther), Jimmy Pinchack (Ender’s Game, Men of A Certain Age), Ali Landry (Runaway Hearts, Criminal Minds) and best-selling author, Karen Kingsbury (“Chance,” “The Bridge”), popular X-Factor star Drew Ryniewicz (“Drew”) among others, the evenings events will be highlighted by an awards ceremony, recognizing some of Skip1’s devoted “skippers” and volunteers, followed by a very special introduction to a very special guest.

In addition, the evening, an actual “skip dinner & donate” event, will raise funds for’s next crucial project, building a kitchen in Ntunga, a small village located in Rwanda. Currently maintained by two women who use outdated appliances in a makeshift kitchen to cook one meal a day for 50 children, the new built kitchen and dining room will be enhanced with all new appliances, pots, pans, plates & dishes and utensils, and food to offer these children with the one meal a day (known as “Break Tea” tea and bread, short cake or an egg) they so desperately need.

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Yuta Okamura & Tadamori Yagi Interview: Waking Up

Awarding winning short film Waking Up directed by Yuta Okamura is a about a man who works an a crematorium and recognizes one of the bodies as a professor he once knew which opens up a rediscovery of himself. The script was written by Kimberly Hwang and stars Tadamori Yagi

Director Yuta Okamura and Lead Actor Tadamori Yagi talk about their short film WAKING UP,” that will be screening at the Asians On Film Festival February 16, 2013 @ 9:00PM.

Scott: Where is this story come from?

Yuta: First of all, Kimberly wrote the script, and my producer Vanessa and I chose it because we thought it has very strong universal message. Film is about regret of this artist, and I found sympathy with the character. After graduation, I often talked about our friends like “What we do? Are you gonna still do filmmaking?”. Some of my friends went back home. There are unclear fear around us to face to our own life after the graduation. I think everyone passes this kind of time, and even this discussion focuses on graduated student, but it’s very universal because I believe everyone wonder their own future. That’s why I thought it could be an universal film with my personal experiences.

Scott: How did you meet this man (pointing to Tad, the lead actor)?

Yuta: I met him at audition. We called a lot of actors for this role, Jake, and met great actors. But you know, if you meet many actors, you start to feel everyone is same. I found most actors have great skill and talent, but couldn’t find unique speciality from them. But when Tad enters the room, he has something different- something unique. He can bring his personality into the character and make it real. Tad brought us so many things we had not be able to find from the script. That’s what we are finding- someone who can make the character three dimensional. So after the audition, we didn’t discuss anything about this role. We all knew Tad is the best choice.

Scott: What do you think about the ending of the film? What did you try to do with it?

Yuta: As you know, it is very simple story. It’s obvious that you cannot make this story into a feature film, but that’s the greatest thing about making short film. Audience can fill spaces after watching it. In the ending, Jake starts to change his life, but not dramatically. We don’t know what he will do after the moment. You can imagine a lot of different ways. Actually, it much better to blight each of them’s choice. My biggest work of this film was to express this strong feeling of courage and decision. If you could feel its transformation, this film works. Once you get the first step, the rest of steps follow you.

For information visit:

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A New Dynamic Entertainment Duo Has Arrived

On April 11, 2012, the entertainment world gained two new dynamic bloggers in the from of The Barnes Bros. The Barnes Bros. — formed by Denzel and Jalen Barnes — is an exciting hub for all things entertainment. “We’ll cover movies, TV, video games, comic books, everything you name it!” Jalen said.

No stranger to the industry themselves–they are the authors of the upcoming e-book series “Legends”–Denzel and Jalen feel they can bring a fresh and exciting outlook on the industry. “When people read our blogs and watch our videos, I think they’ll see how fun we are and really get involved,” Denzel said.

In the short time since its arrival, The Barnes Bros. brand has already garnered attention. Denzel and Jalen have gained new followers everyday and praise on their additions to entertainment-related discussions around the Web. As buzz continues to build, The Barnes Bros. is gaining notoriety and requests to expand into other platforms.

“We’ve had someone ask us to move into podcasting already. It’s really wild,” Jalen commented.

