UK Highstreet Retailer Predicts Best Selling Music, Film & Game Releases This Christmas

Based on pre-orders and trends from previous years HMV predict the following sales trends for Christmas 2010.

New music releases
The biggest music CD release this Christmas is expected to be the Take That new album (untitled as yet) with the much anticipated return of Robbie Williams to the group. Speaking about the new project, Robbie said he was “embarrassingly excited” and reuniting with his former group felt like “coming home” while bandmate Mark Owen added that it “feels like a dream”.

On 18 th October 2010 a remastered version of The Beatles Red Album will be released and is expected to perform well with the Christmas gift market. On the same date the 5 th Kings of Leon album – Come around Sundown is expected to shoot straight to number one in the album charts leading to strong pre-christmas sales.

DVD sales
The biggest DVD releases of the year scheduled to coincide with the Christmas run on DVD stocks look likely to be the family favourites Toy Story 3 and Shrek Forever After.

With the popularity of DVD gifts in the teen market Sex and the City 2 and the latest Twilight DVD are also both expected to perform well in the Christmas sales.

Video Games
The major games distributers time their biggest releases for the Christmas run up and this year will likely see the latest release from the Call of Duty series Call of Duty Black Ops head up the Christmas sales figures and video games charts in December.

The Guitar Hero games have proved popularity with Christmas shoppers in the previous 2 years due to the multiplayer aspect and this year sees the 6 th instalment titled Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock.

The ever popular Gran Turismo and Fifa games are also scheduled for new Christmas releases with Gran Turismo 5 and Fifa 2011.

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Current Wedding Band Showcase events in Glasgow and Edinburgh

Scottish entertainment agency Music for Scotland will be hosting two live wedding band showcases in Edinburgh and Glasgow in October and November in 2010.

The Edinburgh showcase will be held in The Music Box, Stevenson College on Wednesday 13th October from 7.45pm. Six of the agency’s top Edinburgh wedding bands will be performing live, including The Heart Industry, The Saturns, The Tim O’ Connor band, Cut The Cake, The Vinyls and The Strides. Six of the most popular Glasgow wedding bands will also be performing live at the Glasgow showcase hosted at The Classic Grand on 17th November at 7.45pm.

Each band will perform for 15 minutes giving the clients a great opportunity to listen to the bands playing live. The Music for Scotland team will be on hand to answer any questions and deal with booking enquiries. To secure any of the bands from the showcase a £50 booking fee will be required and can be paid by cash or cheque. Please visit for more details on showcase events held by Music for Scotland.

Richard Lyon from Music for Scotland says “We are really excited about using the Music Box at Edinburgh’s Stevenson College again.” He went on to say “Having used the Music Box a number of times, we are confident that we have found the ideal venue in Edinburgh that is both accessible and comfortable for our customers. From our past experience of hosting wedding band showcases, feedback has always been very positive as it gives prospective clients the chance to see a variety of wedding bands all under the same roof”.

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Relationships in the UK : Some Things Change, Some Stay The Same

Casting one’s mind back to the “good old days” – were they really so good? The results of a recent study of Women’s Institute members indicate a belief that UK couples are better off these days than they were thirty years ago, however today’s consumer culture is also thought to contribute to the stress and pressure faced by couples in the current day and age.

How much has changed in thirty years and how much has remained the same? While our parents may recall the good old days of courting and wooing, meeting the parents and marriage before sex, a survey of WI members indicates that 65% of respondents believe couples today are much better off than they were thirty years ago. The study, conducted by eHarmony, reveals that the sample of 300 WI members aged 40-80 thought that their children’s relationships are better off today as a result of less pressure from family and society than in previous generations.

The study found that 90% of women remember money or the lack of as being the biggest stress of relationships thirty years ago. Yet in spite of increased salaries and double incomes for many couples, 84% still cite money as the biggest stress on relationships today. Work and career imposes more stress in a relationship today than thirty years ago but surprisingly it is how we spend our hard earned cash that causes many problems for today’s couples. Just 18% of WI members feel that material possessions caused relationship problems thirty years ago. In 2010, that figure has more than doubled to 45%.

