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“Questionable Minds,” a New Book: Conversations with Writers about Writing

OTTAWA, Ontario CANADA, 2017-Feb-15 — /EPR ENTERTAINMENT NEWS/ — The mind of a writer is a mysterious place. In Questionable Minds: conversations with writers, social psychologist dr george pollard gives a guided tour of the creative mental landscape of writers. In this unique collection of conversations, dr pollard explores the making of a fictional story or a stand-up comedy routine.

If you’re curious how your favourite novel or stand-up comedy routine comes into being, Questionable Minds helps you find out. This new book helps answer many questions. Where do the ideas come from? How do authors develop their characters? What is the secret of writing a successful stand-up comedy routine?

In this eclectic view of the workings of the imagination; dr pollard has assembled a remarkable panel of writers, covering a wide of range of literature. The conversations, in this collection, are with writers of thrillers, satire and westerns, as well as stand-up comedy.

Alessandra Torre tells gripping tales she claims are erotica. Peter Mehlman, a pillar of Seinfeld, has an idiosyncratically ironic eye and smooth, easy writing style. Chris Allen trades in thrillers that may contain more than a hint of truth.

Bruce Holbert is the thriftiest of writers, building finely honed sentences. Victoria Patterson artfully skewers the upper class, of Orange County, California. Steve Berry creates intricate mysteries against a backdrop of notional history. J Scott Fuqua tells tales with words and illustrations that resurrect a bygone era.

Ann Lewis Hamilton writes serious stories in a shrewdly droll style. Gabe Abelson is the A-list writer of late-night television talk show monologues. Jay Bonansinga writes The Walking Dead novels.

What inspires these writers? How do they develop stories or comedy? Why must they write?

To a one, they agree writing is sweating blood that shows up as squiggles on a page or pixels on an e-reader. Writing fiction or stand-up comedy is not for the easily distracted, the indolent or faint of heart. Writers must be eager to chase their characters and stories down the rabbit hole.

Questionable Minds is notable because of the depth and clarity of the insights found in the conversations. The book exhibits a unique intimacy; there’s no sense of canned answers to a list of prepared questions. Instead these conversations move effortlessly, following lines of curiosity and interest, while drawing out a wealth of detail.

Every writer dr pollard talks with has a different story to tell. Each has his or her own sources of inspiration. Their routines are personal; sometimes fitting writing around the rest of their lives or, for a few, squeezing in time for family, if they can drag themselves away from writing.

It is notable how willingly, candid and freely the writers talk. They discuss in detail the motivations that drive them to write. For some it’s enthusiasm; others want to explore their own lives and, perhaps, reframe them in a different context; still others want to discover what happens to their characters, as the story unfolds and still others simply enjoy the act of writing. Questionable Minds is an inside view of some highly distinctive minds, which are absorbing places to explore.

Although dr pollard explores similar themes with each writer, the conversations never become repetitive. Each writer is too distinctive a personality; each brings something fresh to the conversations and our understanding of why writers write. If you wonder how writers do what they do, this book will show you that it’s much more complicated and enthralling than you may imagine; it will improve your reading experience, too.

Questionable Minds is available through Amazon, in paperback and eBook editions at Review copies, in MOBI format, are available from the author at For more information on Questionable Minds, visit the web site or e-mail, as you wish, perhaps to arrange an interview with dr pollard.

About the Author
dr george pollard is a sociometrician and social psychologist at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. His teaching and research interests include the process, practise and effects of writing as an act of fulfilling the pop culture and entertainment need of society as well as media and truth.

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Robin Reardon releases a new novel about building a bridge between Christians and Pagans

Boston, Massachusetts, November 13, 2015 — /EPR ENTERTAINMENT NEWS/ — Robin Reardon’s seventh novel, Throwing Stones, explores what can happen when we make conclusions about others based on too little information, or on the wrong information. Whether we’re misunderstanding each others’ religions or each others’ sexual orientation, everyone benefits from learning the truth. And everyone benefits from forgiveness. The release date is Friday, November 13, 2015.

“All my books revolve around my motto,” says Reardon. “And that is, the only thing wrong with being gay is how some people treat you when they find out. Throwing Stones takes that philosophy into religious differences. Jesse Bryce, the main character, is gay, and he falls in love with a Pagan teen from ‘the village,’ just outside his town. But his family and the other townies fear the Pagans for reasons they aren’t sure about, themselves. Sound like any homophobic people we know?”

Writing in first person from the viewpoint of gay teens, Reardon’s style has an immediacy that brings readers right into the middle of the action. Her ability to speak directly from the mind of a gay teenage boy has been remarked upon by reviewers as uncanny and insightful.

In Throwing Stones, there is something drawing seventeen-year-old Jesse Bryce toward the community of Pagans who live in “the village,” just outside his rural Oklahoma town. Maybe it’s that he has a crush on Griffin Holyoke, a tall, dark-haired boy with a tree tattooed all up his back. Or maybe it’s that the Pagans accept Jesse for who he is, unlike his family—or his church, where he hears that being gay is a sin.

After a man from the village is murdered while trying to prevent an assault on a girl from the town, Jesse’s confusion at the town’s unsympathetic reaction inspires him to set a mission for himself: to build a bridge of acceptance between the town and the village. As Jesse defies his parents and continues to visit the village, he witnesses mysterious rituals that haunt him with their beauty and intensity. And he falls in love with one enigmatic, mercurial Pagan who opens his eyes to a whole new world.

