Toronto’s Wedding DJ Choice For 2008

Surround Sound DJ your Toronto, Ontario, (DJ), disc jockey entertainment have been Specializing in Ethnic Weddings. DJ service for Celebrity Exclusive Events, Corporate Functions, Private Functions, Karaoke services. And also we teamed up with the best Club djs, producers in the world from, England, U.K., Netherlands, Ibiza, New York , Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, California. We also offer Photography and DJ Service, Beauty Service Hair & Make UP, Photographer + DJ, Limousine Service, Wedding cakes, Toronto One-Stop Shop for your all your Wedding Services. At Your Function we GUARANTEE total satisfaction, and to make Your Special day “a day to remember”.

Surround Sound DJ is Toronto’s Leading Edege Disc Jockey Entertainment Service celebrating their 12th Anniversary Voted # 1 DJ Service for All ethnicities & languages accommodated. Over the years we have entertained at thousands of events. These include Weddings, Grandopenings, Sweet 16’s, Graduation Parties, Bachelor Parties, stagparty, bridalshower, Birthdays, Bar Mitzvah DJ and Bat Mitzvah DJ Services Toronto, New Year’s Eve DJ, Christmas Parties DJ, schools, semi-formal,Bars, Club DJ, Matchmaking Parties, Cruise Ship DJ, Community Events, Honeymoon DJ, and a large variety of corporate functions. It’s the music and how it’s mixed that makes the party. Each of our shows is built on the principals of superior performance, professionalism, attention to detail our state-of-the-art technology Light show and a personal touch that guarantees all, ultimate satisfaction. So you’ve decided to take the big plunge. Make your upcoming wedding magical, or any other party a Surround Sound DJ experience.

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New Album Features Boots Randolph In One Of His Last Sessions, Stuart Duncan, Richard Smith And The Lori Mechem Trio Backing Vocalist Holly Yarbrough In Her Solo Debut.

Yarbrough is the daughter of sixties folk singing tenor Glenn Yarbrough who rose to fame with the Limeliters and continued to success as a solo artist on RCA records.

Mister Rogers Swings includes sixteen selections from the Fred Rogers Songbook with a grown-up jazz sound. Yarbrough’s fresh, sly takes on Rogers classics like “You’ve Got to Do It” and “I Like to Be Told” are aimed squarely at adult audiences.

Yarbrough produced the album on her own indie label, Vintage Discs. “We did it on a wing, a prayer, and a home equity line of credit” she says.

“It’s been a real labor of love for us all. We wanted more people to really get the artistry of Fred Rogers’ songwriting. When you hear these songs out of their usual context, I think they fit right up there in the Great American Songbook.”

Though the savvy interpretation might make Mister Rogers raise an eyebrow, the heart of the record stays true to his kind nature. Yarbrough finished the record while working for Alive Hospice, where she is still employed.

“I’m not a glamorous, spotlight oriented person, and I never expected I’d be making my own album. But I had this talent I wasn’t using…and after Mister Rogers died, his words kept coming back to me. He said: “…each one of us has something that no one else has or will ever have – something inside that is unique to all time. It’s our job to encourage each other to discover that uniqueness and to provide ways of developing that expression.”

Mister Rogers Swings is available nationwide at online retailers and in stores through Infinity Entertainment Group.

About the Artist
Holly Yarbrough was born in Santa Monica, California. Her father, Glenn Yarbrough is a well-known recording artist with over seventy albums in his discography. Her Grandfather was a square dance caller in the Black Hills of South Dakota, and her Grandmother sang with the Paul Whiteman Orchestra.

Holly has studied at the Interlochen Arts Academy, Bard College and the Nashville Jazz Workshop. After attending at her Grandfather’s bedside while he was in hospice care, she began volunteering for hospice through Compassion in Action.

Since 2006, she has worked for Alive Hospice in Nashville, Tennessee. She is currently pursuing certification as a therapeutic musician through the Music for Healing and Transition program.

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Portable Webcast System Streams Underwater Vehicle Competition Via Satellite Internet

TodoCast™, the innovator of the world’s first affordable, portable, live satellite-to-web video streaming system, today announced the success of live underwater video streaming at this year’s 11th Annual International Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Competition held earlier this month. Sponsored by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), the U.S. Office of Naval Research (ONR), and TodoCast, the event featured 25 teams who competed in the design and construction of an AUV capable of navigating realistic underwater missions.

Spectators who were not able to physically go to the event, could for the first time, watch the competition live via the Internet. Ground and elevated videography services, including provisions of production equipment, cameras and crews and were provided by Solana Productions, Inc, with underwater video feeds provided by SeaBotix, Inc. Above ground and underwater video content was then encoded to Flash using the Kulabyte encoder, a standard component of the TodoCast Kit. In addition, TodoCast provided the satellite feed and content distribution services which enabled AUVSI, with support from Solana Productions and SeaBotix, to pull off the event live via satellite for the first time.

“The seamlessness and additional viewing opportunities that TodoCast provided, was absolutely fantastic. We are thrilled at the prospect of bringing this event to an even wider audience,” stated Daryl Davidson, Executive Director of AUVSI. “TodoCast not only made live video streaming possible, but enabled a graceful execution of a longtime goal and far exceeded our expectations,” Davidson concluded.

