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Aussie Mobster, Aurea Morrisey, Holds Hollywood Hostage

Australian born actress, Aurea Morrisey, has just finished shooting indie feature film “So You Want To Be A Gangster?” in Los Angeles. The film by Mexican born Director, Alex Kahuam, has high hopes after his short film version was accepted into Cannes Film Festival this year.

Aurea plays volatile Christina, riding her sexuality to pursue a capricious agenda involving a deadly cocktail of guns, drugs, and ambition. When asked of her experience playing Christina, Aurea laughed, “Within the first 10 minutes of arriving on set, I had to pash the lead red-headed Mexican character, pull a gun on someone, and then got shot a gruesome death’.

With more than 15 years in the industry, Aurea’s acting skills were polished at the New York Film Academy in 2013. This lead to television roles in MSNBC’s “Heist”, VH1’s “Candidly Nicole”, and several feature films including Turkish film “Yarmani” with Paris Hilton and “Second Coming of Christ” with Tom Sizemore and Sally Kirkland.

Ms. Morrisey has also commenced work playing a talent agent on a comedic television pilot and web-series, by Steven A. Davis, titled “Two19 Game Night” which follows the lives of Five creative (and some not-so-creative) friends as they come together to relive their bizarre and often horrific dates that have occurred during the week.

Aurea plans a short break between Hollywood hold up’s when she plans to return to Australia to spend time surfing with the dolphins. She’s looking forward to becoming a Godmother to her best friend’s first born child and some springtime fun with family and friends in September.

Ben Morrisey
PO Box3893
Los Angeles, 90078


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Yuta Okamura & Tadamori Yagi Interview: Waking Up

Awarding winning short film Waking Up directed by Yuta Okamura is a about a man who works an a crematorium and recognizes one of the bodies as a professor he once knew which opens up a rediscovery of himself. The script was written by Kimberly Hwang and stars Tadamori Yagi

Director Yuta Okamura and Lead Actor Tadamori Yagi talk about their short film WAKING UP,” that will be screening at the Asians On Film Festival February 16, 2013 @ 9:00PM.

Scott: Where is this story come from?

Yuta: First of all, Kimberly wrote the script, and my producer Vanessa and I chose it because we thought it has very strong universal message. Film is about regret of this artist, and I found sympathy with the character. After graduation, I often talked about our friends like “What we do? Are you gonna still do filmmaking?”. Some of my friends went back home. There are unclear fear around us to face to our own life after the graduation. I think everyone passes this kind of time, and even this discussion focuses on graduated student, but it’s very universal because I believe everyone wonder their own future. That’s why I thought it could be an universal film with my personal experiences.

Scott: How did you meet this man (pointing to Tad, the lead actor)?

Yuta: I met him at audition. We called a lot of actors for this role, Jake, and met great actors. But you know, if you meet many actors, you start to feel everyone is same. I found most actors have great skill and talent, but couldn’t find unique speciality from them. But when Tad enters the room, he has something different- something unique. He can bring his personality into the character and make it real. Tad brought us so many things we had not be able to find from the script. That’s what we are finding- someone who can make the character three dimensional. So after the audition, we didn’t discuss anything about this role. We all knew Tad is the best choice.

Scott: What do you think about the ending of the film? What did you try to do with it?

Yuta: As you know, it is very simple story. It’s obvious that you cannot make this story into a feature film, but that’s the greatest thing about making short film. Audience can fill spaces after watching it. In the ending, Jake starts to change his life, but not dramatically. We don’t know what he will do after the moment. You can imagine a lot of different ways. Actually, it much better to blight each of them’s choice. My biggest work of this film was to express this strong feeling of courage and decision. If you could feel its transformation, this film works. Once you get the first step, the rest of steps follow you.

For information visit:

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24 USA States & 29 USA Cities Score New Traditional Country Star Search Auditions

The next Traditional Country Music Star will be found when “The Hillbilly Factor” auditions visit one of the 29 USA cities on the tour schedule.

The new online Traditional Country music hub, HillbilliesVille, dedicated to furthering the traditional country music genre, has launched “The Hillbilly Factor” the new annual star search.

“The Hillbilly Factor” is looking to find up to ten new amazing, vocalists who will be future stars of the genre, charged with keeping the country sound real & alive.