Each of Readon’s books introduces readers to topics with which they are unlikely to be familiar. Examples include life inside an “ex-gay” camp (Thinking Straight), the finer points of dog behavior (A Question of Manhood), and the effects of synesthesia and living with an autistic child (Educating Simon). Throwing Stones will have readers investigating power animals, standing stones, scrying, and rock hounding; with this new book, Reardon does not disappoint.

By Robin Reardon
YA/New Adult/LGBT
Paperback, $14.99: ISBN-13: 978-1517253103
E-book, $4.99: B014RDGOLO

Robin Reardon’s website ( includes her blog, “And now, this,” which covers a wide variety of topics that relate to her philosophy as a writer and as a human being. She is available for podcast, blog, newspaper, and other media interviews.

Contact-Details: Robin Reardon
IAM Books
119 Worcester Lane
Waltham, MA

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Author Netanel Semrik re-launched best-selling book “Jonathan in the Kingdom of Mood Balloons” in English, Chinese, Arabic and Hebrew

Does your child has difficulties to manage their emotions?- “Jonathan in the Kingdom of Mood Balloons” has the answer!

Tel Aviv, Israel, October 1, 2015 — /EPR ENTERTAINMENT NEWS/ — A new release of the best-selling emotional management book by Netanel Semrik. Find the book on Amazon in English, Arabic, Chinese and Hebrew:

How many times a day are your children emotionally shaken?
How many times have you seen your child throwing a temper tantrum, frustrated, angry, screaming and shouting?

Everything you have tried doing – shouting, caressing, embracing, yelling, punishing – have only served to send them deeper into their emotional turmoil. Have you experienced your children being sad because they had a fight with a friend? They cry, their sadness threatening to engulf them completely and maybe engulf you a little too.

You are probably familiar with the situation in which your little loved ones are in the middle of a jealousy attack; irritating, snatching, pushing one of their siblings who got a gift or attention, exhibiting little to no self-control. Your children’s emotional mood takes over their entire world and it seems as if nothing can stop the emotional storm. Your children’s eruptive behavior is threatening to control you too. You often feel helpless. Now, please close your eyes and imagine your children are able to manage their emotions and thoughts. Imagine them doing it in an easy, simple and intuitive way. Imagine them feeling so comfortable with themselves that they have no problem sharing their feelings with you.

Is it a Dream?
Is it a reality?
Is it possible?


They will be able to do it once you allow them to float off to the dreamy world of Mood Balloons. Mood Balloons? Yes. Mood Balloons. Mood and balloons. This is a Kingdom in which each thought and emotion is connected to the tops of our heads by a string: A Mood Balloon.

Every balloon has a unique color representing our mood at any given moment. The Mood Balloon expresses the mood and the color of the world our children are experiencing. Our emotional management tool is intended for children between the 3 -6 years old, the dream period of early childhood. During this period they will meet the very violent world of stimulation and screens which is all around us. The Mood Balloons allow the children to deal with this harsh world by means of little, charming childhood images. This happens with the help of a simple and friendly tool. The Children color their Mood Balloons with five easy steps, and as we, the parents would say, start managing their moods:

Observation: the children are asked to observe the colorful balloons. Every color symbolizes an emotion they experience and feel. (Pink – love, blue – sadness, orange -joy, and so on)

Point of view: the Mood Balloon’s color can mold the children’s perception of reality, causing them to experience and believe a story that is not a true story as if it was. The Mood Balloon’s color is the color through which the children perceive people and things in the world. Attention: We ask the children to pay attention to every emotional storm they experience, which calms them down before the mood takes over their world and colors their Mood Balloon.

Breathing: the children win the key to the kingdom of their personal emotions by breathing.

Success: children who have chosen the color of their Mood Balloon and stand behind their choice will not be emotionally shaken the next time a storm passes by. All over the world thousands of children reading and listening to this story are carried away by this magical and imaginary tale. It fortifies their ability to believe in themselves as the person in charge of their own moods.

The book invites you, the parents, to give your children tools which will enable them to conduct a different conversation with the world. A conversation existing in an indirect and colorful space, without clouding the delicate “I” which wakes up, develops and lands in this word in the years of early childhood. Apparently, there is another option to the limited conversation: “How was playschool today?” with the constant, vague answer: “Fun”. You can ask the children what Mood Balloon they met today. You wouldn’t believe the wealth of stories and experiences that will burst out of that conversation.

The Mood Balloon reality becomes an accessible, easy and simple emotional base through which the child’s experiences are easily accessed and converted.

Netanel Semrik is the founder of Contento Now, an international publishing house. Which have published more than 250 books of fiction, autobiographies, non-fiction and academic works. Netanel is married and has 3 children. Read more at

Netanel Semrik, , Phone: +972-3-561-6666, For more quality books go to:

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“Changing a Culture through the Lens of Storytelling and Reading”

Eli Media Productions Book Project Release, “TomKat, A Family Dinner, Table Manners”

Weston, FL, May 28, 2015 — /EPR ENTERTAINMENT NEWS/ — Eli Media Productions announces the New Release of the first TomKat Book Series, “TomKat, A Family Dinner, Table Manners.”

The TomKat Series feature four main characters, Professor TomKat, Sari, Tommie, and Kayle TomKat.

Eli, the author of the TomKat children books, captures teaching moments of practical everyday living and forms the subject matter into stories and instructional reading books.

TomKat, A Family Dinner portrays Professor TomKat taking his family out to dinner to celebrate at an upscale restaurant. Sari, Professor TomKat’s wife, teaches Tommie and Kayle the rules of etiquette while enjoying dinner with the family.

“We are in the business of ‘Changing a Culture’ through the lens of storytelling and reading. If we successfully engage, excite, and educate early readers, then we will begin to build stronger foundations for enriched neighborhoods and communities,” said Leigh Hardaway, CEO of Eli Media Productions.

