Philips Announces Global Filmmaking Competition To Find The Next Ridley Scott

Philips has launched an exciting global competition giving aspiring filmmakers the chance to have an original work judged by one of the world’s greatest film directors – Sir Ridley Scott, director of Hollywood blockbusters including Alien (1979), Blade Runner (1982) and Gladiator (2000).

Philips Announces Global Filmmaking Competition To Find The Next Ridley Scott

The competition, called ‘Tell It Your Way’, will also give one lucky winner the chance to gain a week’s work experience at Ridley Scott Associates (RSA) offices in Los Angeles, New York, London or Hong Kong.

The contest involves creating an original short film to accompany Philips’ ground-breaking Parallel Lines series of short films, directed by RSA talents, Greg Fay, Johnny Hardstaff, Carl Erik Rinsch, Jake Scott and Hi-Sim. The five short films, released on the Philips website are part of a cinematic project whereby each director created a film in a different genre, with a different storyline, but all following the same dialogue.

The Parallel Lines films bring to life the cinematic capabilities of Philips TVs – unique Ambilight technology, award-winning picture quality, and superior sound – and are a cinematic interpretation of the campaign idea: “There are millions of ways to tell a story. There’s only one way to watch one.”

“I’m delighted to be involved with a project which supports aspiring directors and I’m looking forward to seeing how the entrants interpret the single dialogue brief,” commented Sir Ridley Scott.

“At Philips, we are committed to delivering a cinematic viewing experience at home. Through our partnership with RSA, we’re excited to be able to offer the public the chance to create their own film and have it promoted globally as part of such a ground-breaking project as Parallel Lines.” commented Gary Raucher, head of integrated marketing communications, Philips.

Competition entries are open to anyone globally and should be submitted via the official Philips Cinema YouTube channel. Entries close at midnight 8th August 2010. Three rounds of judging will be held including public voting via YouTube. Finalists will be judged on criteria including creative storytelling, use of dialogue, and technical achievement. The top ten finalists will be selected by RSA directors and British Academy of Film & Television Arts (BAFTA) Chairman, David Parfitt. The overall winner will be selected f r o m the top five finalists by Sir Ridley Scott himself.

Runners up prize packages include an invitation to an RSA film premiere in London or New York including travel, accommodation; and a number of Philips Cinema 21:9 Televisions.

Full terms and conditions for the Tell It Your Way competition can be found on the Philips website.

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Dazzling Action in Week 8 of Oceans 15 at 7Sultans Online Casino

7Sultans Online Casino saw some dramatic action and even more amazing rewards and giveaways during Week 8 of the Oceans 15 online casino promotion.

The Oceans 15 promotion, which is a loyalty programme-driven event running from the 30th of March to the 15th of June 2010, has been handing out rewards to 7Sultans and other Fortune Lounge online casino players on a regular, weekly basis. Week 8 has seen the action taking another giant leap forward, as every participant aims to get a share of the remaining prizes; of the 15 double VIP cruise tickets, only 3 are left.

During Week 8 of the promotion (18-23 May 2010), 2 more double cruise tickets were awarded to Andreas F and Sandra S respectively. Due to the loyalty focus of this promotion, players could also win Rewards-based prizes and Rewards Points. In addition to the luxury cruise tickets up for grabs, promotion participants also vie for the highly-prized Diamond Statuses for Life. The Diamond status is the highest loyalty programme level available at 7Sultans Online Casino, and achieving a ‘for life’ status guarantees the most benefits from the loyalty programme. Week 8 in particular saw both Luigi P and Elisa S winning Diamond Statuses for Life. Elisa P also secured 750,000 Rewards Points.

Other prizes given out in the promotion during week 8 was a Diamond Status for a month, won by Marilyn N, as well as a 500-credit prize awarded to Rose M, a 300-credit prize awarded to Naser M and 200 credits won by Deborah K. An additional 4,000 casino cash credits was also paid out to various players.

The Oceans 15 promotion will conclude on the 15th of June 2010.