Bringing their energy and sense of comedic timing to their work, The Barnes Bros. is looking to shake up the way people perceive entertainment. Using social networking in new and creative ways to connect with their audience, Denzel and Jalen Barnes are shaping up to be an enjoyable duo the likes of which hasn’t been seen in some time.

About The Barnes Bros
The Barnes Bros. brings a comedic, but informative perspective on news and issues in the entertainment world using video media ( and the written word ( The Barnes Bros. aims to use hard work and determination to form an exciting community for all entertainment lovers.

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Bikini-USA confirms that Bobby Petrino’s Latest Text Message Partner, Alison Melder, is not Ms. Bikini-USA 2008

Bobby Petrino has been linked to a second young lady for a text messaging-affair. Information on Alison Melder’s modeling site claims for her to have won the title of Ms. Bikini-USA 2008. Bikini-USA would like to clear up this statement as it is not correct and respond to Claims of Involvement with Alison Melder.

When a scandalous news story breaks so many parties are involved and therefore, become breaking news headlines for many different reasons. Recently, Bobby Petrino has been linked with a motorcycle crash and having an affair with a 26 year old assistant who was with him on the day of the motorcycle accident. Petrino and this assistant shared supposedly thousands of text messages during their affair. Now, the latest hot topic with the former Arkansas Razorback’s Head Coach Petrino is that he was also involved with a 26-year old woman, Alison Melder, during this same time period, and they also shared over 200 racy text messages during a two month period. Ms. Alison Melder may or may not have been involved with Mr. Bobby Petrino, I have no way of confirming their exchange of over 200+ text messages, nor is it any of my personal business just how many mistresses the now Former Arkansas Football Head Coach had in his life.

With the breaking story of Alison Melder and Bobby Petrino’s alleged affair, so many have wondered who is Alison Melder and what exactly is her involvement with former Arkansas Razorback’s Football Coach Bobby Petrino? Also, surfacing in news headlines, USA Todayand Lost Lettermen, are claims made by Ms. Melder that she was the Miss Bikini-USA 2008 Bikini Model competition winner. Ms. Melder, on her modeling site, claims that she won the competition and title as Ms. Bikini-USA 08.

It is true that there is an organization called Bikini-USA with a website full of pages of gorgeous bikini models. Bikini-USA does hold various model competitions throughout the year and proudly hosts its annual competition in a unique, exotic location with various top photographers to shoot and help determine the Ms. Bikini-USA for that year. I will say this, Ms. Alison Melder, although extremely attractive, is one bikini model, I will personally never work with. She has on her personal profile as of today on ( under Awards / Credits: listing herself as Miss Bikini-USA 08 and for that reason alone, I would never work with a model like her. I personally know that this is not true, as I have been actively involved with Bikini-USA. What I can confirm is that Bikini Model Ms. Alison Melder was in no way the winner of the Miss Bikini-USA 2008 bikini model competition. This distinct title was awarded to the ever-so-lovely Ms. Gia Allemand. You have to remember this beautiful and ever so graceful lady. She was one of Jake Pavelka’s favorites on the ABC Show “The Bachelor – On the Wings of Love” season. I had the distinct privilege of doing a phone interview with Ms. Gia Allemand and I have to say that she is just as lovely in her demeanor on a phone interview as she is on TV.  I could only hope to work with such a lovely bikini model down the road. I also had the privilege of putting together her photos and cover story for Bikini-USA ( while she was on “The Bachelor”.

I also asked the Owner’s of Bikini-USA, Jay and Terri Dingle, if they have ever had any knowledge of Alison Melder in any shape form or fashion. I’ve known both Jay and Terri for years, and they both told me that they just can’t ever remember this one particular model.  We are talking about two people who make it their business to personally get to know each and every bikini model who participates in any of their bikini model competitions. Bikini USA owners have been unable to identify Ms. Melder’s involvement with their organization and have been unable to contact Ms. Melder to verify her claims.

The owners of Bikini USA are perplexed by their recent influx of media contacts for interview requests and additional information regarding Alison Melder, the” self-proclaimed winner” of Miss Bikini USA 2008.

“While it is possible Ms. Melder may have won a local photo submission contest, we have no record of her winning or entering an official Bikini USA contest. We do however consider all winners of any contest with which we are associated, part of the Bikini USA family and wish Alison the best in her current and future endeavors” stated Terri Dingle, part owner of the Bikini USA franchise.