The “Hillbilly Factor” auditions will be conducted across the USA to select the talent for the search finals that will debut at the second annual HillbilliesVille Country FEST celebration of traditional country music – Nashville, Tennessee. June 2013.

“Traditional country music needs new stars and we believe they are out there here is America waiting for this opportunity, there is a modern day Merle Haggard, George Jones, Loretta Lynn and even 2013’s Hank Williams” said Star Search Organizer Kevin Kiepe.

“We are finishing in Nashville, but this is about Traditional Country Music, and we are literally searching the entire country, no matter where you live you can get to one of our 29 Auditions”.

The auditions will be streamed live, video streamed to the online global HillbilliesVille audience from each audition city.

The “Hillbilly Factor” auditions will take place across 24 states and will visit 29 cities starting in Texas and visiting: Houston-Fort Worth-Amarillo New Mexico AlbuquerqueArizona Tucson California Bakersfield-Sacramento Oregon Portland Idaho Boise UtahSalt Lake City Wyoming Cheyenne Colorado Denver Nebraska Omaha Kansas Kansas City Missouri St Louis Kentucky Louisville Illinois Chicago Ohio Cleveland PennsylvaniaPittsburgh New York Saratoga Springs-Manhattan Virginia Richmond North CarolinaGreensboro Georgia Atlanta Florida Jacksonville Alabama Montgomery Mississippi JacksonArkansas Little Rock Tennessee Nashville

The “Hillbilly Factor” auditions will be held to select Finalists who will be invited to take a place in “The Hillbilly Factor” finals to be held from June 5-10, 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee.

“This is search is way overdue and a turning point, we will find new stars that sing Traditional Country just like the record companies and Hollywood film producers who launched nationwide searches for marketable country singing stars back in mid to late 1920’s did, ” said HillbilliesVille founder, Kevin Kiepe.

“Every fan remembers the first time they heard their favorite artist on the radio, it was special and this will be, only it won’t be on the radio, it will be live video to the world,” added Kiepe.

“If you are aged 13 plus and think you have the ‘Hillbilly Factor’ then we want to hear you sing.” The search is open to any vocalist, vocal group or duo 13 years of age and over who has never had Billboard top 40 charting and wants a career in Traditional Country Music. ”

“The Hillbilly Factor” will select up to ten winning artists who will receive a live performance contract as host of their own LIVE Country music reality channel on the HillbilliesVille platform, and other career development, including a 12 month public relations service agreement, recording time and associated career support.

Judging will be by combination of the public – everyday country music fans and a judging panel of traditional country music industry achievers.

Mr. Kiepe said, “The dates and venues for each audition city will be announced in October & November during a 29 city promotional tour for “The Hillbilly Factor”.

All other details will be published at prior to the commencement of The Hillbilly Factor promotional tour during October 2012. Interested artists can join “The Hillbilly Factor Entrants Group” on Facebook now.

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Bikini-USA confirms that Bobby Petrino’s Latest Text Message Partner, Alison Melder, is not Ms. Bikini-USA 2008

Bobby Petrino has been linked to a second young lady for a text messaging-affair. Information on Alison Melder’s modeling site claims for her to have won the title of Ms. Bikini-USA 2008. Bikini-USA would like to clear up this statement as it is not correct and respond to Claims of Involvement with Alison Melder.

When a scandalous news story breaks so many parties are involved and therefore, become breaking news headlines for many different reasons. Recently, Bobby Petrino has been linked with a motorcycle crash and having an affair with a 26 year old assistant who was with him on the day of the motorcycle accident. Petrino and this assistant shared supposedly thousands of text messages during their affair. Now, the latest hot topic with the former Arkansas Razorback’s Head Coach Petrino is that he was also involved with a 26-year old woman, Alison Melder, during this same time period, and they also shared over 200 racy text messages during a two month period. Ms. Alison Melder may or may not have been involved with Mr. Bobby Petrino, I have no way of confirming their exchange of over 200+ text messages, nor is it any of my personal business just how many mistresses the now Former Arkansas Football Head Coach had in his life.

With the breaking story of Alison Melder and Bobby Petrino’s alleged affair, so many have wondered who is Alison Melder and what exactly is her involvement with former Arkansas Razorback’s Football Coach Bobby Petrino? Also, surfacing in news headlines, USA Todayand Lost Lettermen, are claims made by Ms. Melder that she was the Miss Bikini-USA 2008 Bikini Model competition winner. Ms. Melder, on her modeling site, claims that she won the competition and title as Ms. Bikini-USA 08.

