Player Taking Wife on Dream Vacation with $96K WinADay Jackpot had its second major jackpot winner of the summer when Glenn P. won $96,466 playing the new Leprechaun Luck slot machine earlier this month. The winner, who’s been spinning the reels at WinADay practically since it was launched by, said he plans to take his wife on a dream vacation with his jackpot prize money.

“The first time I went to WinADay I thought, hmm, this is different. I’d played at a few online slots sites but I’d never seen anything like their unusual slot machines!” said Glenn P. “Then they just kept adding more new games so I just kept playing there. Who knew one day I’d hit a big jackpot like this!?”

All of the one-of-a-kind slots games at are linked to one progressive jackpot which is why they increase in value so quickly. Although $96K is a nice win by anyone’s standards, it’s actually a little lower than the average jackpot win at WinADay which is about $150,000. The last big jackpot win was in June when a film student won over $200,000 playing the Jacks Show video poker game.

“Considering this player hit the jackpot playing Leprechaun Luck,” said WinADay manager Michael Hilary, “I hope he’s including Ireland on the big European vacation he told us he’d be taking with his winnings!”

Launched last St Patrick’s Day, Leprechaun Luck is a 5-reel, 31-payline slot machine adorned with shamrocks, rainbows and pots of gold. It features Wild and Double Wild symbols, a Cauldron bonus and an adventurous Bonus Game. Spinning five rainbows with a bet of at least $5 on the winning pay line, as Glenn P. did last week, wins the jackpot.

After adding a new European Roulette game, La Roulette, last month, WinADay now has 17 one-of-a-kind slot machines, video poker and roulette games. All games are instant-play so there’s no downloading or installation required.

This month WinADay’s Game of the Month is the Vegas Mania. Everyone that plays it is automatically entered in a draw for $500 in prize money and a chance to win a Dell Studio 15 laptop in a year-end draw.

The jackpot was reset to $30,000 after this win and has been increasing quickly since then.

View a video version of this story on the Slotland News channel at YouTube:

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New FFXIV Guides and Game Information

As the official launch of Final Fantasy XIV this September 2010 approaches, the website makes guides and more information about the game available.

Fans have long discussed why each Final Fantasy series is called Final Fantasy when in fact whenever a new series is launched, it is never the last one. Nevertheless, with each new launch in the series, Square Enix has the gaming community surprised with not only the highly acclaimed graphics and artwork but with new features and gaming techniques.

The latest Final Fantasy XIV guides featured at are a guildleves guide and an Eorzea survival guide. The Eorzea survival guide provides a quick overview of the minimal essential aspects every gamer should understand in order to make it in Final Fantasy XIV. An explanation of TP and MP is given along with tips such as keeping in mind the available teleport option, and reading the colored spots on the map. An explanation of equipment durability is also given with recommendations.

Questing in the latest Final Fantasy series is different from the traditional MMORPG questing in which players can take on quest by talking to NPCs. The concept of guildleves and levequests are introduced in Final Fantasy XIV. The Final Fantasy XIV Guide website has recently posted an introductory guide on guildleves and how it works in the game. The concept of guildleves let players choose their own preferred difficulty level when it comes to quests depending on how many people are in the party. Leves can also be sold as a means to make money.

Previously, the website offered a rather detailed guide to the four disciples, the armoury system and character progression. Visit the Final Fantasy XIV Guide website to read up on the full articles.

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Moh Dediouf / A Smile Way…

Singer, songwriter and composer Moh Dediouf is a world traveller. Born in Dakar in 1974, his influence is international. Through his music he has proven to be the personal manifesto of/for the Africa renewal.

From his early years in Dakar to his life in Europe, Moh Dediouf explored multiple influences (pop/rock, house music), that he blends with his African roots, thus creating a unique sound.

His debut, self-produced album, released in 2007, has already gained recognition: Moh is the first French artist to win the First Prize in the World Music Category at the International Songwriting Competition. His song Adouna was chosen among more than 15000 tracks and 100 countries.

