Zenytime Announces the World’s First Wireless Breath-Based Input Solution Dedicated to Gameful Self-Improvement at the Web Summit 2013

Zenytime is exhibiting as an Alpha start-up in Dublin, Ireland at the Web Summit 2013 on Thursday 31st at the booth 532. The conference topic, centered around technology, lends itself to the product which is described as “the world’s first wireless breath-based input solution dedicated to gameful self-improvement.” Due to its forward thinking innovation, Zenytime has been recognized by summit organizers as one of the most promising early stage startups out of over 5000 applicants from over 80 countries.

“It’s a real honor to be selected from thousands of startups across the world and be invited to showcase our innovation to leading thinkers and doers in technology” said Celine Vignal, Founder. “The event will allow us to meet our peer group and exchange ideas and concepts around the Internet of Things and its impact on our lives and wellbeing, and how we deal with stress and productivity.”

Set to hold the attention of the summit’s attendees, Zenytime is the first device that lets users improve their wellbeing by playing free mobile games with the exclusive use of their breath. Mixing self-improvement and gamification, Zenytime is to breathing what fitness trackers are to moving.

The Zenytime solution combines a Bluetooth accessory called “the Puck” and gameful apps designed as breathing coaches. The “Puck” features an exclusive patented sensor that tracks controlled breathing and translates it into game controls. Zenytime games for smartphones and tablets follow well-defined inhale and exhale sequences, scientifically proven to be beneficial breathing exercises. The Zenytime provides with stats, tips and rewards toward a better wellbeing.

Compatible with iOS and Android, Zenytime games are founded on optimal breathing patterns well-known for improving stress management, cardio health, sports and brain performance.

Zenytime is available at zenytime.com for pre-ordering at $79 including shipping and handling. Add-ons to be announced soon. Shipping will begin during Q1 2014.

For more information visit www.zenytime.com. To connect on Facebook and Twitter click on https://www.facebook.com/zenytime and https://twitter.com/zenytime respectively.


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Paddy Power PLC released tips on How to Choose the Right Bingo Game Online

Picking the Right Bingo Game

As experienced bingo players know, there are many different versions of Bingo. Players often take the time to practice and try out each and every bingo game before they decide on their favorite, and it’s much better fun to experience some new versions rather than be conservative and stick to one game! Here’s some information and tips that might help you speed up the process and help you choose the bingo game that’s perfect for you.

Traditional Games

So if you like simple, basic bingo and want to stick to the classic and well-known games, then traditional bingo games are the choice for you. Traditional bingo games have simple patterns such as vertical lines, horizontal lines, diagonal lines, winners circle and four corners. These types of games keep it really simple, which is absolutely perfect for beginners.

Something New and Exciting

Do you want a new twist on the traditional game? If so, you should check out pattern bingo. Now pattern bingo has many of the features of traditional bingo games, but with one unique exception. Rather than making a basic five-in-a-row bingo win, players are required to complete complex patterns, such as “Hangman”, “A” or “Starburst”. These games can present a fun challenge for players who are looking for something new, and give experienced bingo players renewed interest in their game!

A Twist on a Favorite

Finally, if you’re looking for something entirely new when it comes to playing bingo, you might want to check out Deal or No Deal bingo. If you’re a fan of the television show, you will great fun playing in this unique, and very different online bingo game. Just like the famous television show, you will be assigned a box with a mystery prize. Throughout the game, you will receive calls from the mysterious banker who will make offers to buy the box from you. It’s up to you to decide whether to take the banker’s offer or to stick with your original choice containing the secret jackpot prize. The excitement builds as the boxes available to choose from begin to get smaller… and especially so if it starts to look like your first choice might contain the big jackpot!

For more information please visit: http://bingo.paddypower.com

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The rise of the mobile casino and gaming on the go with casinos like Royal Vegas

Online casinos have filled the gap where land based casinos could not deliver, but now mobile casinos are taking over from online casinos offering players the chance to gamble on the go at any time from almost anywhere.

Times are changing and the internet has provided an entire online world where life has been simplified and everything can be found at the click of a button. There is almost no need for a person to leave their house now, with online shopping, online banking and any information needed at the tip of a person’s fingers. The same goes for online gambling, players no longer need to leave the comfort of their own home to enjoy a wide variety of top class casino games. But casinos have thought ahead and incase of that moment when players do leave their house they can take the casino with them in the form of a mobile casino app on their smartphone or tablet.