It is true that there is an organization called Bikini-USA with a website full of pages of gorgeous bikini models. Bikini-USA does hold various model competitions throughout the year and proudly hosts its annual competition in a unique, exotic location with various top photographers to shoot and help determine the Ms. Bikini-USA for that year. I will say this, Ms. Alison Melder, although extremely attractive, is one bikini model, I will personally never work with. She has on her personal profile as of today on ( under Awards / Credits: listing herself as Miss Bikini-USA 08 and for that reason alone, I would never work with a model like her. I personally know that this is not true, as I have been actively involved with Bikini-USA. What I can confirm is that Bikini Model Ms. Alison Melder was in no way the winner of the Miss Bikini-USA 2008 bikini model competition. This distinct title was awarded to the ever-so-lovely Ms. Gia Allemand. You have to remember this beautiful and ever so graceful lady. She was one of Jake Pavelka’s favorites on the ABC Show “The Bachelor – On the Wings of Love” season. I had the distinct privilege of doing a phone interview with Ms. Gia Allemand and I have to say that she is just as lovely in her demeanor on a phone interview as she is on TV.  I could only hope to work with such a lovely bikini model down the road. I also had the privilege of putting together her photos and cover story for Bikini-USA ( while she was on “The Bachelor”.

I also asked the Owner’s of Bikini-USA, Jay and Terri Dingle, if they have ever had any knowledge of Alison Melder in any shape form or fashion. I’ve known both Jay and Terri for years, and they both told me that they just can’t ever remember this one particular model.  We are talking about two people who make it their business to personally get to know each and every bikini model who participates in any of their bikini model competitions. Bikini USA owners have been unable to identify Ms. Melder’s involvement with their organization and have been unable to contact Ms. Melder to verify her claims.

The owners of Bikini USA are perplexed by their recent influx of media contacts for interview requests and additional information regarding Alison Melder, the” self-proclaimed winner” of Miss Bikini USA 2008.

“While it is possible Ms. Melder may have won a local photo submission contest, we have no record of her winning or entering an official Bikini USA contest. We do however consider all winners of any contest with which we are associated, part of the Bikini USA family and wish Alison the best in her current and future endeavors” stated Terri Dingle, part owner of the Bikini USA franchise.

Further, no Bikini-USA Staff photographer has any knowledge of Ms. Melder, and every Miss Bikini-USA Competition has a minimum of three Bikini-USA Staff Photographers on hand to work with, photograph and provide advice to all bikini models in their competitions.  You see, not only do I participate in the web site portion of Bikini-USA, but I have also had the privilege to do model photography with them and proud to say that I have more than a few shots on record with them!

The owners of Bikini USA have also made attempts to contact Ms. Melder regarding her involvement with their organization and have been unsuccessful to date. The Bikini USA organization manages thousands of aspiring models and promotes them at events and various sponsored contests.

So I am confused and a tad dismayed that any reputable news agency is reporting that Ms. Alison Melder was the Former Miss Bikini-USA 2008 winner when all they had to do to fact check this was to either hit the Bikini-USA site ; email Jay and Terri Dingle; or that matter, give them a call.

Even furthermore, I can’t confirm or deny that Ms. Alison Melder’s claim to be Miss Motorcycle Mania 2008 is true or false. I can tell you this, after ten minutes of using a little known search engine called Google; I couldn’t locate one official Motorcycle Mania website. I did however find a number of different websites that have added city names to that verbiage but not one for the supposed Miss Motorcycle Mania claim for 2008. My Dad always told me that where there’s smoke there’s fire. It would appear to me that knowing for a fact that Miss Alison Melder’s claim to be Miss Bikini-USA 2008 as false; then I would say it’s probably safe to presume that her claim for her other Awards is the same.

As for her text messages to a married man who was riding around on a motorcycle with a young lady that wasn’t his wife, hey who am I to judge? As for USA Today and other news agencies that have the audacity to call themselves journalists, how about you guys spend at least the same 15 minutes I spent looking online to do at the very least a little fact checking first?  I’m not even a seasoned reporter and even I know that much!