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Staged Reading For Award-Winning ‘Wonder Drug’ Script Award-Winning Director And Actors To Participate

A live staged reading of select scenes f r o m “Wonder Drug,” by award-winning screenwriter Caitlin McCarthy, is set for Tuesday, August 17, 2010, at the Manhattan Theatre Club, 311 West 43rd Street, 8th Floor (between 8th and 9th Avenue), New York, NY. Attendance is free and open to the public. Doors open at 5 p.m. The reading and Q&A period will be 5:30-6:30 p.m., followed by light snacks and beverages.

“Wonder Drug” is a scientific drama about DES (diethylstilbestrol), the world’s first drug disaster. DES is a toxic and carcinogenic synthetic estrogen. It was prescribed to pregnant women to prevent miscarriages and problem pregnancies for decades: f r o m 1938 until 1971 (and in a small number of cases for several years thereafter) in the United States; and until the mid-1980s in parts of Latin America, Europe, Australia, and the Third World.

McCarthy says, “The currently proven effects of DES exposure include a rare vaginal cancer in DES Daughters; greater risk for breast cancer in DES Mothers; possible risk for testicular cancer in DES Sons; abnormal reproductive organs; infertility; high-risk pregnancies; and an increased risk for breast cancer in DES Daughters after age 40. There are a number of other suspected effects, including auto-immune disorders, but many of these effects are still awaiting further research. To this day, not one drug company has ever apologized or accepted responsibility for the DES tragedy. Nevertheless, they have paid millions in out-of-court settlements and verdicts to DES Daughters and Sons who suffered injuries f r o m their exposure.”

Set in Boston, “Wonder Drug” interweaves the lives of a pharmaceutical executive, a feminist doctor and a thirty-something newlywed across different decades. The feature film is currently in development with acclaimed independent director Tom Gilroy (“Spring Forward”) and executive producer Mark Romeo (“Blue Gold: The Story of American Jeans”).

McCarthy has been honored at international film festivals and labs. “Wonder Drug” has won awards, or received nominations, in more than 20 international film festival screenplay competitions and labs, including the prestigious Hamptons Screenwriters Lab as an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation script.

Directing the reading is Tom Gilroy, a New York-based director/writer/producer and actor. Among his writing/directing/producing credits are two award-winning films: “Spring Forward,” (IFC/MGM) starring Liev Schreiber, Ned Beatty and Campbell Scott;
and the short, “Touch Base” (IFC/BRAVO). He is co-founder of the Machine Full theatre company and has appeared in more than 30 films.

The reading will star celebrated married couple David Alan Basche and Alysia Reiner. Basche’s recent roles include “Sex and the City 2,” “United 93” and “The Starter Wife” series; and Reiner’s include “Sideways,” “The Vicious Kind” and “Speed Grieving.”

More information can be found at: and

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Joseph Estephan Videos on Buildings

Joseph Estephan Videos on Buildings

The buildings that Joseph Estephan has created tin videos tells that big cities are great to visit. They are on the web site:, which displays videos large skyscrapers. Joseph Estephan Buildings can be seen on a New York City or Chicago visit. The hectic part of this video is clounds on summer skies. The videos make you think that you are actually in the city as the music soars with the flying birds. Joseph Estephan creation of classical music give the fluffy clouds that texture of cotton ready for weaving. The sky has a blue vastness in the video and there is no smog or pollution to be found Some programs to take while in the buildings are on Joseph Estephan site

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“Human Trial 2: Adam’s War” Set For May 31 Release

All Things That Matter Press is releasing the second part of the Timothy N. Stelly, Sr sci-fi trilogy Human Trial. The novel, HUMAN TRIAL II: ADAM’S WAR, goes on sale May 31 at, and through local bookstores. This comes on the heels of Mr. Stelly’s 2009 debut novel, Human Trial, which was nominated for SORMag (Shades Of Romance Magazine) Fiction Book Of The Year. The book also received numerous positive reviews at and

Human Trial told the story of a scattershot group of survivors of an alien-initiated thermal war who must not only battle their unseen nemesis, but also their own fears and prejudices. The group is headed by Daron Turner and his co-worker and mother of a newborn named Adam. Part two finds the remnants of that group making a cross-country trek to Big Springs , Nebraska, to unite with others in an attempt to rebuild American society.