Players are able to find the same excitement and entertainment from mobile casino as they do online casinos and even land based casinos. Often players will migrate from an online casino to its own brand mobile casino as many online casinos do offer a mobile counterpart.

Players that are new to the casino will be able to claim a new player welcome bonus if they sign up online or via the mobile app, these mobile casino bonuses are also competitive and enticing. Royal Vegas mobile casino for instance offers players a $1,200 FREE welcome bonus split across three deposits, this is something a land based casino would never offer.

The games on offer are the same: table games, slot games and others, although online casinos seem to offer the most variety with some brands having over 500 casino games on offer. The ease of playing these games at home means people no longer have to get into their cars, drive to the casino and sit in a room full of strangers and smoke whilst mind numbingly spinning the reels. They can actually do other things while they play by setting the slot game to auto spin players can get chores done, watch their favorite television shows or even take a shower to hopefully return having won a huge jackpot. Then why would players use the mobile version if playing online is the way to go, how about when standing in a queue at the store, on a long train journey or waiting for the dentist these are some of the examples listed by players that enjoy this on the go style gaming.

The mobile casino is not a new concept and has been available to players for a few years, but what is new is that more and more people are now using this method for casino playing. Even people that are not huge casino enthusiast are playing the occasional game of mobile poker or roulette. A prime example from not so long ago is Sen. John McCain who was caught playing some mobile poker during a senate hearing, this just shows there is always time for a quick bet and the mobile casino has made it even easier.

Players interested in this ‘new’ version of gambling can sign up at their usual online casinos mobile version or even download an app from iTunes or GooglePlay. What is nice about getting the casino from an app store is that players are able to read reviews and learn from others experiences. For players that are interested in learning more about this on the go gaming they can visit www.royal-vegas.com and click on the mobile page.

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Escape to Paradise promotions currently underway at Vegas Palms Online Casino

Vegas Palms Online Casino is currently running a 12-week promotion called Escape to Paradise. The promotion is offering a share of €120,000 in prizes. €60,000 of this will be divided up into three grand prizes that will see the winners awarded with a paradise adventure.

The promotion started on, it will conclude 17 November 2013.

Currently in its ninth week, having started on 27 August, Escape to Paradise will conclude on 17 November.

Every four weeks a paradise tournament is held where 16 players who have qualified in weekly events leading up to the tournament, compete for a €20,000 paradise adventure. Qualifying events include lucky draws, highest wagering contests and online slots tournaments. A large majority of the events are mobile-friendly apart from the online slots tournaments and the paradise tournaments, both of which require logging into our Desktop casino in order to compete.

The Vegas Palms Escape to Paradise promotion [http://www.vegaspalmscasino.com/promotions/] has already given away thousands of Euros worth of prizes to players at the casino as well as other casinos included in the Fortune Lounge Group. Prizes given away include Louis Vuitton luggage, Smartphones, cameras, camcorders, Mont Blanc accessories and laptops.

The three paradise adventure prizes as mentioned above are as follows: a Ski lodge experience, a beach resort holiday as well as an African safari adventure.

Rudolf R. was the first of the paradise adventure winners crowned, and will now be given the choice between the different vacation destinations on offer.

Running in conjunction with this promotion is another, Rocktober, offering a share of €70,000 in prizes. The promotion will conclude on 31 October.

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Hello, My Name is Paul Smith

This November, London’s Design Museum presents an exhibition dedicated to the work of celebrated designer Paul Smith, reports LondonTown.com.

Although the Paul Smith brand is now known around the world, with stores in 16 countries, it sprang from the very modest beginnings of a 3mx3m Nottingham boutique, which Smith opened in 1970. A space of exactly the same dimensions kicks off this new exhibition, a message to aspiring designers and entrepreneurs that it is ok to start small.

From there it takes us on a tour of Smith’s mind, creativity and influences, encompassing the importance of his wife Pauline (who, he says, taught him everything), behind-the-scenes footage from this year’s Paris menswear shows, and iconic pieces from past Paul Smith collections.