Dr Gian Gonzaga, Ph.D, Senior Research Scientist for explains: “Irrespective of how society develops, we will always need to work to provide for ourselves and our loved ones, so finances and work will always be constants in our lives. However it is interesting to note that what we do with our hard earned cash is causing more stress on our relationships today than thirty years ago. Could this be a new relationship stress actually caused by consumerism?” Other survey results indicate the belief that young couples today simply don’t work hard enough at their relationships, something that perhaps if they were married, they would do. Marriage is generally considered as important for society and the Government is encouraged to support marriage through pragmatic measures like better tax breaks for married couples.

From dating in Birmingham to marriage in London, has developed scientific models of compatibility prediction catered for the United Kingdom. eHarmony’s Compatibility Matching System™ was created through a partnership with a multi-disciplinary research team from Oxford University’s Oxford Internet Institute. While caters specifically for dating UK, the eHarmony Labs use current psychological literature and psychometric theory to investigate and understand what makes relationships successful. Dr Gian Gonzaga, the senior director of research and development at eHarmony Labs, is a world-renowned expert in the field of compatibility, relationships and marriage.

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Katy Perry Sparkles in Vegas For Her Hen Night Organised By Rihanna

When the news spread out that Russell Brand and Katy Perry were soon to be getting married, no-one could imagine what a merging of two famous wacky celebrities would look like. So you can actually picture what Perry’s Hen night would resemble if her close friend Rihanna were to have host it? Surely we’re not the only ones struggling to contemplate this wild pair pulling out the stops for a girlie event to remember.

The Cirque Du Soleil theme was picked by Rihanna because she wanted the Hen night to be trendy enough to rival the couple’s impending marriage ceremony in India. It seems she did her role as the ‘Hostess with the Mostest’ proud as 25 guests partied at Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel Beach Club complete with an abundance of alcohol and rude designed cakes. Perry, Rihanna and their respective companions later swapped their bikinis for evening dresses and ventured off to the Cirque du Soleil production of Ka at the MGM Grand Hotel in no less than a hummer limousine.

Soon after posing for some pictures together with the cast backstage, the night appeared to have only started. What else could we expect for Katy Perry’s Hen Night? The night ensued with dinner, dancing VIP at the XS Lounge followed by a private dance by a Busty Blonde for Perry in Sapphire strip club, Rihanna most likely sensed her best friend needed a little more luxury away from the public eye and so the 25 ladies ventured off to a exclusive sky box for what we can only imagine to be some kind of shamelessly outrageous antics. Since of course the bride to be is no one other than the Russell Brand’s bride-to-be…The Hen Night extravaganza appeared to be completely wild enough for Perry to forget that her fiancée was meant to be in on the action, confirmed by her morning tweet ‘Signing up for a liver transplant…What a night’.

Indeed what a night Perry’s hen turned out to be, even without having Brand at the event because he had been busted the previous day at LAX airport for attacking a photographer for trying to grab a shot of Perry’s underskirt. If only a lot more Hen Parties could be like a 5th of exactly what Perry’s must have been like. If only we all got Rihanna as a Host, and Brand as a fiancée…okay enough fantasizing, we wonder how Brand will get the best of himself, not to mention his fiancée at his substantially awaited Stag Night….we shudder to think just what debauchery will occur with Noel Gallagher already on the guest list which is certain to be star-studded. Brand will have to go above his reputation for being a die-hard partier in order to set the trend for all Stag Party’s to come.

Unless Rihanna is your best friend take a look at our Hen Weekends packages, completely organsied from start to finish leaving only fun & wonderful memories for you and your friends.

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The Latest Web-Application for Dating and Social Networking for Smartphones Hit the Market with the Global Launch of Date or Hate by Rcoms

R-Coms announces the global launch of the Date Or Hate web-application for Smartphones (iPhone & Android). Date or Hate is the next generation dating & social networking service based on users’ geo-location. For the first time ever, people can be automatically matched based on their location whether they are in front of a computer or using Date or Hate mobile applications.

The extremely low latency, innovative combinations of several technologies and highly accurate matching algorithms enable automatic and valuable interactions between members. This first Date or Hate public web-app release for Iphone and Android will be gradually updated and upgraded with new features week in and week out. People can get it by typing: from their Iphones or Androids, or by signing-up at

During fall of 2010 and spring 2011 r-Coms will be gradually launching the Date or Hate native applications for Iphone, Ipad, Android, Blackberry and social media applications (Facebook, Myspace etc…)

“Date or Hate is the first of many applications that r-Coms has in the pipeline. We are focusing on location based solutions for both Business to Consumer markets and for Business to Business sectors” says Moulay Ghali Belghali, Co-founder and COO of the Swedish based r-Coms AB.

