Makes a Mass Content Update for Live Casino Fanatics

2013 is only a few days away now, and the live casino TV operators have changed drastically in 2012 with Jackpot247 & SuperCasino offering live roulette games on mobile devices, and Smart Live Casino creating their very own unique Facebook app! For this is the exact reason why today have now updated every page of content on their site to make sure that players coming over to gamble, know exactly what they’re in for.

The TV Casino revolution has evolved masses of times over the past years and have done a great job keeping players updated at the hub, but this is to be the biggest content refresh they have ever done – expecting players to come back for more every week just to take an insight on their tips, guides and reviews on the biggest operators in online gaming.

Sam Merry,’s Managing Director, explained,

“The online gaming world has changed a lot over the recent years, but 2012 was one to remember and with today’s technology allowing things to run a lot quicker and smoother we should always keep our eye out for updates.”

“With this thought in mind, we are 120% sure that players will find exactly what they are looking for with extreme confidence when clicking through to play at one of the live casinos.”

Not only have they given fresh reviews, guides & tips but also included 3 new live casino reviews from the top live online casinos; Castle Casino, GuruPlay Casino & William Hill Casino. Hundreds of players visit their site every day, hunting for the widest yet best selection of live casinos and that’s exactly what they plan to give them. is a UK based online gaming portal at the forefront of the new TV gaming revolution. Launched in June 2012, it offers exclusive bonuses, reviews and guides to players, working closely with an elite partner network that also includes SmartLiveCasino. For further information head to, or email inquiries

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A new band has come to life: PlanEscape

PlanEscape is releasing an E.P. including 5 songs which are a part of their first album named after the Band’s name, PlanEscape.

PlanEscape is the sound of a band coming of age.
It is a warm and live-sounding collection of classic but contemporary Post-Brit Rock. The new E.P. includes soaring strings, uplifting harmonies, and soulful lyrics. There are nods of electronic as well as oriental influences as the band experimented with different instruments including oud and bouzouki.

You are welcome to visit our new website: and listen to the music.

The songs can be purchased online at PlanEscape’s official website and on iTunes.

iTunes store:

Also, PlanEscape is releasing along with their new E.P. their first Video Clip to the song “How Many”. Watch and rate it on Youtube and on the official band’s website.

PlanEscape YouTube Channel:

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Raw Attraction Dating Magazine Launches to Give Practical Dating Advice for Men

Raw Attraction Magazine is the ultimate dating guide written by men who have extensive dating experience. Today, it is running a special offer for its first month – the magazine is free to download from the App Store.

Raw Attraction Magazine has the most charismatic writers whom are all dating multiple women or have done so in the past. They show how they are living their lives, abundant with women. To those who men who are fed about with a sexless, single life then Raw Attraction Magazine is the place to go to motivate you towards action.

Aside from dating tips, it also focuses on self-improvement, self-confidence, self-development and focusing on the power of now. At Raw Attraction Magazine they note that, “There is a growing number of men who realize that they have to improve themselves in order to date the women they want and it’s not based on pick up lines and games – as is often the common theory when people read the book by Neil Strauss, ‘The Game’. “

This revolutionary and innovative magazine will have a profound impact on everyone’s dating life. The mission is to eventually bring the male and female parts of the dating world together. At Raw Attraction magazine they feel that, “Dating advice for men and women has become more like two corners of a boxing ring, when it should be a dance. We aim to make it that way.”

Raw Attraction Magazine aims to put more eligible men on the dating market having obtained real world advice. They aim to create a happier and more vibrant dating market for everyone.

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Multi Games Tables From Splash And Relax

Splash and Relax have made leisure activities their main market place for many years and it is with a good deal of pleasure that they are to promote a series of multi games tables which can cover a full gamut of activities for adult and child alike. The multi games tables are becoming a great addition to the market place as they provide a full range of different games which can be played easily in the house. Some of the games are energetic and some are quiet and thoughtful and so they provide a great range of activities for all the different occasions that a family meets and it is this diversity of requirements that has made Splash and Relax expand its range of multi games tables.

It is most likely that the main obstacle to a multi games table is the television or the electronic game but Splash and Relax are pleased to promote a system where the emphasis is on imaginative games which often require exercise or some form of movement rather than the problems that develop from sitting in a chair looking at a screen. Many years ago multi games were every child’s dream as they received a “compendium of games” in their Christmas stocking. The games were ones like snakes and ladders and ludo and many other board games, which now sound rather out of date. Probably the thing that they did require was 2 people to play the game and they did not have the flashing lights and death defying stunts and roaring music of the latest electronic gadget. They did however provide time away from the television (If you had one) and fostered family life together, which is so important in later life.

Splash and Relax – – note that the multi games tables in many ways recapture the essence of the old compendium of games set up but have brought the whole system up to date. Now instead of pressing a few keys on an electronic games consul in a virtual world the games of pool or air hockey can be played properly on a very attractive games table. If those games are not popular today they can try table football and if that is no good there is anything up to another 30 other games that can be used. This is ideal for family where the children get bored with one game but are fascinated by another game. It also has the advantage that many of these games can be played by the whole family and not just the solitary and sedentary system of an armchair consul.

Splash and Relax have a range of multi table games which suit all pockets but they have aimed at producing a range that have a variety of different games so that what might not interest one group may well interest another group, old or young, male or female. Time should be taken to examine the different types of games available and will they suit the family and base their judgement on that.

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