Richmond Magic Shows Presents a Wonderful Christmas Story

A wonderful magical show based on the bestselling book “the Polar Express”. Mickey and his Magic Bunny Jack will present their magical version of the story about a young boy that is awakened on Christmas Eve by the sound of a train in his front yard. Experience the wonder as he climbs aboard the Christmas Express to the North Pole to see Santa.

Jack the Magic Bunny will make his appearance upon the boy’s return home.

The show is loaded with magic & illusions that will amaze kids & adults.

We bring the show to your company, organization or home Christmas party!

Contact Mickey Moore for Questions or to book the show for your party.

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News from Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle for iPad. Halloween and more…

A very nice holiday Halloween is coming and an independent development company d-Studio, Ltd. wants to share its latest news and some plans about future versions of its puzzle applications. Today, “Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle” – the main puzzle game for iPad developed by the company – has reached a huge number of users all round the world, and became one of the most popular, interesting and natural jigsaw puzzle made for iPad.

dstudioJI.jpg (288×217)

Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle has already gained a loyal following of fans who truly love the game; with more than 320 ratings on the App Store, and with an average rating of or above 4.5 stars, Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle for iPad is an absolute winner.

Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle provides your a perfect opportunity to experience the feeling of vivid jigsaw puzzles. The game features highly natural and intuitive controls with a unique set of gestures that makes the virtual jigsaw puzzle experience even better than the traditional puzzle on your table.

Among all this, d-Studio, Ltd. has already lunched two beautiful and unique holiday editions of Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle game. Both of them, Hell Puzzle and Join the Hearts – Jigsaw Puzzle, are perfectly developed and designed to give you, your friends and family an unforgettable impression of assembling puzzles.

The most recent game announced by d-Studio, Ltd. – Hell Puzzle – which has just come to the App Store market and is now available on the iPad! Released just in time for Halloween, Hell Puzzle brings the easy tilt controlled game play and hours of fun to kids and parents alike.

Hell Puzzle for iPad offers action-packed Halloween fun for the whole family. In this game, well known jigsaw puzzle gets traditional Halloween style and inherits the best features from the Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle. It still has the most advanced puzzle engine with the most comfortable, realistic and natural control that will make you to enjoy the best possible holiday gaming.

Now you can feel the spirit of the Halloween wherever you want, because the jigsaw puzzle game Hell Puzzle will always be with you on your iPad. Beautiful graphics in the atmosphere of the Halloween, excellent collection of themed pictures and a big range of pieces to play with makes Hell Puzzle from d-Studio, Ltd exciting puzzle game for iPad that will bring much joy to you, your friends and your family and even won’t give a chance to get bored and stop enjoy yourself while assembling jigsaw puzzles. The Halloween spirit continues all over the game. An interesting surprise, which could become frightening for those who doesn’t know about it, is waiting for each user in the Gameplay.

We highly recommended “Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle”, “Hell Puzzle” and “Join the Hearts – Jigsaw Puzzle” apps to those who what to make an interesting, colorful and valuable present to friends and family on any holiday. Use “Gift This App” from iTunes and do not loose the chance to make a small, but very nice present to your children, girlfriend, boyfriend, friends and your relatives!

Among the main features of all d-Studio, Ltd. puzzles are:

  • Absolutely realistic control
  • A unique set of in-game gestures
  • Beautiful interface design
  • Ability to play puzzles ranging from 4-300 pieces
  • Zoom and ability to move around the game table
  • A variety of backgrounds to choose from
  • Ability to save finished puzzle images to iPad Photo Library
  • Puzzle assembly timer and top score tracking with and ability to tweet about results
  • Sound effects can be turned on or off
  • Full iOS 5 compatibility

Although, Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle has already got a lot of wonderful features which make gaming comfortable for everyone, d-Studio, Ltd. team does not spot on this point and continues to improve application for you. The next major update is coming soon before Thanksgiving Day and will bring few presents for you.

Previous versions of Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle for iPad have become popular in many countries and got a lot of positive reviews, so d-Studio, Ltd. hopes that latest puzzle products will also become one of the favorite apps for many iPad users.

d-Studio, Ltd and Join It team will be very glad to hear your thoughts and wishes as for the new version.

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World of Warcraft Gold Market Analysis By Expert

The World of Warcraft Service Industry Conference has been passed one week in New York, As the prices of wow gold fluctuate with the market.

The World of Warcraft Service Industry Conference has been passed one week in New York, because the prices of wow gold fluctuate with the market, the providers have been around in the world and they were present the industry conference from the world. They opened a wide range of discussion and exchanged the view on prices, service, cost, investment, acquisition and other value-added services.