“I was very impressed with the TodoCast system and enjoyed the expertise and support of the TodoCast crew,” stated Executive Producer of Solana Productions, Kurt Snider. “While live video streaming is not a new venture, TodoCast is the first webcasting solution I’ve seen that takes remote connectivity and onsite technical challenges off the table. With TodoCast you truly can go anywhere, shoot anything and in mere moments be connected to a live Internet viewing audience,” Snider concluded.

“We too were pleased with how everything turned out,” said Sean Newsome, Sales Manager of SeaBotix, Inc, whose commercial ROV was piloted by student interns to film the event from beneath the water. “As the fastest growing manufacturer of remotely operated vehicles and a longtime supporter of the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Competition, we were extremely pleased by the whole event. The effortless integration, functionality and quality of TodoCast was an unexpected added benefit,” stated Newsome.

The vehicles developed by more than 200 students from 25 schools worldwide, were required to traverse a complex underwater course that consisted of navigating through an underwater gate, releasing a buoy, following a pipeline, dropping markers, lifting a “treasure,” and surfacing
within a breach zone. The vehicles had to achieve these missions autonomously, meaning they are not remotely controlled but are programmed to sense their surroundings and respond accordingly, independent of any external control by an operator.

Featuring a .96 meter one touch auto-deploy satellite antenna, the TodoCast kit, which comes complete with all electronics premounted in a Gator G-Shock Rack Case, offered a high-quality live video webcast of the underwater competition. The stream was released in standard definition at 600Kbps Flash, allowing the largest possible audience to view the content at home on either a MAC or PC. TodoCast services are available in Standard Definition as we as High-Definition with data rates from 400Kbps to over 4Mbps.

“TodoCast truly provided an unexpected solution and an opportunity for an entirely new audience to participate in the event,” stated TodoCast Director of Global Video Services, Brian Roland. The complete mobility, quality broadcast and fast deployment that enabled event organizers to stream the event live in just a few minutes was a huge success,” Roland concluded.

As the first portable solution for pay-per-view and live video content, the TodoCast Kit, offers a turnkey satellite webcasting system. Mounted to most vehicles, TodoCast provides videographers the freedom of mobility with guaranteed quality broadcasting bandwidth. Professional videographers can access the TodoCast CDN Streaming Media Hosting, to upload and promote live events capable of generating revenue from any location.

The Annual International Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Competition has captured the imagination of students, industry, the media and now the internet viewing audience worldwide and has been featured on internationally televised broadcasts, radio and print outlets around the world. For more information on the event, please visit For information on TodoCast and how its turnkey live video streaming satellite system revolutionizes videography and streaming media content for videographers and event planners everywhere, please visit

The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) is the world’s largest non-profit organization devoted exclusively to advancing the unmanned systems community. AUVSI’s 6,000 members worldwide come from government organizations, industry and academia. AUVSI is committed to fostering, developing, and promoting unmanned systems and related technologies.

About Solana Productions, Inc
Solana Productions is a leading video production company with red carpet expertise and high profile corporate finesse. With the experience, equipment and personnel to make every shoot a success, Solana Productions has captured the moments of value and significance to corporations, events and celebrities alike. For more information, please visit

About SeaBotix, Inc
As the world-leading MiniROV manufacturer, SeaBotix has been a longtime supporter of the colleges and contestants in the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Competitions through generous discounts on thrusters, paid summer internships, and team technical support. With over 560 robots in the field, SeaBotix is world renowned for its state of the art technology and manufacturing in the remote operated vehicle industry. For more information, please visit

About TodoCast
TodoCast is a complete turnkey solution for live video streaming over satellite, packaged into a user friendly and revenue generating kit for professional videographers. The TodoCast Kit offers live satellite-to-web video streaming in a portable and turnkey solution, complete with electronics, antenna and portable case. In addition to the TodoCast Kit, the company provides a Content Distribution Network(CDN) and pay-per-view and advertising engine that enables TodoCast partners to promote and stream live events while generating revenue through paid viewers or advertising revenue. For more information, visit

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Truth On Earth, Influenced by Gandhi Releases Songs Addressing World Issues

Truth On Earth, a socially conscious, progressive teen rock band for the ages, recently announced the release of new original music to further their fight of world problems. Using the power of song and the universal language of music, this unique band helps raise awareness and money for worthy charities fighting world problems. By combining entertainment with philanthropy, they provide a benefit to both those in need and those who contribute.

The band name, lyrical messages and powerful world-changing mission are based upon the work of Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi, one of the greatest spiritual leaders of all time and the basis of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Civil Rights movement. Gandhi said that Peace could best be achieved through truth and non-violent protest and he proved it for a time by causing the end of a century of British rule over India. One small man had a giant influence. So the band is named in Gandhi’s honor to carry on his work and ideals through the universal language of music to a struggling planet.

The band’s main goal is to raise consciousness, through the universal language of music, to a level where, over time, everyone can become part of the solution. The end result and vision is that problems can be fixed and the planet can be left in a condition that is free of destruction and makes it worth inheriting by future generations.