Further, no Bikini-USA Staff photographer has any knowledge of Ms. Melder, and every Miss Bikini-USA Competition has a minimum of three Bikini-USA Staff Photographers on hand to work with, photograph and provide advice to all bikini models in their competitions.  You see, not only do I participate in the web site portion of Bikini-USA, but I have also had the privilege to do model photography with them and proud to say that I have more than a few shots on record with them!

The owners of Bikini USA have also made attempts to contact Ms. Melder regarding her involvement with their organization and have been unsuccessful to date. The Bikini USA organization manages thousands of aspiring models and promotes them at events and various sponsored contests.

So I am confused and a tad dismayed that any reputable news agency is reporting that Ms. Alison Melder was the Former Miss Bikini-USA 2008 winner when all they had to do to fact check this was to either hit the Bikini-USA site ; email Jay and Terri Dingle; or that matter, give them a call.

Even furthermore, I can’t confirm or deny that Ms. Alison Melder’s claim to be Miss Motorcycle Mania 2008 is true or false. I can tell you this, after ten minutes of using a little known search engine called Google; I couldn’t locate one official Motorcycle Mania website. I did however find a number of different websites that have added city names to that verbiage but not one for the supposed Miss Motorcycle Mania claim for 2008. My Dad always told me that where there’s smoke there’s fire. It would appear to me that knowing for a fact that Miss Alison Melder’s claim to be Miss Bikini-USA 2008 as false; then I would say it’s probably safe to presume that her claim for her other Awards is the same.

As for her text messages to a married man who was riding around on a motorcycle with a young lady that wasn’t his wife, hey who am I to judge? As for USA Today and other news agencies that have the audacity to call themselves journalists, how about you guys spend at least the same 15 minutes I spent looking online to do at the very least a little fact checking first?  I’m not even a seasoned reporter and even I know that much!

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A Detour to Mexico: From Mystery to Movie

RisingStar31Productions announces a new ‘star search’ for talented actors and musicians. The company launched two online contests to begin auditions for the film, A Detour to Mexico. It’s a musical which was co-authored with the late Mrs. Sammy Davis, Jr.

Offering a new twist in ‘audience participation,’ the public will be invited to help judge the contestants, who’ll win cash prizes as well as the opportunity to perform in the film.

Pamela Sherrod, the co-writer of the screenplay, says, “There’s so much talent out there, artists who’re just waiting to be discovered. And there are unforgettable characters in the story . . . just waiting to come to life.”

A Detour to Mexico is a musical adventure that follows the escapades of a family of performers who encounter unexpected challenges while traveling to a talent competition. The story’s characters, however, weren’t the only ones who’d experience unexpected trials during their journey. After completing the first draft, the writers actually stumbled down their own difficult road.

A mystery still surrounds the striking similarities between part of the plot and the film, The Cheetah Girls 2: When in Spain, which was produced by Whitney Houston and featured the star, Raven-Symone. Sherrod, who’d given the story to an old friend (and mentor) who was a writer/producer for the show, That’s So Raven, inquired about the similarities, but her calls were never returned.

Three years later, Altovise Davis died shortly after they formed a company to produce the film. When Sherrod’s fiancé died thirty-five days, she was devastated. She dropped the project to begin ministry work, seeking to offer hope and encouragement to people struggling with addiction. Eventually, however, it led her back to producing inspirational books and videos. She chronicled the stormy events surrounding her partner’s last years in The Last Chapter in the Life of Mrs. Sammy Davis, Jr., and published their screenplay in the book, A Detour to Mexico.

Sherrod officially opened the contests last week, and is excited about producing the film.

“It offers a powerful message about the miracle of love. . .” she says, “and I believe it’s time to share it.”

There’s also another message, and it was the primary reason why the women initially joined forces. Altovise was married for twenty years to the famous Rat Pack star, Sammy Davis, Jr. He’d started performing when he was only four, and had never attended school. Sammy couldn’t read or write until he was an adult, and always regretted it. He urged his wife to reach out to kids and emphasize the importance of getting an education. Together, the women set out to accomplish this through their stories and future films. A Detour to Mexico was their first project.