Eli Media Productions is pleased to announce TomKat Book Series, “TomKat, A Family Dinner makes a debut at the Book Expo America, BEA. Checkout TomKat, as he is featured as a member of the New Titles Showcase starting May 27, 2015 – May 29, 2015.

Eli Media Productions, founded in 2014, offers educational resources to reflect the characteristics of the Ecological Theory. The first year’s project will be a series of stories to target the primary educational levels Pre-Kindergarten to Fifth Grade.

Eli is committed to designing instructional learning activities to make reading fun!

For more information visit!

Contact-Details: Eli Media Productions
Leigh Hardaway
P.O. Box 266223
Weston, Florida 33326
Contact Telephone: 678-597-8122

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Love’s Affliction, a novel. Love across racial and cultural boundaries

Canton, Ohio, October 21, 2014 — /EPR ENTERTAINMENT NEWS/ — From Fidelis O. Mkparu comes a moving debut romance, Love’s Affliction, the story of love across racial and cultural boundaries, when a young Nigerian premed student, Joseph Fafa, falls for Wendy Crane. Coming to North Carolina at seventeen to attend college, Joseph is forced to fight racial prejudice daily while pursuing his dream of becoming a doctor. He meets Wendy Crane, whose wealthy father opposes their relationship. It is said that young love rarely reaches its full potential, but Joseph and Wendy are determined to prove everyone wrong. Love’s Affliction captures the weakness and heartbreak of forbidden love. Will their romance endure the scrutiny of a racially-charged small college town?

As Ella EL-Kildani, M.Ed, Educator, Director of Genta Educational and Tutorial ser-vices puts it, Love’s Affliction reveals the “intense passion, ambition, and determination, between two college co-eds from opposite ethnic and social classes” and “the agonizing, yet thrilling journey into a late 70’s multicultural romance.”

Fidelis O. Mkparu is a Harvard-trained cardiologist whose background and experience form the basis of this fictional work. He lives in Canton, Ohio where he is a consultant cardiologist.

Selected endorsements:

“Loves Affliction is a poignant and emotional story of young love as it transforms from friendship to forbidden love, despite the cultural and racial barriers dictated by society.”
—Detroit Daytime Talkshow Examiner

“Love’s Affliction is a must-read book. It is part of a growing African migrant literature produced in the United States and dealing with important themes such as student-life abroad, love, romance, and cross-racial or cross-cultural encounters. The writing is very alluring and compelling, revealing the sophisticated nature of a new type of African literature from the United States.”
—Babacar M’Baye, PhD,
Kent State University, author of The Trickster Comes West



• National Radio & Print Campaign • Major Book Club Outreach
• 5-city author tour • Library Outreach
• Online Publicity Campaign Targeting Major National Sites,
Entertainment Sites, and Book Blogs • Coordinated Blog Tour
• Social Networking Campaign on Goodreads & Facebook
• Author Twitter @lovesaffliction
• Visit Fidelis’ blog at
• Contact: Fidelis O Mkparu, email:

# # #

Contact-Details: Fidelis O Mkparu
330 353 3679

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$5, Civil War Authors, Presentations & Book Signings, Civil War Museum Kenosha: Dr. James McPherson, Harold Holzer

The Kenosha Civil War Museum is pleased to welcome two recognized Civil War historians and authors to the museum for presentations and book signings. At 7pm on Wednesday, October 8, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Dr. James McPherson will present his latest book, Embattled Rebel: Jefferson Davis as Commander and Chief. Join Dr. McPherson at 5:30pm for a dinner before the program. The cost is $45 for dinner and the program. Advance registration is required by calling 262-653-4141. A suggested $5 donation to the museum will be accepted at the door for the program only. Visit for more details.

On Thursday, October 30, Harold Holzer discusses his new book, Lincoln and the Power of the Press. A public reception begins at 6pm, followed by the program at 7pm. A suggested $5 donation to the museum will be accepted at the door, and advance registration is not required.

First edition copies of the books will be available for purchase and signing the nights of the events.

The Civil War Museum in Kenosha is a war museum like no other. It focuses on the Civil War from the perspective of the people in the six states of the upper Midwest: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. The other two locations, the Kenosha Public Museum and the Dinosaur Discovery Museum are just a quick trolley car ride (adults, $1; kids ages 5-12, $0.50.) away. Free parking is available in the scenic lot on the lake shore. All three locations truly are a MUST SEE for everyone! This perfect day trip for the whole family is only 25 minutes from Milwaukee and 55 minutes from Chicago. Kenosha Public Museums offer a wide variety of classes and workshops for all ages. For more information visit or call 262-653-4140.

Contact-Details: Kristine Camilli External Relations Manager Kenosha Public Museums (262) 653-4406 <> and Publicist (847) 873-7463

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Childrens Books, Kenosha Public Museum presents Illustrations of Renee Graef, Exhibit & Events October 11, 2014 to January 15, 2015

Kenosha, WI, September 12, 2014, The Kenosha Public Museum presents a new exhibit, Picture a Book: The Illustrations of Renée Graef, on display from October 11, 2014 through January 11, 2015.

Renée Graef has illustrated over 70 books for children including the Kirsten series in the American Girl collection and many of the My First Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder for HarperCollins. She served as creative consultant for five years, art directing many of the books in the Little House program. She has also illustrated classics such as The Nutcracker and My Favorite Things; as well as, books on American icons Mount Rushmore and Paul Bunyan.