World of Worcaft has been developed by Blizzard Entertainment since 2004 have it has a history of 7 years so far. It attracts more than 12 million players in the world by its wide frames, moving dialogues, shocking game scenes.

Followed by service industries derived from the game, such as the material trade, power leveling, one of the most remarkable and most fanatical markets is wow gold. At first, the is the industry leader and always has served the local American players. But the following two years, the MMOCarts Group opened up the wow gold trade platform –, which is pitched directly trading wow gold with the World of Warcraft players. Make effort for years, this site has served more than 500 thousand players successfully and which is beloved many players. It is no doubt that has become the leader of wow gold market.

Here is a World of Warcraft gold market analysis By team expert. The result is obvious; the wow gold market is three-levels now:

The first one: lead by, and following is Ige and Itaonan, they are three magnates in the market.

The second one: the up-rising star like

The third one: some newborn small service sellers, the volume and service quality are in a small scale.

The spokesman MMOCarts Steve said:”the aims we hold this conference are enhancing communication within the industry, mutual benefit, maintain a good business environment and maintain the sound development of the market. We are glad that there were so many peers to be present this meeting. Our service aim is that ‘ enable players to have fun, buyer to be satisfied, fast delivery, high quality customer service consulting’. We also set up our CS center in Huston and we are so glad that we can serve so many players. Let’s buy wow gold on cataclysm patch 4.2~4.3 from safe on-line store now, Let’s act together for better service for the all World of Warcraft players in the world.”

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Review website Launches

People are often apprehensive about playing roulette online. The good news is that there are a number of reliable casinos online where you can play without the fear of being deceived all of which may be found on the roulette jackpot website.

Roulette sites all have the classic game of roulette with its wheel and ball but not all sites are the same. The roulette jackpot website separates the good sites from the bad which means the players at the sites listed can be assured of over 25 games which includes baccarat, poker, slots and live roulette. The new players are given regular bonuses and sites offer high quality trusted security certificates while depositing. You can whole heartedly trust these casinos as far as all those sensitive information are concerned. The casinos also provide a number of games with free cash.

Putting the site on line before its official launch will aid in its development as the finishing touches are completed. The website owner has said this is a good move as final tweaks can be sorted out much quicker whilst the site is active and running smoothly. It is expected that more people will using the internet in the future and so the site has so far been kept simple for mobile phone compatibility.

The clear advantage of playing roulette online is that the games continue to run 24 hours a day meaning it is never too late or early to have a flutter. All the sites you will find on the roulette jackpot site offer non-stop gaming. The site offers clear choices for its visitors so, the next time you want to indulge yourself in a game of roulette be sure to check out the online casinos found here.

The roulette jackpot site aims to ensure its visitors are presented with clear choices of quality roulette focussed websites. Reviewing only premium sites with roulette games the site has just gone online recently and plans to expand in the future.

Further Information
For more information about the kinds of sites you will find listed visit today.

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Best of British Bling Backs Miss England

Clip on earring specialist jewellers,, sponsor British Beauty Queen, Alize Mounter as she stands for England at Miss World.

crowningmissengland.jpg (216×324)

20th October 2011 London, UK – By conventional standards, it’s not been a year with much to cheer about. Food and heating costs have increased, budgets have been slashed and politicians around the globe continue to make ugly faces at each other rather than work together to solve the issues. Yet this year the 61st Miss World contest will be staged in London, UK and clip on earring specialist jewellers, Make Me Beautiful, have got together with reigning Miss England, Alize Mounter, to show that Britain’s got beauty.

“Like the best English tweed, Alize is unfussy yet stunningly put together with a surprising amount of inner strength”, spoke Make Me Beautiful founder, Misae Richwoods . “We just had to get behind her and support her in England ‘s bid for Miss World when it comes to home turf!”

Make Me Beautiful have become Miss England’s Official Jewellery Sponsor at Miss World and arranged for a number of English designer brands to be available for Alize to wear. Participating designers and brands include Fiorelli, Adele Marie and Zandra Rhodes of London, Barbara Easton of Maidenhead and Elements Silver who are based in Essex.

The Miss World 2011 Final will be televised although the contest will have run for three whole weeks for the contestants.