The film’s progress is significant for another reason. Altovise endured a long battle with alcoholism, and struggled to overcome the stigma associated with addiction. “In fact . . .” says Sherrod, “she was told she’d never be anything but a famous man’s wife, or rise above her battle with alcohol to accomplish anything.”

“I beg to differ with that,” Sherrod continues. “Altovise helped create a magnificent story, and I wish that she was here to finally see it produced.”

Sherrod looks forward to discovering and showcasing the talent of emerging new artists, and hopes that the contests, as well as the film, will be the beginning of exciting new careers for the contest winners.

‘A Detour to Mexico’ Video Contest showcases the acting and production skills used to produce a three-minute scene from the story. One prize of $500 is awarded to the winner (s) of this competition, as well as the opportunity to star in the film.

‘A Detour to Mexico’ Musicians’ Contest is based on a music-related scene from the screenplay and showcases the vocalist, band and/or singing/dancing group that wins the best videotaped performance of an original arrangement. One prize of $500 is awarded to the winner (s) and the opportunity to perform in the film.

There is a $10.00 Entry Fee for each contest, and the deadline for both competitions is November 30, 2012.

For more information about RisingStar31 Productions and ‘A Detour to Mexico’ Contests, please visit:

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Sayin it Plain Welcomes Mildred D Muhammad EX. Wife of the D.C Sniper John Allen Muhammad To the Show

The Hottest New Show on Internet Radio, Sayin it Plain returns 1-21-2012 to tackle the sensitive subject of Domestic Violence. Sayin it Plain welcomes Mildred D Muhammad EX. Wife of the D.C Sniper John Allen Muhammad, founder of After the Trauma and author of Scared Silent. She will talk to the crew about her riveting story of survival and the events that led to the tragedy that gripped America. Sayin It Plain is Streaming Live @ 8PM (EASTERN) on 1-21-2012. Go to or to listen live. Sayin it Plain where keepinG it real is not just a phrase.

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Top Artists Use Blue Dot To Support BBC Children In Need

Top stars at BBC’s Children In Need have recorded exclusive backstage performances that fans can now get with Blue Dots, the new social currency. By donating just £5 to help children across the UK music lovers will receive 5 Blue Dots that gives them full access to all 10 of these very special recordings of the bands, perfored behind their locked dressing room doors.

The ten tracks include:
– JLS performing an acapella version of ‘She Makes Me Wanna’
– An acoustic rendition of ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ from One Direction
– Gary & Nathan from Snow Patrol with a soulful performance of ‘Lifening’
– A unique and amazing band performance of ‘Us Against The World’ from Coldplay
– Westlife performing an acapella version of ‘What About Now’
– The Saturday’s performing a unique acoustic version of ‘All Fired Up’
– Guy & Craig from Elbow performing ‘The River’
– Rizzle Kicks playing a cover version of ‘What a Day for a Daydream’
– James Morrison performing a unique cover of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Knocks Me Off My Feet’

Fans can view sneak previews of the Children in Need videos on the Blue Dot Facebook page at and get extra Blue Dots by ‘liking’ Pudsey and BlueDotWorld’s Facebook pages.

Blue Dot is the new social currency given to people who do good things for their favourite causes – sharing on social media, volunteering and donating to any one of 100k non-profits globally.

Blue Dot founder Chris Ward commented: “I was previously Creative Director of the UK’s Comic Relief, where we work first hand with major stars and brands to create attention-grabbing moments that engage millions of people in volunteering and charitable giving.

“I created Blue Dot, as a genuinely new and innovative way to enable every single cause to create that same impact, every single day of the year.”

Natasha Hill, Marketing Director, Cancer Research UK added: “Blue Dot can be to charity what Nectar is to shopping.”

BBC Children in Need is the BBC’s UK corporate charity which helps disadvantaged children across the UK. More information can be found at

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Best of British Bling Backs Miss England

Clip on earring specialist jewellers,, sponsor British Beauty Queen, Alize Mounter as she stands for England at Miss World.

crowningmissengland.jpg (216×324)

20th October 2011 London, UK – By conventional standards, it’s not been a year with much to cheer about. Food and heating costs have increased, budgets have been slashed and politicians around the globe continue to make ugly faces at each other rather than work together to solve the issues. Yet this year the 61st Miss World contest will be staged in London, UK and clip on earring specialist jewellers, Make Me Beautiful, have got together with reigning Miss England, Alize Mounter, to show that Britain’s got beauty.