Truth on Earth’s music has been described as refreshing, highly creative, electrifying and a throwback to early 70’s rock. This unique sound blends with progressive songwriting about world issues to appeal to those with the same social conscience.

These young women have committed their lives to fixing the problems of the planet so future generations will have a, “planet worth inheriting.” Their philanthropic spirit combined with their exceptional musical talents results in a contribution of nearly three quarters of their proceeds to worldly charities.

Listeners cannot only enjoy the sound of Truth on Earth but can choose one of many worthwhile causes to donate to, at

These young women are devoting their lives to doing whatever they can to bring awareness and solutions to many world problems, in the spirit of Gandhi. They want to be pro-active, on the front lines, connecting people through the universal language of music. “We have all seen devastating pictures of abuse, starvation, homeless, effects of war….., but never have been unified with music in a way, until now, that reaches the listener’s core level, creating feelings that pictures alone can’t and that allows for the proper contribution,” states the band members.

About Truth on Earth:
Truth On Earth is a progressive rock band featuring three teenage sisters that blends the sounds of old and new, heavily influenced by ‘60’s & ‘70’s rock. They write, produce and sing original songs about major issues in the world that require the attention of all. Their mission is, “to unite people across the globe, with music, to take action to create a better world so future generations will have a planet worth inheriting.”

They are available for performance, interviews and charitable appearances and can be contacted through their website, or email, Their music is currently available for immediate download from their website. Contributions to select, related charities can be made there as well.

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A Book Filled With Spiritual Truth For Today’s Commonly Asked Questions About Hell

Tyrone Short Announces Momma is Daddy Going to Hell? at

Tyrone Short announces publication of Momma is Daddy Going to Hell? in conjunction with Lulu (, the world’s fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books.

Warning! This book is not an in-depth study on theological doctrine, rather it is a collection of intense questions from a child to his mother regarding the subject of Hell.

Captivated by the sermons on Hell at his mother’s church, Little Johnny started to question his mother about the great abyss. His curiosity covers topics such as the fate of his adulterous father, celebrities, false teachers and different religions to name a few.

A book filled with spiritual truth for today’s commonly asked questions about Hell. This book is an essential resource of challenging and compelling reader-friendly questions for both Christians and non-Christians alike, including a first of its kind 110 multiple-choice question exam entitled, ‘Are You Truly a Child of God or Are You Destined for Hell Exam’?

Momma is Daddy Going to Hell? is available for purchase at

About the Author
Tyrone Short serves the body of Christ as Prince Trog, Colorado’s One and Only Christian Reggae Rapper. He can be reached at the following:

Phone: 303-378-1346

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White Lies Dark Truth was selected for Honorable Mention list at the 2008 New York Book Festival

White Lies Dark Truth is a revolutionary guide to finding your inner voice, beyond the conditioning imposed on your thought processes since birth. The questions posed by White Lies Dark Truth are simple, but profound: Who are you? What are you living for? If you spend your life living for the good opinion of society, you will end up angry, and disillusioned: you must find a way to release yourself from these false goals and judgments. With this self-help guide, you can explore methods of healing and understanding that will contribute to your overall well-being. By utilizing the wisdom the book carries, you will attain a profound sense of contentment and freedom, thereby loosening the psychological chains that society tightens around you. Open your mind to the truth of who you are with White Lies Dark Truth, and you will see everything differently – especially yourself.

Mony Singh, the author of White Lies Dark Truth says that when you heal yourself, you can help to heal society, which is infected by anger, hate, and negative emotions. Peace in this world can only be achieved by reprogramming our minds and souls; removing the social viruses we carry with us from childhood. White Lies Dark Truth allows you to troubleshoot your own life, to find your spirituality once more, and to move forward into peace and enlightenment.

The impact of the book is widespread: recently showcased at the 2008 ALAA Expo, a growing readership is proof of the book’s powerful message. Critical acclaim for this unique self-help guide is growing stronger every day.

White Lies Dark Truth was selected for Honorable Mention list at the 2008 New York Book Festival ( This book is the urgent needed of the society, especially our youth (teenagers and/or growing adults), where it is needed most.

To know more about the book, visit the books website at

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Match.Com Is Targeting Men To Find Love Online, the global and UK leader in online dating, has announced a new tactical Summer TV advertising campaign to capitalise on a successful first half of the year. Entitled “Too Many Women,” the campaign is designed to entice more men to find love online.

Men were the first adopters of online dating and in the early noughties made up more than 70 per cent of’s customers. has led the way in marketing online dating to women and through a series of innovative campaigns, became the first major brand to achieve the perfect balance. Now, online dating is the ‘new natural’ way to find a partner and hundreds of thousands of singles find love on the site every year.

The industry normally targets women, in the knowledge that men will follow. has now turned this concept on its head and is once again leading the market with a witty new TV campaign specifically aimed at men. As an added incentive, singles that sign up before the 14th September will get one week free. The offer will be accompanied by the original and best ‘make love happen guarantee’ from the which promises that those signing up who don’t find love in six months, will get six months free.