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A Detour to Mexico: From Mystery to Movie

RisingStar31Productions announces a new ‘star search’ for talented actors and musicians. The company launched two online contests to begin auditions for the film, A Detour to Mexico. It’s a musical which was co-authored with the late Mrs. Sammy Davis, Jr.

Offering a new twist in ‘audience participation,’ the public will be invited to help judge the contestants, who’ll win cash prizes as well as the opportunity to perform in the film.

Pamela Sherrod, the co-writer of the screenplay, says, “There’s so much talent out there, artists who’re just waiting to be discovered. And there are unforgettable characters in the story . . . just waiting to come to life.”

A Detour to Mexico is a musical adventure that follows the escapades of a family of performers who encounter unexpected challenges while traveling to a talent competition. The story’s characters, however, weren’t the only ones who’d experience unexpected trials during their journey. After completing the first draft, the writers actually stumbled down their own difficult road.

A mystery still surrounds the striking similarities between part of the plot and the film, The Cheetah Girls 2: When in Spain, which was produced by Whitney Houston and featured the star, Raven-Symone. Sherrod, who’d given the story to an old friend (and mentor) who was a writer/producer for the show, That’s So Raven, inquired about the similarities, but her calls were never returned.

Three years later, Altovise Davis died shortly after they formed a company to produce the film. When Sherrod’s fiancé died thirty-five days, she was devastated. She dropped the project to begin ministry work, seeking to offer hope and encouragement to people struggling with addiction. Eventually, however, it led her back to producing inspirational books and videos. She chronicled the stormy events surrounding her partner’s last years in The Last Chapter in the Life of Mrs. Sammy Davis, Jr., and published their screenplay in the book, A Detour to Mexico.

Sherrod officially opened the contests last week, and is excited about producing the film.

“It offers a powerful message about the miracle of love. . .” she says, “and I believe it’s time to share it.”

There’s also another message, and it was the primary reason why the women initially joined forces. Altovise was married for twenty years to the famous Rat Pack star, Sammy Davis, Jr. He’d started performing when he was only four, and had never attended school. Sammy couldn’t read or write until he was an adult, and always regretted it. He urged his wife to reach out to kids and emphasize the importance of getting an education. Together, the women set out to accomplish this through their stories and future films. A Detour to Mexico was their first project.

The film’s progress is significant for another reason. Altovise endured a long battle with alcoholism, and struggled to overcome the stigma associated with addiction. “In fact . . .” says Sherrod, “she was told she’d never be anything but a famous man’s wife, or rise above her battle with alcohol to accomplish anything.”

“I beg to differ with that,” Sherrod continues. “Altovise helped create a magnificent story, and I wish that she was here to finally see it produced.”

Sherrod looks forward to discovering and showcasing the talent of emerging new artists, and hopes that the contests, as well as the film, will be the beginning of exciting new careers for the contest winners.

‘A Detour to Mexico’ Video Contest showcases the acting and production skills used to produce a three-minute scene from the story. One prize of $500 is awarded to the winner (s) of this competition, as well as the opportunity to star in the film.

‘A Detour to Mexico’ Musicians’ Contest is based on a music-related scene from the screenplay and showcases the vocalist, band and/or singing/dancing group that wins the best videotaped performance of an original arrangement. One prize of $500 is awarded to the winner (s) and the opportunity to perform in the film.

There is a $10.00 Entry Fee for each contest, and the deadline for both competitions is November 30, 2012.

For more information about RisingStar31 Productions and ‘A Detour to Mexico’ Contests, please visit:

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The Metropolis Ballroom Of Arlington Heights, IL Announces Community Outreach Program For Young Musicians

The Metropolis Ballroom of Arlington Heights, IL ::: Exciting opportunity for young musicians.

ON STAGE at the Metropolis Ballroom:::


Arlington Heights, Illinois – March 7, 2011 – The Metropolis Ballroom of Arlington Heights plans to give local area youth the opportunity to perform as the opening act for nationally recognized talent. “On stage at the Metropolis Ballroom,” is a series of planned live entertainment events that are scheduled through the spring and into the summer.

