Co-Operative Business Model Set For The Silver-Screen In Major New Film

The Co-operative business model is set to hit the big screen in a major new movie telling the inspirational story of the birth of co-operation.

The 52 minute feature-film is funded by The Co-operative Group – whose own origins trace back to the original ‘Rochdale Pioneers’ – and has been commissioned to celebrate the United Nations International Year of Co-operatives 2012.

The new movie – “The Rochdale Pioneers” – tells of 28 working men whose vision for a better social order inspired them to form the Rochdale Equitable Pioneers Society in 1844 – recognised as the birth of the co-operative movement.

After a year’s trading (1845) membership had increased almost three-fold and the Pioneers’ fame soon spread overseas – today there are one billion members of co-operatives worldwide and, in the UK alone sector turnover exceeds £33 Billion.

Mark Robinson-Field, The Co-operative’s National Co-operative and Membership Manager, said: “In 1844 the original Pioneers set out the ideals which became the basis for the principles on which co-operatives around the world still operate to this day.

“This year’s activities to mark the International Year of Co-operatives will highlight the significant contribution of co-operatives to world-wide socio-economic development.

“And, with one billion members of co-operatives world-wide and the sector enjoying global attention, we believe the time is right for this inspirational story to be re-told.”

Inspired by the 1944 film ‘Men of Rochdale’, this re-telling is being made by The Co-operative British Youth Film Academy.

The cast includes John Henshaw – known for roles in Early Doors, Born and Bred, Looking for Eric and, Terry Pratchett’s Going Postal – who plays John Holt, one of the original members of The Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers. As well as stage and TV actor John McArdle – known for roles in Brookside, Merseybeat and Gallowglass– who plays Dr Dunlop, who agreed to rent his premises, an old woollen warehouse, to the Rochdale Pioneers.

Kevin Atkinson, Operations Director of The Co-operative British Youth Film Academy and producer for the new film, said: “This is an exciting project which, through the medium of film, will bring the spirit, heart and belief of the original pioneers to a brand new audience.”

The film will be distributed internationally and plans are in place for it to be screened at the co-operative world festival and expo at Manchester Central in autumn 2012.

To follow the progress of the film or for more information visit

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Sayin it Plain Welcomes Mildred D Muhammad EX. Wife of the D.C Sniper John Allen Muhammad To the Show

The Hottest New Show on Internet Radio, Sayin it Plain returns 1-21-2012 to tackle the sensitive subject of Domestic Violence. Sayin it Plain welcomes Mildred D Muhammad EX. Wife of the D.C Sniper John Allen Muhammad, founder of After the Trauma and author of Scared Silent. She will talk to the crew about her riveting story of survival and the events that led to the tragedy that gripped America. Sayin It Plain is Streaming Live @ 8PM (EASTERN) on 1-21-2012. Go to or to listen live. Sayin it Plain where keepinG it real is not just a phrase.

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Yamgo Launches Aux Send, the Dedicated Independent Music Channel, on Mobile Devices

Aux Send, the live performance music channel has launched on mobile TV network Yamgo. The channel dedicated to unique, interesting, diverse and unsigned artists will be available globally on Smartphones, iPad and Tablet devices.

The Yamgo TV network delivers live TV to mobile devices worldwide using 2.5G, 3G and Wi-Fi connections. Aux Send is the latest high profile addition to an extensive line-up which includes music, sports, movies, entertainment and news channels.

Aux Send, the brainchild of video producer and music enthusiast Doug Stanford, showcases emerging independent artists and their music. The channel provides many of the acts with their first experience of television and exposure to a worldwide audience.

With exclusive intimate live performances, unique studio and concert footage and personal interviews with singers, songwriters, artists and bands the channel has quickly gained popularity amongst an audience that is in search of exciting new musicians and a departure from bland mainstream chart music.

Aux Send provides a refreshing user experience at a time when music television is cluttered with channels that are less about the music and dominated by reality shows and adverts for the latest ringtones. This passion for real music has gained Aux Send a reputation as the place to unearth new and exciting talent providing performers with a unique opportunity to reach a new audience.