In a bid to help members find love in the six months leading up to Valentine’s Day, the 10 second and 30 second spots will go live for two weeks this week. The series of adverts have been created by Hanft Raboy & Partners and will air across channels including Sky Sports, Bravo, Setanta Sports and MTV with planning and buying by Initiative.

This latest TV marketing campaign for follows a strong start to the year for the world’s biggest online dating service. In the first half of 2008, the site recorded seven of its busiest days ever and this summer’s tactical ad buy will see additional marketing investment to the existing multimillion pound budgets to capitalise on the growing popularity of finding love online.

Jason Stockwood,’s Managing Director International commented: “The ‘Too Many Women’ campaign is cheeky and fun but it also illustrates the fact that online dating is now a very popular choice for women. Internet dating is becoming as widely accepted as shopping or banking online – almost everyone knows someone who has found love by logging on. Over 4.6 million people have signed up to in the UK alone, marking categorically that online dating is now the new natural way to find love.”

The new campaign will compliment the existing ‘Don’t Wait for Cupid and Fate’’ advertising outreach, which has successfully grown both brand awareness and subscribers in 2008.

About pioneered online personals when it launched on the Web in 1995 and continues to lead this exciting and evolving category after more than a decade.

Throughout its 13-year history, has redefined the way people meet and fall in love and is credited with more marriages than any other site. Now, more than 15 million people around the world participate in the relationship network, providing a rich tapestry of ethnicities, interests, goals, ambitions, quirks, looks and personalities from which to choose. operates leading subscription-based online dating sites in 37 countries, in 15 languages, spanning six continents. also powers online dating on MSN across Europe, Asia, the United States and Latin America and is the premier provider of personals for Love@AOL. is an operating business of IAC (NASDAQ:IACI).

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Kid Rock Enjoyed Las Vegas’s Sapphire Gentleman’s Club

Kid Rock enjoyed has spent a night at the Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club in Las Vegas, Nevada. He rolled in around 3am with a mystery blonde and an entourage of 20 people. They partied in a VIP booth on the main floor while numerous girls danced for him. The mystery blonde bought 1000 dance dollars while the club played music at Kid Rock’s request.

The Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club in Vegas sets the standard— the world’s largest gentlemen’s club boasting an impressive 70,000 square feet of topless entertainment and serving the finest variety of cocktails, wines, champagnes and cigars. Sapphire showcases the extravagant style and commitment to over-the-top entertainment. In addition to the classic gentlemen’s club, steakhouse, and boutique hotel, Sapphire offers deluxe amenities including designer suites with private butlers, concierge services and varying themes to satisfy every indulgence.

Sapphire features many private rooms and V.I.P. areas to cater to any size special event, party or corporate event. One of the many ways Sapphire provides the finest in service and guest comfort is through our luxurious VIP Skyboxes. Suspended 25 feet above the floor, these unique private lounges have dramatic views of the entire showroom below. Private butlers, concierge services, and individually themed boxes underscore our commitment to luxury and indulgence. You can also watch a beautiful lady on stage or your favorite ball game on the flat screen monitors. Our VIP area redefines VIP by offering the most comfortable and spacious setting possible without sacrificing the intimacy that you deserve.

Being at Sapphire means you are a VIP. All our customers deserve respect and we will cater individually to every need. For more information on the opening of Sapphire NYC Shai Cohen 702.812.7472. For more information about Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club in Las Vegas please visit the website

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Media Mayhem Corporation together with Nassiri Music is spreading the message of love and peace thru Love Sees No Color Campaign

Media Mayhem Corporation (MMC) in conjunction with Nassiri Music announces their partnership for a campaign that is set to cross cultural thresholds and help spread the message of peace and love around the world starting August 11th and running through October 1st.

The project Love Sees No Color, is the brainchild of renowned music artist, philanthropist, and peace activist Nassiri, who is releasing the album “Love Sees No Color – World Peace Collection” on September 16th.

The record was recorded during Nassiri’s world tour that saw the artist performing in over 18 countries, sung by thousands of children in fifteen different languages, and features Eleven other tracks on the CD that were recorded in the artist’s home town of Las Vegas, Nevada.

To coincide with the release, MMC’s Vice President of Business Development Jamie Ashe developed a vision along with MMC Vice President Eric Willis to create a cutting edge campaign that finds unprecedented moves being put into motion including over 200 million advertising impressions over 300 exclusive Media Mayhem properties while spreading over 10 million over the air (OTA) transfers via mobile phones across multiple telecom networks.

“This was a concept I was discussing with Eric Willis a few weeks ago when the opportunity rose for Media Mayhem to work with Nassiri,” says Jamie Ashe. “We got to thinking about the timing of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing; as well as a number of other pressing events around the world and we wanted to be part of something positive out there and this is Media Mayhem’s way of doing our part to raise awareness that love is blind and sees no color,” says Willis.

Beginning September 16th, the MMC network in every genre, city, and specific vertical will turn to the Love Sees No Color Release Day campaign.