“Like the best English tweed, Alize is unfussy yet stunningly put together with a surprising amount of inner strength”, spoke Make Me Beautiful founder, Misae Richwoods . “We just had to get behind her and support her in England ‘s bid for Miss World when it comes to home turf!”

Make Me Beautiful have become Miss England’s Official Jewellery Sponsor at Miss World and arranged for a number of English designer brands to be available for Alize to wear. Participating designers and brands include Fiorelli, Adele Marie and Zandra Rhodes of London, Barbara Easton of Maidenhead and Elements Silver who are based in Essex.

The Miss World 2011 Final will be televised although the contest will have run for three whole weeks for the contestants.

“It’s not a case of turn up and look pretty on the night,” laughed Alize, who’s previous television experience included the hit series Britain’s Next Top Model. “We’ll be with the judges for three weeks having all sorts of random activities thrown at us. At this level, it’s not just competing on looks as all the other girls are stunning. It’s who has the right personality to carry forwards the charitable work the Miss World organisation carries out as the winner will spend a year doing just that. I’m really excited to be representing England and look forward to being at Miss World.”

Alize completed her warm up to Miss World by taking time out from her degree studies to jump from an aeroplane, raising over £2,000 for the Parachute Regiment Charity in the process. With past global audiences for the show surpa ss ing the 2 billion mark, the world will see if a star shines for Alize that night. Over 8 million UK viewers are expected to tune in when Channel 5 broadcasts the Miss World finals on November 6th 2011.

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Rihanna Lights Up Performing In Birmingham In This November 2011

Fans can see the R n’ B sensation as she performs her biggest selling songs mixed with awe inspiring dance routines for the ‘Loud’ tour. Named after her latest album, the concerts will be the chance for audiences to hear the chart topping singles from the album. Leading tracks are set to include the collaboration with Drake for the ‘What’s My Name’ single and the massively popular ‘Only Girl’.

‘Loud’ is Rihanna’s fifth recording which went straight to the top of the album charts and during the concert she’ll also be performing some of her biggest hits from her previous four albums. Among the line up of classics during the show will be the internationally acclaimed hits such as ‘Umbrella’, ‘Rude Boy’ and ‘Shut Up and Drive’.

In 2010 Rihanna hit the biggest arenas around the UK as part of the ‘Rated R’ tour which was a huge success and her latest tour is already proving to be even larger than the last. The show is being held at Birmingham’s LG Arena on 18th November 2011 and while searching for tickets audiences should also look to book accommodation at a hotel Birmingham City Centre as places are set to become fully booked.

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KISS Star Gene Simmons’ Therapist On His Issues: ‘Do I Have To Pick Just One?’

Dr. Ann Wexler is a Beverly Hills-based psychologist specializing in couples therapy. She is currently appearing on Gene Simmons Family Jewels, where she has been helping the KISS star and his longtime partner Shannon Tweed sort through their relationship troubles. In a new interview with, when asked to identify Simmons’ primary therapy issue Wexler quipped, “Wow. Do I have to pick just one?”

On a more serious note she said, “When I very first met him, I thought, ‘Wow, we really need to break through this rock star persona, this TV persona. We have to break through this and I need to find out who he really is. I need to get to who he really is for us to do real work.’ And it turned out that he really did let me in, but I didn’t know if he was going to.”

Dr. Wexler said that Simmons’ public displays of cockiness are actually a front to cover up insecurities that stem from his father abandoning him when he was a child. “I believe that insecurity has stayed with him his whole life,” she stated. “Even though he’s been so hugely successful, and he’s so talented, he still has this feeling deep inside of having to prove that he’s the man. And I think that’s why he sometimes comes off with an overblown self-confidence.”