“It’s not a case of turn up and look pretty on the night,” laughed Alize, who’s previous television experience included the hit series Britain’s Next Top Model. “We’ll be with the judges for three weeks having all sorts of random activities thrown at us. At this level, it’s not just competing on looks as all the other girls are stunning. It’s who has the right personality to carry forwards the charitable work the Miss World organisation carries out as the winner will spend a year doing just that. I’m really excited to be representing England and look forward to being at Miss World.”

Alize completed her warm up to Miss World by taking time out from her degree studies to jump from an aeroplane, raising over £2,000 for the Parachute Regiment Charity in the process. With past global audiences for the show surpa ss ing the 2 billion mark, the world will see if a star shines for Alize that night. Over 8 million UK viewers are expected to tune in when Channel 5 broadcasts the Miss World finals on November 6th 2011.

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The Hottest Full Scale 3D Action Adventure Role Playing Game to Hit iPad, iPhone and Android Devices

Game Scorpion Inc. enters the App market with their first video game titled Melina’s Conquest, a 3D Role Playing Action Adventure Game that’s not only fun and challenging but also won’t break the bank!

Easy, Fun, Budget Price, Graphics, Music – As prices of mobile devices have been falling, more and more people have been purchasing apps for their new devices. What was not possible on mobile devices just several years ago has now become a reality. 3D graphics and high quality gaming at a budget price for the masses was once a dream on these small pocket gadgets. Many new developers usually did not stand a chance against console style games, but the new app markets have changed that completely to allow for mobile developers to create their games for the masses. Now the mobile app gold rush has been booming and jumping onto that band wagon is newcomer Game Scorpion Inc. with their first offering called Melinas Conquest, a full 3D action adventure role playing game (RPG) for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android mobile devices.

“We developed Melinas Conquest with one thing in mind…FUN!”, says Abhinav Gupta, Lead Developer and CEO of Game Scorpion Inc.

“Gameplay was a major item that we looked at with this game. I have personally seen many games out there that have high end 3D graphics and look ‘pretty’ on the screen, but when it came time to play the game, it was either boring or very confusing to play.”

Melinas Conquest features easy to use controls and an easy to manipulate camera. A single button is given for attacking enemies and a simple timer and ranking system.

“The goal of the game is simple, you just need to run from one end of the level to the other side without getting killed by all the various traps and enemies that pop up. At the same time along the way you will have to defeat major bosses and can follow along with an interesting storyline that ties into our future games.”

So what makes this game different from others in the market? “Price, levels and gameplay!”, says Gupta, “Many games that feature 3D graphics in the App Store or the Android Marketplace usually go for around $4.99 for their full versions. We are at a mere $2.99 price and offer 20 levels of gameplay which in most cases is far higher than what others are offering. We also make our game easy for players to play. You get value for your money and a high quality game at the end of the day that will satisfy even the most frugal shopper! Also, no two players will play the game the same way as the levels are auto-generated.”

It took Gupta and his team approximately six months to develop the game from the ground up. “There were times where I even thought we were not going to be able to get the game done…it was 16-20 hour days for myself every day for the past six months, praying daily hoping that our game would release and would be successful.”

A lot of small independent game developers like Gupta do not earn any money during development. This can be quite a challenge to have no income hoping that an app will hit off. In this market, apps can be made over a weekend and make millions or can take months and make nothing at all. “It’s a coin toss”, says Gupta, “but I personally believe that if we focus on quality games, sooner or later our players will pay for that quality and our games will start to increase in popularity.”

As a Computer Science Graduate from Ryerson University Gupta took the leap of faith into the app world at the beginning of 2011 and has finally made that dream come true. “It was a lot of hard work, a lot of faith in God and a great team behind me. Lots of support from my wife and family really helped out.”

Melinas Conquest is now live on the Apple App Store and on the Android Marketplace and can be purchased as of October 15th, 2011, for just $2.99.

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Parents Save at Theme Parks and Zoos with New Autumn Offers

Taking kids for fun days out at top attractions this autumn can now be more affordable thanks to online voucher codes website The latest deals announced by the retail offers specialist can help the UK’s parents afford more on days out to parks like Chester Zoo, Thorpe Park and Chessington World of Adventures.

A great day out for all the family can be had this autumn thanks to the latest Thorpe Park discount vouchersdownloadable from the voucher codes website. The new deals introduced this week include money-saving offers like save up to £18 when you book as a group online and Fast Track tickets from as little as £4.50.

Another great theme park day out can be had on a budget right now, with parents able to visit and get new Chessington World of Adventures vouchers. The deals announced this week by include budget-stretching offers like save up to 25% when you book online and save 40% on group tickets.