In conjunction with the exhibit, three events will take place at the museum. Ms. Graef will conduct a How to Illustrate a Book workshop for adults from 10am-12pm Saturday, October 18, 2014 at the Kenosha Public Museum. The cost of the workshop is $25. Following the workshop, join Renee for an exhibit opening reception and book signing from 1-4 p.m. The reception is free and open to the public.

Kids can get in on the fun too! At 2pm on Saturday, November 22, 2014, the museum will host Tea with Renée Graef. Bring your favorite doll or stuffed animal to decorate sugar cookies, nibble on cakes and sip tea or punch as Renée shares how she illustrates books. The cost is $25 for adults and $10 for children ages 5 and up.

The Kenosha Public Museum is a natural sciences and fine and decorative arts museum located on the bank of the Great Lake Michigan. The other two locations, the Dinosaur Discovery Museum and the Civil War Museum are just a quick trolley car ride (adults, $1; kids ages 5-12, $0.50.) away from the main museum campus. Free parking is available in the scenic lot on the lake shore. All three locations truly are a MUST SEE for everyone! This perfect day trip for the whole family is only 25 minutes from Milwaukee and 55 minutes from Chicago. Kenosha Public Museums offer a wide variety of classes and workshops for all ages. For more information visit or call 262-653-4140.

Contact-Details: Kristine Camilli External Relations Manager Kenosha Public Museums (262) 653-4406 <> and Publicist (847) 873-7463

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John Lyman announces the release of his fourth thriller “God’s Lions” Realm of Evil and the development of his first book in the series into a major motion picture

John Lyman the Author of the God’s Lions series proudly announces the release of the fourth book “God’s Lions” Realm of Evil – out today while simultaneously announcing the development of his first book “God’s Lions” The Secret Chapel into a major motion picture in association with Kuys Entertainment Group

About Gods Lions” Realm of Evil
Driven into hiding in the French Pyrenees by the advancing forces of a new one world government, Cardinal Leopold Amodeo receives a mysterious radio message from Northern Europe inviting him to a secret meeting. Fearful of a trap, and with time running out as a web of evil spreads across the globe, he must decide if he should leave the safety of his friends in an ancient Cathar sanctuary to travel alone into the far reaches of the north to meet with a man who may hold the key to their salvation.

In this, the fourth book in the “God’s Lions” series, the non-stop action moves across the European continent as the cardinal and a dedicated team of Israeli and Spanish scientists join with others to face their greatest challenge yet in a climatic confrontation with an evil entity that has vowed to wipe them from the face of the earth.

About John Lyman
John Lyman is the bestselling author of the “God’s Lions” series of books. His thrillers have captured the imagination of readers around the world and are rising steadily in popularity, both in the United States and the UK. His first novel, “God’s Lions-The Secret Chapel” rose quickly to the number one spot on the Kindle bestseller list in several genres and was soon followed by two sequels: “God’s Lions-House of Acerbi” and “God’s Lions-The Dark Ruin”. both of which also attained the # 1 spot on the Amazon bestsellers list in their genre. The fourth book in the series, “God’s Lions- Realm of Evil” is out now.

About the motion picture
Peter G Kuys, Chairman of Kuys Entertainment adds: “When earlier this year we became involved in representing John and his “God’s Lions” series, I had become spellbound by his storytelling and decided that this was serious motion picture material. Reaching out to my friend (current editor on The Mentalist) Christopher Cibelli drew a similar passionate response and we set out to get a screenplay written and find other warriors for this project with great results.”

“This is a story that needs to be told on the screen” says Kuys.

Keep up to date with the development via this link:

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Third Tonya Sharp Hyche Thriller Crime Novel in Trilogy, Painted Fear, Makes Perfect Halloween Treat

Tonya Sharp Hyche releases her third and final installment to the Just for You trilogy. This novel is just as intriguing and filled with passion as the first two in the series. It is available on Amazon for Kindle and paperback. Tonya Sharp Hyche has written 7 books and has been featured on the HGTV show, House Hunters International that is rearing on October 31st.

Dr. Lindy Ashley finds herself in the crosshairs of a patient whose true identity remains hidden in Painted Fear. FBI agent Matthew Blake is once again called to the scene when a suspect of the Night Killer is found dead. Is this a coincidence—or did he miss something the first time around? For Jamie Conrad, it would certainly be nice if it were the former. After the cases that rocked Central University and the Caribbean left her life in tatters, she has slowly begun to put the pieces back together. Now in love and trying to learn to trust again, Jamie has to wonder whether her fear is real or imagined when FBI Agent Matthew Blake shows up in her life once again. Readers no longer have to choose between a steamy book and a thriller novel. Hyche binds elements of each genre in Painted Fear.

The episode featuring Tonya Sharp Hyche and her family is rearing on HGTV on October 31st, Halloween, at 11:30e/p & 2:30e/p. After a previous airing of the show in July, Tonya Sharp Hyche reached the rank of 1001 in the Amazon author rank list.

Tonya Sharp Hyche lived in Australia for two years and wrote her first novels in Australia and her novel Breathless shares the experience of living in Australia with her readers. While in Australia, she appeared on a number of local best sellers list and sold books at markets around the country. Hyche has given back to the community numerous times, donating books to local book clubs and donated signed copies of books to community silent auction fundraisers.

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Los Angeles Pastor Writes Self-Help Book!

Alja Thompson was an accomplished R&B recording artist with the 1980s band, General Caine, and has four albums to his credit with CBS Records. During the height of his career, Alja got involved with drugs, which devastated his life and ultimately led to his incarceration. It was a galvanizing reality. Totally defeated, he began a quest for truth and encountered the Christian-Judeo God along the way. It proved to be an event that completely changed his life.