“The aim of Aux Send is to create a viewer base that will allow artists to gain an audience that may have never had the opportunity to hear them. Yamgo’s unique ability to deliver video content to any mobile user provides Aux Send an opportunity to maximise the availability of emerging independent music and expand our audience on a truly global platform” explains Aux Send Founder Doug Stanford.

By launching on the Yamgo network, Aux Send will be available on all leading mobile platforms and devices including iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Android (phones and tablets), Nokia, Blackberry, HTC, Samsung and HP webOS.

The latest channel to launch on the Yamgo network will include a wide range of music genres including rock, indie folk, punk, garage, grunge, rhythm and blues, roots and foot stomping rock n roll. Aux Send will also feature behind the scenes interviews uncovering the driving influences behind the artists and their music.

The partnership between Aux Send and Yamgo will allow viewers across the world to enjoy the latest performances by musicians such as Jeremy Cowgill, Andrew Rohlk, Nelly Kate, Wes Swing and Noble Air from any location, whether they are around the house, relaxing on the sofa, at the kitchen table, in bed or on the go.

Ian Mullins, CEO and Founder of Yamgo stated “As a broadcaster dedicated to independent singers, songwriters, musicians and bands Aux Send can take full advantage of the Yamgo mobile TV network to supply audiences with the most exciting and diverse catalogue of independent music entertainment available on mobile devices. It’s great to have them on the network and allow consumers anywhere and at anytime to watch high quality performances from fascinating up-and-coming artists.”

Aux Send will be available 24/7 on smartphone apps and mobile devices worldwide with Yamgo at

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How to Get Fit and More With The Co-operative Magazine’s January 2012 Issue

“New Year is traditionally a time to make changes in your life…” – this is the opening to the Editor’s Letter for the January 2012 issue of The Co-operative Magazine, and this is what the latest issue is all about.

From easy ways to boost your immune system and how to give your body an MOT, to ways to detox your finances and some great January gardening tips, this issue has everything you will need to make a positive start to 2012.

The people at The Co-operative Magazine understand that January can be a struggle in terms of finances following the expense of the festive period, and this month’s issue features a great guide to getting your money in order. The simple advice and top moneysaving tips includes being honest about what you spend and save, writing down your incomings and outgoings, and prioritising the latter where possible.

If it’s nutrition or wellbeing advice you are after, why not read the top five ways to boost your immune system and give yourself a fighting chance against the common cold, flu and other illnesses that are more prevalent during the winter months. Regular exercise is on the list and you can find out how to get fit with help from The Co-operative Magazine’s health and wellbeing section, whether you’re interested in the Zumba dancercise craze, Pilates (for that Pippa Middleton bum!) or regular walking in the great British countryside.

Subscribe to The Co-operative Magazine to receive email notification of new issues, features and competitions to win great prizes! You can also read past issues of the magazine to find healthy eating tips, ideas for fun family days out, National Trust properties not to miss, and much more.

The latest issue is to say Happy New Year from everyone at The Co-operative Group!

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Indie Filmmaking duo tries to bring the Old West to South London….

Gary Scullion & Nick Acott better known online as The Sneaky Zebra who’s parody and viral videos have been seen on the likes of CBS, TechCrunch, Gizmodo, Entertainment Weekly and Slashfilm to name a few. But their next project is aiming to be a little more epic, a webseries with a taste of the Old West.

What is “The Good, The Bad &TheUndead” all about?

A drifter who stumbles upon the silver mining town of Romero,finds himself thrown into a situation even the most hardened warrior of the west has never faced. He must team up with the remaining survivors of the town to fend off the hordes of the undead and work together to escape the growing menace.

How are they getting this made?

The duo arecrowdfunding to get their pilot off the ground with the help of a site called IndieGoGo. The idea is simple, you can contribute to the film by donating small amounts such as £10 and for this you get a “Perk” ranging from a simple credit & special thanks to getting a walk on part in the final video.

So why Crowdfunding?

“It’s a fantastic way for our audience to be part of what we do, we’ve been on our YouTube channel for just over a year now creating a range of quick simple sketches to high end productions in less than 48 hours and we want to get as muchaudience involvement as possible!” Nick goes on to explain “Traditional funding is very hard to come by if you’re an unknown in the blockbuster film world, this gives us a chance to work with a bigger budget then we could get on our own and show the big dogs what we’re made of”.

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