“We are throwing the whole ball of wax into this campaign,” says Eric Willis. “We will have text messaging, blogging, viral elements with a pass the message forward component that will give visitors the opportunity to say one thing to the world, what would their message be? The messages will trigger audio and video ads and pass their message to another one of the MMC sites. Visitors will then color the network from black and white then back to color as the messages get passed around the world.”

“It’s a really brilliant concept and something that will be moving and powerful,” says Ashe.

The campaign will include the usage of downloads, ringtones, quizzes, surveys, and music feeds which will be initiated as more users light up the network throughout the day.

Peace Records who represents the Nassiri Music Label, has gone a step further and announced that 100% of all proceeds from the sale of his world peace collection will go to charity.

“I believe that it is important to reach out to the people in need and that is why I have decided to donate not just a portion, but ALL of THE PROCEEDS to charity,” says Nassiri.

The CD/bonus DVD of Love Sees No Color will be available for purchase at retailers nationwide and digitally on September 16th.

About Media Mayhem
Media Mayhem’s slogan of “Fusing Experience, Strategy, Technology and Drive” describes a full-service advertising representation firm. Services include online and offline marketing, and event sponsorships. The company specializes in building lifestyle-based advertising solutions for clients and engaging consumer audiences through branded film, music, art, fashion, sports, technology, entertainment and lifestyle experiences, across niche vertical markets.

Media Mayhem is a firm that goes far beyond a typical online advertising network. All publishers are represented on an exclusive, site-specific basis allowing advertising clients to customize their advertising and media buys. Clients pick and choose individual web sites to meet their campaign’s target demographic. MMC engages trade and consumer media by leveraging access and relationships to position clients directly with the key elements that drive popular culture and create new markets of opportunity.

Media Mayhem
1749 14th Street
Santa Monica, California 90404

About Nassiri
Fred Nassiri is an international songwriter, recording artist and philanthropist, and is dedicated to spreading a message of peace, love and healing through music. His songs are an eclectic mix of melodies, which transcend all ages, genders and religions to bring love, peace, hope and unity to the world.

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The Hamtramck Idea Men are assisting with the success of World Hoop Day by distributing comic books to underprivileged children.

The Hamtramck Idea Men, George McVey and Michael Marcus, are assisting with the success of Detroit’s celebration of World Hoop Day on August 8, 2008 by distributing two hundred comic books to underprivileged children. The comic books, issues #1 and #2 of PULP DREAMS, their flagship title, each provide an introduction to one of the two stories that appear back-to-back in issue #3 onwards.

Chief Business Officer Michael Marcus sees this as a way to help those less fortunate, as well as those less physically skilled. “When I was a kid, I felt out of place because I wasn’t good at physical activities. This way, even those who come out and can’t hoop will have something to enjoy.” Artistic Director George McVey adds, “With two issues going out to kids, they’ll get to swap with friends like we used to in my neighborhood.”

Hamtramck Idea Men is a creative arts partnership whose projects run the gamut from comics to fine arts, also offering professional creative services, including web design and silk-screen printing, as required. For further information, please contact Michael Marcus at or by phone at (313) 368-0791. Their website can be found at and more information on World Hoop Day can be found at

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32Red Plc releases its first television advert for its growing bingo product with an offer to all new players.

32Red Bingo was launched in March and joined the growing suite of e-gaming offerings from 32Red Plc, which now include casino, poker, mobile casino and bingo. Since its launch 32Red report their bingo player base has grown exponentially, proving very popular with players attracted to the Microgaming powered software, player bonuses, support and chat.

32Red Plc also operate the award-winning online casino 32Red, which has been voted Best Casino for an unprecedented five consecutive years, as well as 32Red Poker and 32Red Mobile. The 32Red Bingo TV advert is the Plc’s first TV campaign and marks the start of a series of adverts for the different products on offer at 32Red.

32Red’s online bingo product is being advertised alongside a promotion offering all new players a £10 free online bingo bonus, allowing them to try the software, games and chat at no cost to the player. 32Red Bingo Marketing Manager, Mark Quayle said, “Generous sign-up bonuses and player rewards have always been a feature of 32Red, and our bingo is no different. Not only do we give £10 free on joining but also a 100% match on first deposits and 25% on all subsequent deposits for life.”

32Red Bingo operates the popular 90 ball bingo favoured in UK bingo halls. It features live chat, chat games, 24/7 moderator and technical support and a full range of casino games too. 32Red bill it as the full bingo experience, with the same fun interaction in off line bingo halls brought to the online environment. Quayle added, “We can’t believe how quickly our network of players has grown, with a real sense of community developed in just a few months. You need only look at the chat and the responses to our newsletters to see it”.

The 32Red Bingo television adverts will be aired on the British terrestrial station Channel 5.

About 32Red:
32Red is the five times winner of the Best Casino title awarded by watchdog and player advocate site Casinomeister and is renowned for providing industry-leading level of support to players. Over 80% of 32Red’s players are from the UK and 32Red is licensed and regulated by the Government of Gibraltar. 32Red Plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM (ticker: TTR). The Company operates 32Red Casino, 32Red Poker and which are all based on Microgaming platforms.