The technical development of the Date or Hate products is done in Nepal with an experienced technical team. The web-design and app-design is done both in Sweden and in Morocco.

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Dungeon of Doom Chicago’s Number One Customer Rated Haunted House Reopens For 2010 Season With Freaky Twist

Dungeon of Doom – right in your face maximum intensity haunted attraction opens Friday September 24th, 2010 in the Haunted Warwick Building! The thrill begins the moment you step out of your car.

Located 2701 Deborah Ave in Zion, Illinois – right in the middle of Chicago and Milwaukee. This is a must see season attraction. Dungeon of Doom is the number one customer rated haunted house in the Chicago land area and soon to be recognized as Milwaukee’s final destination for a Premium Haunted Attraction. This very popular attraction has a massive customer base of 12,000 – 15,000 attending each season, with thousands more visiting for the first time.

The Dungeon of Doom has become so popular that last season they moved from the Lake County Fairgrounds to a permanent building in Zion offering 37000 square feet of thrills and chills with towering ceilings and multiple levels.

The Attraction begins in a theatrical Gateway with 6 portals and multiple passageways to an incredibly engineered environment that scare on many different levels. “Claustrophobia, is our greatest accomplishment”, says owner Peter Koklamanis, “ and although we have many areas capturing this fearful sense the greatest attraction being offered is Buried Dead or Alive. “Others have attempted this effect but we are the only ones in the world that risked the complexity of this effect to make it one that no one forgets.”

The Legendary Dungeon of Doom has been running since 1997. It was started by 3 guys with a whole lot of imagination. Koklamanis elaborates – “We were the pioneers in the professional Haunted House industry and we re-invested a major portion of our potential in Pocket profits back into the attraction. Year after year the creativity developed into something some people would call DISTURBING. Although as owners we pride our drive to please our customers, it is the performers that come in every night and sweat tears into those customers that allows our Attraction to be the well oiled machine it is today. For anyone who has worked a season or all 14 seasons at the Dungeon of Doom our hats are off to your contributions and to our success.”

There is no limit to what your experience will be once you enter the turn of the century Haunted Warwick Building in Zion IL. The Dungeon of Doom staffs about 80 or more actors per night. From the moment you get out of your car you have psychotic creatures and deranged beings hunting you down. They will chase you down making sure that you get your moneys worth. Not recommended for children under 13 years of age.

Buy tickets on-line at

Film Adaptation of the novel ‘And Yet, You Still Chose Me’ to be filmed in Savannah

Onyx Pearl is pleased to announce the feature film adaptation of the novel “And Yet, You Still Chose Me”, by co-author Kimberly Ray, will be filmed in Savannah next summer. The 1980s era drama will be directed by Perla Faye Humphrey. No stranger to dramatic material, Humphrey has produced and directed the award winning features “Unforgiven Sins” and “7 Days a Yellow”, both filmed in Atlanta, Georgia.

Set in a poverty-stricken small town near Savannah, the film follows the life of Shelley MacDonald, a naive little girl with big dreams of going to college. But one dreadful night, the unimaginable takes place that spirals her innocent world into mayhem, rips her family apart, and catapults her on a self-destructive journey into womanhood as the barriers to a better life stack against her, and going to college becomes an elusive goal.

Principal photography for the film is scheduled to begin in May/June of 2011.

Casting for the film will be held in Savannah, Georgia on October 2 & 3, 2010; Atlanta, Georgia on October 30 & 31, 2010; and Los Angeles, California on November 13 & 14, 2010.