Moh Dediouf is now working on his second album, Smile Way of Life, a humanistic project that gathers artists from the African continent but also North Africa, Switzerland, France…

And the winner is…

His talent was rewarded again this year, his track Africaaa being the only song from a French artist to be featured on the 2010 official World Cup Compilation Hello Afrika. The lyrics, which are both in Wolof and in English, convey the energy and the diversity of the African continent. Africaa has received full attention because it represents the richness of African music and symbolizes the African unity that so many artists want to promote.

I have a dream

A hopeless dream? Not so sure… A wind of renewal is blowing on Africa, putting African artists together, including Moh dediouf, all willing to reinvent the continent in their own way by promoting its cultural strengths. With his track So in Love, which is a hymn to universal love and a true call for brotherhood, the artist makes his mark for bringing peace to Africa.

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A Match Made in Heaven

What happens when the match made in heaven becomes the match made in hell? According to figures released by the Centre for Social Justice, family breakdowns cost the country an estimated £24billion per year. More than the impact on your wallet, bad relationships take a huge emotional toll on you, your family and your friends, as well.

Choosing the right person for a long-term relationship is one of life’s major decisions. “Long term happiness within your relationship is based on many criteria some of which vary by individuals. Others, such as sharing values and personality traits, are universal”, says Dr Gian Gonzaga relationship expert and Director of Research and Development at eHarmony Labs. However, “many people continue to fall into the same traps when making relationship decisions”, he adds. eHarmony offers some key advice for what to look for and what to avoid when picking a relationship partner.

Before It Gets Too Serious…

When you begin dating someone, you may be drawn in to their quirks, fun-loving nature, adventurous spirit, and maybe even their nonchalance about being together. But as dating turns into something more serious, are these traits something you will want in your relationship in five years’ time? “Often people find themselves looking for the things that are fun at the beginning, but these same things can cause conflict over the long haul and ultimately end up being a large part of why your relationship falters”, Dr Gian Gonzaga reveals. Before you become too serious, be sure you know what you will want the relationship to be like in the future. Make a list of the qualities your partner should definitely have, and the things that are an absolute deal breaker for you. If your personal beliefs and values are in line, then you are on the right path to a successful relationship. If you have to compromise, seriously ask yourself if they’re the right person for you.

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What Does An 80-Year Old Woman Who’s Falling Out Of The Sky Look Like?!

Aging But Dangerous™ First Ever “Martini Jump Skydive” In Baldwin, Wi., Raising Awareness About This Powerful Age Group And Funds To Help Women In Need .

On The Ground It’s Party Time:
Food, Live Music, Merchandise & Martinis — for Friends, Families, Paparazzi and the PUBLIC


96 women over 50 who want to overcome their fears and ignite the inner strength they possess are going to skydive over Baldwin, Wisconsin on August 28, 2010, to raise funds and awareness aboutAGING BUT™ (— and set a world record for the number of 50+ women parachuting during a single event . The Martini Jump Skydive event is open to public ($10.00 for adults and $5.00 for kids 12 and under).

Proceeds will benefit Corner STONE, an organization to help abused women (

BeneVia (, Belvedere Vodka ( and CRAVE ( are the proud sponsors of “The Martini Jump Skydive.”

WHAT: 96 women have signed on for “The Martini Jump” (100 is the limit): For the past year-and-a-half, since launching, ABD has provided tools, a web site, a blog, and special events, etc., to help women expand their boundaries. Overcoming their fears to pursue new or life-long goals brings tremendous joy and strength — and benefits women financially, emotionally, and spiritually.
WHEN: August 28, 2010; 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
WHERE: Baldwin , Wisconsin — just 30 minutes from the Twin Cities at Skydive Twin Cities DIRECTIONS/ Map:

“We are changing the way the world perceives women over 50, by changing the way we perceive ourselves ,” notes ABD co-founder C. Suzanne Bates. “ We’ll prove that again on August 28 when women over 50 will stretch their existing limits beyond their comfort zones and take the plunge to self-pride and self- appreciation in first-ever Martini Jump. Those remaining earth-bound —like me— can enjoy a martini (or something less potent) and just absorb the energy of the event.”

