Screenwise Consistently Producing Success Stories In Its Acting Graduates

With a focus on the particular skills and knowledge required for screen acting, Screenwise is consistently producing success stories within both local and international film and TV industries.

Having already appeared in the TV adaptation of Tim Winton’s Cloudstreet as well as Rescue Special Ops, Screenwise graduate Todd Lasance is gracing our screens again in ABC’s salacious new series Crownies. Todd Lasance has garnered much praise for his work of late, and was nominated this year for the IF Out of the Box Award.

This year Screenwise has seen further local success in Valentino del Toro. The former student and current tutor at Screenwise has recently appeared in the acclaimed miniseries The Slap, currently airing on the ABC.

Screenwise graduates are also proving popular amongst international directors and casting agents. Our very own Isabel Lucas will grace the silver screen alongside Henry Cavill, Mickey Rourke and Stephen Dorff, playing the goddess Athena in the big screen blockbuster Immortals this month. Isabel Lucas has also been cast opposite Cate Blanchett and Christian Bale in master director Terrence Malick’s latest project Knight of Cups.

Screenwise alumnus Chris Hemsworth has found success on the big screen this year, playing the title role in Thor. Chris Hemsworth is currently shooting Snow White and the Huntsman with co-stars Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart.

Screenwise Acting School runs a number of short and long-term acting courses that will continue throughout the remainder of the year. One exciting upcoming acting course being the Master Intensive Class with Darren Ashton (Dir: Offspring, Rush) on Saturday 3rd December at the Screenwise studios in Surry Hills. Darren Ashton is a complete industry all-rounder. Most recently, he has been busy directing Offspring and Rush. He has also directed Bed Of Roses, and written and directed his own feature films Razzle Dazzle A Journey Into Dance starring Kerry Armstrong (Lantana, Sea Change) and Thunderstruck starring Stephen Curry (The King, The Castle). Ashton is currently executive producing Not Suitable For Children starring Ryan Kwanten (True Blood, Griff the Invisible).

Master Intensive Classes are aimed at experienced actors looking to excel or perfect a specific area. The next Master Class will focus on auditioning techniques and processes for Film & Television. This class is for experienced actors only. Please contact the Screenwise office for bookings and applications.

Screenwise is also currently auditioning for the 2 Year Full-Time Diploma of Screen Acting and the Screenwise Showreel Course. Auditions for the Diploma of Screen Acting opened on 1st September 2011 and, while first round auditions have closed, late applicants will be accepted for a February 2012 intake with an additional $20 admin fee. The 2 Year Full-Time Diploma of Screen Acting is the first of its kind in Australia. Prospect students can contact Screenwise for further information on course content and the application process.

91506NSW Diploma of Screen Acting. RTO provider code 91699. VET FEE-HELP Approved for eligible students

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Top Artists Use Blue Dot To Support BBC Children In Need

Top stars at BBC’s Children In Need have recorded exclusive backstage performances that fans can now get with Blue Dots, the new social currency. By donating just £5 to help children across the UK music lovers will receive 5 Blue Dots that gives them full access to all 10 of these very special recordings of the bands, perfored behind their locked dressing room doors.

The ten tracks include:
– JLS performing an acapella version of ‘She Makes Me Wanna’
– An acoustic rendition of ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ from One Direction
– Gary & Nathan from Snow Patrol with a soulful performance of ‘Lifening’
– A unique and amazing band performance of ‘Us Against The World’ from Coldplay
– Westlife performing an acapella version of ‘What About Now’
– The Saturday’s performing a unique acoustic version of ‘All Fired Up’
– Guy & Craig from Elbow performing ‘The River’
– Rizzle Kicks playing a cover version of ‘What a Day for a Daydream’
– James Morrison performing a unique cover of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Knocks Me Off My Feet’

Fans can view sneak previews of the Children in Need videos on the Blue Dot Facebook page at and get extra Blue Dots by ‘liking’ Pudsey and BlueDotWorld’s Facebook pages.

Blue Dot is the new social currency given to people who do good things for their favourite causes – sharing on social media, volunteering and donating to any one of 100k non-profits globally.

Blue Dot founder Chris Ward commented: “I was previously Creative Director of the UK’s Comic Relief, where we work first hand with major stars and brands to create attention-grabbing moments that engage millions of people in volunteering and charitable giving.

“I created Blue Dot, as a genuinely new and innovative way to enable every single cause to create that same impact, every single day of the year.”

Natasha Hill, Marketing Director, Cancer Research UK added: “Blue Dot can be to charity what Nectar is to shopping.”

BBC Children in Need is the BBC’s UK corporate charity which helps disadvantaged children across the UK. More information can be found at

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Magazine Subscriptions Demystify Online Shopping

Forrester research indicates that, by the end of 2011, Americans will spend around $200 billion in online purchases. They also predict that by the year 2015, U.S. retail sales will well surpass the $275 billion mark. This growth in ecommerce is being attributed to existing shoppers pushing their online shopping boundaries by purchasing more items off the World Wide Web like home appliances and furniture in addition to increasing spending in traditionally popular online shopping categories such as books and media. Also driving the numbers are consumers who are turning to the internet as a shopping resource for the very first time.