Production is seeking ALL nationalities and ALL ages, with 10 lead and supporting roles, 50 additional speaking roles, and plenty of opportunities for extras. Casting information is currently available at

Production is currently accepting resumes for local hires via an email hotline:

Interested investors, please contact Perla Faye Humphrey at Onyx Pearl, 678.855.7087 or For more information, visit the official book website at or Onyx Pearl website at

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Several Country Music Artists Provide Support To The Non-Profit Organization: Hear The Music Live

Hear The Music Live recently had a Gibson Guitar painted by a famous Nashville artist, Mandy Lawson. Mandy has painted guitars for many of the top country music artists (e.g. Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, George Strait, and others). Several country artists have signed the Hear The Music Live guitar including: Tim McGraw, The Judds, Lady Antebellum, Jake Owen, Rodney Atkins, Gloriana, Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus, Faith Hill, Keith Urban, Katie Armiger, Kellie Pickler, Cowboy Troy, Mark Wills, John Rich, Pam Tillis, Chris Young, Toby Keith, Brad Paisley, Jimmy Wayne and many more. Please view the Guitar Auction Video for more details.

The Hear The Music Live guitar will be auctioned on during November 9th-19th, 2010. The proceeds will be used to send pre-teens and teens that are currently in residential treatment foster care group homes to see live concert performances throughout the U.S.

Hear The Music Live’s primary focus is to reach out to pre-teens and teens in residential treatment foster care group homes to give them the opportunity to attend a concert in their local area (e.g. 90% of the children that Hear The Music Live sends to concerts have never been to a live concert). These children homes provide quality residential treatment programs for abused and neglected children and adolescents.

Hear The Music Live was founded by Steven Nornhold in the summer of 2009. To date, Hear The Music Live has sent over 2000 pre-teens and teens from residential foster care group homes to see live concerts and meet music performers throughout the U.S. During 2009 and 2010, Hear The Music Live obtained substantial support from country music artists. This support includes:

Providing Meet and Greet opportunities for the foster care pre-teens/teens at their concert events

Enabling VIP ticket buy opportunities so that Hear The Music Live may arrange chaperone and pre-teens/teens group seating arrangements at the concert events

Donation of VIP tickets

Recording of Hear The Music Live’s Theme song (e.g. by Katie Armiger)

Country Radio Public Service Announcement (PSA) have been recorded by Katie Armiger, Jimmy Wayne and Rodney Atkins. You can listen and download the PSAs from Hear The Music Live’s website:

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Urban And Contemporary Artists Exhibit At Major Paris Event can reveal that Paris will be the focus for art enthusiasts from around the world for a special exhibition taking place in October.

Taking place for just two days on 23rd to 24th October, Art Shopping 2010 is a display of the most unusual and captivating contemporary art from a range of international artists.

Visitors to the show will be able to see works represented in glass, sculpture and digital art as well as photographs, original paintings and even furniture.

This year’s event will include an area dedicated to urban art with around 20 international artists featuring in the display. People can view a special creation from artists such as French artist Antonin Dreamer, England’s Ben Slow and David Le Fleming from New Zealand. The trio have teamed up with other artists to graffiti, stencil and tag a wall that has been specially set up for the exhibition.

Approximately 10,000 visitors are expected over the two days to view the pieces from over 250 galleries and artists that are taking part in the event.

The sixth edition of the show will also include a display of photographs from art and design students as part of a competition focused on the theme of light, with the winning entries on display for visitors.

People residing in Paris hotels can also visit the Carrousel du Louvre which will be the host for the exhibition to see the Trends in Transcription feature. This mini exhibition within the event will be comprised of work from artists that use words and text to depict artistic messages and emotions.

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Get Free $50 at Ultimate Bet – A Promotion

Get free $50 to play at one of the best poker rooms – Ultimate Bet. This free poker money deal is being offered by one of the best online poker portals –

In order to get the free $50, you would need to sign up for a new player account at Ultimate Bet using the link and the ultimate bet bonus code – PSC1100 at homepage. After that, you would need to play 100 real money hands and send an email with your username to admin will verify your details and send the $50 directly in your player account.

This offer is also available at most of the other poker sites listed at Some of these offers are:

Absolute Poker – 150% bonus up to $500 (Use bonus code PSC500 )

Full Tilt Poker – 100% bonus up to $500 (Use bonus code PSC600 )

Party Poker – 100% bonus up to $500 (Use bonus code PSC500 )

You must not have any existing account at these poker sites. This free poker money offer is only for new poker players.

You must use the links to the poker rooms and bonus codes mentioned in the homepage of Otherwise you won’t be eligible for this free $50 offer. is a leading online poker information portal helping players in getting the poker bonus deals at some of the best poker rooms online. Along with bonus deals, the site offers informative poker strategy articles, in-depth and unbiased poker room reviews as well as various poker deposit options.