In Big Springs Daron immediates butts heads with the colony’s leader, a megalomaniac named J.D. Cooks, who has plans to make himself the ruler of a burgeoning world empire. Cooks and Turner engage in an epic clash of wills, and over time Daron and his friends discover that his nemesis is collaborating with aliens to destroy human life.

Daron and Regina’s son, Adam, now twenty—leads a revolt against Cooks and his loyalists. Later, Daron leads a splinter group in an attack on another alien enclave in Winslow Rock, New Mexico. At the same time, Adam leads his contingent south, into Mexico, for a final battle with aliens that will determine the fate of man.

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Office Christmas Were At The RSVP10 Exhibition In London That Took Place On The 28th And 29th Of April

Office Christmas were proud to exhibit at the RSVP10 exhibition, and particularly proud to be featured in the new area of the exhibit: RSVPA. RSVPA was a section specifically designed for PAs, Office Managers and Secretaries.

Also featured at the event was the new production arm of Eclipse Leisure (of which Office Christmas is part) Theme-Works. Theme-Works offer bespoke event and party theming on its own, without the full service that Office Christmas and Eclipse’s other events companies, offer.

Office Christmas were keen to show off their bespoke party themes and ideas, and push the availability of early bookings. Although summer is just around the corner, Office Christmas have been offering Christmas party bookings since spring in anticipation of high demand for Christmas parties this year with the economy turning a corner and companies looking to reward their employees for their hard work during a difficult time.

Office Christmas is part of Eclipse Leisure, which has recently celebrated over 10 years in the events industry. They offer exclusive and shared Christmas parties to companies and corporations across the country. They can organise the event down to the very last detail and include a free, unique party website for each client that provides all the requisite information for guests such as itineraries, venue information, driving instructions, a free message board and an image gallery.

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LV= Launches Super Spin Cricket Viral Game Designed By InboxDMG

LV=, insurance, investment and pensions group, has launched a cricket-themed viral game -Super Spin through InboxDMG. The game is aimed at increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to the LV= website and capturing customer data.

LV= Launches Super Spin Cricket Viral Game Designed By InboxDMG

The game will be seeded by Viralnet the viral seeding division of Digital Marketing Group plc.

Gameplay for Super Spin uses the same rules and scoring system as county cricket. It’s a ten level game and the player’s challenge is to hit three wickets in each level. They’re challenged against the clock and the quicker the player gets three wickets, and the closer they are to the middle stump, the higher the score. Players can also invite their friends to play and start their own Super Spin private league.

LV= product benefits feature throughout the game and by entering their details players have the chance to win either a family ticket to a County Championship game, along with a luncheon hamper and a signed cricket bat, or three prizes of a pair of tickets to a County Championship game and an LV= cool bag or 10 prizes of out outdoor cricket sets and LV= County Championship baseball caps.

Alan Lay, web content manager at LV=, said: “The games InboxDMG created for us last year were great fun and really popular, so we’re looking forward to even better results with Super Spin. We think it’s a great game, lots of fun to play, with some great prizes up for grabs and you can indulge in some friendly competition by setting up leagues with friends and family. Super Spin brings a little extra cheer to our audience, creating a buzz and engaging them with the brand, then driving them to our website to show them how we look after what they love in life.”

Last year, LV= launched viral game Shape Trace through InboxDMG, aimed at promoting its home insurance products and also the Santa Skittles Christmas viral game.

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Guitar Players Save Time, Money And Frustration By Learning How To Find The Best Guitar Teacher

After teaching over 50,000 music lessons to over 1000 guitar students, and mentoring guitar teachers all over the world on how to teach guitar effectively, Tom Hess releases a free e-guide to help guitar students find the best guitar teacher for them.

Guitar Players Save Time, Money And Frustration By Learning How To Find The Best Guitar Teacher

Most guitar students looking for a guitar teacher rely on the hit or miss approach of signing up for lessons with the first available teacher they find who is convenient and affordable, on the assumption that all guitar teachers teach in the same way. Given that reality, it is not surprising that many people become disappointed and frustrated with their experience of taking guitar lessons.