The show’s season finale airs Tuesday night, and previews show Simmons finally proposing to Tweed after 28 years of being, as he terms it, “happily unmarried.” Wexler said that despite the hard work she’s done with the couple, the decision whether to stay together or go their separate ways has to come from them. “I don’t have an agenda as a psychologist. It’s not my place to determine whether a couple should stay together or be apart,” she observed. “I work with the couple based on what they each express, what they each need and want, both as individuals and as a couple. “

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Cliff Richard Concert Breaks from Newmarket

Britain’s best-loved pop icon is back! Following his triumphant 70th Birthday shows in 2010, Britain’s undisputed King of Pop returns to the stage with a series of concerts in October 2011, and his legions of fans can get ready to sing along once again.

Having scored number one hits in each of the last five decades and sold a staggering 250 million records, Cliff is at his very best in his live shows, which provide a chance for him to share his unique magic with his fans. Nothing beats seeing Cliff in person, performing hits like rock ‘n’ roll standard ‘Move It’, pop-rock classic ‘Devil Woman’, beautiful ballads like ‘Miss You Nights’ and a vast array of favourites from across the years.

Specialist tour operator Newmarket Holidays is offering opportunities for Cliff’s fans to see him perform live this year on the eagerly awaited ‘Soulicious’ tour. With superb-value concert packages starting at £189, there’s no better way to experience what promises to be a night of pure pop magic.

Produced and directed by David Gest, this special UK arena concert tour will feature many of Cliff’s classic hits, as well as music from his latest ‘Soulicious’ album. There will also be performances by some of the world’s greatest soul legends – from Candi Staton to Percy Sledge – and duets with Cliff and his special guests.

Newmarket is offering Cliff Richard concert breaks to all of the ‘Soulicious’ venues, so fans from all over the UK can choose whether to see Cliff in London, Nottingham, Birmingham or Newcastle. Great-value concert breaks by coach – priced from £199 – offer the opportunity to see the pop legend and guests at the LG Arena, NEC Birmingham, the Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle, and the Classic FM Arena, Nottingham.

Newmarket’s Cliff Richard coach trips include coach travel from local pick-up points across the UK, a visit to a place of interest on the return journey, one night’s bed and breakfast accommodation, and transfers to the venue for the highlight of the trip – a spectacular evening of musical entertainment!

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Glitzy Secrets and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Announce Burlesque Competition

Glitzy Secrets and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment celebrate the release of ‘Burlesque’ on Blu-ray and DVD by running a competition on the Glitzy Secrets website.

Participants in the competition have a chance to win one of five prize sets which include a Sony camera, ‘Burlesque’ on DVD, a copy of the film’s soundtrack and £50 worth of Glitzy Secrets gift vouchers so customers can get the Burlesque look with vintage inspired costume jewellery and hair accessories.

Those wishing to take part can visit the Glitzy Secrets website to view the competition question. Participants can email their answers to to be entered into the prize draw.

Victoria Swan, designer and director at Glitzy Secrets said: “The art of ‘Burlesque’ has undoubtedly seen a revival over the last decade, most recently with the Sony Pictures movie, ‘Burlesque’, featuring Cher and Christina Aguilera. Associated with glamour and drama, modern-day icons such as Dita Von Teese have shown how influences of Burlesque inspired style can be carried into the everyday wardrobes of women to beautifully accentuate their curves and femininity. Also key in achieving the classic Burlesque style are bold accessories, with a focus on statement burlesque jewellery bejewelled headpieces, gem encrusted chandelier earrings and sparkling ornate cuffs.”

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Two Special Limited-edition Gelish Colors Announced Today

Hand & Nail Harmony, Inc., makers of Gelish, announces the creation of two special limited-edition Gelish colors today, “Pink Cherry-Blossom of Renewal” and “Pink Lilac Sparkle Sunrise.” Gelish will donate advance proceeds for Japan Tsunami & Earthquake Relief, in order to assist the survivors who live in areas affected by the devastating quake. The two special “Japanese-pink” pigments pay homage to the resilience of the people of Japan.

Harmony’s CEO, Danny Haile, has developed products in Japan for 15 years, working with Tokyo-based Nails Unique, a leading beauty-products distributor.

Mr. Haile is the inventor of Gelish, the holder of an international patent and three US patents pending, the brand front-runner in the newest salon nail-care trend, “the Gelish Permanent Manicure” that uses a unique gel-polish fusion technology. Gelish will donate over $50,0000 in advance to represent sales earnings from the two exclusive tribute shades. The donation period will be effective immediately, starting today through the anticipated period of distribution of the limited run of 1,500 specially-labeled bottles to last until about May 30, 2011. Gelish will donate the funds to the American Red Cross for Japan relief efforts.