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Santa Claus Announces Letters From Santa Helper for 2010 is Marty The Mouse

Santa revealed a long kept secret during a recent interview about the handling of Christmas letters from Santa for 2010. Many of the letters that are received at the North Pole are organized and maintained by mice. Elves have been given credit for helping Santa in every aspect of Christmas preparation. Some people may be shocked to learn that it is Christmas Mice that help with the Santa letters. In further discussion Santa disclosed that Marty the Mouse is his top choice for Santa letter helper in 2010.

In an interview with the North Pole Gazette, Santa disclosed that letters to Santa start to pour into the North Pole in September each and every year and the letters from Santa have to roll right back out as fast as they come in. Santa said he knew there was no way he could answer and mail out all the letters required. He used to worry because he didn’t want even one of those special letters to Santa to go overlooked. Santa Claus said that each letter he received was special and each one deserved a response. According to him, writing and sending personalized letters from Santa are a huge part of his job.

But before Santa can respond to the letters he has to organize them. His elves are too busy making toys and baking treats to help out with the Christmas letters. Santa had to find someone to help with this important task.

Santa looked to the many animals that lived around the North Pole. Sometimes the birds and fish would help with the delivery of Santa letters to the hard to reach places. The problem was these animals prefer to be outdoors and the letters were inside, where they could stay nice and dry. Suddenly Santa realized that he had hundreds if not thousands of animals who could help him organize all his Christmas letters. Of course, all the mice that lived at the North Pole with him and Mrs. Claus would be perfect. The mice liked to be inside where they stayed warm and cozy. Their size had always kept the mice from being able to help out with much of Santa’s work. This job however was perfect for even the smallest mouse.

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Music Career Special Report Helps Bands To Make Their Live Shows More Successful

Tom Hess Music Corporation announces the release of a free new music career special report that helps musicians and bands to attract a higher number of fans to their gigs and to advance the band’s career further with each live show.

“In addition to having played at world tours in front of audiences of 30,000+ people, I also work with musicians and bands from around the world helping them to get the most from their live shows and expand their music careers”, says Tom Hess – a world renowned music career mentor and touring guitarist.

He continues: “One of the most common challenges that bands have is attracting a large number of fans to attend their gigs. One of the reasons for this problem is due to the band putting too much of its focus only into its music and not enough on improving the actual performance of that music. Although the problem of not having enough people coming out to see a band’s gigs is a common one, there are several fairly simple solutions that can be used to overcome this challenge. Since I am asked about this issue a lot, I have published a free special report about how to get more people to attend a band’s live show in order to answer this multifaceted question in detail.”

The report reveals that in order to get more people to attend a band’s live shows, it is necessary to focus not only on promotion of the gig but also on several elements of a band’s stage presence, performance practicing, making the band’s shows special enough to make them appealing to watch, plus a lot more.

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BestWeddingAway To Attend The National Wedding Show

BestWeddingAway has announced that it will be at the National Wedding Show in Birmingham from 8th to 10th October 2010.

BestWeddingAway will be at Stand B15 and intends to make it a great opportunity for future brides to come and meet the team and have a chat about ideas and locations for their wedding in Italy. BestWeddingAway currently has five Moods; Verona, Venice, Lake Garda, South Tyrol and In Vino Veritas, however in the next few weeks it will also be launching a sixth – Tuscany.

Brides that come over to introduce themselves and have a chat will have the opportunity to take advantage of the BestWeddingAway Venue Visit special offer which will be available only at the National Wedding Show. This special offer is a visit to 2 ceremony locations and 2 reception venues in Lake Garda or Verona worth €250. This offer means that couples visiting Italy to choose a location and meet suppliers will have four possibilities to visit, get excited and imagine what their dream wedding in Italy could look like.

Another offer for brides-to-be visiting the National Wedding Show is the opportunity to book a consultation with one of the wedding planners. This free consultation will give brides-to-be the opportunity to speak in-depth about the various locations available to them and the price possibilities, as well as enabling them to have a strong idea of what their wedding could look like. The bride-to-be will be able to work with the wedding planner to create themes around chosen locations and chat about various concepts based around the Wedding Moods and venues.

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Fallon and Felisha’s New Single ‘Lights Out’ to Hit Digital Stores September 28, 2010!