One of the main talking points, however, will be the recreation of Smith’s Covent Garden office, known as ‘the stockroom of silly things’ on account of all the random objects that more than fill it (including several bicycles, cycling memorabilia, wind-up toys, china rabbits and an endless assortment of bizarre things that fans and famous friends regularly send him). Far more than just clutter, these are the things that give the designer inspiration, often popping up in his trademark style of what he calls ‘classic with a twist’.

The exhibition runs from 15 November until 9 March 2014 and is open from 10am-5.45pm daily.

The Design Museum is at Shad Thames, London SE1 2YD (www.designmuseum.org). Visitors can find, and book, cheap London hotels in the area via LondonTown.com.

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Spencer – Poignant Memories of War

British artists Stanley Spencer’s poignant memories of war are leaving their permanent home at the National Trust’s Sandham Memorial Chapel to be exhibited at Somerset House next month. This exhibition marks the National Trust’s first major art exhibition in London for 18 years. Stanley Spencer: Heaven In A Hell Of War opens at Somerset House on 7th November and runs until 26th January 2014. Somerset House is a grand house located on the Thames by Waterloo Bridge. It is within a short distance of numerous London hotels and tourists looking for hotel rooms in London should visit LondonTown.com, which offers the latest and best deals on rooms in the capital.

The exhibition is part of many events scheduled to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War. It will a series of large scale canvas panels from one of the most original and acclaimed British painters of the 20th century. They are usually on display at a chapel that was built to house the products of Spencer’s artistic genius. Spencer painted scenes of his own wartime experiences, as a hospital orderly in Bristol and as a soldier, also on the Salonika front.  His recollections, painted entirely from memory, focus on the domestic rather than combative and evoke everyday experience – washing lockers, inspecting kit, sorting laundry, scrubbing floors and taking tea – in which he found spiritual resonance and sustenance.

Peppered with personal and unexpected details, they combine the realism of everyday life with dreamlike visions drawn from his imagination. They describe the banal daily life that, to those from the battlefield, represented a ‘heaven in a hell of war.’ For Spencer, the menial became the miraculous; a form of reconciliation. The paintings, which took six years to create and were completed in 1932, are considered by many to be the artist’s finest achievement. As well as being one of Britain’s most important war artists, Spencer was a key figure in the development of figurative art in 20th century Britain and this exhibition provides an opportunity to look up close at his accomplished paintwork, sensitive use of colour, and masterly still-life. For more about this and other exhibitions in London, see LondonTown.com, the city’s most reliable source for information about events and exhibitions in the capital.

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The capital catches fire with Hunger Party Games

As London prepares to host the world premiere of the Hunger Games: Catching Fire, eager fans can get in on the action with The Robin Collective’s brilliantly bonkers Hunger Party Games. LondonTown.com talks exclusively to the events and experimental food company’s founder Robin Fegan to find out what the nefarious Game Makers have in store.

Please can you tell us a bit more about the Hunger Party Games.

Robin Fegan: In celebration of the release of the second Hunger Games film, The Robin Collective and Indeedy Incorporated are holding a unique party at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club on 15 November. [The singer, presenter, DJ and] our own queen of the Capitol Jess Indeedy will reap contestants to fight in this year’s Hunger Party Games.

Will the contestants be shot at with arrows and forced to forage for their own food?

RF: Not exactly. Every ticket holder’s name will be put into the reaping. Throughout the night, people will be selected to compete in murderous parlour games, and cannon blasts will salute the fallen.

In between games, the victors will be celebrated and there will be dancing. Because this is a Quarter Quell, the last game of the night will see all the victors compete one last time.

Yikes, can you give us a hint as to what the murderous party games might involve?

The Game Makers are currently busy coming up with the most devious and evil games imaginable like Musical Killing Chairs and Pass the Parcel… of death!

How should contestants dress?

They are encouraged to wear outfits representative of their district. For example, glasses without lenses for the Shoreditch district, or obnoxious red trousers for the Chelsea districts. The reaping will be random so we won’t favour any districts.

What made you decide to hold a Hunger Games-themed event?

We’re big fans of the books and Katniss’ struggle against the Capitol is very much a metaphor for our struggle against non-Hunger Games-themed events.

How would you sum up the event in 10 words?

RF: ‘May the odds be ever in your favour,’ Caesar Flickerman.