“When I decided to skydive, (for the second time), to celebrate a major birthday, (70 this time), we had no idea that so many other women would want to join me”, says ABD co-founder Jean Ketcham. “ What makes this event special is that members of theAging But DANGEROUS™ community are jumping with me. Women can do ANYTHING they put their minds to—especially at this age—including jumping out of an airplane!”

ON THE GROUND: Food, Live Music, Unique Vendors & Martinis (just for a start), will be offered to friends & families of Skydivers — PLUS the PUBLIC!!

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Hurricane Katrina Remembered…In Germany

WDR radio in Cologne, Germany will broadcast a radio show on the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Radio Host Thomas Breur of WDR will broadcast the show at 8:05 German time. Depending on where you live in the US, show time would be 6-9 hours earlier on a live Internet radio stream at

Mr. Breur contacted former Gulf Coast resident, singer songwriter J Raleigh Jones of Nashville, TN for use of his song “Damn you Katrina” to open the show. Through an Internet search, Mr.Breur found the music video of Damn you Katrina and downloaded the song from itunes. The music video has been uploaded to youtube.

For additional information or sample video copy, please contact J.RJ promotions at 615-934-0917.

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Sky Offers Comparison Table For Sports Packages

Sky has created a new comparison table for its sports packages, putting the price and package deals of Sky and its main competitors side by side.

The comparison tables allow consumers to check prices and features between Sky and competitors, meaning customers can now compare Sky and BT prices as well as compare Sky and Virgin Media.

Features compared include which Sky Sports channels are available, the availability of interactive coverage, high definition channels, the ability to watch Sky Sports online or on a mobile viewing platform, and whether the provider offers 3D viewing.

On the page to compare Sky Sports with BT’s offerings, Sky has produced a carousel listing ten reasons it believes its offering is superior, including items such as smaller minimum contract.

The schedule for Sky Sports for the next 12 months includes the Barclays Premier League, UEFA Champions League, the Ashes, the Guinness Premiership, the Ryder cup, the US Open as well as many other world’s sporting highlights, in many cases available in high definition and 3D.

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Rainbow Riches Slot Off The Press With A New Video Channel

Following an influx of fans after launching their Facebook page, it has become apparent that the Rainbow Riches Slot team need to offer slots players a little extra, with their fans wishes in mind, Rainbow Riches Slot is proud to announce the birth of their new video channel.

There are several options in the Online gaming sphere for learning the reels, players can take advantage of the free play option to test the reels, before deciding to part with real money, alternatively slots players can watch online videos and glean information from the way the reels perform. The team at Rainbow Riches Slot decided to create their own video channel through Youtube to give fans a proper insight into the two most popular Rainbow Riches slot machine games, Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold and Rainbow Riches Win Big Shindig.

Site owner CM Jones quotes “We cover off just about every aspect of Rainbow Riches on our site including, the history of the great game and which operators are the safest to play at, however we felt that a vital component was missing from a player perspective. We wanted the fans to be able to read the Rainbow Riches games reviews and see for themselves how the machine works, actually having a visual aid really helps with the decision making process.”

Rainbow Riches Slot has added the games videos to its review pages and they have created a separate page purely for the videos. This will certainly enhance the player experience; the slots fans can read thorough reviews on all aspects of the Rainbow Riches game and review which of the online gaming operators offer the most complete package for both new and experienced slots jockeys.