“We are thrilled to bring top level national talent to Arlington Heights,” said Thomas W. Manetti, president of the Metropolis Ballroom of Arlington Heights. “We already have an exciting series of spring and summer events scheduled, and the prospect of bringing nationally recognized musical artists for the enjoyment of the community and our neighbors is very exciting. We will also use these events as an outreach for local area youth who are interested in the performing arts.”

In the next several months, we will partner with local area schools to give suburban youth the chance to perform as the opening act for our featured artists. In a recent letter published on the Daily Herald’s web site*, a local area mother voiced her concern that funds may be cut for the arts and music education in our school districts. At the Metropolis Ballroom of Arlington Heights, we recognize the vital importance of music and the performing arts in the development of our district’s students. We are pleased to offer this opportunity for a performance debut; as well as the chance for young musicians to meet established nationally recognized artists.

Thomas W. Manetti, president of the Metropolis Ballroom of Arlington Heights, has several goals for community youth outreach that include:

•Supporting Chicago land youth by giving them access to musical professionals that currently work in the performing arts industry

•Providing a positive experience where student musicians will have the opportunity to perform their well-polished acts in front of a live audience

•To showcase the breadth and variety of local youth music groups to celebrate the diversity of different musical acts including, but not limited to: traditional choirs, swing choirs, glee clubs, rock groups, orchestras, and jazz ensembles

•Giving students the chance to interact with professional musicians so that they may learn more about pursuing a career in the musical performing arts

About the Metropolis Ballroom of Arlington Heights
Centered in the revitalized area of historic downtown Arlington Heights, the Metropolis Ballroom of Arlington Heights is a sought after venue for today’s clientele. With easy access to and from major expressways and one block from the Metra-Northwest Train Station, Arlington Heights is conveniently located. There is also easy access to downtown Chicago, O’Hare Airport, and surrounding Northwest Suburbs. Local amenities include free parking, surrounding parks, restaurants, unique boutique-shops, and the local Performing Arts Center.

About “On Stage at the Metropolis Ballroom,” This historic venue grants our guests VIP status with up-close and personal access to our roster of renowned artists. Our maximum capacity is 400 people, and this creates an intimate atmosphere that will showcase our artists. Our dinner event and concert shows are typically fewer than 150 guests, allowing our guests the opportunity to meet the featured artists.

About Thomas W. Manetti, President of the Metropolis Ballroom of Arlington Heights and Eleganté Cuisine Inc.
With a family heritage in the culinary arts, President and CEO Thomas Manetti started Eleganté Cuisine Inc. as a part-time operation based out of his home in River Forest, Illinois. Working off of recipes handed down from generation to generation, he nurtured his family’s collective years of experience into a comprehensive, full service catering and event planning company. For the past 28 years, Eleganté Cuisine Inc. has provided a unique combination of an extensive menu and an array of upscale services to create the ideal setting for corporate and social events. Whether it is a wedding, party, corporate meeting, or grand opening; our experienced professional team is dedicated precision execution.

About the Metropolis Ballroom of Arlington Heights youth outreach
Our dedication to the arts offers unique opportunities for our community’s growth: It gives our local youth a chance to perform in front of an audience as the ballroom’s opening acts. We plan to do this for as many events as possible. The only requirement is the performers must be of junior high school or high school age. They will be included on the website and in any other advertising for their show date. Plus, we invite the press and talent agents to every show. Who knows? Maybe we can even help bring our beloved community into the national spotlight by helping discover the next major musical talent! All youth group coordinators interested in scheduling a performance are urged to contact us via email at

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‘Survivor’ Macarena Shows What It Takes To Win As TV Host

Cancer survivor, explorer, Mother, inventor ( and Realtor Macarena Rose is proud to announce she’s in the running to be the next host of TV’s “Paradise Hunters.” The show, which visits people around the world who are living their dreams in their version of paradise, is looking for a person who loves exploring new worlds and meeting the people who call them home.

Macarena certainly fits that description. Born and raised in Washington, DC, she lived in St. Petersburg Florida for 20 years and then moved to Cayo District, Belize with her 15-year-old daughter five years ago, with 10 animals in tow.