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, young Alja learned to play music at the age of three. “In fact,” he explains, “I don’t remember life without music. Eventually, it became my life.” As a young musician he played the drums, marching in the world renowned Mardi Gras parades of New Orleans and also performed with jazz ensembles on the Mark Twain River Boat while sailing down the Mississippi River. In his late teens Alja’s music career advanced to Los Angeles, California, where he performed with James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, War, Rick James, and The Silvers, and finally became a member of the funk-rock group General Caine. Throughout his music career, Alja felt that something was missing; convinced that his life bore a much greater purpose.

Today, Alja Thompson is the founder and senior pastor of Sanctified Army Ministries, in Los Angeles, California. He holds a degree in Theology and is called by God to break down the strongholds of poverty and human suffering with the love of Christ through his warm, gentle affection for people. As a result, Pastor Thompson has written his first book, entitled Victory Over The Mind. Of the multitude of Christian and secular, self-help books that you’ll ever read, Victory Over the Mind is a truly splendid accomplishment. Follow along as Pastor Thompson delves into scripture to unveil the power that God placed within us. Victory Over the Mind is an awesome adventure, an excellent teaching accessory for the classroom setting and a must-read for anyone struggling with a restless mind.

Find Alja Thompson’s Victory Over The Mind at … Amazon Books Alja Thompson!

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Alaskan Creatives Kickstart An Adventure iBook Project

Fairbanks residents and designers, John Schauer and Adele Wiejaczka, have launched a project to include 49 Alaskan Adventurers in a published iBook. The iBook will feature Alaskans whose lives are shaped by the wildest places in North America. Through this interactive and media-rich iBook, you will meet travelers of the arctic wilderness. Among the 49 Alaskans to be featured in the book are distance mushers Paige Drobny and Cody Strathe, class V whitewater paddlers Paul Schauer and Tim Johnson, ultra-distance specialists Tyler Johnson and Luc Mehl, alpinists Clint Helander and Jason Stuckey, and skier/mountaineer sisters Krista Heeringa and Heidi Rader.

Launched on the Kickstarter platform, the 49 Faces of Alaskan Adventure is raising funds for it’s publication at Supporters of the project receive unique rewards, such as the GPS coordinates to the “Great Alaskan River Party,” a dinner and adventure in Northern Alaska, a copy of the finished iBook, and much more.

Wiejaczka and Schauer, both Alaskan adventurers themselves, love wilderness travel and stories from the Alaskan backcountry. Wiejaczka owns her own graphic design business, Live Large Design ( Schauer works as a communications and professional development consultant and owns his own interactive media business, Think Far Beyond (

Get involved with this creative endeavor by October 2nd to be in the running for your own Alaskan adventure.

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Maryland Author, Rachael Allen, releases new book “Velvet Hellion”

Baltimore, Maryland author, Rachael Allen, has just released her new ebook entitled “Velvet Hellion”. It follows the story of a young woman, Nicole Tyler, who was unknowingly used in an experiment which led to her husband’s murder. Nicole soon becomes the prime suspect. As two friends try to solve one of the mysteries in her secretive past, they become entangled in a web of deception, government agents, and are forced to face their own emotional rivalry.  This light-hearted mystery is not without its suspenseful, dangerous moments. You can read some excerpts from the ebook and purchase it at: 

Rachael Allen is a disabled author now living in Berkshire, England. Proceeds from this book go towards helping her obtain the necessary supplements she needs for her illnesses.

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Be Thin Now – Why Weight?

“Secrets from a Size Zero” by Lori Bassarab, is now available for anyone wanting to be thin. Be Thin Now – Why Weight? Don’t just wish for a thin body, do something about it and get one. Everyone knows what it’s like to overindulge and let cravings for indulgences take over, but not everyone stops dead in their tracks and takes a new direction so their life goes in a better, thinner track. Be one of those people who takes action and gets the body they want to have, by reading “Secrets from a Size Zero” by Lori Bassarab, available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

Frank Sinatra once said, “The best revenge is massive success.” You don’t need to be an expert in everything, just be really good at something. Figure out what you are good at and do it.Many diet books are written by people who are great at something; however, that something is usually not being thin. It’s best to listen to someone who is an expert at the area of expertise they are writing about. Lori Bassarab is an expert at being thin. She knows what it’s like to lose 50 pounds and what it is like to live her life at the not-even-a-real size, size zero.

If being thin matters to you, don’t second guess it, buy “Secrets from a Size Zero” now at:amazon or barnes&noble.

About the Author: Lori Bassarab, Author of “Secrets from a Size Zero” has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and film, and has lived, worked and gone to school in the United States, England and Canada.

For more information, contact Publicist:

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Nationally Known Playwright Lends Advice to Peers in the “Tyler Perry” Era of Theater

Urban or gospel theater, commonly referred to as “The Chitlin’ Circuit”, is a joke in most professional circles, mainly because its basis is of an inner city experience and its writers have no formal training. But many urban theater playwrights are laughing all the way to the bank! Every weekend throughout the country, from small church houses to large arenas, you can find a rabble rousing gospel or urban play filled with adoring fans. The popularity of this art form has soared in the wake of the Tyler Perry era, an urban playwright who is now a major Hollywood mogul. There is no doubt, urban theater and film is in high demand from major retailers. The critical issue is that the average urban playwright often has a great message,but lacks the information or tools to produce a professional production.