Haile, President and CEO of Gelish, and David Daniel, COO, said, “This is a crisis that needs global help from all sectors; all of us here at Gelish and Hand & Nail Harmony extend our thoughts and prayers to the people of Japan and wish to support their relief and rebuilding efforts. We are committed to raising and donating funds to help our overseas colleagues and friends as well as their families and loved ones.”

About Gelish
Gelish, winner of the “Innovative Product of the Year Award,” adhesion-bonds gel-polish onto nail-edges, chemically attaching a micro-fine coating atop and all around each nail for a polished look that’s strong yet flexible, with no chipping or peeling. No odor, no chipping, no scraping…and no time-crunch issues, either: Gelish cures in seconds in an L.E.D. lamp, drying to a high-gloss, super-shiny finish that lasts and lasts – as fresh and glossy on Day 21 as Day 1. Gelish, available in close to 100 glorious colors, is sold exclusively to nail professionals for salon use, though soon a consumer kit for touch-ups is in the works to be sold exclusively through Sally Beauty Products. Gelish has been seen on music stars like Katy Perry, Rhianna, JLo and Ciara, on top supermodels for live runway fashion events, in print/magazine ads and editorials and on the hands and toes of stars of film and television. For more information, visit

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Butlins Guarantees The Nations’ Mums A Hassle Free Christmas And New Year

Mums always bear the brunt of ensuring that the family have a great Christmas but this year Butlins guarantees that the nations’ mums have a great Christmas as well.

Imagine the excitement on your family’s face as they walk into a true winter wonderland, created in the Skyline Pavilion at the heart of each resort, with the kids wide-eyed at the giant Christmas tree, magical lantern-lit horse drawn parade and Santa’s Grotto where every child gets a gift. The whole family can soak up the atmosphere of the traditional Christmas market with adults enjoying a glass of mulled wine whilst everyone joins in the carol singing.

You’ll never hear “I’m bored” as there are so many things to see and do as well as new things to experience throughout the Christmas and New Year breaks. Kids can learn about animals at the Winter Farmyard where they get close to a real live Reindeer and Bjorn the polar bear and his many friends invite all the family to experience an indoor snowstorm. Christmas breaks wouldn’t be the same without the seasonal pantomime where adults can pretend to be children again – and nobody thinks anything of it!

Everyone loves to be beside the seaside no matter the weather. All the resorts, Bognor Regis, Minehead and Skegness, stand directly on the seafront so you can wrap up and enjoy a bracing family walk after all the festive food has been consumed. Or, if you prefer, just relax and be entertained at one of the many shows.

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Mobbed Music Launched Its NEW MUSIC REVIEW Blog Last Week

MobbedMusic welcomes record labels and artists to submit new material for review and exposure on it’s website. We not only review new music but we showcase the album cover prominently on our website with link backs to the artist, label, or where to buy.

Jared Stratton has joined MobbedMusic as Music Review Editor and enjoys reviewing all musical genre’s and can be reached at: Jared has written extensively on music and has co-edited the e-anthology Beer Time and his fiction collection, Bar Flys was published in 2010.

“We are very excited to have Jared on board, now fans, artists, labels, the music industry insiders can easily access new and established artists,” says Corwin. “And we’re adding more reviews every day. You can come to the site again and again because you will be entertained every time.”

To have new music reviewed is simple; just send us either a CD or links to your tacks, send us artwork to post on the site with the review so we can showcase your work.

Featured bands benefit in two ways: Exposure plus site traffic. The name of each bands website can be prominently displayed and links to websites are provided as well. Users are able to rate, save and comment on each review, creating a dialogue with others in the industry and fans.

For more information about Mobbed Music, visit the live site:

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Katy Perry Sparkles in Vegas For Her Hen Night Organised By Rihanna

When the news spread out that Russell Brand and Katy Perry were soon to be getting married, no-one could imagine what a merging of two famous wacky celebrities would look like. So you can actually picture what Perry’s Hen night would resemble if her close friend Rihanna were to have host it? Surely we’re not the only ones struggling to contemplate this wild pair pulling out the stops for a girlie event to remember.