“Since moving to Belize, life has been such an adventure. No monotony for sure!” she says on her website, “I have been blessed to have had dinner with a prime minister, coach the semi pro Men’s futbol (soccer) team, be the voice on the SMART cell phone in Belize, host a weekly TV show featuring Belizeans lives and become part of Belize and sign the Bi-Lateral agreement with N.A.R. (National Association of Realtors) accepting Belize National Association of Realtors as an Cooperating Association.” Macarena says, “See, I believe if you are to relocate anywhere, you must bring good to where you go, and decide what it is you will do, before you go.” Macarena has done that, as an ordained Minister she has helped children in the education, arts and the feeding programs. Her life is “real” and she loves to show others how to “Keep it Real” in their own life.

Through her work as a Realtor, Macarena says she has become a relocation specialist, helping people find the right home for them, wherever in the world that may be. She has also made herself quite at home in Belize. In her audition video, she gives viewers an in-depth look at the country, with all the passion and knowledge of an expert tour guide.

“Ah! It’s pitahaya!” she exclaims while visiting a local market. “I have to tell you: it looks like an artichoke, but inside it tastes like a red kiwi and it is luscious… it grows all over Belize.”

As if the way she lives her li fe was not enough- Even her very name sets her apart from the competition.

“As your host, I can offer you one thing that no one else can: my name is Macarena, and in many different countries, I can have people do the Macarena,” she says in her video.

Macarena has committed to American Cancer Society and St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital, and we are asking for you to commit to her !

The contest closes December 14, 2010. Time is running out, so go to Macarena’s contest page and VOTE for her to be YOUR host to “Keep It Real”. See here to VOTE for Macarena to keep it “REAL”.

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Limelight Atlanta LLC Presents: Limelight ‘One More Night’

Limelight “One More NIght”

Atlanta Ga-(Buckhead)
Start Time: Friday, July 30, 2010 at 6:00pm
End Time: Saturday, July 31, 2010 at 2:00am
Location: The Buckhead Theatre (Formerly The Roxy)
Street: 3110 Roswell Road
City/Town: Atlanta, GA (Buckhead)

Atlanta relives the 80s on July 30th, 2010. The Limelight “OneMoreNight ”! The cast ,crew and DJ’s that made Atlanta dance the night away will return for the 30th Anniversary of the Limelight.

The world famous night club experience will come alive for “One More Night ”…

The event will be held at the Newly Renovated and Spectacular Buckhead Theatre 3110 Roswell Rd.

Tickets can now be purchased at the event web site:


$50.00 General Admission ($85 VIP) + tax
While Supplies Last!
Doors Open at 6PM Music Starts at 7PM so get there early.

You can contact Limelight Atlanta LLC regarding sponsorship and marketing opportunities at SPONSORS@LIMELIGHTATLANTA.COM.

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Honey’s Dance Academy Searches For New Bollywood Dance Stars!

The doors to new students are about to open at Honey’s Dance Academy, the UK’s top Bollywood Dance School. But before they do, you’ll be put through your paces in an X-Factor type audition process, dubbed the Bollywood Factor. Students who qualify will be trained by Bollywood’s leading Choreographers to take part in major Film, TV and Stage shows, with a special focus this year to compete in the UK Bollywood Dance Championships 2010!

Honey's Dance Academy Searches For New Bollywood Dance Stars!

The famed Academy since its inception in 1999 has grown to over 13 London Studios and has casted its dancing students in Film, TV and Stage performances such as the BBC Proms, Blue Peter, Jamie Olivers’s Oliver Twist, even Harry Potter, Bombay Dreams and blockbuster Bollywood movie Khabi Khushi Khabi Gham!

The demand from students aged 4 years old to 18+ wanting to join Honey’s Dance Academy is hotting up, but with limited spaces the queues have been building – so what better way to spot raw talent but to audition!

On Saturday 9th January 2010 at the St. Giles Hotel (Tottenham Court Road) the keen eye of Honey Kalaria, the Academy’s founder and a panel of Bollywood’s top choreographers will be hunting out new dance talent who have the passion, drive and determination to make it as a Bollywood Star!

“You don’t have to be dance professional to audition, we’re looking for students with passion, creativity and stage presence who we can train in different styles of Bollywood and Bhangra dance” Honey Kalaria, founder H.D.A

Open to all skill levels the Academy has taken novice dancers and trained them to perform on the most glamorous of stage and film sets. With Bollywood ever growing in popularity and now reaching global audiences the appeal to learn and perform in the Bollywood arts has attracted students from all cultural backgrounds – something
H.D.A encourages.