“For the most part, guitar students have no idea how to tell if a prospective teacher is going to be a good match for working with them,” says Tom Hess. “Guitar teachers aren’t licensed like accountants or doctors to work in their field and there is no Better Business Bureau for guitar teachers. Because of this, more often than not, students who try guitar lessons for the first time end up with a mediocre teacher, quit lessons in frustration shortly after, and continue to perpetuate the myth that guitar lessons are ineffective.”

A general music degree from an elite music school doesn’t necessarily make its recipient a superior guitar teacher to someone without a music degree, unless, as a rare exception, that certification is specific to guitar pedagogy. Because there are no clear academic credentials that set guitar teachers apart from each other, anybody who has been playing for a while and has decent skills as a guitarist can put forth the claim of being a good teacher.

To help guitar students avoid wasting time and money on mediocre guitar teachers, Hess created a free online special report that allows guitar students to make educated choices when it comes to searching for the most appropriate guitar instructor for their needs.

Hess says, “After becoming a guitar teacher myself and also training many other guitar teachers how to teach, I have narrowed down a specific list of criteria and targeted questions that can be used by guitar students to find the right teacher for themselves, much like an employer interviews a potential candidate for a job position.”

Knowing what to look for in a guitar teacher will help to make the learning experience much more fulfilling, much like it is important to be sure that one is hiring a qualified doctor, accountant or car mechanic to do a job.

Hess’ free special report on After teaching over 50,000 music lessons to over 1000 guitar students, and mentoring guitar teachers all over the world on how to teach guitar effectively, Tom Hess releases a free e-guide to help guitar students find the best guitar teacher for them.

Most guitar students looking for a guitar teacher rely on the hit or miss approach of signing up for lessons with the first available teacher they find who is convenient and affordable, on the assumption that all guitar teachers teach in the same way. Given that reality, it is not surprising that many people become disappointed and frustrated with their experience of taking guitar lessons.

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Thrilling New Online Casino Action Available at Platinum Play in May

Platinum Play Online Casino has announced three more thrilling games to their already sizzling collection this summer. May 2010 introduces video slots games that have jackpot opportunities reaching as high as 2 000 000 coins. The three new games are Lady in Red Video SlotQueen of the Jungle Video Slot and Thunderstruck II Video Slot.

These games have been developed by Microgaming, the leading software developer on the Net, and therefore guarantee to provide games with cutting edge graphics and sounds as well as jackpots that are sure to thrill.

Players looking to step into the nostalgic world of the Thirties, where jazz clubs were the rage and ladies in red swooned to their audiences, need not go any further; the Lady in Red Video Slot brings this atmosphere to life while offering rewards that can reach as high as 375 000 coins. As always, Platinum Play Online Casino has added features that further increase players’ chances of winning with Wilds, Scatters and Multipliers.

The Queen of the Jungle Video Slot entices players to take a walk on the wild side. This 5-reel 9 pay-line slot game surrounds players with jungle sounds and scenery as well as a host of wild creatures. Players can win up to 180,000 coins, while the Multipliers and Free Spins give them additional chances of winning.

The Nordic God themed game, Thunderstruck II Video Slot, comes to Platinum Play Online Casino with a bang, as it out-thrills its 2003 predecessor with a 2 430 000 coin jackpot. There are 5 reels and 243 Ways, which promise to take this game to a new and improved levels.

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Riva Poker – Online Poker New Generation

Belonging to the Casino Riva Group, expert of on-line games, Riva Poker is the latest online poker room. A new generation of game begins on web and this room keeps the objective to get back the players to the basics: play poker. Bet won to have preserved this particular atmosphere which makes the success of poker, because it is in the pure tradition of this game that the players are going to find a friendly nearness, also closer to the casino spirit. A quality interface, a classic and reassuring graphic choice and a navigation optimized by the last exploit of the technology, here is the main assets which Riva Poker reveals from the first connection.

Riva Poker - Online Poker New Generation

On promotions side, the site has nothing to envy the other rooms, on the contrary, it promises to be victim of its success by the first very promising advantages that it presents, in particular with the precious bonuses earnest to all the players. On this field, those who are attracted by the novelty are best served because with $10 offered to test the software, the room throws a first original challenge to the experts. They can also try any new casino games, as Iron Man or Hulk thanks to free $10. Finally, an attractive present of $20, to discover entire offers. The ritual welcome bonus is also a part of the game and grants handsomely 100 % on the 1st deposit. To refer a friend will make two players happy in the same moment, with $75 for the member player and $25 for the new subscriber, sharing the game is nice and profitable.