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Incredible golf specials with Signature Las Vegas Golf

We offer beautiful two and three bedroom condos just west of the Las Vegas Strip. We’ll customize your golf package with any number of nights and rounds.

Las Vegas is heating up and so are the incredible golf specials with Signature Las Vegas Golf. We offer beautiful two and three bedroom condos just west of the Las Vegas Strip. We’ll customize your golf package with any number of nights and rounds. Don’t forget to ask about group leader discounts on groups of 20 or more!!

With over 17 incredible courses to choose from, we have courses designed by Nicklaus, Palmer and Jones. Do you have your own lodging? We’ll be glad to book tee times only for your group!

For more information, on Signature Golf Packages, please contact us at 1-866-462-9885 or visit Let us put our “Signature” on your next Las Vegas golf vacation.

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Signature Golf Packages has a lot to offer for your next golf vacation!

Tommy Bahama Drink Specials, Callaway Kids World Golf Tournament, and Signature Golf Packages… “OH MY!”

Fall golf is right around the corner and Signature Golf Packages has some incredible specials for your next golf vacation. We are excited to offer a $20.00 food/drink certificate for the new Tommy Bahama Restaurant in Myrtle Beach for every golfer in your group who books their golf package from 9/1-12/31/08! Just mention the Tommy Bahama special when you call!!

The Callaway Kids World Golf Tournament kicks off this week in Myrtle Beach at Wachesaw East Golf Club. The best junior golfers from around the world tee it up starting August 7th thru the 10th! Visit for information on the 2009 tournament.

For more information, on Signature Golf Packages, please contact us at 1-866-462-9885 or visit Let us put our “Signature” on your next Myrtle Beach golf vacation.

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The New Football Pools is to be launched for the 2008/2009 football season

The New Football Pools is to be launched for the 2008/2009 football season with an exciting new range of online interactive games and a new star-studded panel of newly-appointed Pools Pundits forecasting results and performances, it was announced today.

Former Liverpool football stars Alan Hansen, John Barnes and ex-Chelsea player Tony Cascarino team up with referee Graham Poll to form the new Pools Pundits. Together they will be helping The New Football Pools gain unique insight into the game, giving predictions and opinion on every big weekly game. For today’s launch they are also joined by former Newcastle United and Tottenham star Les Ferdinand to offer players regular expert advice and match predictions.

Their comments about controversial and headline-making issues surrounding the game as well as their views on the players to watch, the big transfer deals and the teams they reckon will pick up silverware, will be published on the website weekly (

Announcing the launch today, the Chief Executive of Sportech PLC, Ian Penrose also revealed that a Football Pools Trust had been set up to channel investment into football-related good causes. The public can apply for grants for good causes which will be considered by the new Pools Pundits who will then present cheques to the beneficiaries.

“At the height of the success of the traditional football pools over one third of the population played every week. Football is now one of the biggest talking points in our day to day to lives and the New Football Pools offers everyone a chance to join in, give their views and play the games in a very interactive way and there is no reason why we cannot attract millions of players,” said Ian Penrose.

Alan Hansen said: “The pools was a big part of my family upbringing and has always been at the heart of the football community. It’s like transferring the talk in the pubs and clubs to an exciting game online where anyone can bring their knowledge and skill to their predictions and walk away with a nice cheque and even help make a difference in their local community facilities.

The New Football Pools will also offer new games, Premier 10, made up of ten Barclays Premier League games of the weekend and Footy 15 which includes fifteen of the top weekend fixtures from across the Premier League, Championship, SPL and Europe. Playing is as simple as ever, selecting HOME, DRAW or AWAY for as little as £1 a time.

Getting started early on the punditry, retired referee Graham Poll predicted honours for Chelsea this season. “Scolari is a winner and vastly experienced at the very top level. Given the incredibly talented squad he has inherited he should be successful. It is interesting that some players who were reported to want to leave Chelsea have decided to stay – testament to Scolari’s approach. I think Chelsea will win a trophy this season.

Hansen, Barnes, Cascarino and Poll will be regular members of the Pools Pundits team offering weekly tips and views and they will be joined by ‘guest substitutes’ at key moments of the season or before crucial fixtures.

The games can also be played on many of the Paypoint terminals across a network of 17,000 retailers, through a minimum of 1,750 Ladbrokes outlets, online via, with yet more ways of playing to be announced soon.

As well as the new interactive prediction games, old favourites like Spot the Ball will be available as well as the Classic Pools where 8 score draws are picked from 49 fixtures and new Private Leagues syndicates can compete in their own private prediction league, pitting their skills and knowledge against each other.

The original and famous Pools Panel consisting of ex football heroes, England goalkeeper Gordon Banks, former striker Roger Hunt and ex Scotland star Tony Green will continue to meet at the Liverpool headquarters of The New Football Pools every Saturday to make their predictions in the event of match postponements.

Gordon Banks, a member of England’s World Cup winning team in 1966, commented: “The pools is part of our football heritage and it’s been part of our lives for years. We have a lot of fun meeting every week discussing the possible results and there is often some heated discussion. Like everything else the Pools has to move with the times and the new games on the internet offer even more excitement to the new generation of football fans.”