A new single, “Lights Out”, will be released September 28, 2010 by recording artists Fallon and Felisha. “Lights Out” is a club-banging, fist-pumping tribute to being young and alive. It sets the party mood for anyone who wants to dance and embrace the moment. As Fallon describes it, “It’s one of my favorite songs to perform. I think our fans will appreciate the energy!”

Fallon and Felisha have had an impact on the music industry for many years. They started their careers alongside their sisters, Farrah and Neosha, in the popular R&B group, Cherish. Their debut album “Unappreciated”, received much critical acclaim. It was certified gold and debuted at number four on the Billboard 200, making them one of only a few R&B girl groups to hit the charts top five in almost a year. Their hit single, “Do It To It,” landed the number twelve spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 and was listed on many other Billboard charts including the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs.

The twins are currently building on the success and experience they had with the group Cherish and are now expanding their artistic genius toward a broader audience. In Felisha’s words,” I’ve always had a love and passion for pop music. Music, to me, is supposed to reflect who you really are, reaching across genres, and relating to individuals from all walks of life”.

Through their lyrics, they share insight into being young and dealing with relationships. They are inspired by an eclectic mix of artists, and drawing upon that inspiration they are ready to relate to a diverse group of people. In this new decade of a continuously changing music industry, Fallon and Felisha are ready to begin a new era.

The new single “Lights Out” will be available for downloads on iTunes, Amazon Mp3, Rhapsody, Napster, MySpace, eMusic and online store. The official website is also set to launch September 28, 2010.

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Virgin Holds The Gold At The End Of The Rainbow Riches

The team at Rainbow Riches Slot had another exciting week down at Slots towers, the emphasis was on testing the operators featured on the site to ensure they were all worthy of their site positioning. They pulled on their back packs, stuck some Stone Roses on the iPod and off they trotted to see if they could find a Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow, hoping they might be able to eat from Tesco this week instead of Farm Foods.

Site Author Blake explains, “Once we’d managed to get out of the bedroom we noticed that there was a glass of water sitting on the dinner table in front of the bay window in our living room. The sun was catching the tumbler in such a way as to cast a spectrum of rainbow coloured light across the desk in the corner, where the laptop sat. Was this a message from the great Leprechaun himself? Had we been blessed with a rainbow at this early stage in our quest as some kind of indicator that our Pot of Gold could be hiding somewhere in the laptop? Our thoughts started racing and one of our task team suggest that this could be some kind of sign”

The Rainbow Riches Slot team has various authors including Blake, all specialising in the Online gaming fraternity, the site is written by online slots fans for Slots fans, which certainly helps to give any budding player an impartial view of the overall playing experience.

Blake Continues “So, without further ado we fired up the beloved laptop with its sticky keys and its vile touch pad mouse, and waited for Windows to load. We quickly sparked up good old Internet Explorer, typed in our URL “” and within seconds our homepage, had loaded up. We looked on the site and saw the featured Casino is Virgin with an enticing opening free deposit bonus of £100. We didn’t need any more persuasion and we were soon pulling out our credit cards from our wallets, as we were all desperate to cash in on this obviously fortuitous scene.

After making a minimum deposit with the Virgin Casino we were off to play our favourite Rainbow Riches slot, Rainbow Riches Wing Big Shindig. So there we were, sitting at the game and we made our first spin. Three spins in and still no win and the murmurs of discontent amongst the team were becoming an audible groan, morale had reached such a low point that we thought we might not be able to continue on. Someone somehow managed to pull out a weary hand and crawled it, finger by finger across the desk to use their last iota of hope to hit the mouse button and activate the spin. With disbelieving eyes we watched as three Leprechauns hit on the pay line and took us into the Pots of Luck bonus round.

We won’t bore you with details of quite how much we won but needless to say we weren’t eating just shamrocks and lucky charms for dinner that evening. The next morning we called up our editor”, CM Jones and told her the story of our day. She said:

“It’s no surprise you guys had such a good time playing Rainbow Riches with the guys down at Virgin Slots. The player experience is truly fantastic and this simply epitomises the whole Virgin philosophy, it’s simply no wonder why we have them as our featured number one casino on our site, we have even teamed up with Virgin Casino to offer our players a chance of an extra £200 in their pocket each month.”