Honey Kalaria, the founder of H.D.A has led a glittering entertainment career as a Choreographer, Bollywood Actress and Singer. Her passion for dance and the arts saw her establish Honey’s Dance Academy and build it to teach, manage and promote young talent globally!

“We’re all very proud of our student’s on-going success, seeing them on stage and on the big screen is fantastic! This year we can’t wait to find more students who have a passion for dance and want to develop further with us!” Honey Kalaria, founder H.D.A

The Academy has always attracted a high number of applicants and with this year’s Bollywood Factor and forthcoming UK Bollywood Dance Championships the organisers are expecting to be inundated. So it is important for anyone interested in auditioning to register prior to the day by calling 020 8590 8050 or online at

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Everyone Believes Their Cat Or Dog Is The Best, And Now M&S Money Is Giving Animal Lovers The Chance To Show The World Why

Pet insurance provider M&S Money has launched a new competition looking for a cat or dog with true star quality to feature in a future marketing campaign.

Customers are being asked to submit a photo and a few words about why their cat or dog is a star.

The winning pet will have a professional photo shoot and be featured in promotional material for a forthcoming M&S Pet Insurance campaign. While the winning pet is enjoying the new found stardom, its owner will take away £100 in M&S gift vouchers.

Judith Roberts, M&S Insurance Manager, said: “This competition gives cat and dog lovers the chance to showthe world why their pet is one in a million. We are really looking forward to seeing your photos and hearing why your cat or dog is so special.”

1st prize: A professional pet photo shoot for one lucky cat or dog plus £100 in M&S gift vouchers to spend in-store.

2nd prize: M&S hamper plus pet treats and £50 in M&S gift vouchers.

3rd prize: M&S hamper and pet treats.

Full details on how to enter, along with competition rules can be found online through the M&S Pet Insurance site.

All entries must be received on or before 5 June 2009

The competition judging will take place on 10th June 2009 and the winners will be informed by telephone and confirmation letter by 17th June 2009. An independent person will be present when the judging takes place.


About M&S Money
M&S Money (the trading name of Marks & Spencer Financial Services) was founded in 1985 as the financial services division of Marks and Spencer Group plc. The company is now a top-ten credit card provider and the second-largest travel money retailer in the UK. M&S Money also offers a range of insurance cover, including home insurance, pet insurance, car insurance and wedding insurance, as well as loans, savings and investment products. M&S Money has an executive committee comprising an equal number of representatives from HSBC and Marks & Spencer.

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Emirates Airline Has Announced That It Is Looking Online To Cast People To Star In A Short Movie Entitled The Exposure Of Tom King

To celebrate the launch of their new route direct between Dubai and the home of movies and cinema, Los Angeles, Emirates Airline is giving people the opportunity to star in an L.A. movie.

The short movie, which is called ‘The Exposure of Tom King’, has already been shot in L.A., but with absolutely no people in it whatsoever. The next step in this unconventional filming process involves Emirates quest to find the correct cast to star in the film.

They are inviting people from all around the world to audition for a role online, via their webcam, at the new The Exposure of Tom King website. The site uses bluescreen technology to enable audition footage to be placed within scenes of the movie making the new film the first movie of its kind.

Emirates Airline have enlisted the help of top Hollywood casting director Avy Kaufman, who will be in charge of the casting to ensure the best people are found for each of the main roles. Avy Kaufman is highly regarded within the film industry, having been involved in the casting industry for over 20 years, and with over a hundred film credits to her name, including the Sixth Sense, The Bourne Ultimatum, the Thomas Crown Affair and Brokeback Mountain.

Visitors to the website can create their own movie trailers, watch all the auditions for the movie so far or choose to audition for a role. The final Emirates film will have a cast from all around the world who have never met, but will be sharing scenes together and acting via their webcams.

Auditions will be taking place until the 26th of October with the premiere taking place shortly afterward on the 7th November 2008.

About the Emirates Group:
Emirates, the Dubai airline, is one of the world’s most successful and rapidly-expanding airlines. Emirates is currently the only airline to operate non-stop flights to six continents from one hub.

Emirates is by far the biggest customer of the Superjumbo which means the Emirates A380 will eventually be available on more international routes than any other airline. If a person is travelling on an A380 there will be around a one-in-four likelihood that they will be flying Emirates.

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