Days out at the zoo rarely seem to go out of fashion with kids, and one of the best animal parks on offer in the UK today is Chester Zoo. By logging on to the site this week mums and dads can make the most of their household budget thanks to new autumn deals including save 5% on entry fee when you book online and 20% discount in shops and cafés with annual membership.

Doug Scott, managing director at, comments, “Autumn is one of those times of year when parents can often need a helping hand to afford more family days out. We can help people out in a big way right now thanks to money off at top attractions like Chester Zoo plus also theme parks Chessington World of Adventures and Thorpe Park.” offers consumers money saving deals at major high street brands and specialist retailers, including stores like Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Travelodge, First Choice, and Boden.

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Free 10 Pound Bet Offered To UK Residents During The Month Of November

This month only linked with its advertising campaign on television the popular site super casino is one casino offering players a free 10 pound bet.

With three main competing UK companies offering live roulette TV games playable online while combined with watching on the television the super casino has once again taken an innovate step forward in promoting its games to UK residents.

This November simply by joining the site and completing the registration form players will get access to 10 pounds worth of free betting chips which may be used on any of the roulette TV games aired by the show. More details about this site may be found along with reviews of its main competitors. This promotions has no bonus code attached to it and runs until the end of the month. Players need only join the site to be awarded with the free bet offer.

About Roulette TV Games
Games of roulette that simultaneously take part online while been broadcast over the television networks are known as roulette TV games. This allows players to experience a casino style atmosphere along with a real dealer from the comfort of their home. Playing at home means gamblers may dress however they like and play anytime at any time they choose as there are no dress code rules at a casino of this style. The game of live roulette with its mesmerising spinning wheel and charming croupiers is one of the most popular games to be found at any casino.

Featuring reviews of the UK focused roulette game show providers the website includes reviews of each site offering information about the games on offer along with the bonuses attached to each sites new sign up promotions. Visitors to can also find several guides on various aspects of the game including how to play and advice on betting along with strategies used by many players.

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Ex-‘World’s Youngest Author’ Publishes Second Novel, eBook

In December 1995, Marcus Gibson’s literary thriller ‘D’ was published by HarperCollins Publishers 3 weeks after his 22nd birthday, breaking the standing Guinness World Record for the world’s ‘youngest novelist writing adult-themed work’ by 2 years. The record was held at that time by Jennifer DiMarco, whose book ‘Escape the Wind’ was published two years prior, at age 24.

“I received the Guinness paperwork”, explains Gibson. “But decided not to fill it in. I wanted my work read in the same way as any other adult novelist.”

Now, sixteen years later, Gibson has published his second novel ‘The Dead See’ as an ebook, on the iTunes iBookstore, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes & Noble NOOK books.

“The ‘tree book’ is dead,” adds Gibson. “I’ve been dealing with publishers and agents for seventeen years. With ebooks I have more control over the work, the audience is global, it’s faster to market, more economical for readers, has significant environmental benefits, and it’s a fundamentally more efficient operational model. The old way of doing things is also inherently inequitable for authors, readers, and the planet. And inequitable systems always eventually fail.”

In ‘The Dead See’, the main character seeks to end terrorism by ending religion, after he stumbles on a 5000-year-old secret that connects the religions of 3 billion Jews, Catholics, Protestants, and Muslims. The novel is based on discoveries made by the author while attending Baptist seminary, at age 17. The novel ventures deep into the origins of monotheism, and the conflicts that still plague the modern world.

“I completed the manuscript in 2001,” says Gibson. “However, the novel featured acts of terrorism by Osama Bin Laden. Within weeks of circulating the manuscript, Al Qaeda launched coordinated attacks in New York City and the Washington D.C. area. If ebooks had been available in 2001, this novel would have been released on September 10.

“It would have been profoundly insensitive to publish ‘The Dead See’ in the aftermath of such a dreadful loss of life,” adds Gibson. “Now, ten years have passed, and I believe more than ever this is a story that needs to be told.”

Marcus Gibson is now 37 years of age and lives in Melbourne, Australia. His professional career has spanned construction worker, script editor, presenter, corporate spokesperson, producer, software developer, business analyst, knowledge manager, sustainability advisor, and environmental manager in a range of sectors including IT, pharmaceuticals, property and finance, civil engineering, and construction. He is a member of the high IQ society Mensa.

Gibson’s third novel ‘The Peace Bomb’ is scheduled for ebook release in late 2011.