CM Jones continues “The great thing about our site is the fans and the way they interact with us, Facebook is a great tool to share all of our findings and by adding our own video channel things are only going to get far more exciting from here on in. We are also very proud to be associated with both Rainbow Riches and Youtube” CM eluded to the fact that the video channel on the Rainbow Riches Slot site will be throwing up a few quirky moves in the coming months, slots fans it’s definitely worth tuning into their YouTube channel to keep up to date.

Rainbow Riches is one of the most popular online slot games around today, its player base is growing at a phenomenal pace and slots fans are expecting more from gaming review sites such as With the introduction of video streaming it is imperative that technology moves at a very quick pace to show fans just how great these Online slots are, there is nothing worse than trying to view a clip of your favourite Rainbow Riches game only for it to crash half way through. The team at Rainbow Riches Slot is very well connected with the top online gaming operators featured on their site, if a player has any issues the team will pass on any comment to the likes of Virgin and Sky Vegas. “If we can help make the user experience easier”, is their motto.

If you are a fan of Rainbow Riches in any capacity, it’s worth checking out the Rainbow Riches Slot site for a full informative slant on the Famous Irish slot machine.

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Innovative Resource For Practicing Guitar Helps Guitar Players To Progress Faster

Tom Hess Music Corporation announces an innovative web-based solution for maximizing the effectiveness of one’s guitar practicing.

With the abundance of guitar practice materials, lessons, videos and other resources, many guitar players find it difficult to divide their time among all the things they want to practice. As a result, a lot of time is wasted by practicing guitar through a randomized process of trial and error.

To solve this problem, an innovative guitar software called “The Practice Generator” has been created to enable guitar players to practice with maximum effectiveness by creating the most efficient practice schedule based around the student’s needs, goals, strengths and weaknesses.

The inventor of the program, online guitar teacher and professional recording artist Tom Hess says: “In addition to teaching hundreds of guitar students in my online guitar lessons, I also receive many emails every week from guitar players around the world asking me how to create the most effective guitar practice schedule. This inspired the idea of building The Practice Generator. I wanted to help as many guitar players as possible to get the most powerful results from their practicing, and with this resource I’m able to do exactly that.”

The Practice Generator allows the user to make more progress in less time by focusing the practice session only on the unique things that the specific guitarist using it needs to work on to reach his goals without wasting time.

In addition to helping the student organize his practicing in the same way a great guitar teacher would do, the Practice Generator also monitors the amount of time spent on each item and helps to track progress. By taking out all guesswork from the process of building an effective practice schedule and eliminating wasted guitar practice time, the guitarist is now able to see more dramatic progress in his playing in a much shorter period of time.

Hess states: “After teaching guitar and music for many years now, I know that guitar players typically do not struggle with having enough materials to practice. What most guitar students lack is guidance on what to do with the hundreds of guitar tab lessons, instructional guitar videos, music books and other practice materials they already have. An efficient and specific guitar practice schedule acts like a map to help students learn guitar much faster than they can do on their own. Many of my guitar students, as well as hundreds of guitar players all over the world use the Practice Generator. Those who do, become better guitar players much more quickly.”

For more information about this innovative software for building a guitar practice schedule, visit

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Tchaikovsky Classic Celebrated at Prague’s Hybernia Theatre on 4 September 2010

The performance will take place the evening of the 4th September 2010 at the newly refurbished Hybernia Theatre in Prague.

This unique take on Swan Lake features all the essential elements of the original ballet, condensed to appeal to a broader audience.

Swan Lake is a touching, enduring story about the love of Siegfried and Odette, who is turned into a swan by the villainous Redbeard. The Best of Swan Lake features Tchaikovsky’s beautifully haunting melodies, accompanied by many of the ballet’s original choreographed passages designed by Petipa and Ivanov.

The Best of Swan Lake preserves the legacy of the classic fairy tale while updating the presentation for a modern audience. Traditionalists and revisionists alike are sure to be pleased with this respectfully innovative performance.