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La chanteuse internationale Lua Hadar en tournée en France pour sa « French Connection »

La chanteuse polyglotte LUA HADAR, qui vient de connaître un grand succès à San Francisco et à New York avec son spectacle « French Connection », s’apprête à présenter ce spectacle dans le pays de ses origines : la France. La chanteuse a commencé ce spectacle avec son groupe survolté, TWIST, dans la très élégante salle Rrazz Room de San Francisco en septembre 2009, suscitant d’excellentes critiques, suite à ses débuts à Paris en juillet 2009 et le commencement d’une collaboration avec le brillant et jeune bassiste français Albin Suffys de Lille (France). Cette collaboration qui a débuté à San Francisco porte désormais ses fruits dans le cadre d’un échange culturel qui permettra à la chanteuse de diriger une « Master Class » et de donner un concert au Théâtre Les Tisserands de Lomme (France), près de Lille, le 22 mai 2010. 60 rue Victor Hugo, 59160 Lomme. Informations: Entrée: 10 €, 5 € réduit.

Cette collaboration internationale implique la Ville de Lomme, la troupe de théâtre Les Chantiers de l’Inédit de Lille, l’Ecole Municipale de Musique et de Danse de Lomme et le Musiconoclast’ Orchestra, sous la direction d’Albin Suffys. Au programme le 22 mai : un concert de Lua Hadar avec The French TWIST et le Musiconoclast’ Orchestra. Un nouveau morceau, « Come Back to California », écrit par la compositrice et pianiste de San Francisco, Candace Forest, sera interprété en première mondiale. La composition, dédiée au bassiste Albin Suffys, sera interprétée par Candace, qui a notamment produit des enregistrements de Hadar et de Suffys. Forest donnera également une interview spéciale avant le concert.

La Master Class bilingue de Lua Hadar, « Singing The Great American Songbook », s’adresse avant tout aux étudiants de l’Ecole Municipale de Musique et de Danse de Lomme, mais elle est aussi ouverte à des auditeurs externes, moyennant une participation de 15 € à payer à l’entrée, et qui donnera également le droit d’assister au concert le soir même au Théâtre Les Tisserands. Le Directeur Musical de The French TWIST, le pianiste américano-philippin John Florencio, accompagnera les étudiants, à qui Lua Hadar enseignera le style et l’interprétation de standards de jazz américains. Master Class : de 10h00 à 13h00 le 22 mai 2010. Espace “Les Tisserands,” 60 rue Victor Hugo, 59160 Lomme. Informations :


LUA HADAR, avec son band TWIST, chante « le jazz sans frontieres », influencé par la musique pop, funk, latine et le cabaret international. Une grande artiste unique et originale avec une voix qui s’élance, Lua interprète des textes en plusieurs langues avec un charme séduisant et beaucoup de swing. Son père saxophoniste lui donne un don pour la musique et le “Great American Songbook” était la bande sonore de son enfance à New York. Ses nombreux échanges culturels l’ont formée et ont inspiré chez elle une vision globale du monde. Celle-ci s’impose à travers la chanson qui traite essentiellement notre humanité commune. Du premier contact, ouverte et pourtant exotique, elle est capable à la fois de nous émouvoir aux larmes jusqu’à nous faire rire aux éclats. Lua possède un diplôme de master en éducation de l’Université d’Etat a San Francisco. Elle dispense des cours depuis 20 ans et ses Master Classes« Sing Out Loud » sont devenues très populaires à San Francisco ces cinq dernières années.