The Cirque Du Soleil theme was picked by Rihanna because she wanted the Hen night to be trendy enough to rival the couple’s impending marriage ceremony in India. It seems she did her role as the ‘Hostess with the Mostest’ proud as 25 guests partied at Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel Beach Club complete with an abundance of alcohol and rude designed cakes. Perry, Rihanna and their respective companions later swapped their bikinis for evening dresses and ventured off to the Cirque du Soleil production of Ka at the MGM Grand Hotel in no less than a hummer limousine.

Soon after posing for some pictures together with the cast backstage, the night appeared to have only started. What else could we expect for Katy Perry’s Hen Night? The night ensued with dinner, dancing VIP at the XS Lounge followed by a private dance by a Busty Blonde for Perry in Sapphire strip club, Rihanna most likely sensed her best friend needed a little more luxury away from the public eye and so the 25 ladies ventured off to a exclusive sky box for what we can only imagine to be some kind of shamelessly outrageous antics. Since of course the bride to be is no one other than the Russell Brand’s bride-to-be…The Hen Night extravaganza appeared to be completely wild enough for Perry to forget that her fiancée was meant to be in on the action, confirmed by her morning tweet ‘Signing up for a liver transplant…What a night’.

Indeed what a night Perry’s hen turned out to be, even without having Brand at the event because he had been busted the previous day at LAX airport for attacking a photographer for trying to grab a shot of Perry’s underskirt. If only a lot more Hen Parties could be like a 5th of exactly what Perry’s must have been like. If only we all got Rihanna as a Host, and Brand as a fiancée…okay enough fantasizing, we wonder how Brand will get the best of himself, not to mention his fiancée at his substantially awaited Stag Night….we shudder to think just what debauchery will occur with Noel Gallagher already on the guest list which is certain to be star-studded. Brand will have to go above his reputation for being a die-hard partier in order to set the trend for all Stag Party’s to come.

Unless Rihanna is your best friend take a look at our Hen Weekends packages, completely organsied from start to finish leaving only fun & wonderful memories for you and your friends.

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Several Country Music Artists Provide Support To The Non-Profit Organization: Hear The Music Live

Hear The Music Live recently had a Gibson Guitar painted by a famous Nashville artist, Mandy Lawson. Mandy has painted guitars for many of the top country music artists (e.g. Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, George Strait, and others). Several country artists have signed the Hear The Music Live guitar including: Tim McGraw, The Judds, Lady Antebellum, Jake Owen, Rodney Atkins, Gloriana, Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus, Faith Hill, Keith Urban, Katie Armiger, Kellie Pickler, Cowboy Troy, Mark Wills, John Rich, Pam Tillis, Chris Young, Toby Keith, Brad Paisley, Jimmy Wayne and many more. Please view the Guitar Auction Video for more details.

The Hear The Music Live guitar will be auctioned on during November 9th-19th, 2010. The proceeds will be used to send pre-teens and teens that are currently in residential treatment foster care group homes to see live concert performances throughout the U.S.

Hear The Music Live’s primary focus is to reach out to pre-teens and teens in residential treatment foster care group homes to give them the opportunity to attend a concert in their local area (e.g. 90% of the children that Hear The Music Live sends to concerts have never been to a live concert). These children homes provide quality residential treatment programs for abused and neglected children and adolescents.

Hear The Music Live was founded by Steven Nornhold in the summer of 2009. To date, Hear The Music Live has sent over 2000 pre-teens and teens from residential foster care group homes to see live concerts and meet music performers throughout the U.S. During 2009 and 2010, Hear The Music Live obtained substantial support from country music artists. This support includes:

Providing Meet and Greet opportunities for the foster care pre-teens/teens at their concert events

Enabling VIP ticket buy opportunities so that Hear The Music Live may arrange chaperone and pre-teens/teens group seating arrangements at the concert events

Donation of VIP tickets

Recording of Hear The Music Live’s Theme song (e.g. by Katie Armiger)

Country Radio Public Service Announcement (PSA) have been recorded by Katie Armiger, Jimmy Wayne and Rodney Atkins. You can listen and download the PSAs from Hear The Music Live’s website:

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