The show begins at 7.30pm at the Hybernia Theatre in the heart of Prague, and tickets can be purchased in advance. Prices range from €33 for general admission to €57 for VIP seating.

Lek Boonlert, head of marketing for, believes the Best of Swan Lake is the perfect addition to a Prague city break.

“We’ve had many customers book a hotel in Prague and purchase tickets to the Best of Swan Lake during its lengthy run,” Boonlert said. “There’s really no better way to cap off a romantic city break than with this fabulous performance.”

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Mumbai Prepares for Ganesh Chaturthi Heritage Festival during 2 to 11 September 2010 is pleased to announce the annual Ganesh Chaturthi Festival, taking place from September 2nd to September 11th, 2010. Siddhivinayak Temple is once again the setting for this Mumbai tradition, one of the largest and most exciting religious celebrations in all of India.

The ten-day Ganesh Chaturthi Festival commemorates the birth of the Hindu Lord Ganesha. The event draws hundreds of thousands of devotees each year, with its lavish ceremonies and colourful performances. Followers spend the duration of the festival deep in prayer and fervent public declarations. It is not uncommon for visitors to hear chanting in the streets, as people recite the phrase, “Ganpati Bappa Morya” in praise of the elephant god Lord Ganesha.

The stunning Siddhivinayak Temple was built as a small, modest house of worship in 1801 and has gradually expanded over the past 200 years to become the impressive structure it is today.

There is a small enclave that contains the shrine for Siddhi Vinayak, or “Ganesh that grants wishes.” The heavy wooden doors that lead to the temple’s inner sanctum are beautifully carved with images of the Ashtavinayak, “the eight manifestations of Ganesh.” The inner roof of the temple is gold-plated and houses the imposing main statue of Ganesh.

Foreign travellers may have difficulty finding accommodation for hotel Mumbai as it becomes busy in advance of this popular religious event. Lek Boonlert, head of marketing at, advises visitors to make reservations as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

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Explore the Variety of the Mid-Autumn Festival in Macau on 22 September 2010 is pleased to announce the Mid-Autumn festival, otherwise known as the Moon Festival to the people of Macau. The event falls on the 22nd September for 2010, and is a harvest festival that dates back over 3,000 years to when China worshipped the moon during the rule of the Shang Dynasty. In addition to the Chinese people, the Vietnamese, Japanese and Koreans also celebrate it in various ways. In Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines it is referred to as the Lantern Festival or the Mooncake Festival.

There are a number of traditions that take place during the festival, as well as during the entire month leading up to the actual date. Traditionally it is a celebration of the end of the harvesting season, on the night of the event friends and families gather to admire the Harvest Moon whilst eating moon cakes to celebrate. There are also a number of other cultural and regional customs such as carrying carved lanterns and burning incense in thanks to the various deities.

In addition, the entire month leading up to the events is generally a time of revelry for the people in and around Macau, with plenty of feasting, drinking and general merrymaking. Most of the hotels in Macau should fill up with locals and foreigners alike, and the people decorate themselves in traditional styles for the night of the festival. This is one event that should not be missed by any traveller who has the opportunity to stay in Macau during the month of September.

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Proceeds from the ‘Roundup for HOPE’ Will Assist A Place of HOPE, a Charitable Healthcare Clinic and Emotional Trauma Center in Marble Falls

The Roundup for HOPE – a two-day cowboy music festival and chuck wagon cook-off – is coming to the 2,700 acre Hidden Falls Adventure Park in October.  All proceeds from the events will benefit A Place of  HOPE, a charitable healthcare clinic and emotional trauma center located in Marble Falls.

On Saturday, October 23rd and Sunday, October 24th, authentic chuck wagons will circle around at the Hidden Falls Adventure Park for a chuck wagon cook-off. The festivities begin on Saturday at 11am when chuck wagon cooks compete against one another for the best food (cooked circa 1900 style) and most authentic chuck wagon. Judges associated with the American Chuck Wagon Association will judge the food’s tastiness and evaluate the chuck wagons for authenticity. The public is invited to see how the old West was won and sample authentic chuck wagon food prepared in the same manner as our forefathers.