Having experienced this firsthand, Lynn, who in 1995 wrote her first play “Unequally Yoked”, was met with much resistance and little support. A single working mother at the time, she had no one to turn to for assistance to get her play produced professionally. It was not until 2006, after losing a corporate job that she was inspired to revisit her 1995 play and launch into the deep. Her experience and the lack of information available about this little known genre of theater prompted Lynn to start Urban Playwrights United, a nationwide networking group of playwrights that exchange information and ideas, which eventually lead to a national conference that convenes annually. But with many playwrights not able to travel, Lynn decided to put her personal experiences, mishaps and successes in book form so that playwrights would have a practical hands-on guide that deals with the specifics of producing a quality play in the urban theater genre.

Beyond the Chitlin’ Circuit, The Ultimate Urban Playwrights Guide is the first published resource of its kind and covers topics from the creative process of writing a play to DVD production and distribution, including Lynn’s personal journeys and struggles. “While producing my plays in the earlier times, I would say, “I wish someone would have told me…’” With this thought, included in the book are many “what not to do” scenarios that Lynn has gathered through her years of mentoring playwrights.

About the Author: Vanessa Lynn is a nationally published playwright with a distribution deal for her plays Affairs and Unequally Yoked,and upcoming DVD Boss Lady. Lynn was also a contributing writer on the touring stage play, Church Girl, which can now be seen on BET. Lynn recently relocated to Atlanta, GA from her birthplace of Detroit, MI, and is the proud mother of two adult daughters and a young grandson.

Beyond the Chitlin’ Circuit officially released on March 1, 2013 and a book launch and seminar will be held at the Professional Actors Studio (2849 Piedmont N.E.) in Atlanta, GA at 12:30 p.m. on March 2, 2013.

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7 Ways to Get Boys to Read

Many studies show there is a big gender gap among children when it comes to reading, and it’s growing at an alarming rate.

According to a recent report from the Center on Education Policy, substantially more boys than girls score below the proficiency level on the annual National Assessment of Educational Progress reading test.

The report also shows the gender gap exists in every socioeconomic and ethnic category, including the children of white, college-educated parents.

“The good news is we’ve started to pay more attention to this problem and fortunately there are plenty of good ideas for solving it,” says L. A. Miller, author of the science-fiction and fantasy YA book series the Quests of Shadowind, which includes “Sky Shifter,” “The Grounding Stone,” and “Veil.”

Quests of Shadowind is the story of a group of kids who are abducted to an alien world called Shadowind, which is inhabited by ghostly creatures, cyborg animals, and virtual humans—a land where anything is possible, including being downloaded into a cryptic, evil, role-playing game. In order to survive, the teens band together as they search for a way back home. Ultimately they must battle a sinister cyber lord for a powerful weapon that could destroy the universe.

Mr. Miller believes “kids, especially boys, will read more if we cater to their lifestyles, interests, and concerns. After all this is a generation focused on smartphones, games, the Internet, and social networking, and they show a lot of precocity and independence.”

Last year First Lady Michelle Obama joined Education Secretary Arne Duncan and celebrities at the Library of Congress to kick off Read Across America Day.

“In our house we read all the time,” Mrs. Obama said at the event. “President Obama is called the ‘fact guy’ because he reads all the time.”

“It’s obvious that it’s parents’ responsibility to encourage their children to read more, and that means getting involved themselves. They cannot try to make their kids read while Mom and Dad are watching television or cruising on the computer,” says L. A. Miller. “If you want children to read, as a parent you should do the same and be a role model.”

Here are some ways to make boys and girls read more:

* Take them regularly to libraries
* Take them regularly to bookstores
* Steer kids to books based on their interests
* Let them choose their own books
* Be a role model–make sure you read too
* Read together
* Schedule daily reading times (e.g., 30 minutes per day)

“Parents and schools need to take the reading deficiency problem more seriously. Reading is a very necessary and important thing in children’s lives,” says L. A. Miller.

L.A. Miller has been writing for more than forty years. His backgrounds in science fiction, astronomy, technology, and classic literature inform his work, which has included novels, short stories and music. He is the owner of Wood n Nails Music and lives in Las Cruces, New Mexico, with his wife and two dogs. He is the author of the Quests of Shadowind series, which include “Sky Shifter,” “The Grounding Stone,” and “Veil.”

For more information contact L.A. Miller at or

“Sky Shifter,” “The Grounding Stone,” and “Veil” are available and

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Anecdotes And A Philosphy Of Life From A Family Of Sixteen

Is there an uneasiness that tugs at you from your interior? What is the meaning and purpose of life? Do you want to live in the world without being of the world? How can one achieve true happiness and fulfillment? These are questions addressed in BETTER BY THE DOZEN, PLUS TWO, subtitled Anecdotes and a Philosophy of Life from a Family of Sixteen, written by James and Kathleen Littleton, parents in the process of raising fourteen living children.

This unique and inspiring book unmasks many of the fundamental errors of our time, with the authors offering a concrete hierarchy of values or priorities to live by in the midst of what they describe as a seriously disordered modern dominant culture. It is designed to be an appealing and interesting read for anyone and everyone intended to move the reader to serious reflection on the state of his or her life, and to hopefully come away with some helpful resolutions of a spiritual and/or practical nature.