ALBIN SUFFYS, né à Lille en 1983, se présente, d’emblée, comme un bassiste « très particulier ». Depuis l’âge de 13 ans où il a commencé à pratiquer cet instrument, il explore toutes les possibilités de la basse électrique pour en faire le point de rencontres de toutes sortes de langages musicaux. C’est un musicien complet qui crée ses compositions musicales, mais invente aussi ses propres méthodes de travail. Il découvre très jeune les arts de la scène en participant aux créations collectives d’une troupe de théâtre de Lille, animée par ses parents, professeurs de lettres et de langues. Il y apprend à improviser, à travailler en groupe et à composer les musiques originales qui accompagnent à chaque fois ces créations. Il y apprend aussi, en même temps qu’une exigence professionnelle, un rapport aux arts et à la culture qui, même s’il passe par un respect de la tradition, s’efforce d’inventer d’autres relations au monde, plus critiques, et d’autres modes de transmission moins soumis aux normes et aux conventions. Il passe cinq années en classe de jazz au conservatoire de Tourcoing, y est élève de Hugues Rousé et de Jérémie Ternoy, y rencontre Christophe Hache, puis intégre en 2009 la classe de jazz de l’Ecole de musique de Lomme, où il étudie avec Andry Ravaloson et Jacinto Carabajo. Il a, dans son parcours musical, la chance de rencontrer et d’ avoir comme professeur et ami, le grand bassiste américain Michael Manring. S’il se produit fréquemment en basse solo, soucieux de faire découvrir au public les richesses encore mal connues de la basse électrique fretless et frettée, il crée des formations aussi variées que « n-denum » (rock progressif), « Atypia » (world-jazz), le trio franco-espagnol « Idiorythmia »(jazz-fusion)… Membre de l’ « Agora Jazz Trio », avec le guitariste Julien Marga et le batteur Tohery Ravaloson, il travaille en tant que musicien, arrangeur et compositeur pour différentes artistes telles la chanteuse de jazz Lua Hadar (US) ou la compositrice Candace Forest (US), qu’il rencontre lors d’un séjour de six mois à San Francisco en 2009. Enfin, à son retour des Etats-Unis, il rassemble une quinzaine de musiciens et monte le « Musiconoclast’Orchestra », orchestre jazz-fusion qui explore le mélange des timbres du jazz et de la musique contemporaine. Il en est à la fois le chef d’orchestre et l’un des interprètes.

CANDACE (“CANDY”) FOREST est une compositrice / productrice qui a écrit des musiques instrumentales et des chansons pour des solos, des ensembles et des orchestres. Une pianiste classique de formation, Candace a aussi été influencée par le jazz, le folk et les spectacles musicaux. Elle a effectué des tournées en Amérique du Nord et en Europe avec le bassiste de jazz et compositeur Paul Aston pour le duo Aston & Forest. A Toronto, Candace a animé une émission de radio de la CBC, « Livingroom Tunes », et a produit « Kidcity » pour City Television. Elle a gagné à trois reprises le « Prix d’or du choix des parents » pour ses musiqueséducatives à destination des enfants, et son spectacle symphonique complet « All In This Together » a effectué sa première mondiale avec l’orchestre philharmonique de Buffalo en 2003. Candace a écrit et produit une comédie musicale de chambre, « Viva Concha ! », à San Francisco en 2006. Ses nombreuses productions audio comprennent « It’s About Time » et « Lua Hadar with Twist » de Lua Hadar. Elle donne aussi des cours d’interprétation dans son studio de San Francisco.

Né à Manille, aux Philippines, JOHN FLORENCIO a joué du piano dès l’âge de 5 ans et ne s’est jamais arrêté depuis. Il a poursuivi ses études avec Peggy Salkind à San Francisco au Conservatoire de Musique où il a obtenu une Licence de Piano. Artisteéclectique, John est reconnu pour ses talents de soliste et ses nombreuses collaborations musicales. John a joué partout aux États-Unis, en Europe, en Russie et en Asie, avec un répertoire qui s’étend du classique au jazz, en passant par le rock, les comédies musicales de Broadway, et les musiques populaires. John a eu le plaisir de travailler avec Connie Francis, Sam Harris, Licia Albanese, Herve Cristiani et Stephanie Reese dans des cabarets jusqu’au Carnegie Hall. Actuellement il est en tournée avec Stephanie Reese (le Roi et moi, Miss Saigon et le Bossu de Notre Dame) et jouera au Hall Benaroya de Seattle et au Saint Louis Center for Performing Arts en juin 2010. Il soutient Gawad Kalinga-ANCOP-USA, une organisation qui construit des villages pour les plus pauvres et les marginalisés aux Philippines, en Inde, au Sri Lanka et en Afrique. Il est installé depuis peu à Paris.