Live music and entertainment for the family will take place throughout the day.  Saturday’s musical guests include Texas’s favorite son, K.R.Wood, and other Central Texas favorites such as Pauline Reese, Mike Blakely, George Ensley, and more. Several food and craft vendors will be onsite as well to provide food, drink, and activities.

Topping off the schedule is a Saturday night concert with celebrated Cowboy musical artist and headliner, Michael Martin Murphy. This live concert begins at 7:30 pm.

On Sunday morning, beginning at 8:30am, visitors can enjoy an authentic Cowboy breakfast with eggs, sausage, biscuits and gravy.   Afterwards, Cowboy church will be held with cowboys and cowboy gospel singing coming together to create a unique Western worship experience.

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101 Things To Do Before You Die

101 things to do during your lifetime, compiled by The Co-operative from its customers’ suggestions of their most valued ‘must-do’ experiences of all time.

101 things to do before you die

1. Design your own chocolate bar
2. Learn a musical instrument
3. Race the Stig in a Citroen 2CV
4. Write a book
5. Watch the sunrise with someone you love
6. Throw a surprise party
7. Hug a Koala
8. Try out a foreign language on a native speaker
9. Teach someone a skill you have
10. Make fire the old fashioned way
11. Swim with dolphins
12. Go walking without a map
13. Be an extra in a film
14. Go snorkelling
15. Turn your mobile off for a week
16. Get back in touch with a long lost friend
17. Perform in front of an audience
18. Spend a day helping a charity
19. See the Northern Lights
20. Have your portrait painted
21. Design an unbreakable brolly
22. Plant a tree
23. Write a fan letter
24. Sleep under the stars
25. Make a donation to a cause you care about
26. Celebrate your 101st birthday
27. Drive Route 66
28. Go on a bicycle tour
29. Learn to dance
30. To “Live”
31. Attend the Olympics
32. Learn to ride a horse
33. Try brewing beer or making wine
34. Learn to juggle
35. Try water skiing
36. Give someone a present you’ve made
37. Tell the Queen a joke – personally
38. Help improve one person’s life
39. Grow your own vegetables
40. Break a world record
41. Paint and frame a picture
42. Go to an open air festival
43. Be in a TV show audience
44. Read about yourself in a newspaper
45. Run your own business
46. Hold a snake
47. Go to a carnival
48. Spend a day watching your favourite movies
49. Drink champagne in Champagne
50. Eat at a Michelin starred restaurant
51. Run – or walk – a marathon
52. See a panda in its natural habitat
53. Learn to fly
54. Sing in a band
55. Win the lottery
56. Research the year you were born
57. Be an inspiration to someone
58. Have tea at The Savoy
59. Catch a 40lb carp
60. Drive a Ferrari
61. Learn to do the trapeze
62. Stand at the top of Ayers Rock
63. Do a bungee jump
64. Stroke a lion cub
65. See the World Cup final
66. Eat a meal in every continent of the world
67. Go for a picnic in the woods
68. Research your family tree
69. Sit in a hot spring pool in Iceland
70. Send a message in a bottle
71. Go on holiday with no luggage
72. Have a night at the opera
73. Climb to the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge
74. Spend the night in a haunted house
75. Learn to throw a boomerang
76. Walk the Great Wall of China
77. Fly a kite
78. Bury a time capsule
79. Give a homeless person your lunch
80. Ride a giant rollercoaster
81. Watch every James Bond film – back to back
82. Write the story of your life
83. Drive a steam train
84. Learn to abseil
85. Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans
86. Keep Bees
87. Restore a classic car
88. Become a wine connoisseur
89. Take a trip on a canal boat
90. Have a day at the Races
91. Go on safari
92. Ride a rollercoaster
93. Walk behind a waterfall
94. Learn to say something in sign language
95. Go zorbing
96. Go to Disney World
97. Make your own jam
98. Take a trip to space
99. Walk down Hollywood Boulevard
100. See your favourite place from a hot air balloon
101. Look after your loved ones

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SKY 1 HD Makes Must Be The Music Tracks Available For Public Download

Sky 1 HD has announced several unique elements to its new series Must Be The Music, which will give musicians through to the semi-finals the best possible chance of achieving their dreams in succeeding in the music industry.