Print magazine publishers are looking to be a part of this dynamic and rapidly expanding online retail marketplace. By partnering with various online retail sites, popular discount magazines which are available as low cost, promotional subscriptions and have over the years cultivated a loyal readership base, will be able to avail their readers of opportunities to buy items featured within their publications via online sales portals.

Magazine aficionados who hold their magazine subscriptions dear will find the explorations being made by publishers to harmonize print magazine content with online retail sites advantageous. Magazine lovers need not renounce their love for the printed periodical but can use it instead as a trusted guide to chaperone them through their online shopping experience. Magazines and cheap magazine subscriptions will become especially invaluable tools for all consumers who feel intimidated when purchasing items from the internet or who have heretofore felt reluctant to shop online.

In recent years, many publications have shifted their focus from print to digital magazines, in some cases completely revamping their online presence. While some have found great success in the switch, making the entire magazine available online, while others have struggled to get footholds in the online arena opting to only post specific content from the current issue. In either case, the content is usually free, which leads to the other problem: whether or not online magazines are profitable from a business standpoint. The primary reason for this trepidation is that the internet is still considered an unstable marketing tool.

Magazine lovers however can enjoy a choice of online or print magazines and save on annual subscriptions, sometimes getting a whole year’s worth of magazines for the cost of just two or three at stand prices.

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HeroUp Skateboarding Game Now Available in the App Store

Joom Tech Ltd, the team behind the criminal offences reference app known as iJail, announced today that its HeroUp game is available in both the iTunes Store and the App Store. Releasing the most adrenaline-fueled skateboarding game just in time to battle the cold weather blues, HeroUp delivers creative level gameplay that takes skaters to new heights (literally).

“We wanted to develop a game that surpassed the typical skateboarding game in every possible way,” said Ovais Ahmed, Joom Tech Ltd’s Director. “We wanted to create a casual game that takes skateboarding to a whole new level. From boarding through space to buying killer ramps, we wanted the player to be able to enjoy skateboarding from his or her iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.”

In HeroUp, players catch some serious air from skateboard ramps and literally soar through levels. By navigating their way through exhilarating skate challenges, players will collect coins and medals that unlock rad perks.

Levels, guns, new ramps and even special skateboard upgrades can be purchased from the in-game store using the collected coins and medals. Players will need that extra boost while shredding through space!

HeroUp utilizes the stunning display and features of the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch to deliver a thrilling skateboarding experience. The relaxed yet addictive gameplay ensures players will never get tired of skating through amazing levels, such as Jungle and Ski Resort.

The HeroUp lite version, which is absolutely free, is available in the App Store and in the iTunes Store. Visit or to download your copy today.

The HeroUp paid version, which has added features and bonuses, is also available in the App Store and the iTunes Store for only $0.99. Visit or to purchase your copy.

For additional information on HeroUp, please visit the Joom Tech Ltd website at!

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The Bogside Artists Help Willy The Wizard

The Bogside Artists have announced that they have given important evidence and statements to the estate of Adrian Jacobs who are currently embroiled in a legal suit against J.K. Rowling. Speaking for the group, Tom Kelly said: “We are absolutely staggered by what has been done to these people in order to stifle their lawful case. Rowling’s lawyers Schillings have gagged Britain’s media in an effort to ensure that no newspaper anywhere gives credence or exposure to this case, the fourth largest case of its kind in history. They gagged a couple of newspapers in the South of Ireland too that attempted to cover our side of the affair and one in Derry, the Derry News. Anybody who wants proof of that has only to contact us.”

Meanwhile, Adrian Jacobs’s lawyers await the outcome of their appeal in England’s High Court. J.K. Rowling, one of the richest women in the world, is demanding £2 million from the litigants in costs thanks to exorbitant fees and deliberate shilly-shallying by their legal advisors. She is also demanding private information about who has been funding their case so they can put a stop to any future support they depend on. Rowling herself is in breach of a court order to produce early notebooks proving her claim to original creation. It is not known if they even exist; but no action so far has been brought against her for failure to present them. The Willy the Wizard team, on the other hand, are facing ruination, like many who have gone before.

Tom Kelly said: “Whatever this is, justice it is not. The Bogside Artists have no vested interest in the case other than to see that it gets a fair hearing because we see a great principle at stake here – the principle of an artist’s right to his or her own creative work. This issue we have addressed in our blog; We would sincerely hope anybody who fears for justice and democracy will read it. And we would urge anybody who cares for their rights to rally to the cause of the family of Adrian Jacobs’ struggle against Rowling. The ongoing drive by her and her team to annihilate any, and every, opposition to her in court and out of it is a fact that is common knowledge to us all of us who live in the UK. Rowling’s avowed goal is clearly to make sure that any evidence the Jacobs team have against her never sees the light of day. We, at any rate, know what some of that evidence is and we would say that people everywhere have a right also to know what it is. Her relentless determination to stifle criticism of her bespeaks a level of press tyranny worthy of any dictator. The British journos who have allowed themselves to be gagged in this fashion really should make an effort to recall the dutiful care to tell people the truth that is the basis of their profession.”