The Hunger Party Games will be held at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club on 15 November from 9pm to 2am. Tickets are available from www.therobincollective.co.uk.
Competition: Win a set of tickets and the complete book trilogy

We are giving away two sets of tickets to the Hunger Party Games along with copies of the complete book trilogy. To enter, visit www.therobincollective.co.uk and then email us to let us know how many partying tracker jackers there are on the website.

The competition runs from 22nd October to 5th November 2013. Email your answer to competitions@londontown.com, along with your name and contact details. To be eligible to enter, you must be aged 18 years or over. Winners will be selected at random.

For more information on London pop-up events, visit LondonTown.com.

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Richmond Literature Festival

Throughout November, the London borough of Richmond plays host to a vibrant programme of literary events in the month-long Richmond Literature Festival, with something for all tastes and all ages, says LondonTown.com.

Visiting writers include Thatcher biographer Charles Moore, chef Allegra McEvedy, journalist Max Hastings and bestselling author Daisy Waugh. There will also be plenty of activities for children, including a tea party for under fives and a visit from much-loved writer Shirley Hughes, plus themed events on crime fiction and desert-island books, dance performances in Richmond public library, beat boxing and advice on getting published.

This annual event also provides the opportunity to enjoy events in some of the area’s beautiful historic buildings such as Garrick’s temple (a classical riverside folly built for 18 th century actor David Garrick), Marble Hill House, Strawberry Hill House and Hampton Court Palace . A full list of venues and prices can be found at www.richmondliterature.com.

The Richmond Literature Festival runs from 1-30 November. Visitors to Richmond can find, and book, cheap London hotels via LondonTown.com.

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Third Tonya Sharp Hyche Thriller Crime Novel in Trilogy, Painted Fear, Makes Perfect Halloween Treat

Tonya Sharp Hyche releases her third and final installment to the Just for You trilogy. This novel is just as intriguing and filled with passion as the first two in the series. It is available on Amazon for Kindle and paperback. Tonya Sharp Hyche has written 7 books and has been featured on the HGTV show, House Hunters International that is rearing on October 31st.

Dr. Lindy Ashley finds herself in the crosshairs of a patient whose true identity remains hidden in Painted Fear. FBI agent Matthew Blake is once again called to the scene when a suspect of the Night Killer is found dead. Is this a coincidence—or did he miss something the first time around? For Jamie Conrad, it would certainly be nice if it were the former. After the cases that rocked Central University and the Caribbean left her life in tatters, she has slowly begun to put the pieces back together. Now in love and trying to learn to trust again, Jamie has to wonder whether her fear is real or imagined when FBI Agent Matthew Blake shows up in her life once again. Readers no longer have to choose between a steamy book and a thriller novel. Hyche binds elements of each genre in Painted Fear.

The episode featuring Tonya Sharp Hyche and her family is rearing on HGTV on October 31st, Halloween, at 11:30e/p & 2:30e/p. After a previous airing of the show in July, Tonya Sharp Hyche reached the rank of 1001 in the Amazon author rank list.

Tonya Sharp Hyche lived in Australia for two years and wrote her first novels in Australia and her novel Breathless shares the experience of living in Australia with her readers. While in Australia, she appeared on a number of local best sellers list and sold books at markets around the country. Hyche has given back to the community numerous times, donating books to local book clubs and donated signed copies of books to community silent auction fundraisers.

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Discover Video Games Coaching Activity Through The First Global Esport Coaching Website

As the eSport phenomenon is growing all around the world, eGG-one school, the leading french video games coaching website, launches its international version.

To most people, video games coaching may sound like a strange idea. But in the world of competitive gaming, being advised by the best players has been a reality for quite some time now. eGG-one school was created to solve this need.

eSport is growing Recently, eSports has gone through tremendous growth, incurring a large increase in both viewership and prize money. Last Friday night, the #1 eSports games League of Legends held its World Championship Finals from the sold-out Staples Center in Los Angeles. Pro-gamers competed for more than $2 million in cash prizes in front of 12,000 fans. A record 5 million people from around the world were watching the previous edition.

eGG-one school, the first video games coaching website Knowing that players were already giving online private lessons for 10$-40$/hour, eGG-one school, launched the first video games coaching website. eGG-one school has decided to propose coaches from every eSports game on a fully automated platform. For students, the platform provides the easiest way to book a lesson with the most suited coach. For coaches, a fully automated payment and reservation system has been developed.