Every contestant that reaches the live semi-finals will have the track that they perform available to download via ITunes and Sky Songs. Viewers will be able to download the acts’ music while the shows are actually on air. The contestant’s tracks will sit alongside those from the show’s judging panel including Dizzee RascalJamie Cullum and Sharleen Spiteri.

This new downloading capability means that for the first time, in any UK televised talent competition, all contestants who reach the semi final stages have the chance to get their songs into the charts irrespective of whether they win the competition or not. As well as giving them a shot at chart success, Must Be The Music will ensure that contestants receive all net profits generated from the download sales.

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Sky and Simplifydigital Reveal Benefits Of Entertainment Bundles

Sky and Simplifydigital – the UK’s only Ofcom accredited retailer of digital TV, broadband and home phone deals – have released new data on the savings available by “bundling” digital TV, broadband and home phone services with a single provider. The latest data shows that a staggering £760 per year can be saved by choosing the best digital bundle deal.

The data comes from a sample of 400 customers between January and May 2010. The average customer saving was £262, while 20% of customers saved more than £577 and 10% more than £760 per year.

Charlie Ponsonby, CEO of Simplifydigital, said: “The digital TV, broadband and home phone market is cut-throat and there has never been a better time to take advantage of the savings on offer. Bundle deals now start from as little as £18 per month for all three services (broadband, digital TV and home phone) – plus there are some amazing introductory offers to be had on top. There really is no excuse for customers to keep wasting big money with overpriced legacy tariffs.”

Earlier in the year, Sky was named winner of the ‘Best digital TV, broadband and home phone bundle’ award in the Simplifydigital Customer Choice Awards 2010.

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The People’s Choice Family Fun Center Announces Annual Event Lineup

The People’s Choice Family Fun Center announces… NEW Fall Event LINEUP less than an hour from Chicago Loop with FREE events for families, $1 menu & beer specials, FREE mini golf, All You Can Eat Pizza $3.99 Includes dessert and more…

The People's Choice Family Fun Center Announces Annual Event Lineup

Less than an hour from Chicago Loop, The People’s Choice Family Fun Center has been serving families over 16 years. Located 3 miles south of 6-Flags Great American, 2415 Grand Ave., Waukegan, Illinois less than an hour from downtown Chicago*, This is a perfect vacation destination for the entire family. Open year around, including holidays. Famous for their Birthday Parties and tween party events, this is not JUST a place for kids. This facility is amazing at any age.

:::: August Arcade Special- Double Token Tuesdays*

Receive free tokens and a free round of golf by texting the word REBEL to 83361.

Weekly Events & Specials through 2010 – 2011
Tuesday Bingo Night Free admission 6:30pm – 8:00pm
All ages, Grandma bring the kids! Every BINGO wins a prize! Play slot machines and other high paying redemption games.

Wednesday Free MOVIE NIGHT
1pm & 6pm FREE movie shown on 12 ft screen plus free popcorn.
Wednesday All You Can Eat Pizza 5-9pm including dessert $3.99

Thursday’s Dollar Menu includes beer specials food court offers 19 delicious selections for just one dollar each including Hershey’s ice cream, foot long hotdogs, and hand made pizza by the slice, plus Miller on tap.

Sunday – Magician magic show FREE admission
Magician magic show 3-4pm plus Balloon animals for every kid

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