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ToysN’Tayls Presents A New Product Line, ‘Wizarday – When Our Stuff Went Away!’

Toys’NTayls strengthens its innovative product concept line of educational books and toys by introducing its new product line called “Wizarday—When Our Stuff Went Away!”

Like the “Two Tuba Switch” product line, “Wizarday” delivers on the theme of enabling children and their parents to accept themselves for what they are and find their own ways to grow, meeting their particular needs and personalities. The new line consists of an 80-page humorous storybook with corresponding board and card games that focus on the issue of the Daily Routine. Targeted to children age 8+ and their parents.

The tale takes place in the Wizarday family home, where daily routines are posted on the doors and opinions are like solid brick walls. Enter and find out what happens when a wizard casts a spell, the family daily routine vanishes and the brick walls come tumbling down. Join Amber, Curly, Lee, Mom and Dad in their hilarious adventure as they solve a mystery and rebuild their home with a great big Window of Harmony.

Readers will find themselves in the characters: Mom, Dad or one of the children, Amber, Curly and Lee. Part 2 has the House of Fun, full of educational activities—puzzles, riddles and games—and entertaining info pages. Using these step-by-step tools, learn the benefits of routine—and more!

“Getting children to understand, value and follow daily routines can be challenging. This book presents a fun and positive way for parents to reinforce this message to their children.” — Brian S. Friedlander, Ph.D. Professor of Education, College of St. Elizabeth, Convent Station, New Jersey

Routine Is Important for Children and Families. It involves daily life actions, from getting up in the morning to going to bed at night. When implemented appropriately, it helps structure and organize the day so it flows more easily. Without it—or with too much!—conflict, insecurity and other behavioral and emotional difficulties can arise.

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Player Hits over €20,000 at Jackpot Games’ Casino

Jackpot Games’ casino revealed details of its first big winner today, marking the company’s growth since its launch in April 2010. The Malta-based firm celebrated with the player after confirming the €20,000 win came from a single slot machine spin.

The lucky player, Miss N.R of London, hit €20,142 on the Devil’s Delight slot machine at around 4pm on August 20th, just half an hour after her first spin. She then went on to further wins on other slot machines after that. She was contacted immediately by the casino to confirm her win and to start the process of paying her. Her accomplishment is all the more remarkable for the fact it was her first ever visit to Jackpot Games casino, having made her first deposit  just a few short minutes before winning. It was a truly lucky day for the player, as the casino reported her entire session had a payout percentage of over 215%.

Ramon Azzopardi, Jackpot Games CEO, commented, “Miss N.R’s experience at Jackpot Games goes to show the house doesn’t always win, and that these big single wins actually do happen. We would like to say a big congratulations to her again and wish her all the best for the future.”

Miss N.R was delighted with her win at Jackpot Games, saying “I’ve had such a wonderful time playing at your casino and I’m very excited about my win! We have now decided to take a big trip away over the winter and this truly has changed my life. Thank you Jackpot Games for giving me a lot more opportunities from now on!”

She went on to say that her “heart was racing” during her win, which was triggered by the Devil’s Delight free spins bonus, “All of a sudden all the screen lit up and I didn’t really know what was going on. I then looked at the balance and it said 20 odd thousand. I could not believe it! My heart was racing and I had to keep looking to see if it was still there. We have now decided to take a big trip away over the winter and this truly has changed my life. Thank you Jackpot Games for giving me a lot more opportunities from now on!”

Azzopardi said, “Miss N.R’s experience at Jackpot Games is indicative of just how far our online casino has come in the first four months of operation. From receiving our first players to welcoming high rollers capable of such big wins demonstrates the appeal of the casino and the trust the casino has garnered among our players in such a short amount of time. We’re delighted with the progress and the promise it has shown and we’re confident of further growth and even bigger player wins soon.

Jackpot Games boasts over 85 instant play casino games, including 31 unique slot games, including the acclaimed Devil’s Delight – the machine behind this win.  Miss N.R’s experience is all the more notable because in most online casinos such single wins are normally the preserve of dedicated casino games known as progressive jackpot slots. These contain a side pot where an element of each bet is placed, allowing the pot to grow to extraordinary amounts. With such progressive games as well as video slots like Devil’s Delight, big wins are sure to become a feature of Jackpot Games’ casino.

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