The launch also sees The New Football Pools steps up its support and development of sport and good causes in the UK through grants awarded by its Football Pools Trust. Over its 85 year history the pools has contributed over £1.1 billion to football, other sports, the arts and good causes.

Sportech plc Chief Executive Ian Penrose added: “The pools has played a key part in improving sporting facilities during its 85 year history and over 60 million people have been given winning cheques. With the new online games, there is an opportunity to play exciting games and win money by making accurate predictions but also know that you are contributing to good causes –it’s a win, win for everyone.”

Among the first clubs to benefit from the pool’s funding to make grounds safer for fans were Liverpool and Glasgow Rangers, who were each then able to convert terraced areas of their stadia to seats. Stadia such as Millwall’s New Den, Middlesbrough’s Riverside Stadium and Huddersfield Town’s McAlpine stadium were also supported with Trust Grants.

The Pools has also established strong links with football through a three-year partnership to become one of a select number of official licensees of The Premier League and Football Leagues and official partners of The Scottish Premier League and Scottish Football Leagues. The Football Pools Investment Fund has also been set up to channel significant investment into Football related good causes.

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Take Wings Foundation’s Sixth Annual Angel Awards Benefit


The Take Wings Foundation (TWF), founded by award winning actress Terri J. Vaughn, will host their Sixth Annual Angel Awards Benefit. This ticketed event will take place at the elegant Westin St. Francis in San Francisco on Saturday, August 16, 2008. Each year the benefit is held to raise funds for TWF programs/scholarships and to honor community trailblazers with an Angel Award for their outstanding services and commitment to youth.

The star studded event co-hosted by actors Tichina Arnold (“Everybody Hates Chris” and “Martin”) and Tommy Ford (“The Parkers” and “Martin”) will feature live musical performances by R&B sensation, Tank and the Bay Area’s own, JIMMIE REIGN.

“I really enjoy this event each year. I’m just looking forward to celebrating life and the opportunity to live life to the fullest”, says Vaughn.

The event will begin with a cocktail reception, followed by dinner and the awards program highlighting aspiring youth and community leaders and capped off with entertainment and dancing.

At this year’s event, TWF will recognize the achievements of community trailblazers:
Dr. Brazell Carter – Primary Care physician dedicated to higher education for youth,
Farah Dews – Case Manager & Substance abuse & HIV/AIDS
Specialist Bayview Hunter Point Foundation and Adonal Foyle – Orlando Magic star, Founder of Democracy Matters and the Kerosene Lamp Foundation.

Hundreds of business professionals, elected officials, community leaders and VIP guests are expected to attend the benefit. Past Angel Awards events have attracted such star attendees as Cedric “The Entertainer”, Gabrielle Union, Tavis Smiley, Regina King, Duane Martin, Common and Vivica A. Fox.

The Sixth Angel Awards Benefit will be sponsored by Southwest Airlines, Hennessy, Kaiser Permanente, Safeway, Inc., Ross Stores and Wells Fargo.

Take Wings Foundation (TWF)
, a non-profit corporation, founded in 1997 by award winning actress Terri J. Vaughn, who played “Lovita Jenkins” on The Steve Harvey Show. The mission of TWF is to help produce productive and self sufficient young women who understand the importance of developing a sense of character and becoming positive role models in their communities. TWF serves girls ages 13-18 years old through innovative workshops, creative and exploratory writing, community service and scholarships.

For more information about the Take Wings Foundation and to purchase tickets for this event, please visit

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More Entertainment press releases has recently improved services for customers by launching Daily Rakeback Payments is fast establishing itself as one of the industry’s leading rakeback providers with the launch of Daily Rakeback Payments for all players.

Building upon the existing daily rake statistics functionality, now allows players to request rakeback payments at any time throughout the day.

Once logged in, members can view their daily rake statistics for each online poker room they have an account at. Statistics for each room update at least once every 24 hours and the ensuing rakeback is deposited immediately into each member’s RakebackSTAT Account.

Members are then free to request a payout at any time simply by logging in to and making a payout request through one of the many withdrawal methods available, including Moneybookers, ePassporte, NETeller, Australian bank account, or online poker accounts at Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, Cake Poker, Eurolinx Poker or Absolute Poker.

There are no restrictions on the number of withdrawals per day and members are not limited to one withdrawal method. Members can cash out to any account at the listed online poker rooms, even if the requested username is not linked to RakebackSTAT.

The launch of Daily Rakeback Payments is a welcome addition to existing features such as daily rake statistics and the Refer-A-Friend program, cementing as one of the emerging leaders in the industry.

About was created in 2007 by well-known professional poker player Jonny Vincent. With experience as both a player and as an affiliate, Vincent used his knowledge to create a rakeback program for players which addressed the shortcomings he had often experienced. As a result, offers players a combination of features not found anywhere else – Daily Rakeback Payments, daily statistics, a Refer-A-Friend program, exclusive loyalty deals, and lightning-fast customer service. In just six months, RakebackSTAT has already reached a monthly turnover of $300,000 and continues to grow at a rapid pace.