The Littletons offer experience and insights into subjects including faith, family, living by a hierarchy of values, marriage, motherhood, openness to life, miscarriage, formation of children, service, dealing with difficulties of life, and the importance of having a sense of humor

***Links to Publication: or

About the Authors:
James Littleton, Catholic revert, speaker, spiritual guide, radio guest, contributor and; co-author, with his wife Kathleen, of Better by the Dozen, subtitled Anecdotes and a Philosophy of Life from a Family of Sixteen andauthor of soon to be published Healed through Cancer and Other Adversities. Jim and his wife, Kathleen are parents of nineteen children, fourteen living on earth, ages twenty-six to six, and five living in heaven. He is available as a speaker or retreat or workshop presenter on a wide range of Healing, Faith and Family topics. His guest appearances on television and radio programs include: EWTN Live with Fr. Mitch Pacwa, November 11, 2009; EWTN’s Bookmark with Doug Keck, May 9, 2010; Light of the East, host Fr Thomas Loya; The Drew Mariani Show on Relevant Radio; Kresta in the Afternoon on Ave Maria Radio; The Doctor Is In with Coleen Mast on Ave Maria Radio; and Speak Now with Susan Konig on Sirius Satellite Radio the Catholic Channel; Radio Maria, Lost and Found, with Traci Matheu. He has been featured in numerous articles including Zenit, Lifesite News, Immaculate Heart Messenger Magazine, the Chicago Tribune, and many more.

James can be reached with questions, comments, interview or speaking engagement requests at

1. How We Came to Be a Family
2. How We Came to Live our Faith
3. Hierarchy of Values
4. Marriage
5. Motherhood
6. Openness to Life
7. Miscarriage
8. Formation of Children
9. Called to Service
10. On the Cross
11. Importance of Having a Sense of Humor

Praise for Better by the Dozen, Plus Two:

“Here’s a family you won’t forget. And reading about them will brighten your day and deepen your faith. I was blessed in meeting them because their three oldest girls attended or attend Ave Maria University —and we’re hoping the 11 younger siblings will follow in their footsteps! You’ll find 16 reasons for being joyfully counter-cultural.”
Fr. Joseph D. Fessio, S.J.
Editor, Ignatius Press and Theologian in Residence, Ave Maria University

“In Better by the Dozen, Plus Two James and Kathleen Littleton have written a truly profound book that may change your family forever. Through Scripture, Catechism, family anecdotes, and simple “how to” practical advice, this work will challenge and inspire all families both large and small. Throughout the book one thing is clear; the Littleton family perseveres and thrives because of God’s Sacramental Grace. Read this book and be encouraged. Read this book and be awed. Read this book and learn how you, too, can raise a family firmly rooted in Faith and Love for Christ and His Church.”
Mark and Elizabeth Matthews
Authors of Precious Treasure, the Story of Patrick and A Place for Me

“For those looking to invite God not just to their wedding, but also into their marriage, this is a must read. The Littleton ‘s personal journey in striving to be open to God’s will, and then to live his will, offers the inspiration and tools to accomplish this in our own lives.”
Kris Cortes
Co-founder, Virtue in Action and Our Faith in Action

Praise Posted on

Superb! Superb! Superb! March 28, 2011I read this book at least once a year. I am now in my fourth reading since purchasing it. You will fall in love with this large, Irish Catholic family, as I have. Jim and Kathleen Littleton are devout Catholics who have not been afraid to make radical choices when it comes to living a Christ-centered life or raising a family in such a way that goes completely against the grain of the dominant culture. They have been such an inspiration to me. In fact, after my husband read this book, he decided to become a Catholic! The Littletons have 14 living children. In this book, they will share with you what they are convinced are God’s Hierarchy of Values, namely, God, Spouse, Children, Work, and then Service Work/Apostolate. They also discuss Marriage, Motherhood, Openness to Life, Formation of Children, Service, Cross-Carrying, and the necessity of possessing a sense of humor. Whenever I become discouraged as a parent, I know that it’s time to take this book off of the shelf and read it again. It is the only Catholic book on parenting and devotion that I continue to read over and over again. I eagerly await their next book, and hope that one day, there will be one. 5.0 out of 5 stars Superb! Superb! Superb! March 28, 2011 By Tara ( Alamogordo, NM)

Jim and Kathleen are a beautiful example of understanding, living, and teaching the Catholic faith. I felt like I wanted to be adopted by them! 5.0 out of 5 stars Motivating, October 12, 2007 By Suzanne Earl St. Joseph, pray for us! ( Illinois )

This book is proof that current cultural wisdom is wrong and that the Catholic teaching on openness to life is right. Who knows better, you or God? The Littletons are an excellent example of the generosity God is asking for. One important lesson pointed out by James and Kathleen Littleton is that the world looks at children as a burden which actually belittles the contribution that children bring. They are not just empty stomachs and brains demanding to be fed and sent to college. They are persons who contribute to the family from the day they are brought into it–and more and more as they mature. This book was like a pleasant stroll through a different world in which values were properly prioritized. I only wish there were more anecdotes about the children’s interaction with each other and the hostile world. I loved the one about two older kids saving 10 seats in a theater during the previews while the younger ones waited in the lobby so they didn’t have to look at all the junk in the previews. A good gift for your teenaged sons and daughters. A mandatory gift for Pre-Cana classes. Good idea for Engaged- and Marriage Encounter Weekend attendees. Five Stars Countercultural May 21, 2012 By Jeffery R. King.

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A Unique Publishing Platform For Writers And Publishers

Possibillion Technologies, today launched a unique online publishing portal, for writers and publishers. The portal allows writers and publishers to independently create their books in the form as Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile platforms. These book apps have the advantage of reaching readers across the world.

There’s a whole new segment of book lovers who want to read books on their mobile phones and tablet devices. And Paginative helps writers to publish their own books for this segment. Additionally, the service is integrated with the social media, which simplifies promotion and proliferation of books.