English version…

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Erik Flores Releases the Finest Novel to Ever Mash Up Self-Help and Adventure!

From the Neck Up (May 2010: Eldrecko Press) is a hilarious new novel that shows the disastrous side effects of worldwide success.

What happened to America’s most beloved public speaker, Martin Romaine, whose doves fly so freely at the finale of his stadium-filled shows? How did he get lost in the middle of the Florida Everglades? Who will fill the shoes of the man with the golden throat and chestnut locks? Family, friends, and fans of Mr. Romaine converge and vie for the ego of a nation where has-been’s and never-will-be’s seek to re-define their lives, despite the havoc it wreaks. From the Neck Up reveals what happens when everyone attains their notion of success.

Praise for From the Neck Up…

“Erik has captured the essence of what is pathetic, sad and yet funny about American capitalism. In the end, greed consumes the nation like a snake eating its tail. If the curse of the twenty-first century is narcissism, this homage to the self-help book, captures that narcissism exquisitely. We are nested inside the neediness of the American psyche for more, more, more. Yet our protagonists Marty and Joe are so close to us that we can’t help feeling laughter rising with self loathing. This is Bonfire of Vanities for the twenty-first century. This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper.”

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Swinglifestyle Sets The Swinging Pace On Twitter

Nearly 10 years ago Swinglifestyle started the largest swinging website for the lifestyle and bi curious individuals. was at the cutting edge of alternative dating and set the pace back then. Now Swinglifestyle continues the social trend by utilizing Twitter.

Swinglifestyle Sets The Swinging Pace On Twitter

Swinglifestyle has begun to post tweets on Twitter. Swingers appreciate up to the minute party and swinger club dates and information. With the advent of social networking and micro blogging continues to lead the pack in its industry. “ has become so popular that even competitors were following and wanting to read our tweets, we are flattered” – Mike Hatcher

The decision to join Twitter for Swinglifestyle was an easy one. Twitter is a site that is free to join and post news. Swinglifestyle has always been a free swingers dating site and always will be.

Follow Swinglifestyle on Twitter or create an account now at

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New Employee Announcement: Bob Chirum and Rita Flavors Join VCS

Video Copy Services (VCS), Atlanta’s leading provider of digital video encodingHD video services and CD / DVD / Blu-ray disc duplication, is pleased to announce the recent addition of two new employees: Bob Chirum as Director of Operations, and Rita Flavors as Account Manager. Mr. Chirum and Ms. Flavors both joined VCS in March, 2010, having previously worked at the Atlanta office of Next Generation Media (formerly Allied Vaughn.) They each bring with them a wealth of industry experience that will help sustain and build upon the growth that VCS has enjoyed in recent years.

“Joining VCS is an exciting move for me,” says Ms. Flavors. “I’m happy to be part of a strong and growing company that has such a wide variety of services to offer, not to mention such a smart and talented staff.”

“Adding Bob and Rita to the VCS team further strengthens our ability to meet the diverse needs of our clients,” says George Helms, President of VCS. “We’re very pleased to welcome them both aboard, and we expect that their previous industry experience at Next Generation Media will be of great benefit to both VCS and our clients.”

It’s Official, eBay Loves Adult Fancy Dress

One of the UK’s largest online sellers of cheap fancy dress outfits, Fancy Dress Shack, has been awarded the accolade of ‘Top Rated Seller’ on none other than global internet auction site eBay.

It's Official, eBay Loves Adult Fancy Dress

This is in recognition of Fancy Dress Shack’s exceptional customer service, as rated by their online customers and is a fantastic endorsement of the huge range of cheap fancy dress they stock. Achieving eBay’s ‘Top Rated Seller’ status means three things; that the company or seller receives consistently high buyer ratings and feedback, that they dispatch items quickly and that they have a proven and supported track record of excellent customer service.

“It’s great to get recognition from a site such as eBay, which on some days receives over 10 million hits globally”, said Keri Williams, Head of Customer Services at Fancy Dress Shack.

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