About Jonny Vincent
Jonny Vincent is the driving force behind and is highly respected within the industry. Vincent was heavily involved in the Queensland Poker Association, and also in PokerNetwork – Australia’s largest and most established poker community website. A professional online poker player for many years, Vincent is also a founding member of the PokerCrack Forum, and has managed PokerNewsCasino since 2006. You can find his popular personal blog online at

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Edges O Israel O Palestine, by Leora Skolkin-Smith, has been awarded the prestigious “Earphones Award” from AudioFile Magazine

When Liana Bialik’s mother takes her from the predictable confines of Westchester County, New York, to Israel in the middle of the 1960s’ conflicts, Liana’s worldview and her sense of self are transformed. Heat; dust; the mingled scents of food, flowers, people, spice markets; simmering tensions between Israelis and Palestinians; and in the middle, a 14-year-old on the cusp of womanhood. Leora Skolkin-Smith has written a passionate, richly atmospheric novel whose intimacy reads like a memoir. Tovah Feldshuh narrates with such authenticity that listeners may be moved to talk back to the book. The mother’s longing for the Palestine of old; Liana’s edgy girl-woman voice; the mistrustful bargaining of a Palestinian shopkeeper. It’s all here, and it’s terrific. A.C.S. — AudioFile 2008, Portland, Maine.

Edges was first published in 2005, by Glad Day Books, a publishing house, founded by Grace Paley and her husband Robert Nichols.

Edges is a coming of age story about an adolescent girl visiting her maternal relatives in the Jerusalem of 1963.

“Edges (is) about the adventures of an adolescent girl in Israel in the early 1960s. Her character’s mother had grown up in British Mandate Palestine, one of several factors making the memory bank of this book so rich – appropriate for a place with almost too much history to bear and retain one’s sanity at the same time Perhaps above all, the novel, told with restraint and poetic precision, is about how we shoulder on (and wing it) under the weight of history, family and public.” — Robert Whitcomb, critic for the Providence Journal.

“Edges is an elegantly written, quite moving novel that has a lot to say about love, identity, history and the meaning of nationality. The book is worth reading alone for its superb language, but it is gripping and unforgettable as well in its storytelling and evocation of place and emotions. It is a wonderful novel by an author with a quite accomplished voice and style, one well deserving a wide and receptive audience.”Oscar Hijuelos, author of Pulitzer Prize winning novel, The Mambo King Sings Songs of Love

“Edges” is a dark and penetrating look at pre-1967 Israel and Palestine through the eyes of a 14 year old Liana Bialik. After her American father’s suicide, Liana’s Jerusalem-born mother decides to take Liana and her sister back to her homeland, where her family had lived for four generations. Once they get to Israel Liana, who feels overwhelmed and suffocated by her mother, begins to detach herself from her. She embarks on a mission of self-discovery to learn why her mother does not speak about her father and why he took his own life. Edges is well-written, powerful in both imagery and subject matter” –Jewish Book World, Spring 2006

Vol. 24, Number 1

“Where, and how and to whom do we really belong Skolkin’s brilliant debut novel is a hypnotic meditation on the ever-changing boundaries of love and need. A coming of age story of the bond between a young American and her powerful mother, etched in a wartime Mideast as shifting and dangerous and mysterious as the Israeli desert.” –Caroline Leavitt, columnist, Reviewer, Boston Globe, People Magazine, author of “Girls in Trouble”

“With Edges, Leora Skolkin-Smith earns her place among the most gifted of contemporary American authors. The novel is a reminder that works of fiction can offer the depth, color, texture, passion of a fine painting and a great symphony. This is more than a coming-of-age story; it is a powerful and beautifully wrought account of passion and hopefor a girl and for a country.” –Victoria Zackheim, Author, “The Boneweaver” Editor, Anthology “The Other Woman”, “For Keeps”

“A feverish, sensual, remarkable book.” –Meredith Sue Willis

Edges was nominated for the 2006 PEN/Faulkner Award by Grace Paley.

Awarded a Stipend from the Pen/Faulkner Foundation

A National Women Studies Association Conference Selection

“Bloomsbury Review” Pick, 2006: “Favorite Books of the Last 25 Years”

A Jewish Book Council Selection, 2005

Panelist, “Israel in Fiction” The Miami International Book Fair, 2066

Panelist, “War in Writing” , The Virginia Festival of the Book, 2006.

You can enjoy listening to Tovah Feldshuh, accomplished actress of stage and screen, bring Edges, to life in an audiobook produced by Midsummer Sound Company — a new audio publisher dedicated to the production and promotion of the spoken word and audio arts.

A recipient of numerous awards, Tovah starred in Golda’s Balcony, which became the longest running one woman show in the history of Broadway, in October of 2004. She also appears in soon to be released films Mount of Olives and O Jerusalem.

Edges was directed by three-time Grammy nominated and multi Audie award winner Charles Potter. Edges was produced by Peabody Award winner Marjorie Van Halteren — who for ten years produced WNYC’s The Radio Stage and was the original producer of Selected Shorts at Symphony Space in New York City.

 More information on

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