With 5200 hours of coaching bought last year, eGG-one school has had an unexpected success. More than 130 000$ have been paid to the coaches on mainly four eSport games (League of Legends, Starcraft 2, Counter-Strike: GO, and Street Fighter IV). For coaches, the platform allows them to share their passion, experience, knowledge and to secure a nice remuneration doing it. For students, private lessons are the best way to make quick progress and to become better gamers.

Since we were only active in France at first, we decided to launch our international version one month ago. We hope our project will allow gamers from all around the world to connect through this coaching activity!

For more informations, please discover our League of Legends coaching (http://school.egg-one.com/en/league-of-legends-lessons) section and our Starcraft 2 coaching (http://school.egg-one.com/en/starcraft-2-lessons) section.

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7Sultans Magical October Promotion 50 FREE SPINS no deposit Needed

This October players that sign up at 7Sultans casino will receive 50 Free Spins before they even make a deposit, plus they will also get a £/€/$1,000 free welcome bonus.

7Sultans Online Casino usually offers new players a welcome bonus of £/€/$1,000 free, but for the month of October they are feeling slightly more generous and are offering an additional 50 Free Spins no deposit needed. All players need to do to claim this bonus is visit 7Sultan Casino, sign up and when they log into the casino click on the 50 Free Spins banner and their account will be credited with the Free Spins. These free spins have been split across five different video slot games, Lucky Witch, Immortal Romance, Hot Ink, Girls with Guns and Riviera Riches with 10 Free Spins on each game.

Deposit Free gaming is not an unfamiliar concept for online casinos, many casinos offer this type of bonus to players that are unsure or uncertain about the commitment that comes with making a deposit. There are no rules with regards to an amount when making a deposit but generally if players want to qualify for the bonus the first deposit needs to be substantial. 7Sultans have removed this dilemma with the new promotion, now new players can experience the casino no deposit needed and if they like what they see they can still qualify for the £/€/$1,000 free new player welcome bonus when they make their first deposit.

7Sultans online casino is one of the oldest and most trusted online casinos in the industry. They offer over 500 top class casino games powered by Microgaming, including tournaments and progressive slot games. 7Sultans Casino also run monthly promotions to reward loyal players with real world prizes, deposit match bonuses, Free Spins and more. They offer players a safe and secure gambling environment, 24-7 customer service and support and a mobile product for on the move casino fun.

This extended bonus promotion is only available at www.7sultan.com until the end of October 2013.

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Los Angeles Pastor Writes Self-Help Book!

Alja Thompson was an accomplished R&B recording artist with the 1980s band, General Caine, and has four albums to his credit with CBS Records. During the height of his career, Alja got involved with drugs, which devastated his life and ultimately led to his incarceration. It was a galvanizing reality. Totally defeated, he began a quest for truth and encountered the Christian-Judeo God along the way. It proved to be an event that completely changed his life.

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, young Alja learned to play music at the age of three. “In fact,” he explains, “I don’t remember life without music. Eventually, it became my life.” As a young musician he played the drums, marching in the world renowned Mardi Gras parades of New Orleans and also performed with jazz ensembles on the Mark Twain River Boat while sailing down the Mississippi River. In his late teens Alja’s music career advanced to Los Angeles, California, where he performed with James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, War, Rick James, and The Silvers, and finally became a member of the funk-rock group General Caine. Throughout his music career, Alja felt that something was missing; convinced that his life bore a much greater purpose.

Today, Alja Thompson is the founder and senior pastor of Sanctified Army Ministries, in Los Angeles, California. He holds a degree in Theology and is called by God to break down the strongholds of poverty and human suffering with the love of Christ through his warm, gentle affection for people. As a result, Pastor Thompson has written his first book, entitled Victory Over The Mind. Of the multitude of Christian and secular, self-help books that you’ll ever read, Victory Over the Mind is a truly splendid accomplishment. Follow along as Pastor Thompson delves into scripture to unveil the power that God placed within us. Victory Over the Mind is an awesome adventure, an excellent teaching accessory for the classroom setting and a must-read for anyone struggling with a restless mind.

Find Alja Thompson’s Victory Over The Mind at … Amazon Books Alja Thompson!

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