Simple to use and navigate, the portal offers a host of services to simplify book publishing for mobile readers. Paginative is powered by an innovative blend of mobile and web technologies. To know more about Paginative, visit

About Possibillion Technologies
Possibillion Technologies is an idea development company endeavoring to harness the synergistic power of novelty and technology. The company’s products and their services are tied to the real-world needs thus helping individuals and businesses to realize the wealth-creating potential of ideas.

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Debut Author Comes To The Scenes With Suspense And Action As The Thriller Unfolds

Many book readers love a good suspense novel. Mystery fans have been readers of Agatha Christie, James Patterson, David Baldacci and even John Grisham. Ola Adigun is new to the scene with his first thriller, “Razor Sharp 3.0”.

Adigun story focuses on Zeus, a mathematical genius that never seems to complete what he starts. Losing his father and inheriting a huge debt changed all that. He purposed to channel his energy to developing an intelligent software agent for predicting stock prices. The project was a total failure, or so he thought….

His brainchild takes a life of its own, infiltrating millions of computers worldwide in its quest to gain more processing power. One of the computers in question, belong to a secretive organization with highly sensitive information. And so began the race to find and take out the creator(s) of this elusive worm before they can figure out the power of what they have.

Can Zeus stay ahead of the ruthless people after him? The majority of Razor Sharp takes place in Nigeria; however it opens in San Jose, California.

Razor Sharp 3.0 is a suspense novel that also has spiritual undertones. It is a continuous page turner that keeps the reader wanting more. If you love a story filled with suspense and action, this is the book for you. It will keep you guessing chapter after chapter. Razor Sharp 3.0 can be purchased at

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1970s Las Vegas Chronicled in Graphic New Memoir

Local Author Marlayna Glynn Brown grew up in the 1970s Las Vegas mafia casino era. Her first memoir, Overlay, reveals an intriguing narrative of a strong child protagonist born into an ongoing cycle of alcoholism and abandonment amidst fallen adults. Marlayna describes a childhood that enabled her to develop a powerful sense of self-preservation as the people entrusted with her care abdicated their responsibilities. Her story reveals the personalities of the bizarre cast of characters that populated her life as she moved from home to home, parent to parent, family to family and ultimately to homelessness at the age of fourteen. Overlay will appeal to fans of the movie Casino and readers who prefer a strong journalistic storytelling style that does not delve into pity.

“Overlay isn’t just about me and my story,” Marlayna explains. “It provides an opportunity for the reader to examine their choices, decisions and actions and consider how they affect others. We often underestimate our power to transform those around us – at times irrevocably.”

Marlayna’s story is relevant and inspirational for anyone with a family member struggling with alcoholism or addiction. Parents and children will easily relate to Marlayna’s haunting and riveting tales of trying to make childhood sense of adult nonsensical behavior. Her powerful story will captivate readers and remain in their consciousness long after the last page of her story has been turned.

“I’ve been humbled and surprised by the outpouring of emotion from the readers. As a child I felt quite alone in dealing with the dysfunctional insanity in my family. I’ve learned as an adult that I was not as unique or alone as I’d previously believed,” Marlayna states.

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The Fairytale Keeper series: Not Your Average Fairy Tale Retelling

It’s a Grimm situation in the entertainment world these days. Literally. Grimm fairy tale retellings have taken over movie screens, television sets, and books shelves. From steam punk to comedy, and fantasy to science fiction, it seems fairy tales have seeped into every genre available this year.

Upon first glance, one might wonder what makes Andrea Cefalo’s The Fairytale Keeper: Avenging the Queen stand out from the crowd. It’s young adult historical fiction, which isn’t exactly original when it comes to fairytale retellings, but Cefalo doesn’t stick to just one of Grimm’s fairy tales in her Fairytale Keeper series. She supposes the most noted of these stories (Snow White, Cinderella, The Elves and the Shoemaker etc.) come from one person, a spitfire cobbler’s apprentice and novice story teller living in thirteenth century Germany. “I want the reader to believe that it’s possible for one person to have come up with all these tales,” say Cefalo.“To do that, I had to develop realistic characters and a historically-accurate setting.”

Fifteen year-old Adelaide, who will one day be immortalized in the story of Snow White, narrates this coming-of-age tale in which she quickly and harshly learns how corrupt her beloved home city of Cologne has become. Adelaide’s deep loyalty to her loved ones reveals itself through her confliction as she chooses between fighting the corruption and avenging her mother or keeping her father, friends, and her first love safe from the enemy.

The Fairytale Keeper series paints medieval Cologne vividly and develops a set of dynamic characters, bringing the famous villains, heroes, and damsels of Grimm’s fairy tales to life. Cinderella happens to be Adelaide’s self-indulgent, yet well-meaning cousin and her drunkard, yet hard-working father is the Shoemaker from the famous Elves and the Shoemaker story. However, not all main characters are cast into a Grimm fairy tale role yet. The role of Adelaide’s love interest, Ivo, is up in the air. Will he be the Prince in the Snow White story or some other character? When asked about Ivo’s role, Cefalo says, “Time will tell. There are going to be four books in the series. It’s funny. Most of the time the story writes itself and it would be wrong of me to assume that Ivo will end up a certain way.”

By the end, historical events and real people from the time period are so artfully woven into the retellings the reader will be left wondering if this is fact or fiction, making The Fairytale Keeper: Avenging the Queen a convincing and compelling fairy tale retelling.

The Fairytale Keeper: Avenging the Queen is set for release on June 1, 2012. It can be pre-ordered through the author’s website: or purchased in local bookstores and through online book retailers for 11.99 plus shipping and handling. For the latest news on this series, follow the author, Andrea Cefalo, on her website, Facebook fan page (, and on Twitter (!/AndreaCefalo).

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