Video Trailer for ‘The Dead See’ on YouTube:

‘The Dead See’ on iTunes iBookstore:

‘The Dead See’ on Amazon Kindle:

‘The Dead See’ on Barnes & Noble Nook books:

Visit the author’s website:

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Demons, Ghosts and Devils, OH MY!

Demonology101, the new book by K.W.Kesler will open your eyes to what the bible, the churches and more importantly even, what the Satanist never told you! It is much, much more than a basic guide to Demonology, but it explores how it began, where and what direction it is headed, plus a list of known demons, that would make the character“Giles” from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” extremely proud of including descriptions of physical appearances and what they do, and who they like to effect. It also provides access to information such as banishment if a reader happens to have attracted a demon; it is available through or on Tuesday, October 11th (Just in time for Halloween). The Author, K.W.Kesler was born in Ohio, has obtained degrees and certificates in Broadcasting, Communications, Parapsychology and Metaphysics, and he has worked for a variety of institutions and museums. He is known for his work in de-bunking a wide assortment of paranormal incidents and claims “common sense always is the best resolution to help in doing so.” He currently lives with his wife and daughter in Central Ohio and passes time by investigating paranormal incidents around the State and Country.

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The Bogside Artists Have Returned Home Triumphantly After Completing Their Mural For The Village Of Vordernberg In Austria

The mural is part of the Art-of-Reconciliation program, the vision of Irishman Desmond Doyle and Austrian Hannes Misseton. Both men have been involved in Austria’s cultural and political life for many years. Art-of-Reconciliation is their vision for using art to bridge the gap between warring creeds and ideologies that have given rise to so much ethnic conflict and unrest in Europe. Nobel Laureate John Hume who fully supports the project and ex-Bishop Edward Daly addressed the citizens of Vordernberg via video, Mr. Hume emphasizing the need to implement a political strategy tailored to promote the acceptance of differences and Fr. Daly reiterating the Christian message of brotherhood in Christ. Both men extolled the work and vision of fellow Derry men, The Bogside Artists whose gallery of murals in The Bogside area of their home town is one of the major tourist draws in Europe and considered one of the most significant art sites in the world.

The entire village turned out for the event and with choir and band presented a stirring musical prelude to it. The Duchess of Montrose unveiling the mural spoke of her friendship with one of the artists, Tom Kelly and his wife Michelle. Her husband the Duke was also present. The Duchess pointed out that given their long experience of conflict at home there were few people more qualified than The Bogside Artists to kick off such a project.

The mural depicts the general apathy with regards to the incipient New World Order much touted recently by politicians and others around the world, notably Tony Blair, Berlusconi, George Brown, Barack Obama, Henry Kissinger and George Bush. Said artists’ spokesman Tom Kelly, “our mural simply points to the necessity for a faith in something beyond politics and technology. The butterfly emblem we took from the Annette McGavigan mural called The Death of Innocence. This theme is echoed here in this mural where you have a young child trying to alert her family to imminent danger and is ignored by them because they are so engrossed in their techno-gadgetry. It is a metaphor therefore for our present state. What we should be doing is questioning what exactly this NOW is, who is behind it? How will it be brought about? Who has to gain by it? And so on. Nobody seems to be asking any serious questions about any of it. Going with the flow is not a wise course of action for any of us under the circumstances. That is what our mural is about.”

The Bogside Artists’ mural is one of several murals they intend to paint in Europe under the auspices of the Art-of-Reconcilation program. You can find out more about that from their website and from the Facebook pages.

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Rihanna Lights Up Performing In Birmingham In This November 2011

Fans can see the R n’ B sensation as she performs her biggest selling songs mixed with awe inspiring dance routines for the ‘Loud’ tour. Named after her latest album, the concerts will be the chance for audiences to hear the chart topping singles from the album. Leading tracks are set to include the collaboration with Drake for the ‘What’s My Name’ single and the massively popular ‘Only Girl’.

‘Loud’ is Rihanna’s fifth recording which went straight to the top of the album charts and during the concert she’ll also be performing some of her biggest hits from her previous four albums. Among the line up of classics during the show will be the internationally acclaimed hits such as ‘Umbrella’, ‘Rude Boy’ and ‘Shut Up and Drive’.

In 2010 Rihanna hit the biggest arenas around the UK as part of the ‘Rated R’ tour which was a huge success and her latest tour is already proving to be even larger than the last. The show is being held at Birmingham’s LG Arena on 18th November 2011 and while searching for tickets audiences should also look to book accommodation at a hotel Birmingham City Centre as places are set to become fully booked.

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