The Bogside Artists, creators of The People’s Gallery that is visited by many thousands of people each year from all over the world, had to give up their studio recently in The Bogside. The gallery of famous murals painted over a more than a decade portrays the worst episodes of thirty years of civil conflict in the province. “Governmental arts funding bodies such as the Arts Council of N.Ireland simply refused to help us”, said Tom Kelly.

The artists believe that this lack of response could well be related to their public support of the case against Rowling. It is certain that many in the British establishment who have financial reasons for keeping their literary icon J.K. Rowling intact and inviolable would certainly not be happy to see any such universally respected people like The Bogside Artists giving open support to those who seek to topple her. Neither would her global fan base.

The Bogside Artists travel to America in the New Year to begin a series of murals. Then it is back to Europe to paint yet more murals for the Art of Reconciliation program begun in Austria by Desmond Doyle and his colleague Hannes Missethon. The program is sponsored by Nobel Laureate John Hume, a very good friend and long-time supporter of the artists.

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Legendary Stag Weekends With Eclipse Leisure

Eclipse Leisure is celebrating its position as the UK’s leading stag and hen weekend event organiser by announcing the launch of its new stag and hen Legends Gallery on Facebook at The gallery is an opportunity for stags and hens to post photos of their stag and hen parties online and share them with others.

Alasdair Adam, MD of Eclipse Leisure, says he hopes the Facebook Legends Gallery will help stags and hens to share the fun of their carefully organised events with each other and with the world:

‘The idea for the gallery came about because so many of our customers email us with their photos and thanks for the great stag and hen events we organise for them.’

Each month, there will be a competition to choose the best stag and the best hen photo and the crowning of Eclipse Leisure Legends of the Month. The stag and hen legends will each receive a carefully selected box of indulgent treats, and the company expects hot competition between the stags and the hens.

Eclipse Leisure stag parties are already legendary among the many thousands of customers who have booked them over the past 12 years. The company prides itself on its dedicated team, which organises the best stag parties and stag weekends in the UK and Europe. The choice of activities for stags ranges from 007 spy training to whisky tasting. The company offers full support for all events, from your first visit to their website to 24-hour weekend assistance and customer satisfaction follow-up after the event.

About Eclipse Leisure
Eclipse Leisure has been trading since 1999 and is the UK’s longest established stag and hen weekend tour operator and leading supplier of Christmas parties. The company is ABTA bonded and MIA, Eventia and ATOL registered. Eclipse Leisure has a large team based in central Brighton that is dedicated to creating the best stag and hen weekend experiences for customers. A typical stag testimonial says:

‘Had a fantastic time, but feeling a little fragile today. I would just like to thank you and Eclipse for all your help the whole weekend was seamless which with my group of friends never normally happens, and the hotel was spot on.’

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More Entertainment press releases Announces New Television Beds is back better than ever and at the top of the TV bed game. They did something most companies fail to do, which is listen to their customers and design furniture accordingly. As a result, they are proud to offer a brand new line of tv beds designed for every decor, starting at only £349. There are bed sizes and styles to enhance any decor while remaining affordable.

Customer Service Manager Gene Reddington has been quoted as saying, “The new designs will enhance the decor of any modern, retro or eclectic style, while adding high-tech entertainment as an added value. Those customers who demand style and top quality will find both in our leather TV beds.”

Not only are TV beds attractive, they provide dual functions. A flat screen TV is housed inside the footboard, along with the corresponding electronics. A lift raises the TV by remote control, and the person(s) in the bed are able to enjoy TV programs without having to get out of a warm bed. When lowered, no one knows a TV is in the footboard. This provides security for the electronics, and prevents damage from falling objects, burglars or being damaged by someone falling in the dark.

In the living room, entertainment centres house all the necessary electronics in an attractive design. Unfortunately, some centres are too large for a bedroom. Their designs work against most bedroom decors, and trying to place the TV and other devices on bedroom furniture looks terrible. The devices can also fall from the furniture and become damaged or ruined. A TV bed solves the problem by creating a comfortable place to sleep, watch TV and storage for the electronics at the same time. The TV bed does not detract from the desired focal point of the room.

TV beds resemble sleigh beds, but with the curves and flares removed for modern decor and function. Many different colours are available, from shades of brown, black and whites. White TV beds are available as well. There is also a television bed available for under £350. Choose headboards with buttons to fit classic decor, or a TV bed with slight flares at the top resembling a sleigh bed. They are available in single, double, king and super king. If you love watching TV in bed, then you will truly love having a leather TV bed.

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